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The Hamilton, Ontario band's 3rd album and first in 5 years.
"The Big Picture" contains 14 brand new songs of faith, doubt, worship, lament, joy and sorrow.
A very personal album from a band that has seen it's share of life altering
events over the past 5 years.
Coproduced, mixed and master by Glenn Thomas.
For fans of U2, Delirious, Keane with full vocal harmonies.
Pick up your copy today!!

posted by Ion on 05/28/2014

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Only 4 more days until the new single from ION is released!!!
Today you get a look at the lyrics for the new song.
This song was written in 1995 about 5 years after Paul's father passed away from a sudden heart attack, and is a tribute to him. John Vanhuisstede was an avid musician and music lover and that is reflected in the lyrics as well.
There can be no greater comfort than knowing with certainty that a loved one is safe in the arms of our Saviour.

Download the new single Blessed on Wednesday November 7th !!!!!!!

ION - "Blessed."

White flowers gather 'round.
Your smile on the ground.
Your picture on the wall
Still a comfort to us all.
Seasons change and so did I,
And like memories passing by,
My heart will stay the same until I see you once again.

So father rest your head, knowing that you're blessed.
The brightness which you bring, this night won't mean a thing.
Our pain will fade away, enjoy your everlasting day.

Thank you for the times we shared,
Still your music fills the air.
All the things you gave to me,
Are in my voice as I sing.
Though the going may be hard,
And we're forced to play our cards,
The hands that hold you dear,
Are ever present here.

Lyrics: Paul Vanhuisstede 2012.

posted by Paul Vanhuisstede on 11/03/2012

Brand New Single Available November 6th1!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

ION will be releasing the first single from the upcoming ION cd on November 6th!!!!
The new track titled "Blessed" features newest ION member Bryan Kieft on lead guitar, and is a folky, acoustic driven
ballad with lush vocal harmonies.
The song has been in the ION vault for many years, and we are happy to finally share it with you all.

We will be releasing a new track every 2 months until the new album is stay tuned!!!!

posted by Paul Vanhuisstede on 10/29/2012

New Cd Is Half Done! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

ION's hotly anticipated third album is half done!
The new songs range from bluesy to folky with sprinkles of the vocal harmonies that you have come to expect from ION.
Glenn Thomas is mixing as well as co-producing the new album , tentatively titled "The Big Picture".
We hope to have the album ready by early summer 2013!!

posted by Paul Vanhuisstede on 10/23/2012

New ION cd out Now! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi gang, you can order our brand new cd Return To Sender ,and our new download only single Take Me I'm Yours from our page today!!

posted by ION on 02/07/2010

ION Studio/Live Update. Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

ION has one more song to lay down and the tracking for the new cd will be done. Carmen Witten was with ION in the studio this week to lay down her duet with brother Paul on the new track "Say Them Anyways", the resuts were fantastic! The song is turning out to be one of the highlights from the new tracks!

We hope to be able to wrap up the recording by months end. The mixing and mastering is being done by Mr. Keith Mohr and we are stoked about the results. We are heading out this week for a photo shoot for the new cd and promo pics, the artwork and layout is also currently being put together.

On the live show front, iON has been asked to headline a fundraiser for a local pro-life organization for this spring/summer.
We will be the entertainment following the fund raiser dinner and the event will be geared towards drawing out our own fans as well as some who have not heard of us but are involved in the organization etc, so basically we get some great exposure at a great cause. We are thrilled as this should coincide with the release of our new cd!
Our hope is to have the new cd out by the end of May 2009, we have a lot of work to do between now and then if we want to nail it at these shows!!

That's all Folks!!

posted by Paul VH on 02/09/2009

Track list for Upcoming ION Album Revealed. Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

HI gang, the tentative tracklist for the upcoming iON cd 'Return To Sender" is as follows, (not in order)

1. Jericho.
2. Dawning.
3. Dance With Me.
4. Hope Still Remains.
5. Love Again.
6. Hymn.
7. Say Them Anyway.
8. Calvary.
9. Perseverance.
10. Rewind.

There may be one or two adjustments made, depending on how the new tracks turn out.
We are hoping for a Christmas time release.

posted by Paul on 08/04/2008

ION has 6 new tracks recorded for new cd! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi folks, it's been quite the ride recording our new cd.
But we have only 4 more songs to go before we begin the mixing and mastering stage.
we've really been challenging ourselves to do this the best we can, and thus we have spent a lot of time on the arrangements and the recording itself.
Although this has been trying at times, and rather tedious at others, I think the final product will be a huge upgrade form our previous work.

The new cd is to be entitled "Return to Sender", and we hope to have 10 tracks in all.

Anyhow, wish us luck!

posted by Paul on 07/21/2008

New ION Track Available! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

ION first new track in over 2 years is now available as a digital download!
For only .99 cents, you can download 'Dawning", the first new song from iON's second cd!

posted by Paul the great. on 01/03/2008