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Have recently been fortunate enough to cross paths with Mark Baynes. We met at a hammered dulcimer concert at the Perelandra studio in Asheville, home of dulcimer maker extraordinaire Jerry Reed Smith. We've since started penning songs together as well as bringing our existing works together and giving them a fresh coat of paint as it were. We're currently planning concert dates so stay tuned. Some are already scheduled so check my "events". We're a mix of hammered dulcimer and uniquely tuned acoustic guitars along with percussion and whatever the venue calls for really. The result is a unique sound that is laden with celtic influence and dulcimer playing that most likely will remind many of Rich Mullins. Bottomline,... the way we're looking at it is we're two independent artists coming together to support each other's efforts. From there,... well,... nothing changes really. We continue to go where the Lord leads,... and sometimes he puts traveling companions in your life to make the going a bit more bearable as well as to serve His purpose and plan. Jesus sent his disciples out by two's,... and so there must be something to that,... hmmmm.

Anyways,... stay tuned cuz a LOT is happening right now,...

posted by ~MIchael~ on 10/09/2013

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Recently got to see Joshua Messick perform at Perelandra. Fantastic. Very expressive. Just an all around great guy as well and it was my pleasure to be able to cross paths with him for just a bit. If you like hammered dulcimer music then check him out at:

posted by ~Michael~ on 11/13/2012

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Just spent an unbelievable weekend watching Stephen Humphries and Jesse Isley perform and then workshops on hammered dulcimer from Stephen himself. Good to rub shoulders with folks like that. Simply gifted,... and skilled,...

posted by ~Michael~ on 09/22/2012

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Have already started laying down tracks for the next single, "Even the Rocks". Stay tuned,... hopefully will have it available to showcase within the next couple weeks. :)

posted by ~M~ on 05/03/2012

Learning to Forgive - released Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My latest single "Learning to Forgive" is available for your review.

It's basically my angry praise song. :P

It's a song about the process of forgiveness and knowing that often times it's just exactly that,... a process. I have to believe though that it's not about what I do or what I don't do,... it's about God and what He can do. SO,... it's basically a commitment to honor and serve the Lord even though I don't get what He's doing sometimes and even though times can be really painful,... and even when I can hurt so badly,... yet will I praise him. I believe there are things in life that we experience that only God can help us overcome,... so as we learn to start letting go of the right to be angry,... we can start to hold on to the love from which we can not be separated. (Romans 8:39)

posted by ~Michael Hiskey~ on 01/11/2012

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Working on a new song "Learning to Forgive". Excited to be bringing you a new tune shortly with a bit of a celtic overtone to it. Sounds like this guy in a kilt just crested the ridge to back me up,... stay tuned. :)

posted by ~M~ on 12/06/2011

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Just finished recording "Would You Be",... another tune written on the hammered dulcimer and then fully dressed out. Thanks to Joel Everett for the outstanding keyboard work and to Jimm Mosher and Alan Grossman at Hit Music Studios for their incredible talents as well. Would love to hear what you think!,...

Am prepping for the next one now,... ;)

posted by ~Michael~ on 11/30/2011

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Working with the producers at Hit Music Studios in Spencer (Jim and Alan) is always a fun ride. It's been a challenge in the past to figure out how the hammered dulcimer fit in to the scheme of things because it can be such a reverberating and full instrument in and of itself,... especially for the "raggamuffin" style by which I play. I think we pretty much have it down to a science at this point. Joel Everett sat in on keys for me with this latest effort. Anytime it takes a musician about 15 minutes to do their thing "off the cuff" as it were,... you can figure they know their stuff. In short,... Jimm Mosher, Alan Grossman, and Joel Everett really know their stuff. It's a blessing to be able to rub shoulders and go to work with that kind of talent.

Stay tuned,... hopefully this next one is a fun ride for you as well. More to come,...

posted by ~Michael~ on 11/22/2011

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Heading in to the studio to work on new material in the coming days,... so stay tuned as I'm trying to as well,... :P

posted by ~Michael Hiskey~ on 11/09/2011

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A special thanks to Center Grove Lutheran church in Kannapolis, NC for hosting a "Michael Hiskey" concert. It was a great time! A special thanks also to Ben, Larry, Joel, and Rhonda for their musical support. Mom and Pa Hiskey were able to be present at this one,... all the way from Kansas,... a special treat. :)

posted by ~Michael Hiskey~ on 10/10/2011

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Just finished helping with a Lenten series of Wednesday nights with the folks from Concordia Lutheran. What a fantastic congregation. Thank you Concordia and Pastor Ken Reed!

posted by ~Michael Hiskey~ on 04/15/2011

All Over Again Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I've posted a song that I wrote for my wife. It's entitled "All Over Again". I hope you like it and for you married couples out there,... I hope you can totally relate. :) I'd love to know what you think,...

posted by ~Michael~ on 12/27/2010

Been recording again,... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

So I've been in the studio recording again. Yes,... expect more hammered dulcimer. Keep checking back for the status of things as I'll be doing my best to keep you posted on the progress.

posted by ~MH~ on 11/16/2010

Worship Conference Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Just returned from a worship conference in Raleigh put on by Integrity. Was able to rub shoulders with the likes of Paul Baloche, (Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord) Brian Doerkson, (Come, Now is the Time to Worship), and the most impressive Kathryn Scott who came all the way from Northern Ireland. I was certainly inspired both by awesome worship leading and humble hearts. This will no doubt have an impact on my writing... Stay Tuned!,... I'm due back in the studio Nov. 14th,...

posted by ~Michael Hiskey~ on 11/03/2010

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A big thanks to Thrivent Financial and Concordia Lutheran for having me out lastnight!

posted by ~Michael~ on 10/15/2010

Studio Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Lord willing, studio time is in the very near future,...

posted by ~MH~ on 09/21/2010

Goals Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm setting goals for myself and they can seem complex and almost overbearing at times. It's not that I'm setting the bar too high so much as it gets a bit mind boggling to think of the whole big picture as for what I want to try. SO,... I'm taking things one small step at a time and hopefully, brick by brick, things will start to add up and come together. What does that mean for you? Well,... stay tuned,... ;)

posted by ~Michael~ on 07/19/2010

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Thanks to the staff and students of the Mooresville Middle school band for having me come and share my music! It was certainly a very rewarding experience to be able to relate with the next generation of musicians!

posted by ~Michael~ on 05/28/2010

Writing Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Another new song has been written. So the question is,... when will you get to hear it? Please make your check or money order payable to,...


There's always the live performance option,... And stay tuned,...

posted by ~MH~ on 04/27/2010

Completed! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"Forever Amen" is now complete and available for you to download. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

posted by ~MH~ on 02/10/2010

New Song - Forever Amen Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Okay folks,... I've posted my newest single "Forever Amen". I'll let you know when it's available for download,... or of course if you see then .99 tag,... then it's ready for you to download! I hope you like and would love some feedback!

posted by ~MH~ on 02/09/2010

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Headed in to the studio tomorrow to hopefully complete the work on another single,... then it's off to be mastered! Stay tuned,... :)

posted by ~MH~ on 01/27/2010

2010 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Happy new year to all! The current plan is to go back in to the studio to try and finalize another single called "Forever Amen". It's on the hammered dulcimer and is a bit fast and furious,... really upbeat. After doing two sad songs in a row I figured it was time to do something bright and joyful. I'm anxious to hear your response to this next one,... I really think you're gonna like it. I'll keep you posted!

posted by ~Michael~ on 01/09/2010

Just wanting to,... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

WIsh everyone a Merry Christmas! May we all pause to remember the reason for the season,....

posted by ~Michael Hiskey~ on 12/25/2009

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Headed back in to the studio this Friday to start work on some new material. Yes!

posted by ~MH~ on 11/25/2009

Just in Case,... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Here's the word for word of the article that ran in the Salisbury Post,... just in case it is removed from being available online:

By Susan Shinn

For The Salisbury Post

Michael Hiskey shares his gift of music each Sunday. Recently, he shared the gift in a special way with bereaved parents.

Hiskey wrote a song, "Somewhere in Forever," for Heather Ward and husband Brian, who lost their baby girl on Feb. 8, 2008.

He performed the song during a healing service earlier this month at Christ United Methodist Church.

"I was very surprised," Ward says. "It was very touching. It's just a beautiful song. We appreciated that he would think so much about our situation to write about it."

Hiskey and wife, Rhonda, had heard about the couple when they began attending services there. They were asked to pray for them.

Ward was pregnant but because her baby had a chromosome abnormality, she was not expected to carry her to term.

Addison lived for 13 minutes.

"We were afraid of what would happen," Ward says. "We didn't want her to suffer. She was beautiful and not different other than she was very small."

Hiskey played hammered dulcimer at Addison's graveside service, and that's when the notes of the song first game to him.

"I felt really compelled to write something along those lines, to go to that painful place artists sometimes go," he says.

He tried to write the song, he says, from a mother's perspective, to grasp how that would feel.

The church printed 200 copies of the single to distribute at the service, having decided it would be a wonderful tool for outreach. The Rev. Jim King is pastor.

He brought less than two dozen copies home.

"The song is going to impact you on a personal level in that regard or make you think of someone to reach out to," Hiskey says.

"No matter at what point you lose a child, it's still a child," Ward notes. "It was still a dream and a hope."

Hiskey will perform the song again this Sunday at the Voices of Hope concert at Library Park in Spencer.

"You can download a copy for 99 cents on my Web site, you can purchase a copy for $5 at the concert or you can come to church and get a copy for free," Hiskey says.

Hiskey asked a church member, Joel Smeltzer, to create artwork for the CD cover.

Using pen and ink, Smeltzer drew an adult's hand reaching out to a child's adult, their index fingers almost touching.

"I thought that was pretty cool," Hiskey says.

Hiskey was hoping the song would be well received.

"I wanted to give them something to hold onto to when they couldn't hold on to Addison," he says. "I wanted it to be a positive thing, a very healing thing. It's not a song you'll soon forget. Hopefully the message in the song will help people cope and heal."

For people to remember Addison is a blessing for her mother.

"A lot of people don't talk about it," Ward says, "but it's just so healing for your soul."

This is the second CD single Hiskey has released. He also wrote a song, "May I Have This Dance?" in honor of his grandmother, who is coping with Alzheimer's.

"It's about how she meets my grandfather, and how she's waiting for Jesus to say, 'May I have this dance?'" Hiskey says.

When Hiskey read the lyrics to his mother, she told him that his grandparents had indeed met at a dance.

Hiskey also released "Check This Out," a full-length CD, in 2006. He'd like to do another such project, but at the moment, it's cost prohibitive.

"I'm taking my time," he says, "trying to do it right."

Hiskey is part of the technology media team for Mooresville City Schools. He admits he'd love to do music full-time.

He calls "Somewhere in Forever" his best work to date.

"I'm still peaking," he adds. "The best is yet to come."

To listen to "Somewhere in Forever" or to purchase the CD single, visit michaelhiskey.

Freelance writer Susan Shinn lives in Salisbury.

posted by ~MH~ on 11/20/2009

News! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

An article written in the Salisbury Post does a good job of summing up my latest release,... check it out!,...

posted by ~MH~ on 10/31/2009

New Song Release! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm releasing a new song today. The song is called "Somewhere In Forever". I'll post more on the history of it later,...

Gotta go perform it,...


posted by ~MH~ on 10/11/2009

Finished and Back Again Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

First off,... the new song is finished. There are still some things to tidy up before I make it available for download here. I'll be anxious for everyone's feedback!

Just returned from Maryland. Played hammered dulcimer for Davidsonville United Methodist church at their outside "Green Cathedral." What a beautiful setting and wonderful people. Thanks for the opportunity!

Check back when you get a chance,... I'll be posting new things soon!

posted by ~MH~ on 08/02/2009

Still Tryin' Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Well,... I've still been fighting some sort of sinus crud,... which has delayed the vocal recording of the latest single. Will try again this week hopefully,...

posted by ~MH~ on 07/12/2009

Almost there Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Another day spent in the studio this last Friday and all I can say is that I'm elated with how it's going. I couldn't record vocals however as I am fighting some sort of crud. SO,... Lord-willing,... I will return next Friday to record the vocals and then it's off to be mastered.

posted by ~MH~ on 06/27/2009

6-26-09 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Headed back in to the studio this Friday,... tryin' to get new material to you. I can't wait for this one to come to fruition,...

posted by ~MH~ on 06/24/2009

Studio Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Another day in the studio,... and things are going well. Hammered dulcimer is down, piano is down,... drums, bass,... all in the works along with a scratch track on the vocals. Still need another day to tidy it up, possibly lay down some more tracks and then it's mix down and off to be mastered. Stay tuned,... you'll want to hear this one,...

posted by ~MH~ on 05/25/2009

New Music Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Just a heads up that I've recently spent another day in the studio trying to bang out a new song. I'll need one more day to complete and then send it off to be mastered. I'm anxious for you all to hear it. I feel confident that it will either be something that will hit home with you or make you want to pass it on to someone of whom you know it will. Stay tuned,... I'll keep you posted as things progress,... and for you prayer warriors out there,... pray that God would bless the efforts of all those involved.

Oh yeah,... one more thing,... it's another tune I wrote on the hammered dulcimer,... for all you hammered dulcimer fans out there,... :P

posted by ~MH~ on 05/13/2009

Return from Spring Break Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Well,... we caught a lot of fish,... but none of them had any money in their mouths. This is okay,... it just means that I have to keep fishing.

Will be heading in to the studio very soon to lay down some more tracks. It takes time and money,... and hopefullly, with your prayers, it will be well-worth your wait. I'm excited for you to hear what's coming,...

posted by ~Michael~ on 04/20/2009

Kentucky Lake Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Am headed to Kentucky Lake for a rendezvous with my brother and my Dad for our annual fishing trip. One way or another, it always ends up being a "religious experience". I'm reminded of the time that Jesus was asked to pay his taxes to the temple in which he sent Peter to go fishing and there he would catch a fish with a coin in it's mouth to cover the both of them as far as their taxes were concerned. Wondering if that will work for me,... I'll keep you posted,...

posted by ~Michael~ on 04/02/2009

Eva Drive Baptist Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A special thanks to Eva Drive Baptist who hosted CUMC's praise team tonight. What a great experience! It was a joy to worship with you all. Thanks to all who came out!

posted by ~MH~ on 02/08/2009

"May I Have This Dance" download is now available! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"May I Have This Dance" is now available for download,... and just in time for the Christmas season! :P

I promised a little more history on the song so here goes,...

The song is about my grandmother who is in a care home in a small town in Kansas. I've dedicated the song for her four children,... Bob, Arlen, Doug, and Eleanor,... who take turns to be by her side whenever they can. My Grandma and Grandpa were Kansas farmers all of their lives. My Grandfather passed away on Christmas eve in 1985 during the candlelight service at the Lutheran church there in Clay Center, Kansas,... this is referenced in the song. He had just finished helping serve communion to the congregation, sat down in his pew, and slipped away while "Oh Holy Night" was being sung. What an awesome way to go! Of course, that really made Christmas hard for the rest of us,.. especially Grandma.

After I had written the song I was reading the lyrics over the phone to my mother. (Because it's hard to play the hammered dulcimer, sing, and hold the phone all at the same time.) It was then that she revealed to me something that I never knew. She told me that Grandma and Grandpa's friendship, even romance, was kindled at the old youth group gatherings where they would dance to such things as the Virginia Reel. She said they loved to dance. I have to believe that because of this, God certainly had His hand in all of this.

None of us really know what heaven is like,... but I have to believe that God is guiding each of us, pulling us in as it were,... so that we can all partake in the wedding feast,... and I just know there has to be some dancing going on,... and wait until you hear the music!,... who would want to miss that?

See you there,...


"Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house there are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also."


posted by ~MH~ on 12/09/2008

New Song has been added! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"May I Have This Dance" has now officially been released and will be available for you to download soon. (As soon as you see that option) Until then, you can listen to it for your review.

I have to thank both Mark Stoffel (Violin) and Courtney Spears (vocals) for their contribution to this work. I believe their talents and creativity has elevated this song to I place I could not have taken it on my own.

This song is dedicated to the children of Claudine Carlson, who is my grandmother. My Grandma is currently in a care home in Kansas. My Grandfather passed away on Christmas eve as is referenced in the song. I will be revealing more history behind the song soon so keep checkin' in and feel free to leave me a comment if you'd like. I'd love hearing from you!

posted by ~MH~ on 11/28/2008

Thank God! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Happy Thanksgiving!

posted by ~MH~ on 11/27/2008

New Single Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The new single will be mastered Tuesday, November 25th. Please check
back as often as you'd like!

I can tell you that the single features Courtney Spears ( and also Mark Stoeffel on the violin. Both of these artists have really helped raise the bar concerning this song and I'm so excited for ya'll to hear it!

Stay tuned,... I'll have more news very soon!

posted by ~MH~ on 11/24/2008

November 11th Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

First and foremost, November 11th is Veteran's Day,... a day that we remember and honor our veterans for their service and sacrifice. It's also a day that we can remember, as we should every day, to keep our active troops in prayer. I hope that you will all find time to say a prayer for our troops. Now would be as good a time as any,... and let November 11th be a reminder to you also. Thanks to all our veterans and soldier's in active service.

Consequently, November 11th is also a day that I'm slated to go back in to the studio to finalize a single I've been working on. I've been pulling some incredibly gifted artists together on this one and I think it's my best work yet so please stay tuned. You're welcome to pray for that also!


posted by ~MH~ on 10/29/2008

Getting Close Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm honored to say that there will be some new music headed your way very soon in the form of a brand new single. This will feature a couple of exceptional artists that are affiliated with It's taken time and money and a patient pursuit for excellence,... and I can't wait for you to hear it and to hear the story behind it,... so stay tuned!

posted by ~Michael~ on 10/13/2008

Organ Lutheran Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Just a quick thank you to the folks at Organ Lutheran for hosting a concert this last Sunday. (May 18th) Thank you also for all that came from area churches. We all had an awesome experience!

posted by ~Michael~ on 05/22/2008

New Developments Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

There is some exciting news just around the corner for those that are awaiting some new music. Eating, sleeping, and breathing a new instrument is part of the deal. New compositions and a story to tell is another. Stay tuned!,.... ;)

posted by ~MH~ on 04/30/2008

So "ANYWAY",... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

So there I was helping lead worship at my church this last Sunday and between a couple of the songs we were going to have this "video" that the pastor had tracked down from There are two great big screens at the front of the church where all the congregation can be privy to all the latest in a multimedia worship setting as is becoming more and more prevalent now-a-days. Within about three seconds of the starting of this video I couldn't believe what I was hearing,... a tune that was very familiar to me as well as a face,... because I am the proud owner of the CD of this particular artist. I found myself having that same feeling that you (hopefully) sometimes got in grade-school when the teacher would ask a question and you tried to raise your hand the highest because you knew the answer. I was like,.... Ooo,... I know this one!,... it was BRAD REYNOLD's storytelling video from his song "ANYWAY".

If you haven't heard of him already,... he's got a site here on indieheaven so go check it out. There's also an easy link to find at his own website at Sometimes a song can say things in a way that mere words cannot,... and every now and then there's musical content that comes along and adheres to your brain like some kind of melodious beggar's lice when great words are added to good music. There are songs that take time to grow on you a bit,... and then there are some songs that just stick with you,... and Brad's song "Anyway" is one that will just stick with you from the first listen. His album is worthy of your consideration for purchase as well because if you like "Anyway" (and I'm confident you will) then you will be very pleased with the other great content on Brad's album. (Titled "In The Real World") At the very least, it's a great gift idea or even an innovative and covert way to send a message to that someone that's been on your heart lately. So anyway,... give this artist and his songs a listen,... check out the video,... even drop him a line,... he'd love to hear from you. Consider supporting his ministry. And a dollar will go as far as a dollar will go,... but your prayers will go out of this world so please keep him and artists like him, (*ahem), and their families in your prayers.

posted by ~Michael~ on 02/19/2008

A Special Thanks Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A special thank you goes out to the folks at Liberty Methodist. Thank you for having me out to your event and allowing me to share with you. Both Rhonda and I as well as the boys felt very blessed!

posted by ~Michael~ on 02/11/2008

DELIVERER! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"Deliverer" has been RE-added to the fanfaves chart. This song spent four weeks at number one last summer and is being re-submitted as an encore presentation. Consequently, there has been some changes made to the Fanfaves chart. Now the chart only shows the top 50 songs,... even though there are more songs on the chart than that. To view all (which you'll have to do to vote for the newly added "Deliverer") you'll have to click on the "view all" tab at the top. Thanks for your votes!

I hope each and every one of you have a blessed holiday this year and may God richly bless you in the year to come.

Merry Christmas!


posted by ~MH~ on 12/20/2007

Nathan Clark George! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

So it's the Christmas season and the wife and I decide to pack the kids up and travel for an hour to Hickory, NC. There is this really cool Christian bookstore there (so I was told) along with other commercial reasons for the season like Old Navy, Atlanta Bread Company, and the mall,... just to name a few. While in the bookstore I'm near the back,... where they keep the Veggie Tales and a play area for the children. Of course the only reason I'm there is to keep an eye on my boys. So I look on the door near the back there and I see this familiar face on this poster. A closer look revealed a Nathan Clark George poster advertising a performance for that very evening! I told my wife about it, memorized the name of the church, and we tabled the thought for later in the day. As "later in the day" drew closer and we were still in one piece, we found a nice officer to give us directions to the church (right after he got done giving us the ticket,... just kidding!)

I've never met Nathan before but I am somewhat familiar with his music having been exposed to it here on indieheaven. He has a song "I Will Rejoice" that is a particular favorite of mine. I also knew that Nathan had wrapped up a momentum award last year for acoustic artist of the year.

At this point I think it needs mentioning that my wife is a HUGE Christmas music fan. Much to her pleasure and my "yeah,... of course I knew it all along,... I figured it would be totally romantic and a great thing for me to bring you here",... Nathan's performance consisted mostly of Christmas music. The Christmas tunes that he presented were ones that were recognizable, theologically deep, and I believe some of the finer crafted ones. He did perform some original tunes of his own from his "Rise in the Darkness" album and I'm sure he read my mind and sang "I Will Rejoice" just for me.

I'm a guitar player myself and so I think I'm qualified to say that Nathan really knows his craft. He plays like his livelihood depends on it (which it does) and his sincerity and passion wears no mask. The guys that are backing him up are all great assets as well. His brother Ben played the drums and was a personal favorite of my youngest son. (future drummer in the making) Ross Sermons played the upright bass and was as much fun to watch as he was to hear. Mark Stoffel made it quickly apparent that he knew his way around both the mandolin and the violin,... flitting between the two like a mama sparrow does when you get too close to the nest.

There's no question that our getting to attend Nathan's concert was a God thing. Looking back it's just really amazing to see how things evolved to bring this all into fruition. I always think it's cool at how many different ways God can find to say "I love you". And I think he gets a big kick out of making sure He's left a fingerprint on those things so that if we're even the least bit attentive, we can tell who the sender was. And I really love how He is always coming up with new and different ways to leave his fingerprint on those things,... and for each one of us,... uniquely, personally, and continually,... because that is just what He is,.. what He does,... Love.

In closing let me say that if you get a chance to see Nathan in concert then I would strongly urge you to go and be inspired and support the ministry that is being done through him and his band. (Click on my photos tab to see some pics!) You can check Nathan out here on indieheaven or you can visit him at Consequently, now is the perfect time to consider purchasing your own copy of "A Midwinter's Eve",... his Christmas album, among his others. You'll find that his albums are among the top albums purchased on indieheaven and with good reason. I now own two of his albums and his Christmas album is now cherished by one of my own biggest fans,... my wife.

Thank you Nathan, Mark, Ben, and Ross,.. for an inspiring and blessed evening! And thank you to the family that supports and allows these men to do what they do. And thanks most of all to the One that keeps leaving His fingerprints all over everything,...

posted by ~Michael~ on 11/25/2007

Happy Thanksgiving Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

There's much to be thankful for,... like the latest "Ten at 10" from Rockin' Ron over at KBCU radio! Thanks to all of you that remain faithful in your support of your favorite artists! Here's the playlist from this last week's radio show from Rockin' Ron,...

1-THE PARTY SONG/mitch mcvicker (indieheaven)
2-TURN UP THE MUSIC/point of grace
3-WHEN THE SAINTS/sara groves
5-YOU CAN ALWAYS COME HOME/bill petty (indieheaven)
6-I SURRENDER/sharmaine (indieheaven)
7-YOU ARE/tricia zody (indieheaven)
8-ONLY ONE THING/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
9-CALLING FOR A FLOOD/john waller
10-AMAZING/bill steely (indieheaven)

posted by ~Michael~ on 11/23/2007

Norman Lee Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Traveled to Columbia, SC lastnight to watch Norman Lee perform. Norman puts on a GREAT show and it's safe to say that anyone that comes to see him will leave only after having been entertained, enlightened, and inspired. If you get a chance to see him,... GO! Meantime,... You can take a peak at Norman under my photos tab. You can also visit Norman here on indieheaven or at his website at

Check 'im out!

posted by ~Michael~ on 11/10/2007

Radio Play for "Only One Thing" Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"Only One Thing" has been added to Rockin' Ron's rotation. Tune in to Rockin' Ron's show on Saturday nights to hear this and other great music from your favorite artists!

Thanks again to those of you who faithfully vote for "Only One Thing" on the fanfaves radio list and for Rockin' Ron's favorite "Ten at 10" that is compiled by his list of voters.

posted by ~Michael~ on 10/25/2007

Only One Thing Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"Only One Thing" has been added to the fanfaves chart. Many thanks to those who successfully managed to vault "Alive" into the top ten for two months in a row topping out at #3. Your continued support is greatly valued!

posted by ~Michael~ on 10/16/2007

Rockin' Ron's Top 10 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

For the third week in a row Rockin' Ron's listening audience has kept "HOLY" in the top ten voted songs. Check out all those great "indie" artists! Thanks for all who vote and listen to Ron's show!

1-MIRACLE OF THE MOMENT/steve c chapman
2-IF SIERRA CAN SMILE/sean smith (indieheaven)
3-SHE PRAYs/mark cable (indieheaven)
5-NOT MY OWN/bread of stone (indieheaven)
6-AMAZING/drew davidsen (indieheaven)
7-WHEN SHES FREE/chris ames (indieheaven)
8-HOLY/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
9-JUST SING/tawana (indieheaven)
10-THE LAST NIGHT/skillet

posted by ~MH~ on 09/20/2007

"ALIVE" re-added to songchart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"ALIVE" rose to number three on the fan faves chart last month and it was played over 300 times! This is some great exposure and as such it will be added for another 30 days. Thank you to all of you who remain faithful in your voting!

posted by ~Michael~ on 09/11/2007

Rockin' Ron's Ten at 10 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Michael's "HOLY" has risen for the second week on Rockin' Ron's Ten at 10 to number 2!

Thanks to all of Ron's listeners who took the time to vote. And for the second week in a row Drew Davidsen claims the number one spot with his song "Amazing". If you like smooth jazz, head over to Drew's site and check him out. He's the real deal! Here's Ron's top ten list from his show this last week:

1-AMAZING/drew davidsen (indieheaven)
2-HOLY/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
3-IF SIERRA CAN SMILE/sean smith (indieheaven)
4-SHE PRAYS/mark cable (indieheaven)
5-MIRACLE OF THE MOMENT/steve c chapman
6-AMAZING GRACE-my chains are gone/chris tomlin
7-NOT MY OWN/bread of stone (indieheaven)
8-HALLELUJAH/brad reynolds (indieheaven)
9-WHEN SHES FREE/chris ames (indieheaven)
10-BEAUTIFUL/belinda james (indieheaven)

posted by ~Michael~ on 09/10/2007

My News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

9-04-07 Here's a list of the top 50 songs from Rockin' Ron's playlist this last summer. Both "Holy" and "Find" made the list,... thanks RON and to all of his listening audience that get ahold of Ron to tell him their favorites.

50-YOU, YOU ARE GOD/fred mckinnon (indieheaven)
49-HE WILL PULL YOU THROUGH/curt collins
48-IF SIERRA CAN SMILE/sean smith (indieheaven)
47-SHE PRAYS/mark cable (indieheaven)
46-BE WHO YOU IS/autumn calvert (indieheaven)
45-TAKE MY HAND AND WALK/scott krippayne and david bush
44-FIND/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
43-FOOTPRINTS/hugh johnson
42-EVERY REASON/mindy boyd (indieheaven)
41-HALLELUJAH/brad reynolds (indieheaven)
40-SHUSH/ceili rain ------------------------------carried on from spring
39-LETTING GO/bread of stone(indieheaven)...........carried on from spring
38-THREADBARE/kath and 9 feet tall (indiehheaven)..carried from spring
37-YOU ARE/mark roach
36-HOLY/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
35-CAPTIVATED/shawn mcdonald
33-YOUR WILL BE DONE/9th hour (indieheaven)
32-HALLELUJAH/mitch mcvicker (indieheaven)]
31-NOW IS THE TIME/jeramy sossaman (indieheaven)
30-BEAUTIFUL NEWS/matt readman
29-SEARCH ME/crutchfield (indieheaven)
28-IN THE REAL WORLD/brad reynolds (indieheaven)
27-SUNDAY/tree 63
26-ONE WAY/philips, craig, dean
25-AMAZING/drew davidsen (indieheaven)
24-WHAT IF/kerri crocker (indieheaven)
23-WHEN SHES FREE/chris ames (indieheaven)
22-NOAH BUILT A BOAT/sean smith (indieheaven)
21-I NEED YOU/jeff orr
20-THROUGH THE ROOF/harry offutt (indieheaven)
19-STRAIGHT UP/drew davidsen (indieheaven)
18-ON EAGLES WINGS/chris ames (indieheaven)
17-LOVE THE LORD/lincoln brewster
16-OVER MY HEAD/brian littrell
15-YOU ARE LOVED/hopes call
14-INTO THE DAY/bebo norman
13-RETURN UNTO THY REST/amy guastfson (indieheaven)
11-EVERYTHING GLORIOUS/david crowderband
10-THE REAL JESUS/downhere
09-CROWNS FOR A KING/dustin burke band (indieheaven)
08-WHAT I DIDNT SAY/kristyn leigh (indieheaven)
07-HIS LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED/thomas dickerson
06-EAST TO WEST/casting crowns
05-HOME/kath and 9 feet tall (indieheaven)
04-IN THAT MOMENT/karen creel (indieheaven)
03-CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?/jeff orr
02-GIVE ME WORDS TO SPEAK/aaron shust
*1-ONLY THE WORLD/mandisa

9-02-07 "Holy" has made it into Rockin' Ron's top ten this past week thanks to his listening voters. Check out his playlist which includes some incredible indieheaven artists as well.

1-AMAZING/drew davidsen (indieheaven)
2-WHEN SHES FREE/chris ames (indieheaven)
3-THE REAL JESUS/downhere
4-RETURN UNTO THY REST/amy guastfson (indieheaven)
5-CAPTIVATED/shawn mcdonald
6-HOLY/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
7-WHAT IF/kerri crocker (indieheaven)
8-HALLELUJAH/brad reynoold (indieheaven)
9-SHE PRAYS/mark cable (indieheaven)
10-IF SIERRA CAN SMILE/sean smith (indieheaven)

8-09-07. "Holy" made it all the way to number 3 thanks to all of you that have been faithful in your voting. Way to Go!

"ALIVE" has been submitted to the radio chart as of today so let's see if we can't get this one to rise to the top as well! Thanks for all your votes!

7-09-07 Thanks to all who faithfully voted and watched "I Came to Sing" rise to number 13 on the fanfaves chart! "Holy" will be the next song that you'll find there so keep those votes coming!

Also,... stay tuned for news on NEW music coming soon,... Lord-willing of course,... ;)

6-01-07 "I Came To Sing" has been added to the fanfaves radio chart. "FIND" managed to rise to #18 overall thanks to your vote and is currently on RockinRon's playlist over at KBCU 88.1 in Newton Kansas. "I Came To Sing" will be on the chart for 30 days before it automatically goes off. Stop by and give it a rating!

5-14-07 - "FIND" has been added to the rotation for Rockin' Ron's play list at KCBU 88.1 in Newton, KS. E-mail Ron at to get on his mailing list so you can vote to send your favorite song to his "ten at ten" that he has every saturday night. Both "Ancient of Days" and "Hold Me for a While" has made it to his top ten list. With your help, "FIND" can make that list too! Drop him a line,... he'd love hearing from you!

5-10-07 - "FIND" has risen to #25 on the fan faves chart thanks to your faithful support. Keep those votes a comin'!

4-12-07 - "FIND" has been added to the Fan Faves radio chart. Simply click on "Fan Faves" on the homepage and give it a listen and a rating!

*** Fun Fact about the song "FIND",... Commonly referred to by Eli and Luke Hiskey as "The Beach Song",.... although it doesn't have much to do with the beach. This was written during a family beach trip to Myrtle Beach,... hence the reference. Eli and Luke are the "legacies" referred to in both the song and the photos on this website.

4-5-07 - So this is Indieheaven's new and improved site! Thanks goes out to Keith Mohr and his staff that have been working diligently to make this happen. Stay tuned for instructions on how to navigate around,... or feel free to investigate on your own a bit! I haven't released a song to the radio chart yet (for which now there are TWO charts,... one like what we were all used to is under the "FanFaves" link on the home page,... and the other is a "staff picks" radio chart which can be found under the "radio" link on the home page as well. I will make an announcement here when a new song is released and thank you in advance for all of you that take time to vote faithfully!

**** "Hold Me for a While" makes Rockin' Ron's top ten list. Tune in to Ron's show for three nights this weekend. Here's the latest top ten list compiled by Ron's listeners:

1-REELIN/christopher ames (indieheaven)
2-THE FRIENDSHIP SONG/ashley reynolds (indieheaven)
3-DANCE IN MY FEET/michael m smith (indieheaven)
4-ANYWAY/martina mcbride
6-EVERYTIME I BREATH/big daddy weave
7-I CRY HOLY/evie haskell (indieheaven)
8-ANYWAY/brad reynolds (indieheaven)
9-TAKE HOLD/shawn mcdonald
10-HOLD ME FOR A WHILE/michael hiskey (indieheaven)

3-12-07 Due to all who have been faithful in voting, "Hold Me for a While" has risen to #33 overall on the IH radio chart. The song has also risen to #15 on Rockin' Ron's radio list so thanks to all of you that have been faithful in voting with Ron as well. Ron features alot of IH artists as well as signed artists and it is an honor to be amongst such company. Keep those votes coming! Your votes and support for artists are enabling them to be heard,... may God bless your efforts!

1-31-07 "Hold Me For A While" is now on the radio chart. Please show your support by going to the radio chart and giving it a rating. This is also an opportunity for you to check out other great independent artists and rate their music as well!

1-24-07 ***Check out the latest "ten at ten" chart from Rockin' Ron this last Saturday night***!-->

1-STAND IN THE RAIN/superchic
2-ANCIENT OF DAYS/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
3-FIRST STEP/kelly eldridge (indieheaven)
4-LITTLE IS MUCH/downhere
5-GIVE ME AMAZING GRACE/jackson waters
6-KNEELING/ceili rain
7-LOVE UNCONDTIONAL/curt collins
8-YOU ARE LOVED/josh grobin
9-HERE WE ARE/chris higginbottom (indieheaven)
10-COME LET US WORSHIP/fernando ortega

1-18-07 !!!Happy New Year!!!

Hey, Exciting News! "Ancient of Days" has made it in to Rockin' Ron's Top ten at ten on Saturday nights at KBCU 88.1 in Newton, Ks. It found it's way on the list at number 7 on 1-06-07 and this last week was voted in at number three! You can tune in online at and catch Ron as he shares the latest music that is hitting the scene,... both from signed artists and great "indie" music as well. Contact Ron to get on his Mailing list and take part in choosing what makes the "ten at ten" every week as it is compiled (voted on) by his listeners. There are some really great artists that are being showcased there and quite a few are "indieheaven" affiliated artists as well. Just take a look at the "ten at ten" list from 1-13-07:

>1-GIVE ME AMAZING GRACE/jackson waters
>2-FIRST STEP/kelly eldridge (indieheaven)
>3-ANCIENT OF DAYS/michael hiskey (indieheaven)
>4-LOVE UNCONDITIONAL/curt collins
>5-KNEELING/ceili rain
>6-WHAT IT MENS/jeremy camp
>7-STAND IN THE RAIN/superchic
>8-PERFECT TIMING/ 9th hour (indieheaven)
>9-BE LIFTED HIGH/mike w smith
>10-YOU ARE LOVED/josh grobin

Also, add to your favorites as this is where folks that are listening to Ron's show can congregate online. There are some great folks that meet there and often you can meet some of the various artists that Ron is featuring as well.

12-28-06 ****LAST CHANCE!**** The "Check This Out" special will be extended through January 1, 2007. Get in on this special reduced offer while you still can! After 1/01/07 the cost will return to the regular price of $12.00 per CD. A special thanks goes out to those of you who have played your part in being a blessing by your giving during this time.

12-09-06 Okay,... CD's are back in stock. Thanks for your patience!!!

12-07-06 Indieheaven is currently out of stock for the "Check This Out" CD. If you are looking to order my CD, please check back in a couple days. A new shipment is already on it's way. Thank you for your patience and special thanks to those that have already ordered! ~Michael~

12-01-06 ***CHRISTMAS SPECIAL*** "Check This Out" will be available online until Christmas for a discounted rate. CD's will be available online for ten dollars until Dec. 25th. Order 3 or more and the shipping is FREE!!!

11-10-06 "Ancient of Days" has managed to crack the top 30 on the indieheaven radio chart thanks to all of you that have faithfully been giving it a rating. Keep those votes coming!!!

10-31-06 Michael will be doing a live interview for "The Rockin' Ron Show" right after the "ten at ten"(pm - central time)this Saturday night, 11-4-06,... SO get online and go to You can then click to listen to the radio broadcast and you can also visit Jeannie's Chatroom where folks that are listening will be congregated as well. Rockin' Ron will be featuring several of Michael's songs including the recent Indieheaven #1 "Deliverer" and the newly released "Ancient of Days" as well as a couple others. Come and hear Michael and Ron as they share of their faith and the love that drives them to do what they do!

10-28-06 "Ancient of Days" has been added to the radio chart. Stop by there and give it and others a rating!

10-4-06 Have you seen the Momentum Awards link on the home page? This is your chance to nominate your favorite artists! Go back to and click on the Momentum awards icon to learn of another GREAT way to support your favorite independent artists!

9-22-06 Deliverer is #1 on the Indieheaven radio chart!!! Thanks to all that have been faithful with their voting. Keep those votes comin' and feel free to leave a comment and get on the "fan-finder" today!

9-15-06 KEQP 106.9 out of Modesto, CA will be putting Michael's song "Deliverer" into their rotation. Check it out at

Special thanks to DAVE ABBEY for his support to make this happen!

9-13-06 RockinRon @ KBCU 88.1 in Newton, KS has put "I Came to Sing" in rotation for "The Rockin' Ron show" which can be heard Saturday nights between 7-12pm (central). Log on to to listen online. Feel free to drop him a line at and tell him you appreciate his support!

9-8-06 Michael will be kicking off the Godstock event on Saturday, Sept. 9th, 12pm at the South Rowan YMCA. Hope to see you there!

8-26-06 If you get the Topeka Capitol Journal and you're checking this site out for the first time, feel free to post a message or send an e-mail!

8-15-06 - "Deliverer" is currently 6th on the radio chart and #1 in the praise and worship genre. Thank you to all of you that are being faithful with your voting!

8-3-06 - Michael's Bio is now posted! Head on over there and "Check This Out",...

posted by Michael Hiskey on 08/07/2007