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On September 15/10 the Gospel Music Association of Canada and the Covenant Awards announced the nominations for the 2010 awards, to b held in Calgary AB the last weekend of October 2010.
Included in the nominations;
Juanita Faas, Instrumental Song Of The Year, Waterfalls Of Love, CD Healing Waters, Instrumental Album Of The Year, Healing Waters, Instrumental Song Of The Year, Healing Waters/CD Healing Waters.
Thanks to AngelAID Ministries of Jacksonville FL and New Life Christian Fellowship of Jacksonville FL and all the USA musicians, engineers and friends that assisted on this project.

posted by Wayne Faas on 09/21/2010

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I will be appearing live on 100 Huntley St Thursday May 13/10. This is one of Canada's most broadcast Christian TV programs. I was also on the show in August 25/05. I will be performing a few songs and sitting for a interview covering AngelAID and some of my last few years on the road.

posted by Juanita Faas on 05/10/2010

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I have started a new service along with my music ministry. During the years on the road I have come across numerous artists that have music on CD or their computer. But they don't know how to write music (get it on paper). I've been writing and scoring music for years. If you need music scribed to paper give me a call.
I'm currently on tour in eastern Canada until June. Once again I will be appearing as a musical and interview guest on 100 Huntley St May 13.

posted by Juanita Faas on 04/22/2010

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Being on tour and traveling does not always provide time and internet access to report all my news as it happens. Oh well!,its fun on fun on the road. Traveled back home to Medicine Hat in May 2009 just in time for my daughters graduation. It was hard leaving Jacksonville as I had just helped two drug addicts/prostitutes off the streets. I also just started the process of starting a children's choir. Last I heard one girls is still on rehab the other was taken back to the streets, my friends at grace ministries are looking to get her into rehab again.
Shared my music and ministry with church's all over my home area. I use my music as much as I can for outreach so I'am always excited when I get to play secular music/jazz festivals, such as the Central Music Festival in Red Deer Alberta Canada and the Sylvan Lake Jazz festival jam session.
More details on my GMA Canada week. One of the acts had to back out, as I walked in and registered for the event I was asked to accompany one of the winning artists(Andreanne LaFlur) on the main stage as she was stepping in to replace the missing act What a great opportunity I learned the song and met the artist and had one practice and we were set.
I had also written and arranged the music for a friend of mine who was nominated for the traditional/classical catigory. all around a good time at the GMA's again. The showcase event I was in was a great success. It was great meeting and talking with new and established Christian artists(Canadian & American) Lots of gigs and planning coming up. Standby for my new Cd release this month.

posted by Wayne Faas on 11/04/2009