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Happy Christmas Season to All.
I come to find that the one gift that just keeps on giving throughout the whole year and more,Is the Gift of Song,When you give the Song it touches the heart and refreshes and edifies the mind,body,soul and spirit,
So give the Gift of Song to anyone who you know will benefit from it,as well as yourself.
So Come and Visit My Site at
And Give A Gift of a Good Song to lift up the Spirit of anyone you choose to give it to.
Come and join as a Special Fan and get Special Blessings.
Have a very Merry Christmas .

posted by ClikinWitGod on 12/05/2017

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Oh Hear Ye The Love of The Lord Thine God,Fill Your Spirit;s and Souls with this Wonderful Christmas Ballad that will have your hears So Joyful with the feelings of Gods Love.or Even Yr Love For Another or Others.
You are Invited,Go To
and Give a Donation and Have this Song for you and your Loved Ones To Enjoy all through the Years.
and Don't forget to Join for very Special Godly Treats,ok
I Wish you all a very wonderful and beautiful Merry Christmas,
Kepp ClikinWitGod : )

posted by ClikinWitGod on 12/05/2017

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Peace & Blessings Unto All.
For This Holiday Season I am giving some good cheer in the form of a fresh and new edition of one of the most wonderful songs ever made for this season.
guess which one it is,this gift is free,so Be Ye Blessed with Joy.
Merry Christmas To All.
and don't forget to join my fan club at
Gods Love Abide With You and Yours.

posted by ClikinWitGod on 11/28/2017

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Oh Come and Sit in the Presence of The Spirit Of The Lord,Beyond The Veil,where your spirit will be fed a New Anointing,
and rejoice in Gods Spirit,Close Your Eyes and let The Holy Spirit Rise Inside.
Come and Feel A New Thing that God Has Risen From The Dead Bones !
You are all welcome saith The Lord Thine God.
Set Your Browser To
and Enter into The Newness Of God.

posted by Clikinwitgod on 10/17/2017

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Peace and Blessings to all,
There will be another psalm and video coming soon ! so get ready to Praise and Worship with me next week ok
and don;t forget to go to my website and join for more wonderful songs and products that will raise your spirits and bring you closer to God and His Prescience as it does for me ! and others,
A donation is always appreciated to help with the Costs of these wonderful productions of Ministry.
Thank you so much for your Love and Assistance,and Be Ye Blessed as you are Blessing.

posted by Clikinwitgod on 09/20/2017

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There has been corrections to My Page and All is Worthy Of His Praise and to His Delight I Wish your Spirits Great Edification,All To The Glory Of The LORD.
Thank You So Much and Don't Forget To Join at My Website so that you can keep updated on the Many Many Other Blessings The Lord Thine God Has Through Me To Share.

posted by Reggie Vaughn aka Clikinwitgod on 09/05/2017