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Some exciting things have been happening! First, welcome to the newcomers. If you ever have questions feel free to email me at any point.

If you know of a Christian radio station near you, it's time to call in. There are several stations that have added the new version of "What if I Were in the Garden," and we want them to know folks are listening. Here's a list of the stations and locations we know have added the song. There are many more that have added it as well, but we can't track them all!

WRAF - Toccoa Falls, GA
KDKR - Dallas, TX
WCRH - Williamsport, MD
WHCB - Johnson City, TN
WOLC - Salisbury, MD
KCFB - St. Cloud, MN
WLJN - Traverse City, MI

I'll try to update you on this as it progresses.

Updates Galore:
I've made a few small changes to my website. Once in a while I get a kick out of being a little geeky, changing a few links, and adding a few features. So, here are the updates:

~ You can now follow me on twitter, facebook, or just head to the website and see my updates there.

~ I've made the free downloads freely available - no more having to give your email. You can pass on this email to anyone you know!

~ You can see new links, reviews, and blurbs from others on my news page.

Peace to you,

posted by ncg on 02/21/2009

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The new DVD Pull Up a Chair is now airing on TV.

NRB: January 21 @ 9pm/ 22nd @ 1a.m ET– National Religious Broadcaster
Sky Angel 2: January 24 @ 7&10 / Jan. 25th at midnight eastern

(December 3 9PM EST
December 4 12AM EST)

December 6 7PM EST
December 6 9PM EST - re-run
December 7 12AM EST - re-run

posted by ncg on 01/16/2009

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What if I Were in the Garden, taken from the new CD "Pull Up a Chair" is now being released nationally to radio!

posted by ncg on 01/14/2009

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My latest project, Pull Up A Chair is now available here on Indieheaven. You can purchase just the CD, or the DVD, or the CD/DVD combo.

posted by Nathan on 11/24/2008

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Here's the new write up from Franklin Springs Family Media!

Pull Up A Chair...and savor the music and stories of Nathan Clark George. This set includes the music CD and DVD available together. This wonderful set will allow you to take the music of Nathan Clark George wherever your family may go. The set includes a live audio CD from the concert with 11 tracks, along with three bonus tracks, as well as the full documentary and concert DVD. This is sure to become a family favorite and makes a great gift set. For a limited time the set is available for just $29.95.

The Stories-Nathan and his wife Patsy lead a life that is anything but typical. Along with their five young children, their family travels the country together in their home-an RV-during this exciting season of their lives. Pull Up a Chair features an engaging half-hour documentary about the fun-filled aspects of life on the road with a traveling musician's family, while providing honest insight into the challenges that are faced along the way. Ultimately, a joyful picture of biblical family unity emerges, as the George family embraces the adventure-filled uniqueness of their journey.

The Songs-Pull Up a Chair is full-length High Definition concert of original music written and performed by Nathan and his talented band. Renowned for his musical excellence and heart-felt vocals, Nathan Clark George combines his musical talent with a commitment to scripturally-based lyrics. The result is a musical experience that is enjoyable and enriching for the entire family. Pull Up A Chair features 17 songs, including "I Will Rejoice" and "Psalm 24". This beautifully filmed concert event is a God-honoring celebration of music and family.

posted by nathan on 11/24/2008

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From now until Christmas all the CDs will be on sale for just $10.97.

Enjoy the music!

posted by nathan on 11/08/2007

Rise in the Darkness is an IMA Finalist! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Rise in the Darkness has been chosen as a 2007 finalist in the Contemporary Christian category by the Independent Music Awards!

You can rate the CD here:

Thanks for your vote!!

posted by nathan on 11/06/2007

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For a limited time all five CDs are $10.97

Help make some of the best selling CDs on Indieheaven even better by getting a couple copies for friends!

Send folks here to get free downloads as well:

Thanks so much.

posted by nathan on 10/29/2007

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New Member's Area!

A member's area has been added. If you join our little email list you will be sent an email with a username and password that you can use to access free downloads and more. To Join go here:

posted by ncg on 10/04/2007

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After seven weeks in CO and a week at the Renewing the Family Camp in NM we are back on the road with lots of upcoming shows! Chack out the tour dates both here and at my full site.

posted by ncg on 08/27/2007

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May 5, 2007
A Home at Horn Creek is now available! Solo guitar & voice! Preview the music, buy the CD, or buy singles.

April 1, 2007
I am once again honored and excited about receiving the Indieheaven 2007 Acoustic Artist of the Year Award! Thanks to all who voted! Also, you have put a new Taylor 410CE in my hands. I was awarded this guitar this past Saturday, March 31, and it's a beautiful guitar. Thank you. I will try to put it to good use asap!


posted by Nathan Clark George on 08/07/2007