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We have finally gotten to the place where we are able to put out a pre release demo of our second Cd. If we were any slower in production we would be in reverse. As time, money and the Lord permits we will have this out in hard copy soon. Keep looking for updated material. I have already written the 3rd Cd and have only suffered minor brain damage as a result. So, pray for us that we can get out this new material in a finished form soon. If you would like to send a donation to help I promise that I won't use it for Starbucks. The first thousand cds we produce I will give away as an offering to the Lord. We will give them away to unbelievers as an outreach. I did this on the first Cd. God really blessed that ministry event. All support can be sent to 1756 Bay rd Stoughton MA 02072. Make checks out to Rabbi Henry M. Morse. Please put a note in there that says for Cd. I will send you a hard copy as soon as it is done. Thanks in advance for your support and prayers.
In Him who is able to save us from ourselves, Messianic Rabbi Henry M. Morse BA, ADD, ADHD, OTC, ETC, ETC, ETC. Or just plain Henry.

posted by Rinkydink Inc. on 08/07/2007