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In 1a.m.:
Currently, we are all focus in what we do at our Local home church, Eaglepoint. Raising up worshippers who not only worship God but also serve in the ministry.

We are right now in a series called "Arise" so we're pumped up to do what we can as a ministry and as a church to rise to the occasion that God has called us into.

In Relent:
If you didn't know, we have a band that exist to strategically reach out to the youth through their music that God has given unto them. They are currently working on a new live album, a follow up from their 1st album called "CHANGED" (have a listen @ our profile page here in indieheaven). More details about the "live album" later.

We have been to 4 states in Malaysia so far, since the start of the CYW tour last August 2009. Our next tour would be in a city called Kluang in Johor and our main event right at the nation's capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Both event's take place somewhere around August - September, 2010.

Events will be posted up on the event page in Indieheaven. So if any our fans, friends, family and Indieheaven Artist make their way to our side of the world, please don't hesitate to catch us.

Thats all for now.

posted by Neil 1a.m./Relent on 05/14/2010

CYW Ipoh Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

To the Heroes and Heroines of Change Your World (CYW) Ipoh,

Thank you for your support, believe and action towards changing the lives of the millennial generation.

Special thanks to William for taking up the responsibility to champion and gather all the churches together. You made the difference.

Also to Kah Wai who handled the headache of all the cash in his hands and many other things you did for us.

To the prayer team. You changed the atmosphere in the hall and I'm certain the people who attended the CYW.Thank you so much for interceding with us.

There are so many names I wish to thank which are the ushers, helpers, photographers,videographers,youth leaders, sales but I'm afraid that I may miss your names and so to all of you, you know who you are, Thank You for making CYW Ipoh a tour to remember.

What we are more interested to hear is the ventures and leadership journeys that you will be doing with the millennial generation.We are together with you in prayer.

Lastly to our heroine,Priscilla,you rise up and inspire us all with your dedication,endurance and perseverance. Your sacrifices,going to Ipoh weekly and giving up your holidays for CYW.Please thank your parents as well for showing so much hospitality to us all and also for the love offering to CYW.

CYW Ipoh collected RM 2972.20 for World Vision.That is the first and more to come.

Please continue to shout out at our website and if any of you want to continue giving to World Vision or Tenaganita, just write to us at change@changeyourworld.com.my and we will show you different ways to give to the causes.

Truly you have stamped your blueprints and made a difference.

Changing lives together,

Kelvin & Cathryn Lim
CYW Director

posted by Kelvin on 03/25/2010

Change Your World Tour - First Stop Kluang, Johor Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Change Your World Kluang

Check out the video here:

First of all, we want to give God all the glory and thank Him for pouring His Spirit on Change Your World (CYW) Kluang.We had a blast and heard many great testimonies on how God changed the hearts of young people to want change for their city. One of the ventures for the city called "I Love Kluang" project was a hit. Almost all the students who came responded enthusiastically to the different calls for Change!

A crowd of 340 young people participated in the 4-hour Change Your World Event despite Kluang being one of the worst place hit with H1N1. The participants mostly fall within the age of 16-19 years old, coming from secondary schools. Most of these students were from various backgrounds and different religions but with ONE common goal, that is to change and bring change to Kluang.

What was more exciting was that they were not only challenged to love their city, but as Malaysians, to love Malaysia by investing in the next city that Change Your World is going to, which is Penang. We collected RM357.75 from these young people whom most of them have yet to invest in another city.

1a.m., Relent and CYW partners want to THANK all of you who made Change Your World Kluang a success. You made Change possible.

posted by Kelvin Lim on 11/07/2009

Christmas Promo Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

If you haven't heard.... we've got our Christmas Promo going on this month. Go to www.1am.com.my under e-shop to get a hold of our promos online!!!

One 2 One
Grab any CD & pick a T shirt that matches your style. All yours, now for only USD20 (Normal price is USD35)!

Two to Tango!
Whatever your music preference is, pair up any 2 of our amazing worship CDs for only USD15!

Singled Out
Pick any one of our T shirts and get another one for free! Plus we'll be giving you a 1am limited edition clock also for FREE!!!

AND YES!!!! We are selling our really cool T-Shirts!

What are you waiting for?!?!?!

posted by 1a.m. Admin on 12/22/2008

Have you heard? 2 albums out now? Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Well if you haven't noticed or been checking our music section, we've come out with 2 new albums this year.

The first one released is called Secret Place.

Now this is an album that combines the best of our earlier releases (Revelation and Sold Out) but get this.... Its in CHINESE!!!! Our first 1a.m. Chinese Worship Album. Yup, so if you haven't been to China or don't have any Chinese friends, you can listen to this album.

Our second is called Adoration.

This is also a combination of both our earlier albums but just like the Secret Place album, it also has a twist..... Its an INSTRUMENTAL Album. The sounds are light and easy where some may say it has a bit of acid jazz.

Go buy or preview these albums on our music section here in Indieheaven.

posted by Neil1am on 12/03/2008

Philippines Tour Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

We just came back from our 1a.m. Worship Brings Change Tour 08' Philippines, where experiencing the presence of God in Manila and Davao was a blast!!!

Philippines ROCKED only because our God ROCKED the nation.

We've met new people, did worship workshops, minister through worship, prayed for people, prophesy, ate the amazing Filipino food, sight seeing which revealed the amazing works of God in that nation.

Knowing that not everyone around the world could join us in the Philippines, we have uploaded our daily blogs on our 1am blog.

You can go to www.1am.com.my and click on the 1am blog banner to view what happened in the Philippines


Just go directly to the site which is 1amblog.blogspot.com

Please do leave some comments on our blogs.We love to hear from you'll.

God bless,

1a.m. Team

posted by Neil1am on 09/23/2008

August Rush Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Dear Friends...

The month of August is one of the craziest but exciting months for us all here at 1am.

First up, we were awarded the Best International Artiste in the recent 2008 Newsome Award competition in the USA. Thank you to all who have supported us by voting. Truly All GLORY to GOD!

Just about two weeks ago we released our very first Chinese album, Secret Place, which is a translated compilation of some great songs from the Revelation and Sold Out albums. Get yourself a copy now for only USD12.


posted by Cuz1am on 09/23/2008

Philippines - Worship Brings Change Tour 08 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hello Friends!!!

In about a week from now, we'll be in the Philippines for the Worship Brings Change Tour 08!!!

At this point of time all of us are really excited about what God is going to
do in the land we just can't wait to share all the abundant blessings He has been showering us with throughout the journey and spread it all over the nation.

The team is looking forward to having a great time of worshiping and
encountering God with all the local folks, and we pray that lotsa great things will take place as we fix our whole attention to only Him.

Manila, Davao...we look forward to seeing you soon!!!


posted by Cuz1am on 08/26/2008

Thank You. 1a.m. New Song Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)


To thank our fans for believing in us, we are giving away another song which is a fresh new song called Malaysia Shouts Your Praise (personalize the title by replacing Malaysia with the name of your own country) that will stir your hearts to do nothing else but to cry out to our Creator to revive our Nation, City, Towns and Streets.

Go to www.1am.com.my or copy/paste this link http://www.1am.com.my/free-downloads/index.html . We are giving away the lyrics & chords as well as the power point along with it.

You can also view the video on our Indieheaven Videos to witness how God moved prophetically when we sang this song for the 1st time in our 1st Worship Brings Change Tour 08 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

And also read The story behind the song: Malaysia Shouts Your Praise on our blogs @ indieheaven.com

God bless

posted by 1a.m. Admin on 06/25/2008

1a.m. facebook Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

1a.m. Interactive Facebook Group/ 1a.m. Facebook Artist Page

Having created a 1a.m. Facebook Artist Page, we've decided to open a new 1a.m. Facebook group called 1a.m. Interactive simply because:-

YOU are important to us, that is why we want to keep interacting with YOU, with that purpose in mind, we have created a Facebook group which will enable us to do just that! We have people from nations coming together interacting with us and keeping us in prayer as well.

So if YOU already have a Facebook account, come and join us in our 1a.m. Facebook group and continue advancing the kingdom of God!

Please do invite your friends as well to join in with the fun and help us build our database so that we can continue to minister to as many people as possible!

Go to the link provided to join the Interactive Group !


Our 1a.m. Facebook Artist Page will still be maintained so if YOU haven't added us go to the link provided to join the Artist Page !


posted by 1a.m. Admin on 06/25/2008

Worship Brings Change Tour 08' Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

One Accord Ministry ( 1a.m. )

First of all, we would like to completely acknowledge that we don't have the capability to transform lives or bring salvation. We believe that through worshipping God, the Holy Spirit will bring transformation that will ignite a revolution in our lives. And through this revolution, God will bring salvation to the world. We are just willing vessels, used by God, to accomplish His purposes.

"Worship Brings Change" is the life message God has called us to spread.

Below are the move of God we are in faith to see through our worship concerts, preaching of the word and workshops:

1. Lives transformed to become worshippers, who aspire to live a lifestyle of worship, by maximizing their spiritual and creative potential.

2. God's word and standard, transforming your city and beyond, through prophetic worship and productions.

3. Supernatural intervention and visitation, with the tangible presence of God, where people encounter God and experience salvation and the miraculous.

(Isa 61:1 " the spirit of the Lord God is upon me and He has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison doors to those who are bound.)

Worship Brings Change Tour 08

1 Accord Ministry (1a.m.) believes in serving God's house and His people with the spirit of excellence while maximizing the resources available. God deserves our best and we seek to honor Him. We desire to be a blessing to you and your church.

We have begun ministering to other churches and nations and have seen changes be it salvation, healing, breakthroughs & freedom in many people's lives.

Our "Worship Brings Change" journey includes these destinations:

1. The Heart of Worship
2. Worship that inspires
3. Change that lasts
4. Igniting a revolution

Throughout of 'Worship Brings Change' tour, we will conduct different workshops which cover areas like:

1. Vocals In Worship
2. Worship Leaders in Worship
3. Band In Worship Part 1 & 2
4. Sound In Worship Part 1 & 2

Our "Worship Brings Change" journey is prepared with creative & interactive presentations to inspire you. It is meant to accommodate any age group of worshippers because we believe we are called to bring worship to all generation be it young or old.


We are from a church called Eaglepoint Christian Fellowship (ECF) in Malaysia, a member of an International movement called Every Nation.

Please visit www.1am.com.my for more details regarding our tours or just email us at tour@1am.com.my for more information.

If you are interested we can send you more detailed information on our tour.

1a.m. Plans to travel towards Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and locally Malaysia

posted by 1a.m. on 06/10/2008

Vote 1a.m. : International Artist of the Year Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey Guys!

All glory to God! 1am has been nominated for an International award called Newsome Award 2008! This award is based in Baltimore, USA and this time round, the song 'My Father' has been submitted and has been accepted for nomination.

If you have been blessed by this song and truly desire to see 1am to be able to continue to bless the nation, please vote for us by clicking here!


Category : International Artist of the Year

Song: One Accord My Father

Voting period has already begin and will end on May 14th 2008. So hurry and start voting for 1am!

Thank you all!

posted by 1a.m. on 05/07/2008

Fruitful Weekend Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This week is one fruitful week with loads of events taking place.

Nov 16,07 - Creative Life, Tracks of Talents

1a.m. will be doing the opening for this event. This is a cool event that we put together at our local church where we give people (believers or not) the opportunity to showcase their talents, may it be singing, playing an instrument, dancing, painting, drama... and the list goes on...

Nov 17,07 - Concert at EFC

This time a younger version of 1a.m (youth) will be ministering in this youth concert organized by EFC. Our Pastor, Cathryn Loh will be preaching on the event together with worship director of 1a.m, Kelvin Lim.

Nov 18,07 - Opening service at ECF Damansara

Not to be confuse with EFC. ECF(Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship) our local church will be opening its sister church in Kota Damansara where the 1a.m. main team will be ministering. Starts at 5pm to 7pm

Check out our website www.ecf.org.my

Nov 18,07 - 1a.m at Bangkok jazz

Right after the opening service of ECF Damansara, 1a.m. (youth) will be in Bangkok Jazz, KL to play a couple of new songs from their "NEXT ALBUM".

Yup "NEXT ALBUM". Will explain more in the days to come.

That's it for now!

posted by 1am on 11/15/2007

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Album launch

Its just around the corner. April 28 and 29.

Keep us in prayers!

Will keep you guys updated here and on our website.



Indieheaven.com really looks good! Keep it up guys!

1a.m. just came back a week ago from Dubai and it was awesome simply because God was and still is awesome in Dubai.Our new album "Sold Out" was completely SOLD OUT that week!
Overall from the worship workshop to the worship concert, God's presence and anointing was everywhere .Thanks for your prayers!
I'll be posting up some stuff in the blogs (cool) to see what we were up to.

or you can check our website : www.1am.com.my (Dubai tour)

SOLD OUT album preview!

SOLD OUT album is ready for listening. We hope you will be blessed with the songs given to us from God. The song "Sold Out" will be on the fan faves chart so please vote for us.

You can download the song "Sold Out" for free in our web-site : www.1am.com.my

All new 1 accord ministry website!

Check it out : www.1am.com.my


posted by 1a.m. on 08/07/2007