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June 26, 2014

I entered warfare mode at the tender age of fifteen, the fragile threads of my family weakening and all too soon disintegrated. My emotional, physical and spiritual environment was stable and affirmed by my Catholic school teachers.. Our families's finances suddenly dwindled and the normalcy of my life was changed forever. My father's eyes were set on a beautiful eleven acre property in Tinton Falls. It was his dream to own land and farm, so he bought the piece of land without my mother's blessing. One night at supper, he announced to the family that he could no longer afford my younger sisters' and my tuition so we would be transferring to public school. I was floored!

And that was that. I was enrolled in the seventh grade at Tinton Falls' school.. Things were never the same. The family atmosphere gradually was punctuated by my parents constant arguing. Mommy was tired of Papito devoting so much time, energy and our finances as vice president of the Spanish faternity. He incurred more and more debt and the board members of the Spanish fraternity pressured Papito to invest because he had a good job with the government. Our once peaceful family became a battleground and my sisters and I were the hapless victims of my parents anger and frustration.

As a young student in Catholic school, I was able to focus on my studies. I was passionate about international peoples and their customs. I was gifted in art and illustration and was the teachers pet. I was called by Sister Agnes to write for her on the blackboard. I had almost straight A's except mathematic which I had no interest in.

My transference from Catholic school to public school was the nightmare of any teen-ager. Being used to respect and admiration by my fellow peers and teachers, I was now an outcast because I didn't wear the trendy bell-bottom hip-huggers and tight body suits like the other classmates. My parents ordered me to wear my catholic school uniform, a knee-length skirt and loafer shoes. They said they had bo money to buy me any new clothes. They even balked when I asked them to get me a razor so I could shave my legs. I was named, bear legs because of my hairy legs. Most of the girls had silky, long hair and mine was curly. I didn't fit in and was not cool. To make matters worse, a certain girl from the urban side of town sensed that I was fragile and unsure and verbally accosted me in art class. I was not welcomed in her class and she made sure her and her her two cohorts would remind me everyday that I was insufficient and not accepted.

I had to carry all those things in my heart. My mother thought my complaints about my bullying trivial and I had no one to cry to. Somehow, because of that girls unwelcoming and shaming words, my person changed. The following year, my grades dropped because I couldn't concentrate and my focus was always on guarding my shaken confidence to best of my ability. I was embroiled in a battle to survive high school. What kept me from severe depression was my vibrant creativity. I daydreamed and sketched glamourous fashions in sketch books and my sisters and I had fashion illustration competitions. We graded each others books and embellished with compliments. Watching the Cher show each week also inspired me. I was going to be a famous rock star entertaining millions in my glamorous outfits!

My parents love had by this time died and they were sleeping in separate rooms. I managed to pour my emotions into my journaling and poetry. I see today that God had given me creative outlets to keep me from losing control of my sanity. It was unbearable to endure under the strain of the three bully girls, sustain passing grades and see my family disintegrate. All my agonies and sorrow were bottled up, and only seldom released through my writing and envisioning myself as a successful fashion designer and musician. There was no one to help me process my grief and fear except my contemporary social problems teacher, Mrs Wagner. Her notations good marks at the end of my report encouraged me that I was not totally lost. She could tell I was going through a lot and recognized my sensitive spirit. I loved her classes and appreciated her kindness to me. She didn't know though, that my parents had signed DFYS papers to remove my two younger sisters from our home and placement into foster care. I became numb regarding my traumatic family events and felt helpless to do anything for myself or my sisters. I mostly cried myself through highschool and was glad it was over as I left the grounds of Monmouth Regional High school with diploma in hand. This chapter of my life certainly didn't end with promise. Sadly, I was filled with fear and anxiety about how I support myself. I did end up living as a boarder with an older man who was a raving alcoholic with a wife who was totally blind. It was very strange to move into a home of a complete stranger who drank heavily with his buddy every day.

My mind and heart never stopped contemplating love, stability and supporting myself doing creative things I loved. My dreams were interrupted when Mr Russel, my landlord tried to kick down my bedroom door in a drunken rampage. Thankfully, I had met a handsome guy the month before. Juan cared deeply for me and rescued me from Mr Russels' rape attempt. I ended up in Juan's care to my disappointment, but again, I was helpless in my victimization..

Fast forward a about eight years later, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in a hell, fire and brimstone church in 1982. By this time, I'd accumulated much baggage, Bulemia-body image issues, deep insecurity and fear of angry people. My mother's scorn and insults of her half Puerto-Rican, half German daughters had taken it's toll on my confidence, As I remembered her harsh words, I almost fainted with fear to as my eyes locked with Pastor Fox's glittering black eyes> It seemed he saw right into my soul.

He growled menacingly, "If you die tonight in car accident, will you go to heaven or burn forever in hell?" I thought he could see right through my soul and that I was living with my fiancÚ and unmarried. I felt such shame, I knew I had to be free of my prison of shame and sin. My life was everything I didn't want it be against my will. As I timidly approached the altar of that tiny Pentecostal church, my eyes blurred with tears. As I said the sinner's prayer, I felt the miraculous lifting of my burdens! Soon after began my battle and calling to spiritual warfare. I had now enlisted in the Lord's army. I rejoiced that I'd no longer acquiesce to victimization. I would speak against injustice, abuse and bondage and I would do something about it!

A Brookdale Community College brochure invited me to enroll for the fall semester. It was at Brookdale where I met Steven, a sensitive and intelligent poet-musician who admired my gentle spirituality. I shared with him about my relationship with Jesus Christ and invited him to know Him too in a personal way. I was involved in a vibrant young adult Bible study and my new friends invited me to attend a Terry Talbot concert. I accepted and Steven accompanied me. The anointing was so powerful as Terry and his band mind ministered the salvation offer at the end of the concert. Steven could barely stand under the presence of God and I had to help hold him as he wobbled to the altar where prayer ministers laid hands on him. He fell backward under the Holy Spirit's anointing and started to speak in other tongues. I helped Steven back to his seat and we drove home ecstatic. We both agreed that it was okay to court each now that both of us were saved. Little did I know that I know that my decision to court Steven catapulted me into the first spiritual battle of my life and was only the beginning of many that would assail me throughout my life.

My first blissful month courting Steven ended all too abruptly when his four wisdom teeth came out at the same time. His dentist gave him codeine for the pain. Steven's dental episode was the harbinger of his intense battle with God and Satan. His personality changed and he vacillated from a soft-spoken, gracious man to a violent, cussing monster who grabbed and shook me violently if I wore an attractive outfit. He raged to control me and also threatened my friends and church brethren with violence, if they didn't leave us alone. Indeed, I became a prisoner enslaved to his every sick plan to isolate and possess me. I had never known such fear and lost weight. I couldn't believe that I was enduring this horrendous nightmare as he continued to intimate me with threats of murder if I did not marry him. No matter how much I resisted and broke our engagement, he managed to manipulate me. The elders of our church and even the pastor were impotent get him delivered from his demonic possession. I cried myself to sleep every night and prayed that I would die. As the wedding day approached, I prayed that I would just die! I couldn't believe my life had come to this, especially being a Christian.

Steven's toxic demonic possession spilled over onto my life and relationship with Jesus. Worse, it poisoned my perspective of God, my heavenly Father who had deserted me and delivered me up to be torn apart and destroyed by wolves! My own father failed to protect and provide for me. He abandoned me and allowed me to be released into foster care. I was drowning in a sea of fearful anguish and Father God was no where to be found!

Fast forward a few years after the death of my first marriage. The test father immersed me in was learning to establish boundaries with the toxic men that came into my life. In retrospect, I now understand how I needed to go through these relationships. I had a very distorted image of who I was, ugly, insufficient and having no voice. And no right to be who He meant me to be! I was brutally punished, stifled or ignored by so many and Father was tempering me to assert His divinity in me to those around me! Amazing how He has cultivated me over the years to be the woman of God, psalmist and prayer warrior I am today.

Not long after the dissolution of my second union with another prodigy fellow student from Brookdale ended, I suffered a physical breakdown. With Jim's scathing rejection and abandonment, I died, spiritually and, emotionally. My body was living but I was devoid of any strength whatsoever to stand or even fight. My fragile body and sensitive spirit had weathered and absorbed too many volatile, controlling, jealous and manipulative people. I'd absorbed all of my mother's, co-workers, siblings, boyfriends and even landlords toxicity. These traumas made it possible for Lyme Disease to inhabit my body .I had to endure anti-biotic treatments and became disable. For many months, I was so weak, I couldn't work. I lost the apartment Juan and I shared , had to put my furniture in storage and finding temporary homes for my beloved cats. Because of the devastating Lyme Disease, I ended up moving eight times in three years. My constant fear of homelessness caused me great emotional instability. The rug was constantly pulled from under my feet. Thanks to God, I never ended up on the street for God always prepared a safe haven for me. He provided for me by giving me opportunities as caretaker-companion and I was called upon to run their households.

It was a new and scary experience and very challenging to live with total strangers and take care of their needs. My employers were always impressed by my integrity and care giver abilities. One such provision was caring and running the household of an elderly stroke victim who had a gruff character. Our personalities clashed at our first meeting and I told him he could find another lady to care for him. That night, Holy Spirit told me, "You won't find another live-in opportunity in the classified, so you'd better plan to stay here".I was floored, but immediately repented of my rebellion. At that prayer, God blessed my relationship with the old man and he became like a precious grandfather to me! In fact, Pop trusted me so much that he would pull out his wallet and ask me, "Kitten, do you need anything? Take whatever you need."

God is truly amazing! I ended up loving this old stranger-turned grandfather as my own family and did all I could to help make his life and condition pleasant. I knew Father was teaching me how to adapt and thrive. I learned that I don't always have to exist in battle mode and contend. I learned as Paul the apostle, to be content in whatever state...

In addition to learning how to adapt to every hard circumstance, God also kept sending me musically alluring men who were highly intelligent and creative. They always ended up trying to manipulate and possess me by their temper tantrums and intimidation. Time and again, I fell into their wearying trap of arguments and their belittling of my ability and person. I grew tired of struggling with musical collaboration. God gave me the gift of learning the guitar and song writing and my song writing partners/lead guitarists wanted to dominate my songs! I also constantly battled with A&R people who demanded I adhere to the commercial, (boring) radio-friendly format. My song-writing was a miserable curse and a blessing at the same time. In dating and collaboration, I often found myself compromising my godly virtues and my God-given creativity as a song writer. The stress took a toll on my already challenged body. God was still very involved in His daughters artistry!

I heard that Paula White was coming to speak and minister at Shore Christian Center. Her aggressive and anointed admonitions about serving God as our highest destiny inspired me greatly and I planned to attend her meeting. I was not to be disappointed. She indeed preached a liberating message of freedom-confidence in Jesus Christ alone. Holy Spirit caught my attention when she addressed the congregation and said, " Are you compromising your destiny in Christ? Someone here today, needs to stand in Jesus' strength and break free. "

Okay, Lord. I know You're talking to me. I started to weep about the unhealed wounds in my spirit inflicted upon me by my latest guitarist-boyfriend. I made my decision. I was breaking free. No longer would he order me not to play my guitar on my own songs. Paula's admonition changed my life and I'd never the same . I broke up with my boyfriend that week and soared forward in victory over another weakness-stronghold victored over. Father saw I had an unhealthy and distorted image of men in authority also. He put rigid, judgmental and legalistic pastors in my life who tried to stifle my spontaneity, creativity and calling. That battle was also very taxing and took a lot out me. After so many distorted and toxic relationships, God wanted me to develop my own ear to hear Him and my own voice to speak about His miraculous, restoring and all-encompassing love! I asked Father to never let me be imprisoned by any man or believe anyone who said I insufficient or incapable. The Holy boxing ring Father trains me in continues to be surrounded by cheering angels and the fervent prayers of my fellow brothers and sisters of the faith. Father has gleaned all sorts of treasures amidst my physical illnesses and emotional storms, particularly the past seven and a half years.

Living with Dystonia symptoms takes every ounce of courage and dependence in Christ. This latest test is truly uncharted territory because the medical establishment. has not found either the cause nor the cure for this mysterious and humiliating condition. Because of the Dystonia symptoms, I contend with such debilitating fatigue and pain in my TMJ jaw joint, I can barely make it through the afternoon. It presently affects my memory, motivation, creativity and my social-emotional connection with friends, my loved ones and my husband. I suffer being misunderstood , yet again through no fault of my own. I bite my tongue and I am bleeding in agony! Hold on! Forgive me that I'm too exhausted to talk to you or to even sing with my guitar!
My Heavenly Father is able to make me stand! He understands my shortcomings and weaknesses and there are more urgent things going on this planet than a small woman who bites the inside of her mouth and screams in agony, tee-hee!.

I've had to continually adjust my self in the process of enduring Dystonia, (that is ...when my miraculous restoration comes manifests). I declare that I am redeemed from the curse of sickness and by Jesus stripes I am healed. This declaration must be a part of me, both physically and in the spiritual realm. I call myself healed even though my upper body,, neck muscles and mouth twitch and spasm violently.

For a woman very meticulous about being attractive and fit, Dystonia challenges my confidence and self-esteem. So, I train and discipline myself to focus on the inner woman, her attributes of ministering and what God's word says I am: the accepted in the beloved and His workmanship! I declare that I am blessed and I memorize His precious words to me. That keeps me on solid ground! He faithfully uses me with others who are very ill, severely depressed or dying. He has also given me a heightened my sense of empathy for local and global suffering..

Most grievous for me to understand are hearing the latest news reports about human rights violations, massacres and global chaos. As a compassionate journalist, I can't ignore the reality of the suffering of so many, (including animals) all over our world . The latest report about ISIS, a terrorist group of the highest violence swathing across middle east horizon. They leave a trail of decapitated soldiers and police along the roadsides as a message to the rest of the world. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about the eternal destinies of these slaughtered victims. Are they in heaven or hell? I wonder how any child of God could not weep and vow to fervently pray for all his horror to be overcome by Christ's salvation. How can I just sit and say, love is all I need? The Boco Haram in Africa also welds terror with the kidnaping and violence against the precious Christian women of Africa.

I have never been one to just accept evil and injustice. Even as a contemplative teenager I knew that words, truth and action are the tools to oppose evil. I was powerless as a teen, unable to stop the break-up of my parents and my sisters emotional trauma, but I am grown woman now, and powerful, equipped with the tools of Christ's spiritual armament. I've learned to hone the sharp skills of my written words through my books, essays songs and journal entries.

I will not lay down and I will not keep silent against evil's attacks on my fellow man...God's own creation! As I wrote the word's of my song, Thank God I Can Still Cry., I'm grateful that my tears of grief for devastated humanity results in sharing with you, dear reader!

This warrior is a child. I am helpless without Him, but he has intrusted me a job. A job, a responsibility, a calling. My music is not my main identity. It is the calling of rendering compassionate service to one in need, as Mother Teresa so compellingly acquiesced to.. There is no greater evil than a good man who does nothing when he sees evil at work I must do something! We all must do something. Every child of God is responsible to wield the heavenly amour God has given us. The most feeble and oldest among us can pray powerful prayers of God's promises and overcoming evil with love. His word is a living and sharp instrument of terror to the satanic kingdom and we are more than able to oppose the enemy from mowing us down with the ease and totality he is doing!

We should be weeping not just for our immediate family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, but our brother or sister across the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. We can win this battle against terrorism, sex-trafficking, pornography, abortion and alternative lifestyle/marriage. We must open our eyes and hearts to others suffering. It's not about our small offenses between each other. How selfish for us to live in the vanity of our selves and comforts!

Father help us to be your courageous, persistent and victorious warriors! We are more than conquerors and we can and will win over our love and by our actions! In Jesus name, we thank you for deploying your warrior angels to assist us in the battles of heaven and earth. You are mighty to save and we praise you for your faithfulness, protection and provision. In Jesus name, amen.

posted by Anita Ivette Ferrer on 07/28/2014

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See how God answers prayers today with these anointed prayers of old-fashioned, Spirit-filled anointed, devotions.
Bless you as you OCCUPY for HIs Kingdom

Abba Father,
We give you praise and thanks for your goodness, mercy and love and for the miracles you've done in my/our lives. Holy is your name and may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Show us your glory and reveal yourself to your people, so that we can be the city on a Hill and salt and light you've called us to be.

We uphold our president, his cabinet, congress, the Senate and the judges that they would have a DAMASCUS revelation of truth and your holiness. We bind the evil principalities in high places, the lies, deceit and greed that proliferate our leaders thoughts & motivates that prevail to continue destroying our nation birthed from the godly men who incepted our constitution and the Bill of Rights. We ask you to send warriors angels to these men & women and those ungodly bills which would take away the rights & imprison God's people, let them be reversed and forever banished. We speak YOUR word into their atmosphere and spirits.

We uphold sister Israel to you. Protect your people the JEWS for Israel is the HOLY land and her people the apple of YOUR eye. Cursed be them which curse her and blessed are those whop bless her. We Bless Israel and speak protection and safety that she SHALL not be divided. America shall stand with our ally.

We rebuke, bind and cast into the abyss every sexual spirit, (incubus), spirit of lust, pornography that are the weapons of the sex-traffickers, porno film makers, snuff film makers, pimps, madames, drug lords, operators of abortion clinics, serial killers and murderers who are on the prowl, by the authority and power of Yeshua, the most High Son of God. We speak salvation into their lives or , Lord, sweep them away..

We pray for healing restoration and salvation for the precious girls and young women who have lost their spirits through sex-trafficking, pornography, child abuse.

We pray for the protection of our brethren missionaries across the globe for wisdom and to know the covenant you'd made to them in your WORD. Let them pray and decree Psalm 91 over their lives and families.

We bind and cast into the abyss the demonic spirit of murder and genocide as well as the persecution of Christians and godly people.

posted by anita ivette ferrer on 03/30/2012

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He who has an ear...let him hear. This message is for the church, the Bride of Christ whom God has already supplied all ability, protection and provision.

Our media has portrayed great worldwide upheaval. Fear engulfs even God's people when they allow themselves to be overwhelmed by work, house obligations and physical challenges. I'm wont to fall prey to fear pangs, but despite all the myriad tangible and spiritual assaults, Abba Yahweh has placed us in the world to be salt and light. His great promises and the Biblical testimonies of our great patriarchs and matriarchs prove His word. Several of my favorites are Joseph, Moses, Elijah and David. In times of the weight of fear and anxiety, I reread shepherd David's account of his great victory against behemoth Goliath.

The Philistines camped against the Israelite sending their giant, Goliath to intimidate and mock.

"Why have you come out in line for battle? " he chided. "Choose a man for yourself and let him come down to me. I defy the armies of Israel this day. "

Saul and the whole Israelite armies trembled. Imagine the atmosphere of that scenario. After all the great miracle God did for the Israelite after they left Pharaoh's captivity, they forgot and let fear take them over. Meanwhile, David's father, Jesse had sent David down to bring food to his older brothers enlisted in the army. David heard the giant Philistine's boasts as he presented himself to the Israeli commanders day after day.

Surveying the Giant's audacity, David asked incredulously, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should dare to defy the armies of the living God?!"

David's words were reported to Saul and Saul called for him. As the story goes, David killed Goliath with only his stone and slingshot. I don't believe David had an inkling of doubt that he would be unable to take down such a large foe. David walked in full confidence and authority in God's ability to overcome Israels' enemy.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind, a mind to oppose all fears, doubts and failure and the church must walk in that same power, confidence and authority as young David did so long ago. God's empowerment has not changed despite some Christian denominations who believe that miracles were for that time. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and time and space are no limitations to the great I AM!

Time and time again, the Bible depicts with great authority, the victories our Biblical forefather's tasted. Moses speech was an impediment to him, but he accepted the challenge God set before him to lead the Israelite s from their captivity. Though Moses, foe, Pharaoh was obstinate, Moses continued in obedience despite the calamity and suffering that came against the Egyptians.

Most of the church today looks on and bemoans the chaos and disaster occurring on our planet for the most part, we passive onlookers, rather than offensive warriors opposing Satan's global assaults. We should be like David, boldly coming against our uncircumcised infidel opponents with an authority and certainty that God's goodness, restoration and salvation shall overcome and prevail! I see the church acquiescing and cowering regarding demonically orchestrated events.

Psalm 91:7 says that a thousand shall fall, ten thousand at your right hand, yet it shall not come near you.

Remember when the deadly plagues fell upon the Egyptians because Pharaoh would not let the people go. The plagues continued to come. The final and most devastating was the death of the first born. But God's divine protection was upon His people for he provided a covering, the blood that was to be painted on the door lintels. Today, Jesus blood is the protection as we apply it to all dangerous situations...if we cover our dwellings with it. Many of God's people are ignorant and perish because they are not aware of His eternal providence and provision.

Again and again, we hear of people ask, "Why did God allow the World Trade Center buildings to be attacked?" Why did God allow the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan." Well, duh...did any of us plead the blood of Jesus over these?

I am studying an amazing book on Psalm 91, authored by Peggy Joyce Ruth. She teaches verse by verse the supernatural and all-encompassing protection as well as testimonies of countless people of faith who evaded a myriad of dangerous circumstances through standing on Psalm 91's promises. The Bride of Christ and the Jews can enjoy this very same blessing today if they receive and believe.

Our God is also a God of second chances and occasional changes His mind in cases of true repentance and weeping. King Hezekiah is my favorite example of such a trust. He had fell to a serious illness and the prophet Isaiah told him to set his house in order for he would not recover King Hezekiah could not accept this and set his eyes on God, praying that God would allow him to live. God was so moved by his tears and prayer that He added 15 years to his life and also saved the city from the King of Assyria! God does hear our faith-filled and powerful prayers and I know it is within every child of God to walk in God's power and authority.

god is lifting me to a new place of faith and I've made it a bedtime habit lately to set my thoughts and worship on my gracious Abba Yahweh who's provided a warm bed, food, clothing, a wonderful husband and great country. I plead the blood of Jesus over America, Israel, the awakening of the church, protection from demonic nuclear assaults, plague, EMP blasts and a host of other catastrophes.

I remember years ago moaning to my old pastor about all the evils of the world. I was offended by his response ,"Don't curse the darkness. Light a candle." Today I see why he said it. To often we accept all prophecies or even the magnitude of them as written in stone, but our God is gracious even in judgment. He loves His people and doesn't want one person to perish without Him. If we repent and turn away, He wants to heal our land. When will we get it?

If every child of God wept in anguish over our lost generation and spiritual darkness, God will help us to turn the Titanic around! It is still not too late, but we have little time. Let the church start praying and weeping with the same heart as pastor David Wilkerson of Manhattan Church less events would destroy. There is an increasing joy and confidence each day as I pray with other brothers and sisters in God's power and authority against the principalities of darkness. .

I encourage you, my friend to start reading and applying God's great provision and see what He will make of you!

posted by anita ivette ferrer, asbury Park Angel on 05/17/2011

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For Such a Time as This

April 30, 2011
6 pm
An Evening of
Prophetic Worship, Intercession Repentance &

WE are gathered together in unity and the love
of Christ to first give Him
Praise & Thanksgiving.

We intercede on behalf of our beloved nation,
America and sister Israel.,
Asking God to touch our President,
Senators and Congressmen.
Give us the courage to stand for the godly
principle incepted by our first forefathers.
To oppose spiritual strongholds
and principalities of darkness
through prayer & fasting.
We pray for those who persecute us
For Brethren who are missionaries on foreign soil.
We pray for the salvation of terrorists &
those who murder our innocent unborn
We will not quench the Spirit

213 Chippewa Trail
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

Time is VERY short, Lady Liberty's flame will be snuffed out unless the church repents,
fasts and prays. God wants to heal our land. Come & worship with us!

AMERICA has diminished in her GLORY because of her great sins!

Revival of the Messianic Jews & Gentile Churches,
Revival and harvest of souls

Wisdom & Discernment for our President
Wisdom & Salvation for our Senate & Congressmen
Salvation & Wisdom for our Governors, Mayors and Public servants
Keeping God in our Constitution, etc
Stem Cell Bill Reversal

Salvation for Hamas/Terrorists
Praying against ISLAM/Sharia Law
Peace of Israel
Protection & wisdom for Prime Ministers of Israel
Holy Spirit giving wisdom, bringing peace and order to the warring Middle East

Pastors, missionaries in foreign lands
Family, friends, neighbors & co workers
Protection of our homes, businesses, churches & animals
Utilizing God Holy Angels to defend & protect & minister their jobs

Reversal of Bills that promote death, cloning & research
Secret, mysterious & urgent issues relating to our erratic weather &
climate changes, FEMA camps & government -related tests & projects
GEO-Engineering, Chem-trails
HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral research Program (ionospheric research)
Pray against SEX trafficking of our youth
Pray for Salvation of owners of ADULT & Pornography BOOK stores across the land
Closing of PORNO book stores
GET prayer back in schools
Retaking back our young people & youth, MUSIC Industry and Media/ modern technology
GAY Agenda/Upholding God's ideal for Family,
Salvation for Abortionists/ Directors of Abortion clinic, pregnant mothers
Abortion Bill reversal
Japanese Earthquakes/Christ church. New Zealand & other targeted areas of US
Natural or man-made disasters
Salvation for Atheist Scientists Tampering with our atmosphere & non technology
Oil spills destroying our Oceans
Salvation for CEOs of industries and chemical factories that are illegally poisoning our air & Water
Pray against FDA and Pharmaceuticals Companies from taking out health/nutrition right
Pray against imprisonment of our natural healers/herbalists

posted by Anita ivette Ferrer on 04/08/2011

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MUSIC NEWS: I'm very excited to announce working with another wonderful producer,
STEVE MIGLIORE, Mr Mig, AUDIO MAXX STUDIOS. Cherry Hill. This renowned
producer/engineer/re mixer has worked with major and indie label greats. I will be working on
new material with a different EDGE, more dance-oriented, but still Anita Ferrer.

I've been blessed working with John Mulrenan the past several years and he has been
my producing/engineering mentor. I watch closely what he does and he does it well!.

My artistic goals are always to grow and expand my horizons, so working and getting to
know another side of the music industry, pop-dance can be very interesting.

I'm working with Steve's Protege, Andre, a BERKELEY MUSIC SCHOOL graduate on my song,
"Lifetime Prayer" a tribute to my beloved husband Mark, whom God has blessed me with
as best friend, soul-mate and partner. Mark truly is an answer to a lifetime prayer, to be
united with a soul mate, God has planned for me.

Diana Delgado, (Steve's lovely wife) and him have opened their arms to me and I am humbled
and excited to be part of their team at Audio Maxx. Diana also happens to be half German
and half Puerto-Rican also, (LOL) and she was so shocked and amused that there could be
another human being on this planet with this ethic blend, she couldn't stop marveling!!!

Look out for my single, "LIFETIME PRAYER" and a new single coming Spring where Steve
and I will be producing a brand new song. I so appreciate all of you who have opened your
arms to me without prejudice. You all know WHO you are. I covet & appreciate your support
and prayer for my ministry and artistry.

posted by anita ivette ferrer on 01/29/2011

STUDIO NOTES Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm very excited to anounce working with another wonderful producer,
producer/engineer/remixer has worked with major and indie label greats. I will be working on
new material with a different EDGE, more dance-oriented, but still Anita Ferrer.

I've been blessed working with John Mulrenan the past several years and he has been
my produsing/engineering mentor. I watch closley what he does and he does it well!. We are
working on my WORSHIP CD, "The Anointing".

My artistic goals are always to grow and expand my horizons, so working and getting to
know another side of the music industry, pop-dance can be very interesting.

I'm working with Steve's Protege, Andrew, a BERKELEE MUSIC SCHOOL graduate on my song,
"Lifteime Prayer" a tribute to my beloved husband Mark, whom God has blessed me with
as best friend, soul-mate and partner. Mark truly is an answer to a lifetime prayer, to be
united with a soul mate God planned for me.

Diana Delgado, (Steve's lovely wife) and him have opened their arms to me and I 'm humbled
and excited to be part of their team at AUDIO MAXX. Diana also happens to be half German
and half Puerto-Rican, and she was so shocked and amused that there could be
another human being on this planet with this ethic blend, she couldn't stop marveling!!!

Look out for my single, "LIFETIME PRAYER" and a new single coming Spring where Steve
and I will be producing a brand new song. I so appreciate all of you who have opened your
arms to me without prejudice. You all know WHO you are. I covet & appreciate your sypport
and prayer for my ministry and artistry.

posted by Anita ivette Ferrer on 12/29/2010

WARRIORS on PARADE Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Prayer Breakfast Jumping Brook, Neptune, NJ

Journal Entry, Sept 11, 2010

Music, clapping and loud voices emanated from the dining room where the Prayer Breakfast was to take place at Jumping Brook Gold club Hubby Mark and I entered to see a parade of our warrior saints marching around the rooms with their arms raised in joy.

I know, I was there for one reason, to join forces and celebrate our Heavenly father, the Most high God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I wanted to unite in power, prayer and authority and give the enemy a couple fo good black eye he would never forget. Our worship leader was roamed around the perimeter of the room like a growling predator seeking its prey. She was spiritually preparing the way for us to surround and conquer.

Our focus was on praying for our nation and polishing our spiritual armor by first crying to God for forgiveness for our personal, community and national sin. The air bristled with the Holy Ghost Power.

Several of our brethren approached to podiums with strong words of faith. With each, word, the momentum of the morning quickened as we listened and agreed their aggressive decrees. God was certainly here this morning and the breakfast could wait!

As I was savoring the Holy Ghost aroma, my camera was taking in all of the excitement of the Holy ghost shenanigans! Donna came up to share a word, Pastor Sandra opened in prayer and then I opened up with what God has so heavily placed on my heart all month. We shall go forth welding God's power because He ordained it. I prayed for the women of Afghanistan and the middle East, bearing the burden of their stifling Burkas. God was reminding me of how blessed we Christian women were here in the united States. Jesus anointed the women to announce His return right after his resurrection, and we have inherited the blessing!

I prayed out loud boldly, knowing God was listening. I was sharing some of His heart. We were victories soldiers enlisted in God's army and were always on the front line. We had to be ready and equipped. Our ammunition was powerful prayer and fasting and I even joked that many could afford it. I couldn't to pray that we would aggressively stem the tide of the enemy by our .fasting like queen Esther beseeching the secular king. We served a mighty God.

But there were also people all over the planet still imprisoned by sin, their tradition and even their own religion. I ended my prayer by saying, America Bless God.

Richard came up, led by the Spirit and spoke about the Koran it's lies. Then Pastor Sandra asked for any remaining people to speak before she gave the blessing. Mark raised his hand and walked with purpose to the podium. Mark flowed with the Spirit and although not surprised, was moved that he was becoming more and more confident to pray in public and even challenging all to stop, look and listen to what we were allowing to happen in our country by not praying for our president and his cabinet. It was a moving prayer, so similar to Nehemiah's holy assembly thousands of years ago.

Pastor Ehraim was doing a beautiful job filing, while I continued to take pictures of the significant happens that was taking place before my eyes. Pastor Sandra called me up to share my song, "Psalm 91" as we prepared for Pastor Margaret to come up to give her word.

The stately woman shared from Jeremiah and for the next half an hour, we got an amazing sermon about God's powerful plan for our lives. Pastor Margaret shared her testimony about her healing and then she and the elders laid hands on me. I had to drop my husband off to meet his friend for a week-end getaway. When I back, most of the worshipers had left or were leaving. I saw pastor Margaret and called out to her. I grabbed her with a bear hug and thanked her for the magnificent morning. Her lovely brown eyes glowed with the presence of the Lord and she prayed Holy Ghost prayer that I know has changed me.

God has placed some ordinary, formerly broken nobodies in Pastor Sandra's life. Richard, Mike, Donna, Sister Earlie, Mark and I sit under the tutelage as she teaches us to plunge into God's depths. It is an exciting and arduous journey.

We made a huge dent in hell today, Sept 11, in memory of our comrades and public servants who lost their lives 9 years ago. Yes, our moral fibers have disintegrated drastically, but God is still on the throne. God's people, though a remnant, are still walking in authority and power in the Holy Ghost. The enemy thinks he's winning. He may be winning small battles, but the final and greatest battle has been won by Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

If we face each day with the power and determination we all felt and experience at that prayer breakfast every week we will be victorious I'm still basking in the Holy embers of our day with the King. We are on the threshold of stupendous miracles and evangelism. God has indeed promoted me to journey in the elite procession of "Worship Warriors'.
He has called us to come up higher to a new level. Lord, here we are. Amen.

posted by anita ivette ferrer on 09/11/2010

"ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

WOW! It's been almost 6 months since anything major has happened! God is still working with me and though still very limited with the pain/discomfort I have to endure each day.I am faithful in writing my manuscript. I can DO all things through Christ who strengthens me.

MY OUTLINE will details the books in the series.


ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE, (The Fellowship of Suffering)

When catastrophe hits, it seems the domino effects occur. Your life has fallen apart and you desperately seek God for answers. Doors of outreach and ministry were opening, such as The Universal Rehabilitation in Lvingston NJ. Making connections with the courageous clients and health care workers there have revealed a a unique perspective about suffering and dealing with a chronic health issue. Befriending two special young men, Theo Vhranos, Wilson's disease victim and Jackie Castleberry, our paraplegic wheelchair neighbor has also inspired me and has given my husband a new perspective regrading humble service.


You realize you have fallen into a deep pit and you have no idea how long you will stay there. MY Christian faith is shaken to to the.core with highly unstable emotions. This roller coaster takes me to exalting highs, celebrating God's mercy and grace to sinking into deep, exhausted depression where I prayed I would never have to wake up again. While my unbridled emotions rocked back and forth though, my spirit asserted as I decreed God's word with assurance. God's word was my anchor as I stood firmly in belief. Fear and confusion no longer buffeted me. My only problem was getting relief from the incessant and highly distracting spasms that threatened to unravel every plan and goal.

Drips and Drabs/Baby Steps
Moving forward, some days seemed like I was dragging a massive weight. I would take two baby steps forward and feel like the next week I took three giant steps backwards. Everything felt like a massive effort and I often saw little progress. But when ever I focused on my Abba father and remembering how much HE loved me and was refining and perfecting me, would give me an endless supply of mercy, comfort and hope. I would find myself energized and hopeful after any inspirational

Book 4
Facing Life/Conquering Nemesis

As I address various areas of my "Captivity" I realize that I made the majority of my past trials focus on misery. injustices of the world and my past sufferings.This time, I realized I could allow another long period to be wasted on negativity or I could acquiesce to His surgery and glean deep wisdom treasures.. As I dug deep, God revealed profound spiritual insights and revelations about the human body and it's care. This included even nurturing the mind's emotional and mental workings. The mind is the brainstorm of the whole body and if thoughts and emotions are allowed to explode rampantly, their will be utter chaos. The brain is comprised of the most powerful constituents and are responsible for our health and well-being. Like a cowboy roping a wild calf, the mind must be lassoed in with God's truth or ones destiny can never be fulled reached! Wisdom is the chiefest ingredient to nurture and feed the mind.and we need to consistently chase it with all our beings. As I continue to seek wisdom and apply its truths, I realize how I draw near to God.

SOARING FREE/Surrendering to God's Will

All Things work together for good and God gives us beauty for our ashes. Thankfully, not every moment of my life has been suffering and misery. Just when I thought I could not face another day, God would throw bone my way by adjusting my spiritual vision to focus and cherish things that most ignore or take for granted. I found an exhilarating new interest in the COOLPIX camera my husband had bout me for Christmas and I capture anything and everything that was mundane, yet distinctive to my eyes.
Three box turtles came briefly into my life, given me an interruption from my constant discomfort. Caring for their needs, gave me something to look forward to in the afternoon and I got attached to the beautiful creatures who seemed to like me.
Going for my "power" walk each day, I was surprised that God allowed me fresh glimpses of the subject matter I was was exposed to and that I captured on film. There was exquisite beauty everywhere I looked, because I "chose" to focus on the beauty, rather than my physical discomfort. These discoveries made me all the more aware and intrigued by God's awesome handiwork. He continually reminded me of His supernatural designing capabilities which I understood was what he was doing in my spirit.
My prayer for my books are that all will come to a new and wondrous appreciation for what God is trying to accomplish in His creation. We are His very artistry. We are Masterpieces in the works.
As He examines us, He sees that we are unusable and inferior containers, but have great potential. He then smashes us into many pieces than can only be put together by Him. Then He starts anew, recreating us into the beautiful creation He planed from the beginning.o that He can start all over.
We are God's creation and there are no two human beings alike. Will be acquiesce to His reconstruction or will we continue to embrace our vain lives. I hope in whatever suffering period you are in that your trial will lead you into HIs loving arms.
May your recreated life be as magnificent, unique and God-glorifying as the greatest Biblical heroes. God bless you as you treasure the Masters work on your life and soul. Amen and amen!

posted by anita ivette ferrer on 07/23/2010

RADIO AIRPLAY Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Tracking of Mod Prophet has been moving along well. Chris Durante's brilliant creativity and magic on the Lead guitars continues to shine as well as Phil Long on Drums. This week, engineer/producer, John Mulrenan tracked gothic rockers "In the Blink of an Eye," and "Hide and Seek" this week as well as AC CCM worship single "You Call Me."

Last month, I received a request from radio manager, Bill from Renegade Radio. Renegade Radio is an alternative, edgy station for younger people who listen to the hard stuff. He requested a copy of "Testosterone, Logic and Intuition" for rotation on the station. I asked him how he found me and he said looking on Indie heaven! When I remarked that I was surprised that he chose my music, he said he wasn't looking for sweet female Christian music stuff bikers would listen to. That was a compliment as I aspire to the crowds that most Christians feel uncomfortable ministering to.

My background has always been hard rock, (although I'm inspired to create melodic and lighter tunes). I hope that taking my in your face rock anthems to the street with sincerity, but power will touch those who wouldn't be touched.

I covet your prayers and daily voting. This seems to be a difficulty for some of you, but hopefully this newsletters and links will make it much easier for you to support God's vision and passion in me.

I regularly update my blogs, journal entries and studio notes to share all that God is doing in my life. I in turn keep my fellow music ministers in prayer & support as I can. The most important need I have is word of mouth to our younger people. I know many of you have kids and the kids are computer geeks who spend a lot of time online. These are also the impressionable ones, who are assaulted each day with negative attitudes, music and role models. My personal music sites are all family friendly and I am most privileged to encourage and mentor all any who need/want it!

posted by Anita Ivette Ferrer on 01/23/2010

STUDIO NOTES, Tuesday, January 19th, 2020 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Tonight was a highly anticipated night with Chris tracking live lead guitar and Phil Long tracking drums for "In the Blink of an Eye," and "You Call Me. Phil also tracked for "hide and Seek. John seemed very pleased and impressed with the quality of musicianship for the tunes and I know that the artistry has been upped to the next level.

The main challenge will be getting a mix that will blow people's minds and grant me greater respect for my artistry and also hoping that the tracks will be popular with Keith and I-tunes. Before I consider sending any songs to Keith, they would have to be outstanding in quality. AJ is working on ideas for our video of "in the Blink of an Eye" and that will be a real jewel. The message is so relevant, Phil and John think the song will have a huge impact. We'll see.

Hauntingly poignant "Dry Bones Live came out extremely strong and Will be the next song I will post on the FAN FAVES chart.

As I continue working on the two projects, I try to be thankful that even though progress is slow as molasses, God in at the helm, leading and driving me and it's better to take three years and get it sounding great than I year and sound mediocre.

I'm expecting the CD to be done by spring and am working hard. Mark and I will be getting a good income tax return and my spring routes with PDC will start, so I can expect my CD release party and get these songs on I-Tunes.

posted by Anita Ivette Ferrer on 01/20/2010

STUDIO NOTES January 6, 2010 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Mod Prophet CD is progressing slowly, but smoothly. Last night I'd planned to have Phil track drums and Chris track electric guitars for "In the Blink of An Eye", but Phil called to tell me the bad news that his car was leaking oil and he couldn't take the risk of his car engine blowing. Chris reason was that he was very ill with a flu and hadn't even practiced in many days. He sounded very bad and discouraged.

I decided to continue working on the new Ezekiel inspired song, "Dry Bones Live." John really likes the haunting acoustic ballad and worked on putting strings and bass. At first, I wasn't so sure I wanted it to be produced with too many instruments and his treatment was a little middle-eastern. He didn't like my harmonies, saying they were cluttering my emotive lead vocal. The song is coming along. Finally, I felt inspired over the week to track my speaking parts. The instrumental after the second chorus is about God speaking to Ezekiel's vision of the "Valley of Dry Bones" and at the end of the song, the final chapter of revelation. Sadness, despair and loss are expressed by the prophet throughout the lyrical statements. The resurrection of the dry bones in the valley has always blown me away and I so can relate to the despondency Ezekiel felt as he scanned the desolate landscape. I compare my health crisis and perspective of my beloved nation's future to this vision.

I try to focus on the end, the great arrival of the Prince and peace as he takes control of the earth once again. That is my longing...that I should be in peace and joy, never again to be afraid of violence, death and genocide. John marveled as I tracked the dialogue part of the song. He said the song was one of the most spiritual he ever heard. I pray that as I continue working with him, Jesus will move upon him and Jane.

Thank You, Lord for your amazing kindness, the creativity being birthed in the studio and the messages of hope you always seem to give me in spite of my inner sadness and anxiety.

posted by Anita I. Ferrer, the Asbury Park Angel on 01/06/2010

DIGGING FOR GOLD Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A Sweet Revelation, Sunday Sermon

Pastor Sandra's email was short and sweet. Would you be avail to preach/teach the message this coming Sunday? Always wanting to be obedient to accept all the Lord's challenges, I responded affirmatively and got to work on listening to God's still, small voice.

I had my work cut out for me, as Pastor Sandra also asked me if I would lead a workshop for the broken and challenged in Long Branch, NJ. It was an hour and a half drive, so incepting a curriculum would be the easy part.

AS luck would have it, the new Lexmark printer Mark bought me would not print my sermon document because I composed it on my Dell laptop which had the Word Perfect 12 program. The printer drive was connected to the desk top only contained the lousy Word pad program. I screamed out loud in frustration. Thankfully, I remembered the copied my sermon onto the PATRIOT drive and was able to print out.

That night, I was unable to sleep, but was confident that God was going to bless someone with my message. Amazingly, I wasn't nervous at all despite the fact of Pastor Sandra being a very demonstrative and powerful speaker. God didn't want me to imitate her, but to speak what He put on my heart! I checked out my IH profile and saw a note from Charles Smith, new IH member! He had read my updated status about preaching my first sermon & encouraged me! Thank You, Lord for conformation that You are always with me.

My meditating on us being God's workmanship, (hence titled "Digging for Gold") gave me a new perspective about His artistry through us. Joseph, David and even Gideon were amazing examples of God using ordinary and untempered vessels to proclaim His glory. God had an exquisite plan for these underdogs. Jer 29:11.

I finished my leading worship and Pastor Sandra introduced me. It felt very comfortable as I opened in prayer and eased into the message with gusto and my trademark humor. To strangers seemed riveted and even Pastor Sandra took notes. I think that the opportunity to expound God's artistry through us with Pastor's congregation was more a confirmation to me even more so than those listening and receiving.

Do we understand the implication of God's transformation our shattered, worthless vessels into a glorious new creation!!! What a revelation as I continued to preach...what an awakening that exhilarated me. Hope and expectancy woke us out of our slumber because I was sharing my own personal experiences about God choosing me, an ordinary and broken vessel to shine His glory!
I must admit, I am excited about Sunday. I will be sharing some of His insights on my blog this coming week. Feel free to check my blog on my IH and myspace

posted by Anita IvetteFerrer on 01/04/2010

Jouranl Entry, January 19, 2009 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

New Year's Eve will be here in two days. The year has yet flown again and I will be faced addressing my future. As a child of God, it looks very bleak. The state of the world system yet, forges faster than we can ponder the events. Sadly, most are unaware of the chaos, cataclysmic change, war and economic disaster that will overcome most of the population. Not to be a prophet of doom, I know our old testament beloved prophets were mortal men with like fragilities, passions and dream as me, yet God called them to warn the people of impending doom.

I cling to God's word, my hope and the wisdom which the Holy Spirit urges me to embrace daily. My husband and I must prepare and hopefully warn our family and friends to also prepare. I am thankful that God has never allowed me to beg for bread, has given me opportunity to avail myself to work and still give provisions to the orphan and widows. I have slept poorly many nights the past year as I acknowledge the middle Eastern and Israeli struggles. . War is soon to erupt and people will be caught unawares and devastated.

There is nothing I long for more than to be off this planet and into His eternal, peaceful and loving presence. I have never enjoyed peace. At one time or another, I had to endure, financial disruption, family/social chaos and now my own body is at war with my spirit. Nonetheless, He keeps me in perfect peace if I keep my mind on HIM! God is my rest, fortress and stronghold. Each night as I lay in bed interceding on behalf of my husband, sisters, parents and friends, I rest in the realization that nothing can move me or keep me from His love and protection, neither life nor death, nor my sad past, anxious future can separate me from His everlasting love. This is my hope.

I pray for my yet again estranged sister who still insists on clinging to the painful baggage of yesterday. I cannot change her, only God, so Shelby and I pray steadfastly that God will bring her to a place of total surrender and she gives up her hold on bitterness against her parents, her husband and me.

I am grateful for my wonderful husband, who though preoccupied with work and thee stressor of getting poor sleep every night, he is aware of the future. We plan to prepare and get ready for some very hard times. Famines, disease and world unrest are on the horizon. Tele Pastors are reminding us to be alert and ready.

Thankfully, there are a few bright spots in my life, Pee Wee, laughter and taking advantage of opportunities to uplift the needy and broken. I hope to be able to enjoy the luxury of learning theory, lead guitar and maybe some piano. I don't put much emphasis on expanding a successful music career. That is a luxury for selfish musicians. There are too many souls to touch for Christ in these last times.

Winter has wrapped her miserable, dry shroud around us with her violent, gusty winds. Water freezes and no on wants to venture outdoors. Thank God for heat, hot running water and beautiful warm beds and blankets. Pastor Sandra tells me of a poor, homeless man who lost his home to a fire last week. How blessed I am..

I continue focusing on my sermon for this Sunday. I am humbled that pastor Sandra would have me teach a message, so I ask God to give me what He wants me to say. I am just a songwriter/artist, but God is expanding my gift and I must be obedient to the call. Thank you , Lord for being my strength and shield, amen.

posted by anita ferrer on 12/29/2009

BRAVE FLAME NEWSLETTER Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

December 15th 2009

Hello Friends and family. I don't like emailing or wearing anyone with too many newsletters, so I will keep this letter brief.

My recuperation has been slow as molasses, but The Lord enables me each day to take it slow and steady. One day at a time He gives me glimpses of His eyes and heart. He loves the orphans and widows and has given Mark and I a heart to support Israeli orphans and widows. Amazing how in a short 6 months, my focus has changed from music/producing to their plight and needs.

Recording with John Mulrenan at Acorn Digital moves smoothly along. I have all the songs, (which are in various stages of completion). All I need to do is work on final mixes and plan for the mastering.

My new website is also has finished. This one is dedicated to the chronically ill and terminally ill. Surprisingly, I have told few people about it, but the site has already had close to 800 visits in a few months! Please spread the word. The focus is the lovely concept of peace and the expectation of complete recovery from a traumatic illness. During these difficult times, God has impressed upon me not to waste my talents, gifts and perception of bodily diminishment by depression or bitterness. My gift of empathy is being hones each month as I decree my recovery and speak life to my body, ministry, artistry and life. Mark and I both are working hard at not speaking death. We are slowly realizing how are childhood/young adulthood negative influences have greatly deterred God's great destiny in our lives.

I'm excited also about the WISDOM WORKSHOP curriculum that I'm developing for challenged young women and single mothers from the Long Branch area. Pastor Sandra Gonzalez, one of my mentors and an amazing spirit-filled woman of God, asked me if I would dedicate Tuesdays in Long Branch is such a need for transformed lives in many downtrodden areas of New Jersey. Who more qualified than me to present this uplifting and all-encompassing journey to a more fruit life?

My latest book, "Arise From Your Graves" will also be another compelling journey into the frontiers of supernatural healing recovery and faith!

I covet your prayers and welcome your comments and suggestions. We haven't heard from anyone, so we assume that all is well. I am available for hospital visitation and I also have several nights open for holiday parties. God bless you all and thank you so much for your prayers and the few who have contributed to my ministry. You know who you are

posted by Anita Ivette Ferrer on 12/17/2009

STUDIO NOTES: October 29, 2009 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Tracking Vocals for "In the Blink of an eye" and "Tidal Wave"

The car accident scene Mark and I experienced three weeks ago has left a deep impact on me spiritually. I wonder how the man I ministered to is doing and ow the law will deal with the young man who caused the grisly scene. I tink about the hapless victims of DUI drivers and wonder why people are not more cautious with their drinking. I'm disappointed also that Plink didn't deem my talent worthy of his time. I honestly don't know what is with people who pass through my life. I'm finding very little creative and spiritual camaraderie even amongst the dwindling amount of friends I have. Where have they gone? Will God ever give me true msucia; collaborators and spiritual prayer warriors peers?
John and I worked on "In the Blink of an Eye Today."It lacked a bridge last wee, but I was inspired a few days ago. I'm encouraged and very moved by the lyrics and vibe. John also worked on 'Tidal Wave" last week. "Tidal Wave"blooms with dominant ninths chords. I don't write too many bluesy-style songs, but while visiting Mike Ward last, I just went with the groove. John was so stimulated by the song that he spent several ours putting electric guitar, horns and keyboards. I must admit, the rough mix sounds very vibey and slick, singing my best throaty growls. Bonnie Raitt would be proud of me!
I tracked lead vocals today. Two very different songs with very different moods and message.
God simply amazes me with His inspiration. Sadly, people still don't get me and I struggle with frustration about the lack of enthusiasm my friends and family have for my artistry. One of these days, people will wake up and see what God is doing through me.
Mod Prophet makes steady progress, although I'm still clueless about how to treat 'Divorce" and "Nobody Sees." Even "Policing the Other" needs work with the vocal treatment.
The Lord has been faithful with giving me the passion and stamina to continue recording, even in the face of great difficulty with my recuperation regimen.

posted by anita ivette ferrer on 11/24/2009

WISDOM WORKSHOPS Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

God has been using my expertise as a Nutri-System behavior counselor and youth advocate to bring God's best to the young women of Spring House, Eatontown, NJ. Seeing the young women respond positively and anticipate change and renewal has been exciting.

My spiritual mentor, Pastor Sandra Gonzalez has also called me to present these workshops to women of the Ocean county area and we are praying about starting the 6 week workshops right after New Year. I also reminded her of the need for men to have a support group also. I've been so concerned that women get all the support from shelters, but the men have no place to share and vent their feelings and struggles. She agreed with me that it's also been on her heart about the lack of emotional and spiritual resources for men. We hope we can start a mens group also and hope Mark and her Ephraim will be part of facilitating this group!

The WISDOM WORKSHOPS women's curriculum will focus on strategies to overcome victim mentality syndrome, low self esteem, abuse/neglect issues and depression as well as adapting Biblical Christ-mind sets and principles to be come an over comer rather than a victim. Every woman who has ever suffered from a dysfunctional childhood, background or domestic violence will benefit from Anita Ferrer's wisdom and experience.

Please send any women my way if you know of their need for wholeness. God bless you.

posted by anita ivette Ferrer on 11/12/2009

BOOIK QUERY LETTER Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

When the roller coaster car of life suddenly plunges to the bottom, few dare to embrace, fathom and explore those valleys with verve and passion. Catastrophic illness takes us to the farthest reaches of our selves. Since writing the journal entry lyrics of "Tell Me, Tell Me" almost fifteen years ago and then producing a song from them, I have often asked God "why?" and "Do you love me?" Every person, when faced with inexplicable evil or a seemingly random personal tragedy or injustice groans deeply within himself, asking the Almighty, "Why did You let this happen to me?"

As I grapple for the third time with a life-threatening illness called Lyme disease, (and now Mercury Poisoning and provoking a secondary ailment called Dystonia), God leads the way through my agonizing labyrinth of doctor's visits, uncomfortable treatments and exceedingly slow progress. The Christ journey is a challenge as is without having the extra burden of the weight and distraction of intense daily and humiliating pain.

Pain has been my companion since a teen-ager, having been raised by a violent, mentally-ill mother and then dealing with the stigma of being a bi-racial student in school. My solace was my cats and writing poetry, essays and short stories in my journal. Since those early writings, my love for language led me to write for my high school literary magazine, a local newspaper column and poetry competitions. Later, my work was published in Transparent Christian and The Poettree e-magazines. My writing has groomed me to be a problem solver. My thoughts form organized strategies and I'm able to focus on a winning plan. Then I pray and seek God's wisdom. This is my success. When a Goliath opposes me; I grab my spiritual artillery and lunge forward. I prevail each day from my kneeing position and decreeing my victorious battle cry!

As the years of my life in Christ unfolded, I'd noticed my trials getting more and more difficult. In a juvenile manner, I wrestled with God, yelled at Him and sulked. More recently, Pressing into Him with all my might and passion, I learned too acquiesce and found that when I did, He would reveal great things to me! It is for this reason that I write this book to people enduring chronic and terminal illness.

I'm alarmed to hear about and find so many people struggling with illnesses of every sort. I myself have fallen into chronic illness often, despite taking good care of my body and exercising daily. Many with my condition are disabled and worse yet, have died. Who better to write a book about celebrating God through great emotional and/or physical suffering?

God has given me spiritual treasures to cherish as I find my way through this Lyme disease maze. Equipped with my Associates degree with a major in Communications and Advanced literary studies, I feel qualified to present this recovery chronicle of scripture passages, lyrics, beautiful nature and flower photography in the hopes that they will assuage the often all-encompassing pain and isolation many sick people endure.

How do I continue aspiring to finish recording two albums, a book and teach workshops to young women/people from challenged backgrounds? My regimen is grueling, but I endure the stifling heat of the infra-red sauna, jumping rope for a half an hour and swallow the many Lyme and oral chelation supplements day after day? There is no easy way to way to recovery. It is a long, disciplined process and many have not the determination to see victory through.

I continue to hear about and meet productive and amazing people dying of cancer, PSP, Lyme and the myriad diseases that assault with devastation. These victims must choose to fight or (be victimized) surrender. This prayer and comfort journal is for those who will trust God, apply Biblical principals to every area of their lives and are open to learning all they can about treatments options and adapting a transformed lifestyle. There is no "quick fix" for a chronic or terminal illness, but there is hope!

I see my own recovery as unfolding like a rose in bloom. Each petal opens, one day at a time and I receive His grace, wisdom with each healing declaration prayer sufficient for my individual journey. Each person's walk will be different, but if we allow Him into every aspect of our trial, He will decorate our spiritual house with the most precious design and standard! Some of us will take longer than others to leave the desert, but while I am there, I ask God to maximize my gifts and potential. I anticipate a great harvest, for He is my reward. He will be yours too!

Filled with faith and expectation, God's people need only walk closely with the King believing that by Jesus' stripes we are healed.

posted by Anita Ivette Ferrer on 11/05/2009

TRICK OR TREAT Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Journal Entry, October 31, 2009

With all the hullabaloo about the demons and dragons involved with Halloween, I must say I used my Halloween Party booking for God's glory last night! My Gigmasters membership fee has long since paid for itself and I continue to be blessed with God affording opportunities for Mark and I to share our faith and ministry blessings. Every gig has been beset with one problem or another. Last night, street signs were unclear, some dark country roads had no signs and we ended up driving around blindly for over half an hour. As the joke goes, men DO not ask for directions, no matter how late they are running, lol.
We arrived at our private party location ten minutes to eight and had to get set up. Out hosts, were anxiously awaiting and looked relieved as I entered their house with my Taylor and decked out as the angel of the Lord in long white silk gown and head tiara. I explained the husband not asking for directions scenario and Gene laughed.
Guest were garbed in hilarious costumes and chuckled out loud upon seeing a woman garbed as the devil. I couldn't wait for Mark to shoot us together. I managed to get through most of the night without the seizures getting too out of hand and couldn't wait to get home and lie down. By eleven o'clock, I was exhausted by the incessant jaw movements, but Thanked God for the gig. Gene and his wife praised the performance and the guest had complimented me al night. We enjoyed great food and Gene tipped me forty dollars!
Halloween Saturday was surprisingly balmy and I greeted the trick-or-treaters with candy and a "blessing," saying prayers for their well-being and safety as well as on my neighborhood. God was the King of the day, not Satan or the ghouls and spooks lurking in the netherworld.
Mark had opportunities to clarify the irrelevance of Halloween to co-workers who asked about the harm of celebrating the day. In our house, everyday was blessed and covered by Jesus blood.
Novemeber1, All Saints Day, (and another of the main Satanic high holy days) was also sanctified as I led worship with pastor Sandra Gonzalez at her first church service in Long Branch, NJ. The Holy Spirit's presence flooded the sanctuary as He brought healing and peace to the congregants. Pastor Sandra also blessed me with a love offering for the recording of my worship CD, The Anointing. I didn't expect it, but she was very blessed with my "soaking," prophetic style of singing. I told her I was pressing in to the Lord as never before. Struggling and trusting God to get through each hour with great pain keeps one broken and pliable in His hands. That's one amazing lesson, I'm learning. Like {ail, begging the Lord to take away this horrible thorn in the flesh, God grants me the grace that sustains me.
I anticipate what He will do, when this is all over and I praise Him for His faithfulness!

posted by anita ivette ferrer on 11/02/2009

ACLU tries to BAN Crossed-shaped Headstones Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A well-informed church friend of mine emailed me last night. The ACLU has succeeded in editing Christ from prayers in military & working on the chaplains not being allowed to mention the name of Jesus during prayer & most outrageous... wants to replace ALL cross-shaped headstones!

Shepherd David, incensed, boldly contended the Giant Goliath, asserting, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?

Should we Christian do any less? In this spiritual tug of war, us "heavy weights" should be winning, pulling & dragging the kingdom of hell to loss.
We're much too concerned with the SMALL insignificant details of our lives, ministries & careers to ignore the long-term & damaging effects of our holy hedges removal.

I for one speak up! Though a small woman, I must make a stand like Queen Esther who was not afraid of the consequences to stand & intercede on behalf of the Jews. She saw and injustice & sought God's strength to overcome. Nehemiah & Ezra also were impassioned about God's law taking precedence & took hold of the reigns of justice and godliness.

I'm SICK & tired of these liberals chipping away ta the hedge of protection God instilled on our country through our forefathers. It doesn't take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to study the statistics of the massive increase of child pornography, date rape, pedophilsm, sexual diseases, identity-theft, domestic violence/school violence etc. These ALL stem from Christian apathy. If we were as IMPASSIONED as Madeline Murray O'Hare who was able to single-handedly take paryers from our schools, this nation wouldn't be in the stae we are in!

We are are too pampered and obsessed with our material lives , (and even our noble music goals) to confront satan as he succeeds in weakening the fibers of our nation through the spiritual delusion of our leaders. Jesus said that great delusion shall overcome the nations in these "END" times. They are here, folks and we Christians are doing little about it.

I am a woman of God who has staurated herself in God and His word and I am very concerned over our children and young people. WE must stand up up NOW and confront teh Spiritual principalities of Satan. God has already given us the authority and victory. we MUST OPPOSE the Golitath, The far=left liberals who call evil good and good veil!!!

CHECK out (AND VOTE DAILY) for my new song on FAN FAVES

"Armchair Quarterbacks" addresses our apathy about the desparately relevent issues of ungodliness & immorality assaulting our nation today! We need to WAKE UP & hold back the tide of evil coming to engulf this country.

Seriously....PAY ATTENTION!

posted by anita ivette Ferrer on 10/17/2009

STAND UP! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." --- RFK, Jr.

posted by anita ferrer on 09/16/2009

ARISE FROM YOUR GRAVE, The fellowship of Suffering Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Journal Entry, September 1 2009

"You have cancer. Your condition is called Dystonia. You're tests confirm you have Lyme Disease, the early stages of Parkenson's Alzheimers or Lupus."As the words sink in your mind and spirit, you feel as if an axe has cut down into the roots of your soul. "You are finished," a voice resounds as if through a foghorn.

It was March 2007 when my husband pulled that tick out of my ear and the following 30 months have been a roller coaster nightmare ride, mostly plummeting downward and lingering on dismal plateaus of great sadness, depression and anger, not so much towards God, but to my body, the doctors, the hospitals and our environment..

All my twenty six years as God's servant hadn't fully prepared me for my present battle and left me constantly baffled and frustrated. I had work to do for God's kingdom and this ailment was slowing me down tremendously. Didn't God see how much I wanted to get up and go and touch lives?

I'd read and reread the book of Job and Joseph so many times I could share the stories with anyone I met who was suffering, but I couldn't reconcile my present agony of relentless daily throat seizures and jaw movements with my ideal of being a God's faithful and much-loved daughter. Countless family members, several of my pastors, musician friends and church family prayed daily for me, yet improvement of my symptoms didn't change, but rather got worse. In my fleshy deduction, God seemed to be with holding good and comfort, but I knew that my nemesis was a liar, continuing to bombard me with contrary messages of death and misery. My lesson was to walk by faith consistently and not by sight, so I continued to meditate on familiar healing and warfare scriptures, this time applying them daily to my excruciating bodily situation..I also decreed specific areas of my body, including the nerves, nuero-transmitters, basal ganglia and even my unconscious mind. Andrew Wommack had explained that sometimes even though we would outwardly declare God's word and truth about our restoration, our spirit didn't agree and line up. That was a astounding revelation for me and explained why I was not improving. I was also speaking aloud negative words of death while believing and speaking my healing!

The first direct turnaround came to me from my church family at an evening prayer service. I was approached by a brother who prophesied to me after I shared spoke to the body about the state of Isreal. There was a reason God was allowing me to suffer, it was but for a season and for the glory of His kingdom. Relieved and joyful, I knew God cared for speaking to my heart so directly. Andy called the rest of the people up to surround me in prayer. Continuing like a connected threads I just recently got emails from ill friends, learned much about claiming my healing and restoration from TV preachers and personal God revelations start to connect. Even though my condition was interfering with getting restful sleep, I managed to pray during the wee hours of the morning and focus about my spiritual strategy to overcome my symptoms and be whole! God was definitely working my ill circumstances for good.

Last night Joel Osteen shared about a young man who was given a third sentence of cancer. I listened in amazement as Joel shared the young man's positive attitude. He stated to the nurses that he would have twice the amount of fighter cells to go through his treatments. Months later, a man of his word, the astounded nurses acknowledged his great faith and determination.

Today, an Indie Heaven mentor told me to read his post, It is Not Dead. I was claiming Roman's 4:17. God who gives life to the dead and calls those thing which do not exist as though they are. Images of Ezekiel standing amidst the valley of dry bones. God asked, "Son of man, can these dry bones live?"
Ezekiel answered, "Oh Lord God, you know." Ezekiel commanded breath the enter the dead bones scattered all over the valley g floor. I can't imagine the astounding artistry of God's hand as Ezekiel watched the bones rattling together, followed by sinews and skin forming before his very eyes! As the story continues,. Ezekiel commands the breath the enter the slain soldiers and they stand on their feet.

God proclaims, "Behold, oh my people, I will open your graves and cause you to come up from your graves and bring you into the land of Israel." Now, meditating upon Ezekiel's vision, I see the correlation between my waning disinterest in pursuing a music career and have been focusing my prayer and intercession for Israel and God's chosen people, the Jews. Amazingly, God had tied together my bodily decline and future resurrection to Israel's. I wonder if there is some unification involved. Perhaps my physical restoration will culminate into an even more significant and dramatic manifestation God's perfect will

All during my own spiritual and physical exile, I envision Mary and Martha despondent and grieving over their beloved brother Lazarus'death. This aspect of Jesus ministry of resurrection has been a beacon of arise from my grave. My past depression entailed the realization my own skeleton's and nervous system deteriorating beyond medicine's help because of the Lyme Spirocete and heavy metal accumulation in my body. Despite years of fastidious care, healthy eating, exercise and positive activity and strong faith in God, I'd become vulnerable and incapacitated..

"Lord, "I often cried, "Why have you let the condition of my body deteriorate so far?"

Today I receive an email from Timo to mead his post titled, "It is not Dead! I rejoice in God's intricate and compassionate handiwork, knowing that it's not just about my suffering, but also about all of God's people who are suffering. Lost in confusion, miserable and/or who have given up hope. Our God is our redeemer and healer. He reveals one increment of understanding and wisdom at a time and we can choose to accept satan;s affliction or we can accept wholeness and divine providence.

My prayer is that those afflicted by emotional or physical deterioration and destruction accept this gift of resurrection, because God's word says so. This battle is already won because Jesus won it at Calvary through His spillt blood and suffering and also...though I still have some painful symptoms, I must still decree and speak aloud over the distressed parts of my body! I am healed by Jesus' stripes and I will recover. Many of God's people have perished and many today still accept their awful illnesses as permanent because they do not know the truth or they will not accept and believe. We must be warrior soldier's aggressively fighting for our divine rights because Satan wants us to be defeated and limited in our service to the Creator.

I'm seeing more clearly now God's hand in my suffering. It sure took a long time to get here, but perhaps I wasn't ale to handle such a mysterious glory revealed at once or too soon. God's tming is perfect and Paul shares about his throne in the flesh that he asked God three times to remove. Oh the unspeakable and glorious mysteries of God! Lord, help us the be vulnerable enough to share our death's with other, so they too can live.

Oh people...arise from your graves!

posted by anita ferrer on 09/01/2009

NEWS Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This past Saturday, a Jewish woman of God prophesied over me. Her husband and prayer warriors surrounded me. We had just finished packing up our tables, Bibles and sound system when she felt led to pray about my condition. During her impassioned prayer, she looked into my eyes and said, "I see a huge locomotive." I chuckled out loud and said, "barreling forth and unstoppable."
I'd never quite seen myself as a locomotive, but listened respectfully as she continued to encourage me. I know she wasn't seeing my groans and cries every day, asking God to translate me, but I trusted her vision in God.
Though I would have much preferred staying home that Saturday afternoon for the three hours, I pushed myself spiritually despite the great discomfort I was incessantly suffering. I would not allow the enemy to keep me imprisoned and immobile at home and under the covers of my bed. In a way, I was a locomotive, because I would not stop my interceding, singing, ministering and building up my broken-hearted brothers and sisters. I still had a calling on my life and God's very word said that neither life, nor death, nor past, nor present, (nor incredible depressing and pain in my case) would stop me from receiving God's love.
What a test this was, counting down now to two years and four months. I ill not be stopped. I have had many friends not communicate with me for quite a while and my social life has greatly decreased, but my stubborn, pit-bull reliance for God's kingdom and His people will continue until He brings me home.
My next goal this week is to make some contact with the local Deborah hospital or another rehabilitation center to put my gifts of singing, performing and encouraging to use. I'm still hoping that I can finish my CD, Mod prophet this year. I just don't feel motivated about the latest mixes of the songs.
So, I press forward, one baby step at a time, towards my Abba father. I'm still awaiting a complete release and restoration of my physical self...and awaiting to be treated by a new doctor who specializes in Lyme disease and mercury poisoning. Lord, let this be my emancipation!

posted by anita ferrer on 07/20/2009

A DAY OF REJOICING AND TRANSFORMATION Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

On Saturday, July 11, 2009, Pastor Sandra will be holding an outreach at the Liberty Street park I'll leading worship with my group, and God willing, the day will be sunny and inviting as music, food and the gospel will be shared.

As many of you may know, Pastor Sandra and I have also held outreaches at the Lakewood Square for several years. Where we have distributed clothing and food to the Mexican and mentally incapacitated population. Though Pastor Sandra has prayerfully decided to discontinue the Lakewood outreaches due to diminishing crowds, she feels that the energy and resources will be better used in the Long Branch area. We also did not have people who were bilingual in Spanish ad Hebrew, (for the Hassidic Jews).

Pastor Sandra has been a faithful and resourceful servant and she has reported a bountiful harvest resulting from the Liberty Street, (Long Branch) location. I anticipate that God will greatly heal and transform the women and families who come out. .

We will focus and expound on the subject of empowered living and hope women who are in bondage to domestic violence and poverty will see that there is a way out through Jesus Christ. I look forward to sharing a great testimony as I was one of those young women struggling for years with financial hardship, debt and surviving on my own. Now that I think back to those difficult days, I praise God for His faithful in always providing for me and my needs and God blessing me with a wonderful husband.

I look forward to a good crowd of broken and weary people who will respond with excitement to God's anointed message.

posted by anita ferrer on 07/06/2009

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June 29, 2009

My interview with POET TREE magazine is available for your reading pleasure. Vagner Revnor, the editor of this beautiful and very unique art and poetry E-zine. Vagner introduced himself to me last year after finding out about me from my site. Vagner is passionate about spirituality, great art and the perspectives and viewpoint of today's local and national artist trendsetters. Vagner is also a devoted Christian who values to beauty of children of God being open to non Christian's and artists of different spiritual views. He knows that a quiet subtle and gentle faith can often open more doors and influence more than brash preaching!

I'm sure you'll be very impressed by some of the great talent presented in POET TREE E-zine and hope you will get a better insight about my own perspective of the world , art and people around me!

I am very moved and interested by of the artists, writer and poets Vagner has had in his magazine. He also has had his share of setbacks and postponements. This present issue almost didn't make it as both his desk top and laptop crashed. Now...this doesn't surprise me the least with all the devastating postponements I've had in my own life and ministry. This past month it's been two years and almost 4 months of getting so little accomplished with my recording project, ministry/outreach and gigs. I just finished my spring telephone book delivery routes and believe was very draining, putting a temporary damper on any significant endeavors.

I desperately await the Lord removing this miserable nerve condition and have tried just about everything I can possibly think of to get relief. The doctors have no answer and I've had over three months of steady chiropractic with Doctor Tornopsy and 7 acupuncture visits at the Senn institute in Manasquan. Talk about enduring a horrid trial! Melissa and Ralph have been very concerned about my condition and have asked me to look into more Lyme Disease blood tests. So, I'm going back for more tests, but in the meantime am standing firm that I will no longer accept the enemy's ploy to keep me ill and in capacitated. There is nothing more I want than to have joy and energy to be of great service to the Lord and to enjoy my creative endeavors again.

Please keep those prayers going and especially could use some fasting people to really get God's attention. GOD bless you all

posted by anita ferrer on 06/29/2009

An Evening of Worship Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

jUNE 19, 2009

The spirit of the Lord and the music flowed fabulously this past Friday night at the Ocean Grove Seaside pavilion. Pastor Matt arrived early and Mark was very busy setting up our PA system, (although no one bothered to ask if he needed help). Thank God for my wonderful, faithful hubby. Cleta would be lending her harmony and Justin came with his conga set.

I was happy to see beloved family members including Papito and Cruz who were both still far from their best health. Quite a few friends did show as well as some of my fellow worship musician band members.

I was amazed that even though I was very spent from my phonebook deliveries all week, I managed to not forget most of my chords. I was in fine spirits as we did an interesting and varied selection of both modern praise songs and several of the old traditional hymms such as Onward Christian soldiers, Amazing Grace, Great is Thy Faithfullness. A few from Full Gospel showed up to support me and I know God's presence was strongly there. I was very disappointed however that non one was interested in buying any CDs. God provided though and I did get a little love offering.

My lovely friend, Bobby Brennan introduced me to Rafael Giglio, (from the band Water) and his beautiful songbird wife Aly who happened to stay at the back with their two beautiful babies who clapped in unison and joy during some of the more uplifting times when I asked the audience to participate by clapping. Had I known they would be listening, I'm sure I would have been much more nervous. Aly said the babies were clapping and really enjoyed the show. I asked the couple if they would be interested in singing with me on my CD. I am desparate to collaborate with some gifted musicians who are passionate about the Lord. Perhaps we will pool our gifts in the future.

I was very thankful to have had such a blessed eveneing

posted by anita ferrer on 06/23/2009

GOOD NEWS!!!??? Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

After two full years of sadness, uncertainty and great physical suffering, I think God has decided to dust me off the shelf and use me, lol!

After that amazing meeting with Brother Frank Minucci and his wife on Route 70 last week, I feel certain that some interesting and awesome outreach and ministry opportunities will avail themselves. Brother Frank and I talked in detail about his amazing conversion to Christianity, incarceration and MAFIA involvement. His career in Film, TV are illustrious as well as well as a book about his life. He wants to get me involved with the Christian motorcycle ministries and we plan to get together this week.

I still await a meeting with David's manager and plan to show him my fashion design creations. The manager is very interested in my music and has some great music industry contacts. I am looking to have my music in film, movie soundtracks and documentaries. That would be very cool.

John Mulrenan, my producer also had a meeting with one of his studio clients who is well-connected. This artist is collaborating about a compilation and wants John's clients to include two originals! John and I have made some amazing and creative music and I'm all for this cool project. MOD PROPHET moves along slower than I'd prefer, but I plan to have Keith and Eric Copeland involved in the final mixing and mastering .I wouldn't have anyone else polish this project as they know what they are doing and Keith has an excellent ear for perfection. Hi m and Eric have merged their prospective companies and talents to form Creative Heaven to further assist Indie heaven artists to success. I know they will succeed.

My fondest wish right know is to gain relief with this neurological malady. I would be so much better equipped and enthusiastic to move forward to higher levels of my faith walk. Some days I'm of no use at all, I 'm so miserable with the pain.

posted by anita ferrer on 04/15/2009

Amazing palns for SKIP'S Tavern Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Journal Entry, February 7, 2009

Last night at Skips' turned out better than I thought. I don't know what compelled me to enter Skips Tavern on Pemberton Boulevard. I have played some prestigious places, and the most upscale dining venues, such as the Oakland, House, Martini's Restaurant and the Stone Pony. What's girl like me doing in such a place.

Pemberton is blue collar type of semi rural town where most of the residents are hard-working, yet poor. We have large homeless population living in the woods and many handicapped.
Pastor Richard of Browns Mills Methodist has a plan and desire to make a difference in this downtrodden area of alcoholism and depression. We both have something in common. Every time I would pass Skips' tavern, I would look and think about performing there. Why? A local DJ, Jah was always featured on the marquee. Mark told me that Friday and Saturday nights the parking lot was filledand rap music blared from inside.

I stopped in several times before 5 pm and was always told Skip wasn't there till after six. I gave my cover CD to the pretty bartender to give to him. I finally met him one evening and present my idea of doing some great life music and having musicians join in for an open jam. Of course, the conversation revolved around having a following and bringing people in. I shared my chagrin about untalented DJs stealing work from live musicians who played real instruments. Then we haggled about the pay. Skip was very cool and wanted to work with me. So we agreed on a Friday night before Jah came in.

I made flyers, phone calls and informed local friends and neighbors to come out and support me. I also solicited the open mic on Craigslist. The turn-out was disappointingly small, but my lead guitarist and singer friends came to share their talents. Skip mentioned the small turn-out, but was very impressed with the talent. He suggested a Thursday night in two weeks and I accepted, promising to work on getting people to come out.

I received some devastating test results a week later, dashing my hopes to ignite interest at Skips. I wrote a letter explained my reasons for canceling the Thursday night gig there and that I needed to focus on getting well with the chelation therapy I'd have to embark on to rid the mercury, lead and cadmium poisoning. I felt bad, but something kept nagging me that I shouldn't give up so soon.

Several days before the scheduled date, my name up on the marquee, I sat in my truck, preparing to just go in give the bartender my envelope for Skip. I walked up the steps and out came Skip and a worker.

"Hi Skip", I started, handing him my envelope. "I have to explain about a serious health situation that came up. I don't know how I'll be able to commit to our plan for the music on Thursday night."

I explained about the seriousness of my situation and the limts on my energy. He seemed very disappointed."Your name's up on the marque..."

"Well,,,I am a girl of my word and I did make a commitment, maybe I we can work out that Ill perform a short two hour set."

I went home got my ads out and made phone calls. I rested all Thursday afternoon and felt able to commit to my evening. Skip and his wife greeted me with a smile as Mark and I set up and remended me that I was welcome to commit. It was up to me.

A good amount of people came in to eat and drink and I did Sade and Bonnie Raitt tunes. My friends from the last Friday showed up with their guitars and we had a good time. By my second, Skip seemed very happy at the patrons response and the my song.set choices. It was a done deal that I'd be continuing the open music jam! I'm not sure what God has but Mark and I have already made a few contact with two people and the workers behind the counter. I anticipate Mark and I bringing some good old Jesus stuff to that tavern. God is really amazing!

posted by anita ferrer on 02/06/2009

ANOTHER HURDLE TO JUMP Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

JOURNAL ENTRY, January 29, 2009

So, I have finally found out what has been causing this horrendous throat contractions. The sadness that has seeped into my soul has been very deep. My life has stopped at a standstill and all my desires have diminished. It is very difficult to have any motivation or enthusiasm for my music, art or anything creative since this perpetual nuisance has worn me down. By the time mid afternoon arrives, my mouth and jaw have opened several hundred times. It feels as though a giant is yanking my mouth open and I try to close it. I can't imagine the stress on this tempero-mandibular joint. No wonder I am drained by 4 pm. So many people are praying for me and believing for my healing. I wonder when God will give me relief.

It has been a struggle to get through these past 20 months not knowing what could be wrong with me and having all the pastors in my life laying hands on my jaws and throat to no avail.

The results of my hair/tissue analysis finally came back by mail and they show I am highly toxic, poisoned with Cadmium, lead and mercury! I am so devastated, there are no words for my grief. I have no idea how I got all this poison and I am left alone to go through the detoxifying process. Upon researching, chelation therapy can be painful and I will have to have a needle for an hour. Heavy metal poisoning does injure the central nervous system, so I'm praying that God has protected the myelin sheath of my nerve endings. The damage from lead, cadmium and mercury is very scary and all I can do is pray and trust that God has not allowed my body to deteriorate to any degree. I believe that he will restore what the locust has eaten. The devil has tried to kill me from an infant in my father's arms. Amazing that he still keeps trying so hard with these horrible illnesses. God forbid, I have never heard of anyone being hit with so many damaging illnesses throughout their lives!

I finally met with the tenth doctor, Dr Rosen, who specializes in Lyme Disease and Mercury poisoning. He was very baffled and alarmed seeing my hair analysis results and said that he's never seen anyone with my symptoms. I honestly feel that God must despise me. I know the Bible says that He loves me, but I feel that with all the massive doses of poisonings I've endured since 1992, Lyme, (intravaneous Rosephin antibiotics), Candida proliferation, more Lyme Disease Amoxicilin antibiotics, Chronic fatigue/Epstein-Barr, weight gain, then carbon Monoxide poisoning in 2001, clinical depression for a full year and now this...What else is God going to put me through?

I don't see how any Christian would not be challenged and heart broken with all this. I feel as if I've outgrown everything that inspired me or gave me any joy. Where is my place now in God's Kingdom? I really don't know. God has stripped me of everything. I just sit here and wait.

Poor Mark has been working 12 and 16 hour shifts to accommodate the massive health and doctor expenses. We have been believing to be debt free soon, but with all these afflictions....I ask my Heavenly father for more faith. I wasn't expecting more illness and more debt. If I could get some sleep and be able to concentrate and focus, it wouldn't be so bad.

The only option for me to recover from this horrendous poisoning is chelation therapy which is very costly at a hundred and ten to one hundred forty dollars a shot and for at least 20 to thirty treatment!s Mark's insurance does not cover this.

I wait upon my Savior and Doctor Jesus. This is truly a test that will require the utmost trust and persistent faith. "I don't understand." This is what Job cried as he scraped his boils with a potsherd. He said, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away...but blessed be the name of the Lord"

I will not be moved and I will not let Satan steal more of my life! This is the greatest battle for my life. I have been assaluted many times and have prevailed. Lord, you will hold me.

posted by Anita Ivette Ferrer, the Asbury park Angel on 01/31/2009

POET TREE MAGAZINE INTERVIEW Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

i HAVE BEEN INTERVIEWED BY EDITOR VAGNER REVOL, POET TREE E-MAGAZINE. My artwork, some photography and full length interview will be included in teh WINTER issue. check out last seasons issue. It's a beautiful magazine & there are amazing works by national artits and poets. This is a real treat for poets and poetry lovers. Vagner discovered me on the site. You can check out my work there also.

Tomorow, I will be going to my holistic dentist, Dr Piela who will exctract this horrendous mercury filling. I covet your prayers.
Thanks so much for reading my journal entries, news and listing to my music. I'm honored & grateful for the support!.

posted by anita ferrer on 12/29/2008

SERIOUS HEALTH ALERT Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillng

We are nearing 2009 and I hope to educate more people about divine health. I have many dear friends and family members in my circle who are suffering terribly from illness and symptoms.

Doctors are prescribing all kinds of harmful drugs with terrible side effect and only mask the root cause.

Unbeknownst to many, mercury is responsible for a host of ills, including heart problems, skin rashes & disorders, Bells' Palsy, Lupus, MS Chron's Disease & other digestive disorders blood diseases, Cancer, leukemia, mononucleosis & Chronic fatigue. I have been suspicious about getting no relief and doing all sorts of strong health protocols to no avail.

There are some people on Indie Heaven who have been suffering greatly despite medical treatments. I decided to do some research and have found some very potent and frightening information about the great dangers of dental mercury fillings.

Most of the public are unaware of about the highly dangerous and toxicity of this dangerous substance that been outland in England and Europe. Why are Amercan dentist using this deathly substance in our bodies?

I suggest everyone google info on Mercury fillings and find a holistic dentist who specializes in removing this deadly substance. Do not go to a regular dentist. They must be highly qualified to a very specific protocol to remove the fillings and a detox program also must be done before the removals.

I also stress regular liver and kidney detox. When these detoxing organs are overloaded, the body begins to fill with poisonous debris which infusies the blood, lymphatic and circulatory system. If detoxing is not a part of your protocol, cancer or some degenerative disease will take over and death come.

This blog should be taken seriously.

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 12/20/2008

JOURNAL ENTRY, November 21, 2008 Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Thank Jesus for getting me though another gig! Grateful for my IH family prayers. The Lord was definitely with Mark and me for it was indeed a difficult night standing in my 4 inch platform boots, (that I didn't know would get too tight as the night ended). Poor Mark was so exhausted from the week's overtime.

I was a little concerned that I didn't have enough heavy rock material when several groups of tattooed, and earrings-in-the-nose young dudes came in throughout the night. I managed to fill in the gaps by my pre-recorded in between CD music of more positive hard rock during the set breaks. Not an easy crowd at all. Thank God for the female Bonnie Raitt fans and the blues lovers:)

Mark shared with a guy for a few hours and I was mildly surprised to see my interview with that entertainment editor in BARFLY magazine. It was a wonderful article amidst all the sports ads etc and the editor DID not delete any of my references to CHRIST! Praise God.

I was pretty amazed with my answers on the phone as he asked me all sorts of questions. I didn't fumble for words and I know it was the Spirit supplying the dialogue. God is so good. Even if one person reads that a seed was planted.

As Mark & I say grace over our breakfast, he remarked in amazement that I was able to sing as long as I did, I was slated for 8-12, but I stayed til 1:30 am because patrons kept coming in. The manager was very pleased that I gave him an extra hour and a half. I'll be getting more gigs from the successful night.. My feet and jaw are sore but not anywhere as bad as I thought.

My TMJ-type disorder has still been a difficult challenge. Often as I gripped my blanket and grimaced as my throat muscles convulsed out of control, I am praying and interceding for many. Each contraction stabs through to my right jaw joint like a hot poker. I cry. It is nothing for God to take the pain away instantly, but He chooses not to. I thought about every negative thought and hidden sin I had and repented and confessed.

This journey of pain baffles m, but their is something to this mystery that God has not yet revealed to me. I know I must continue to trek up this perilous mountain. God cherishes us when we are so weak & fragile, because it is then when we are most empowered by HIS strength. A myriad emotion engulfs me.

BUT GOD...has other plans. The Holy Ghost impresses on me how His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not out thoughts. During this difficult time waiting to find a doctor to PINPOINT why my throat muscles are convulsing out of control. I can barely sit up to read God's word. And the enemy can defeat us with his lies, accuse us & make us hate God (if he could). Think of your gall bladder bursting & the pain 24/7 and tell me what thoughts go through your mind.

But speaking out God's words over & over again, clinging to them for dear life, as I dangle at at the end of my rope. Make no mistake, we are often thrown in the trenches to experience the life of a Soldier of Christ! Some would like to avoid this process by immersing themselves in spiritual activities, careers, etc, but God will have no idols before His Holy self!

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 11/23/2008

MOD PROPHET RECORDING: Journal Entry Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Recording at Acorn Digital with producer/ engineer John Mulrenan ptoceeds smoothly. Tracking for Mod Prophet began in January 2006 with Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist, Anita Ferrer collaborating with long time music partner and lead guitarist, Chris Durante.

"I'm growing in leap and bounds these past six months," she marvels, "Watching John behind his console and seeing him lay down piano tracks that I hum the ideas or finger pick on my guitar. This week, I'm really excited about a new sound we're experimenting with on the track, "I Keep falling." It's a dirge about human weakness and sin. This is my/our master piece because I'm going way past my perimeters (comfort zone) of mainstream pop/rock and my own human emotion/desparation. Most Christian artists write about the joys and praises of God. Though most of my moments, my I'm in communion with Him, I still grapple with my dark side . I always insist that I'm an enigma. No matter how badly I want to be an angel, I know there is nothing good in me but what Christ has done in me.

Exposing, exploring and dissecting the dark side of humanity is an important part of healing and transforming. Once you are honest and fathom your sinful capabilities, then you can move forward to becoming more enlightened, spiritually, emotionally and creatively. You become more and more free the more transparent you become. People have a difficult time with being transparent. We want only our best to shine, but I feel that when we admit that we are nothing without God's goodness to those lost, we will invite them to open their souls.

I've made a lot of enemies, (mostly men) along my music journeys because of my passionate vulnerabilty. Most of my songs elaborate on the tedious and painful process of captivity and the difficult flight into freedom My female emancipation has taken so long because often I was ignorant taht I had choices or my prison doors were barred so tightly. Solitude and alienation during captivity has often been my catalyst to becoming the butterfly. I'm not there yet, lol, but the wings are coming.

I'm thankful for John Mulrenans incredible expertise. I think my time has come. Our world world needs truth in the inward parts. emind'm write and sing about struggling with sin and the dark side. I know most people, spiritual or not can relate.

posted by anita I ferrer on 10/18/2008

BRINGING CHURCH TO THE NON BELIEVERS Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

What a week!. God has opened some unusual doors, mostly secular doors. I received a beautiful full color issue of Poet Tree magazine in the mail last week from the editor, Vagner Revol. Though the magazine contains amazing work by non Christian artists and writers, Vagner is strong, compassionate Christian who has greatly encouraged me through this difficult time with my jaw/throat malady. He's become a great fan of my music. He will be publishing an interview with me in the Winter issue. Pretty excited to share Christ's goodness to me to a secular artsy audience.

Last month, at an open mic hosted by local folk legend, Spook Handy, the editor of a New Jersey entertainment magazine approached me after my short set, I performed "Testosterone, Logic & Intuition", "My Autumn,"" "Policing the Other" and an improvised version of Melissa Etheridge's, "Come to my Window." Lisa was wowed and asked me when I'd like to meet with her fro a personal interview for the magazine. We talked for awhile and found we both had a passion to help victims of domestic violence. I also shared my dream to open a transitional shelter for women and their children where they get training in life and work skills, Lisa called last night to say she wanted to get together with her editor to move forward with the story.

A wonderfully uplifting night of music also was at a benefit for Michael O'Connors friend, Maritza who battles cancer. My seven song set was very enthusiastically received and everyone approached me about how inspirational my between-song banter was. It was a great evening and though I didn't feel great, I enjoyed performing and poured out my soul.

It's pretty amazing how I seem to have the best responses from non believers and non-religious folks. I've always known that God places me where many Christians fear to go or are uncomfortable. I'm honored that He deems me able to adapt and shine my light in darker places. Many non believers won't enter a church, so I bring church to them!

I'm really excited about what God has for me for the end o this year. I'm grateful for the support and encouragement.

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 10/11/2008

ANITA's Updated music bio Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

From the moment Anita Ferrer put on those second-hand pair of silver platform boots, she transformed into a rock star. Gallumphing up the school bus stairs and to classmates gawking stares, the new kid in town was taking the world by storm. This gawky, insecure teen had dreams of being the next superstar." That day marked the young teen's calling as a trendsetter who followed the beat of her own drum. Born in Germany, the oldest of three sisters, Anita was born to lead.

After high school, Anita's voice, poetry and Freddy Mercury-influenced fashions kept her from succumbing to the effects of her chaotic, abusive family life, foster home placement and her parents divorce. Her life collapsed. It took many years before she was able to emerge from the ashes of the Phoenix's pyre. She first had to conquer the devastating effects of a violent marriage and divorce, chronic Lyme Disease and the stigma of being bi-racial. Personal battles now won, the effervescent artist/warrior used her tragic obstacles as an impetus to blaze her distinctive vibe, inspirational speaking style and "soul-sculpting" outreach throughout the tri-state area.

. The music visionary has come of age, settling into her own unique brand of music, ROZZ. Many doors of opportunity opened up soon after her new love affair with the guitar, leading her to regularly gig at classy jazz joints like the Oakland House Restaurant, Red Bank, to Cool Beans Coffeehouse, Toms River to Clearwater Jazz & Blues Festivals, Asbury Park all in New Jersey.
. The self taught folk "hacker' experimented with sophisticated chord voicings and progressions from her jazz chord books, composing a wonderfully unique music. Her ROZZ combines the intellectual sophistication of Jazz, the raw power of rock and the descriptive imagery of art-poetry. She attributes this compelling hybrid style to her own multi-ethnicity, infusing nuances from Flamenco, middle east/world/native American beats and folk.
"I'm a spiritual detective compelled to explore the uncharted frontiers of humanity," she laughs. "That's why I write songs like 'Testosterone Logic & Intuition', (war of the sexes) and tackle the weighty issue of a marriage's death, (Divorce)." She been there and done that. Her many nemesis' birthed in her a pit bull resilience and stubbornness to not accept defeat.

Her compassion and sensitivity to the hurting people she met in her outreach travels, continued to influence her perception of life and suffering. She was not satisfied with just singing and writing about the problems, but sought finding solutions. Her calling now blurred the "so called" boundaries and definition of her as: songwriter.

Spiritual/social activism and service is now an integral part of her vision and calling and who she is today. This hybrid refuses to be pinned down and labeled and musical, spiritual and relational boundaries continue to be pushed.

Anita reminisces about the memorable events, gigs, benefits and fund raisers which have centered in and around her stomping ground, Bruce Springsteenville, Asbury Park, NJ, home of the Stone Pony and The Saint. In 2009, she hopes to contribute even more to the homeless and women's shelters, transitional houses and school youth rallies.

Presently, the recording and production of her fifth project, Mod Prophet moves along smoothly, with a release date of early January 2009.

Enjoy and explore the amazing vignettes of humanity through Anita's creative fashions, photographs, songs and writings. With true conviction to her venture and her vision, Anita Ferrer is an artist who will deliver!

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 10/04/2008

Brave Flame Fall 2008 Newsletter Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)


Hello family & friends! I can't believe that the year is 3/4 over. How did summer, (Mark & my favorite season) pass so quickly? Hope you and yours are prospering and in the Lord's favor.
Ministry updates:

The most rewarding part about being a musianary is seeing lives touched and transformed by God. Mark and I've been reaching out to Lori, the young woman who injured herself jumping from her fourth floor burning apartment two months ago. Her poignant story blazed the front page of the Asbury Park Press. When Mark and I visited her, she was in a coma with internal injuries and Mark doubted as the head nurse told us that Lori was in bad shape. Immediately my gargantuan faith took over and I told Mark to agree with me in prayer and lay hands on her while she lay in the trauma unit. Fast forward a week later. Upon our second visit with Lori, she recognized us, thanked us for coming and admitted the fire was her fault due to her crack addiction. We again laid hands on her, praying that God, the restorer would give her a second chance at life. She has many needs:a new home, clothes, legal advocacy, (several arrest warrants in local towns for disorderly conduct) and a mentor. We covet your prayers for her.

Jackie, a 30 year old young black man who lives here in country lakes, has Spinal Bifida. He's wheelchair-bound and has also many obstacles. Both of his legs are balloon-sized are dead weights to him. He seeks amputation, but I tell him God can heal his legs. Transportation is a problem. Thankfully, I've contacted the director, (after many weeks of no responses to my inquiries) of a wheelchair basketball team through searching on the internet. Jackie's on the way to getting on a team! Our prayer is that Jackie can learn to drive a handicapped van, so he can be independent. Please lift him in your prayers. This man has been through hell and also has bowel issues where he has accidents in stores or on the streets.

Pray also for a gentlemen friend of mine and his precious young daughter who is suffering abuse from her mentally-ill mother. Over the years, I've been blessed to get to know this faithful, loving single dad who has stepped in to nurture his girl in spite of great health and financial challenges himself. The daughter is a precious girl, excelling in her classes. She has a gift of poetry and song writing and look to step in an mentor this precious young girl as I myself have endured great trauma and conflict as a teen growing up.

As many of you may know, It' going on two years recording my Mod Prophet CD. It's very difficult being an independent artist because there are thousands .Disappointingly, I've had very little response or support about my music sites. I must share with you that my music/outreach/ministry goals have little to do with vanity, selfish ambition or "rock stardom" My calling is now defined: to address compelling spiritual and social ills that imprison so many like the above mentioned people. Writing, recording/producing and preforming these songs will hopefully educate people on the urgency. Over the years, my experiences and expertise has included domestic violence, kids suffering from family trauma/child abuse issues of bullying and peer pressure, as well as mentoring victims of chronic health ills, (manic depression and alcholholism to name a few). I take my work very seriously and am passionate to see healing and help broken people to be whole again.

I invite you to partake of my ministry to the broken. Vote for me online everyday and spread the word. Without this support, I will continue to be just another obscure artist. Enclosed is a postcard that you can put on your computer, desk or refrigerator. Blogs, my shows and new music, (something for everyone in many genres). MP3 downloads are available as well as full length albums. JUST LISTEN! Mark and I hope to hear from you so I can share all of the wonderful things God is doing. Call us at 609-893-2397. Anyone interesting in financing the recording of Mod Prophet can call me for details. I'd be glad to send you a packet: lyrics, reference letter from my producer and demo of completed tracks. God Bless you all!

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 10/03/2008

MOD PROPHET production Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm finally making some progress with the recording and production of MOD PROPHET. Trying to coordinate three other schedules for backing up all my music on the master hard drive, re-recording vocals with John and writing new songs with Chris has been challenging. I'm learning every time I work with John Mulrenan in the studio and his amazing prowess with plug-ins and his broad knowledge of producing really excites me. I'd almost given up hope that my songs would be of the high caliber of the top 20 on Indie heaven, but since investing the money, I'm exhilarated.

I'd written three new songs in two weeks and I'm starting to regain my inspiration and motivation to write and practice. I think, the St Johns' Wort supplement capsules I've been taken has a lot to do with my mental and emotional bouyance. John has been amazed at my talent with melody and chordal choices in my songs. The quality of the work I'm doing with John is very polished and I know that I'll make headway with my TAXI membership.

At my age and stage in the game, this is my last ditch effort to get it together. I wish I'd worked with John years ago. I know I would be so much farther along. I can't understand why this has happened so late in my life and why I had to waste so much money with these "average Joe" local producers who did nothing for me. I guess the only thing I got was lessons in choosing and waiting....Ah...waiting...a difficult and frustrating test. But the money could have benefitted in other areas of the Kingdom. NO use crying over spilt milk!

Anyway, "yesterday I redid lead and backing vocals for "Coup D' Etat?" and I'm so excited at the improvement of the tracks. Chris needs to get his lead guitar tracks done, John is putting some cello and strings and I'll be ready to convert the MP# and upload it on FAN FAVES. That's one song I'm so proud of regarding the powerful anthemic message and the melodic content. If people don't respond to this one, they are sick!
I'm ready to go, Lord. Take me higher!

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 09/27/2008

THAT OLE SWEET SPOT Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I try to listen down the line to the FAN FAVES songs while pecking my emails & downloading stuff. Some songs really jump out at me and I go back to see who is singing. Since I've studied (with an opera and jazz instructor) and taught voice classes, I've learned and listened over the years to different voices & ranges. Sopranos & mezzos have to be most careful with recording songs in the wrong part of their range.

The quality of songwriting and sing even on Fan Faves is good, however there have been times when a song or voice is good, but because of "where" they are singing in their range, (if they are projecting for instance) the vocal sound can be jarring & not pleasant to the ears. Songwriters need to experiment with keys to find that "sweet" spot in their voice. Just because you wrote a song in specific key doesn't mean that it is in the best area of your voice.

I learned about the "sweet" spot while working with a locally renowned jazz improviser pianist who wanted to duet with me for upscale restaurants. He asked me what key I wanted to sing a song in and I said, it doesn't matter, I have 4 octaves. He had me sing each song in different keys & he pinpointed the area that was strongest in my chest range and sweetest in the "head" range. I'm a soprano, so experimenting with keys is crucial to sounding best & most professional. I think singers here need to work with their producers and capo their songs (if they are a guitarist) or change keys.

I've heard many songs on Fan Faves where women would do the song so much justice dropping the key a half step or two, "especially" with belting rock anthems or power ballads. I'm redoing many of my tunes also after critically listening to them with my new producer.

Also, I've heard some heavy power chorded rock bands with "girlly voiced" singers with alot of vibrato. I really don't think the voices match. If you're gonna do ballsy music with a rock band, try to keep it in the lower chest range. ditto.

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 09/10/2008

DOG BITE!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I was on my prayer, power walk last night, taking some beautiful fall foliage shots with my Canon macro lens & decided to visit a nice gentleman I'd met last week who had an amazing flower garden on his property. Seeing my enthusiasm for flower photography, he asked me to come back so he could give me a baby Trumpetr type lili.

I knocked at his door & he invited me to follow him into his backyard to look at some more of his flowers. His two dogs rushed up to me & before I knew what was happening, I felt a sharp pain beneath my calf. I turned & saw one of the dogs galring at me. I was in instant pain & told the man calmly that his dog had bitten my leg & that I needed to hurry home. He said, "Oh they must just be protective about their master." Amazingly, he continued talking to me like nothing was amiss while blood was pouring down my leg. I was wincing in pain & limping for the next 15 minutes all the way home carrying the plant in the tupper-wear container. He was so unaware, he didn't ask me if I needed a right home!

Arriving home & hoping hubby would quickly minister to me, I found him snoring. After a full week of double shifts at the gas company, I didn't want to wake him, so I made a hot bath & soaked my bloody calf. The bite wound was deep and I kept pressing against it and soaking it with peroxide & alcohol.

To top it off, my favorite little ministry cat, Cutie, the Peanut (you can see her on my profile pics) is still sick. Took her to the local vet & he said she was very underweight & looking bad. This little girl is one of the few joys I have left to relish and enjoy. We drive together everywhere. Mark & I laid hands on her for healing last night & she is on anti-biotics.

I'm also standing in faith that my calf won't get infected. Today it's swollen & hurts & Mark is attending to it. Finances don't allow for yet another vet bill and a hospital bill.

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 09/10/2008

FABULOUS ART/PHOTOGRAPHY Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check out my awesome art/poetry/photography & merchandise

please spread the word about my gifts....something for everyone

posted by anita ferrer, asbury park angel on 07/08/2008

TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)


You're not listening your heart's made up your mind..
You'll only see what you wan to see, you won't try to search of find,
So you've made that first impression set in our mind.that will stay set in your mind.
Discounting any damage to the person you'd maligned.

If it doesn't hurt you, it doesn't matter, cause it's someone else.

What goes around. will surely come around, til it happens to you.
What goes around, will surely come around, til it happens to you.

Tragedy's just a distant occurrence to some other guy.
A prayer from afar be fed and warmed you nonchalantly sigh.
Their lonely desolate path is unaffecting and ignored by you,
Until the shoe is on your foot this time, until it happens to you.

Accusations, vicious rumors, misconceptions the like,
They don't affect you, til it happens to you.

What goes around. will surely come around, til it happens to you.
What goes around, will surely come around, til it happens to you.

For we are called to partake of each other's wounds,
And only then can beauty come from the ashes of our tombs.
I feel as if you've severed me like a dismembered limb,
And you left me there to bleed for your conscience had grown dim..

If it doesn't hurt you, it doesn't matter,
cruel things don't affect you, til it happens to you.

MY prayer is that we all would touch a broken heart with our empathy and practical helps.

posted by Anita Ferrer, asbury park angel on 05/16/2008

THE END OF FAITH Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

While we independent musicians are making our pretty music, secular authors and social/spiritual commentators are also busy with their enlightening agendas. Their clever, eloquent propaganda mesmerizes the masses. Author, Sam Harris has yet again beguiled a majority with his latest best-seller, "Letter to a Christian Nation, " confronting us with some compelling arguments and issues including teen-age contraception vs abstinance in schools, stem cell research verssus its illegality and the dispertion of HIV vaccines to the Aids population.
Halfway through this book, I ponder Harris' motives for so viley discrediting Christianity, After all, he quotes the very scriptures to elaborate his points. Why are we impassioned about a God we cannot see? Is He trully loving and compassionate...(illustrating the devastations of hurricane Katrina and the snunami which took many thousands of lives). It seems Harris goes out of his way to find the worse examples of Christianity throughout history he could find to confirm his views.
His closing statement to us "...many Christians find great consolation in their faith, but faith is not the best source of consolation. ...We are the source of love that our priests and pastors attribute to God. Your own consciousness is the cause & substance of any experience you may want to deem spiritual or mystical."
In the past, I've been confronted by atheists and people of other faiths in their arguments against Christianity. They've presented compelling and ethical issues this book presents and I wonder how many Indie Heaven members are ready if confronted about their faith? This is truly something we must be educated about in these chaotic times. Highly educated intellectuals, like Sam Harris will boldy proclaim their truths to the gullible, jaded & misguided through the media. Would we be wise to ignore these commentators and authors? I enccourage you guys to check out this book..compelling and nessesary reading and a great stimulous to expand your faith!

posted by ANITA FERRER on 02/23/2008