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Hi Indie family, I felt I needed to give you an updated news brief to where I've been and what I've been doing...

I've been very busy leading worship in my church, Calvary Chapel Grants Pass, OR, and other churches in my community and abroad the last few years, now writing new worship material for my worship cd, traveling to Honduras, doing missionary work. In October 2012, the "new home" for the Calvary Chapel Radio Tower was put up on my property! A strong voice in the community! To me, that is awesome stuff! The Lord never ceases to amaze me! And He's still not done with me! The Lord told me last year, "I am opening up your mouth." And I know our adversary doesn't like that! And I'm getting more opposition than ever before! Give me the extinguisher!! So amazingly enough, I am beginning to BOLDY give my testimonials, blogs, articles, etc., on my "new website"(finally!). So, please check it out .

The Lord kept giving me Haggai 2 these last several months, telling me, "Take courage, and WORK, for I am with you,.... My Spirit is abiding in your midst; Do not fear!" I know now what He meant! So, I've been around in the background, just busy "working away", checking in from time to time to see how you guys are doing. I tried to get out to the Franklin Indieheaven CMS Conference several months ago, but my friend Shari was going through cancer, and then passed away into the arms of Jesus. And then, I couldn't attend the CMS Northwest either because it fell on the date that I was singing for my friend's Celebration of Life. I just could not leave the family. I think God meant for me to stay here. I started my new worship project in December so I could get my worship tune, "Holy Holy is the Lord" just in time, in the Oikeo Music, Inc. Winter Issue, "Christian Songwriters Magazine" January 2013.

In brief, I reluctantly submitted my worship tune, "Holy Holy is the Lord" in the Indie 2013 contest. So, please check it out and vote..... I hope you like it. God bless.

posted by Terri Shamar on 02/18/2013

PRAYER MOUNTAIN NORTHWEST EVENT (HELD AUG.13-15) Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

(In response and addition to the Daily Courier, Aug.6, pg. 8A; Published in the papers in the area)
In Appreciation for Prayer Mountain Northwest Event - by Terri Shamar

"A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" by Terri Shamar

Beginning with the blast of the Shofar, Prayer Mountain Northwest, Aug.13-15, held on top of Mt. Ashland, Oregon, was a beautiful, but unprecedented event, with the reconciling of the region's indigenous native people to acknowledge wrongs committed over the years, and to build lasting bridges until Christ's return. Their re-enactment of the history of searching for the white man's "Book of Heaven" (the Bible) was incredible. The reconciliation with these people was paramount. They are the Creator's beautiful people and part of God's Kingdom. Their incredible story of how the Bible came to them in the Summer of 2001 is a supernatural story that God never forgets His promises, and has not forgotten the Native People. You can read more of this amazing "Book of Heaven Story" in detail at and their personal website

I personally was delighted that I could participate in such a wonderful, but very important historical event of reconciling with these many tribes. The whole weekend was of non-stop prayer, praise and worship. Some of the artists who performed were Bryan Duncan, Michael Robert, Terri Shamar (myself), The Good Medicine Drum Team, The Jerusalem Center Praise Band, and more.... Special speakers for the event were Pastor Denny Stahl of Calvary Chapel Grants Pass, Randy Wilson of Family Research Council, John David Gomez of the Jerusalem Center in Medford, and Pastors Aaron Auer and John Sutton, both of Reviving Oregon's Amazing Roots Ministry, and Lockley Bremner. It was the Nez Perce and Flathead Indians, from 1831, St. Louis, who were in search for the white man's "Book of Heaven" and the "talking leaves" from ancient Indian prophecies, which is now in Lockley Bremner's hands. Among the many recorded revelations received by a Spokane Prophet by the name of Siimxnotylmilakobok, was the vision of the Book of Heaven, which would teach the people how to better serve their Creator. It was these types of prophecies that fueled the expectations of the western tribes. In response to this search for the Book of Heaven, Jason Lee and other missionaries traveled west in 1834 to bring the message of the gospel to what eventually became the Oregon Territory..... To be reconciled and connected with these beautiful Spirit-filled tribes is not only necessary, but also fruitful for the rebuilding of love and lasting relationships in our country, and to walk and be bonded together as a united people. When we become branches that are connected to the Root, we will then be as one mind, one spirit, and one strength in Christ.

On Saturday, the whole day on the mountain was filled with celebration and God's Presence, and it went on into the evening. Later in the evening, there was a ceremony in which Rita Gray Bear called down heaven, petitioning the Creator, and His Presence filled the sky. None of us were afraid of the lightning and thunder which was so appropriate to our petitioning the God of the Universe. Truly, the Creator's Presence was amongst us and His people. Truly, He is an awesome God.

"Listen closely to the thunder of His voice,
and the rumbling that goes out from His mouth.
Under the whole heaven He lets it loose, and His lightning to the ends of the earth.
After it, a voice roars, He thunders with His majestic voice,
and He does not restrain the lightning when His voice is heard.
God thunders with His voice wondrously,
Doing great things which we cannot comprehend."
(Job 37:2-5)

I pray all who read this beautiful "Book of Heaven Story" will be touched and inspired, to be reconciled to an awesome Creator God who deeply loves and cares about us.

"Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Romans 10:13)

Yours in Christ,

Terri Shamar

posted by Terri Shamar on 08/24/2010

New EP Child After My Own Heart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

G-r-e-a-t N-e-w-s !! My New EP "Child After My Own Heart" is here and very available in the Indieheaven store!
Recorded in Nashville with my producer Phil Baquie of the popular christian group Sonic Flood. Please take a minute and listen to these songs.

These songs are to encourage and bring hope to those who are seeking answers in a world that is falling apart before our eyes, and to prepare the Bride for the soon coming return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

posted by Terri Shamar on 05/13/2009

Christian movie "C Me Dance" opening April 3rd Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This is just one of the press releases that talks about the movie "C Me Dance" that my song (See Me Dance) will be the title soundtrack for. This has been a movie that has been in the works and long time coming by producer, actor, and writer, Greg Robbins. I'm very grateful I got to be a part of it. I will try to update you on everything as much as possible. I've been so busy, I haven't been able to even post my concert which I did on March 31st for the promotion of the movie. So please check out the movie that premieres tonight, April 3rd in theatres! Go to

Here is one of the press releases:

"Local Musician Performs Title Song For New Movie"

GRANTS PASS, OR -- A local Christian recording artist who is starting to make a big splash in her own right will be walking the red carpet for a movie premier in Hollywood in April. She will also be attending an advance screening of the film in Grants Pass.
Terri Shamar, whose Nashville-produced, six song EP "Child After My Own Heart" is forthcoming, recorded the title soundtrack for the film "C Me Dance," which will be released nationwide on April 3.

Shamar and her husband will be attending the film's Hollywood premier. Shamar will also be a special guest in March at an invitation-only advance screening of the film, arranged by the film's producers, and held for local area pastors, at Fruitdale Community Church in Grants Pass, OR.
To hear Terri Shamar perform the film's title song, "See Me Dance", go to , and click on the Music tab.

Shamar recently laid down the tracks for her new EP "Child After My Own Heart" in Nashville. The EP is produced by Phil Baquie (Sonic Flood) and includes other members of the popular Christian group SonicFlood. Release date for the EP will be this Spring-April 2009.

[Editors Note: The movie title is "C Me Dance." The title song, recorded by Terri Shamar, is "See Me Dance".]
Additional information available online at:

posted by Terri Shamar on 04/03/2009