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This album contains two new songs and two songs from Clinton's first album. His first album was recorded by struming his resonator guitar. This album adds a bass track and a lap steel track to the mix.

posted by Doug Jones on 09/14/2012

Clinton's first album is now for sale! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Clinton wants to glorify God and enjoy him forever. He wants this album to be simple, pure, and good. He also wants it reflect who he really is, a beginner musician/songwriter. At the same time, he also wants high quality and professionalism (whatever that is). ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS ALBUM WILL BE GIVEN TO HIS LOCAL CHURCH.

Recent comments:

"That [first two songs] actually wasn't too bad. It of course could use some sprucing up, but the foundation of a decent song is there. I'm also impressed with your playing skills on that new guitar you bought [a resonator]. I can see why you got it. It has a large orchestral quality to it, which is what any guitar-type instrument is capable of doing."

posted by Doug Jones on 04/18/2012