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I am so greatful for the opportunities to share a concert I call "Nostalgia" with so many people at so many places.
What is it. It is a concert with a fun filled stroll down memory lane. I share songs of yesteryear - 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's
and a couple from the 70's. I try to impersonate or parody the original performer who made the song popular - and then
we enjoy a very rewarding time of guessing who made the the song popular. The lights go on, memories of songs connect the synapses of distant yesteryear, yes.....nostalgia breaks out amidst songs of humor, impersonations and parodies. Your people will love it! It is truly an experience to experience.......wait, I just said experience. Well, it is!

Call now 615-653-8796 and ask about "Nostalgia" - It's memory therapy with music and humor

posted by Al Mahan says "Thank You" on 05/25/2010

December 1st News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Merry Christmas to all! Tis the most wonderful time of the year!

I want to thank the so many places I've sung at and am scheduled to sing.
I love the enthusiasm you show, the smile on your face, and the laughter
your voice. I look forward to being with you again for a wonderful time
of music and laughter together.

I am excited to announce that I have compiled a DVD with twelve song
slide shows that so many of you have requested. I know that so many
of you enjoy "The Way You Look Tonight" and "It's Not Reusable", but
most requested and moving are "The Horseman" and "America Again" that
I have included on this DVD.

The calendar is filling up VERY quickly - for the first three months of
next year. If you have a special event that you desire to have me for
a concert, please contact me early to try to reserve that date, otherwise
it is very difficult.

Thank you so much for you wonderful support. May the Lord bless you
with a wonderful and Merrry Christmas.

your voice, and t

posted by Al Mahan on 12/01/2009

Jan 16-30th Our 30th Anniversary on Maui Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Denise and I were so blessed to be able to get away and celebrate our 30th anniversary on Maui, Hawaii. Two weeks of enjoyment. God has been so good to us. He has blessed us with three awesome kids that are out there serving the Lord. He has given us so many ministry opportunities together with kids clubs, youth groups, music directing, pastoring, and out on the road doing concerts. My dear wife is one of the most dedicated servants of Christ you will ever find, and I am so honored that she would be so gracious as to be my wonderful wife. We arrived from Chicago to Honolulu in a tropical storm, then from Honolulu above the clouds over to Maui. The airport at Kahului was experiencing a downpour. I was soaking wet as I went to the rental car facility. We did the paperwork with Hertz, and the lady said that rental car was in a space with a certain number. I couldn't see very well because of the downpour and the night coming on. I got to the car and discovered that - it must be a mistake. They gave us a fire red Ford Mustage convertible. Wow! It was no mistake! Miss Denise and I drove all over that island with the top down day and night.
The sights are awesome, the waves, the volcano, the upcountry, the high cliffs with a cart path for a road. In two weeks we went through four tanks of gas. We also discovered that driving around at night - the stars are so much brighter on Maui - than where we live. We praise the Lord for his graciousness to us. For these 30 years of service together - what a help meet my wife is.

posted by Al Mahan on 02/07/2009

December 19th Hermitage Springs Baptist Church Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My family and I had the most awesome priviledge of traveling up to Hermitage Springs, TN do share a concert for a church pastored my a couple of my dearest friends - Michael & Barbara Arnold. We had so much fun. It was such a God send. Both our families needed a big time uplift in the Lord. Both going through things. Dealing with difficulties of ministry and living. My family was able to join me to present our patented Christmas Concert. Christina did awesome on our duet. Jon, our missionary son, was home for Christmas, and was able to do "the Grinch" part of the concert to perfection. Michael & I had a great laugh with somewhat of a Chris Farley moment - realizing that the troubles of this present time (and we don't even live in a van down by the river).....DON'T MEAN JACK SQUAT....compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us throughout eternity with Christ.
The good folks of Hermitage Springs we so friendly, receptive, and gracious. May the Lord be praised for the time of joy - after all ...the angel said, "Behold I bring you tidings of GREAT JOY..."

posted by Al Mahan on 02/07/2009

December 6th, 2008 Christ Church Christmas Concert Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The folks of Christ Church in Nashville were so gracious and joyous to be with for our Christmas Concert. My wife Denise and I felt so at home and had a wonderful time. Special thanks goes out to Pastor Wayne Dismukes and his wife Ann. The were very gracious and humbele accommodating hosts.
Our Christmas concert is a program we put together last year and it has worked so well. It features sing a long Christmas songs with periodic interruptions of The Grinch holding up signs such as "Turn Whoville Into ACLUville" or "All I Want for Christmas Is --- It Banned". Each time I sing a couple verses of "You're a Mean one Mr. Grinch." Each time the Grinch runs off plugging his ears when we sing "Joy to the World". He can't stand people being joyful about Jesus and the celebration of His birth. The concert culminates when the Grinch is finally asked to sit down and listen. I then share a couple of Christmas parodies I wrote, one to the Elvis song "In the Ghetto" called "In a Stable. and the other, also an Elvis song "My Boy" with parodied words. By the end of the last song, the Grinch mask has come off, and a beautiful, joyful, vibrant, and transformed face emerges (my wife Denise - who has been doing a fantastic job playing the part of the Grinch). And the theme is the transformation that takes place in the heart and yes the face of one who now truly understands that Christmas is about the "tidings of Great Joy" because God has sent His Son into the world to save us from our sins.
We had such a wonderful time. The folks laughed, and sang out joyfully, and even one lady got up and did a whole dance routine to "Jingle Bell Rock". It was a hoot. Also, special thanks goes out to Travis Turk, Nashville Music Row producer who graciously came to run sound for me. And, forbid that I should fail to mention - Jack Lehue and family who did all the meal preparation - cullinary graduate food officianodo - it was the ultimate in fantastic tastebud enjoyment.
Special thanks also to my wife Denise who payed the Grinch - this was the first time she ever did a concert with me doing the Grinch character - and she almost made the Grinch a loveable character.

posted by Al Mahan on 12/07/2008

November 9th - Special Christmas Concert Dec. 6th Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I am excited to announce that I will be bringing a special Christmas Concert December 6th at 10:00 am at Christ Church, one of the largest churches in Nashville. I have been running ragged lately, had just finished up with a 2nd Talladega, AL concert, when I caught a cold - and have had somewhat of a laryngitis ever since. I certainly needed a slow down and a bit of a break. However, I am gearing up for the Christmas season with a very special Christmas Concert - that I will be performing not only at Christ Church but other places.

This concert features "The Grinch" who stole Christmas - newly joined up with the ACLU, and PFAW trying to ban Christmas once and for all. You will cheer and sing joyfully for Jesus, the reason for the season. It is filled with humor and satire, and a whole lot of sing along Christmas songs. There is also a bit of parody and Elvis impersonation to "Blue Christmas" and "In a Stable" - from "The the Ghetto". If you would like to have me to share this Christmas concert at your church or event - call me at 615-597-5307 or 615-653-8796.

posted by Al Mahan on 11/09/2008

Oct 21st - Shocco Springs Concert Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

October 21 found me back down in Talladega, AL doing a concert once again at Shocco Springs for the Alabama Baptist Convention conference grounds. I am grateful for the opportunity to share a concert of humor and laughs and yet some serious songs also. It was a very good size crowd in the chapel building - several hundred. I ended the concert with my "I've Been Everywhere (the Apostle Paul's Version)" parody - but this time it had a very special ending. A couple of the leaders of the conference are Tim & Debbie Childers. Debbie told me she had memorized the "Reno, Chicago, Fargo" and the "Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana" verses of "I've Been Everywhere". I called her up on stage to help we. We had a blast! She did those verses perfectly and the folks went wild with appreciation. I was great.

posted by Al Mahan on 11/09/2008

October 19th concert at the Grant Fine Arts Center Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

October 19th concert setting was one of the finest buildings I have ever had the priviledge of performing in. I cannot give enough thanks to Mark & Valerie Sweers for their gracious and tireless efforts to make everything go well. This fine arts center seats 800 from the floor at the stage up to the ceiling in the back. It featured spot lights, colored lights, curtains, 25*25 foot screen, awesome sound system - all state of the art.

I was so blessed to be accompanied on stage with my good friends, Bob & Tally Green, Dick Steinke, and my very talented cousin, guitarist Dan Hooker. They accompanied me on the many humorous Johnny Cash parodies and country / bluegrass style songs. I was honored to have in the audience my aunt Kathy Belk, who was an inspiration to me three years ago - to take my music on the road. She has for years had such a sacrificing and gracious ministry to handicapped children, going above and beyond the call of duty. May the Lord bless her for her dedication.

The concert was also an awesome opportunity to share how that my step - father Vern Dougherty received Jesus Christ as Savior this past summer. He and my mother Helen were there at the concert and all the audience were able to applaud his bold decision to trust Christ.

I shared a number of brand new parodies that were fun and yet challenging with powerful Gospel messages. I did a little intro with the Paul Simon song "You Can Call Me Al", and then challenged folks with a Billy Joel song "My Life" that I wrote a parody for called "Jesus In My Life". I put together a video with pictures from "The Passion of The Christ" parodied (believe it or not) to a song by Billy Idol - "White Wedding" called "He Must Stay" "till the blood that Christ's shedding makes atonement for our sin". The video was so moving and left us all in stunned silence. There was also a "Devil Went Down to The Jordan" parody to a Charlie Daniel's tune, and "That's Why" to a Frank Sinatra Tune "That's Life" - a neat song of attitude for Christ.

I was so grateful to have so many friends and family there in the audience. I thank Donna & Bill Wesenick - for the gracious tlc put into that whole bucket of fudge she made for me. It was great to see Mike & Debbie Gommesson and their home school family - great folks. Thanks to Royal Jewel for all of his driving to be there - may he grow in the Lord strong.

posted by Al Mahan on 11/07/2008

October 19th New Life Fellowship Church Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

October 19th brought my wife, Denise & I to Grant, Michigan. Leaders of the church New Life Fellowship, Dick and Patsy Steinke gave us the keys to their cottage above Hess Lake. What a peaceful and beautiful place. They also stocked the refrig with food and the countertop with cookies and baked goods. They were so good to us. We had the awesome opportunity of joining with longtime dear friend Bob Green and his fiance Tally, both accomplished musicians - top notch. I was honored to be part of their wedding there at Half Moon Lake. The reception was a picnic - on one of the most beautiful fall days anyone could ask for. The picnic was filled with friends, family and nearly 20 musicians - we had such an awesome time.

Sunday morning I led the music for the worship service. While on the keyboard, I was joined by Bob Green on the guitar, Tally on the bass, Dick Steinke on the banjo, and fine singers. I preached about "What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him". Pointing out the vast, endless reaches of space. How we are just a small planet around a star we call the sun, which is one of 300 billion in the Milky Way Galaxy, a galaxy that is one of a million billion galaxies. Yet with God "There is no zero" regardless how small, he knows us, he loves us, he died for us.

posted by Al Mahan on 11/07/2008

October 14th concert at Talladega, AL Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

October 14th brought me to the famous city of Talladega, AL. The concert was held at the Alabama Baptist Convention conference grounds at Shocco Springs. I was brougt in to mainly do humor. I rolled out an array of Johnny Cash parodies such as "Run Git the Jack Son, Ring of Fire, Rawhide, Scrape it off the road. The crowd was so receptive, so down home friendly. There was such levity in the air, we all laugh long and loud. I also shared a very serious song I wrote back last year called "The Horseman".

Special thanks goes out to Eilene Wright and Diana Griggs for all their hard work and organization. After the concert I was invited to a special time of refreshments and fellowship. This was a laid back time of fellowship where several pastors and wives shared some of their funniest stories of their ministries. I am so grateful to their kindness to me. It was such a great time in the Lord.

posted by Al Mahan on 11/07/2008

Oct 5th Singing at Texas Troubadour Theater Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

October 5th brought about one of the greatest honors of my year - singing at the Cowboy Church - Nashville TN. The
Cowboy Church is held at the Texas Troubadour Theatre across the street from the Grand Ole Opry. It was a great honor for many reasons, but one of the big reasons is that the pastor and wife are Harry & Joanne Cash Yates. Joanne is Johnny Cash's sister. I sang all my songs that morning in a Johnny Cash voice and sound. Another great honor was - being accompanied by some of the most vintage, seasoned, professional musicians in the Nashville area.

I finished my singing segment with "I've Been Everywhere" the apostle Paul's version. The service went great.
The people responded so fantastic. The Lord was honored and souls were challenged with the Gospel of Christ.
Pastor Harry Yates did a wonderful job simply and effectively presenting the Word.

posted by Al Mahan on 11/07/2008

Prairie Plains Baptist Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The concert last Sunday night at Prairie Plains Baptist Church went so fantastic. special thanks go to Robert Clarkson who mc'ed the event and Pastor Ted Stoffle for his graciousness to me. This event was a fifth Sunday hymn sing with five different churches coming together. Pastor Ted wanted to introduce my music ministry to these other churches and pastors who were there. I am so grateful to him for his graciousness.

After the hymn sing we went down and enjoyed a meal together. During the meal, I asked Pastor Ted, "You know, Brother, I noticed a number of guitars and guitar players and the folks sing so enthusiastic, I wonder if any would want to gather around the piano and play and sing." So Pastor Ted announced that. I'll be if we didn't have three or four folks playing guitars along with me as I played the piano. We just went back and forth, looking through the hymnal, or someone would suggest a song, or someone would sing a solo. WE had several folks around the piano and guitarist singing to the tops of their lungs. We had such a fantastic time in the Lord, we had sung for almost two hours after the meal. We left the church at almost 10:00. What an awesome group of folks who love to sing and praise the Lord in song.

posted by Al Mahan on 09/04/2008

What a Summer Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This summer has been one of the most awesome summers of my life. Not just because of the fantastic doors
that God has graciously opened,

not just because I was asked to sing every night at the River of Life Southern Gospel
Convention, sharing the stage with famous groups such as the Imperials, Palmetto State, the Blackwoods, Kirk Talley, The Prophets, and Crabb Revival,

not only because God has allowed me to meet Jimmy Snow, son of world reknown singer Hank Snow, but also after hearing a parody I performed "I've Been Everywhere (the Apostle Paul's Version)" - a song his father first made popular.
Jimmy Snow has asked me to consider touring with him up in Canada next spring and perhaps this fall.

Not only because I was finally able to meet my cousins August 16th - the McCaughey Septuplets and fellowship with them a little while.

Not only because God's grace allow me to perform to a sell out crowd in the home town, Pentwater, MI, where my grand parents The Hepworths raised 17 children

But most of all - because my step father Vern Dougherty, whom I have been praying for for years, with a humble heart bowed his head and received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior August 15, 2008. My wonderful and precious daughter Christina was relentless in witnessing to her grandpa with such a deep and caring love. I had the awesome priviledge of leading Vern to Christ. There were zillions of folks who had prayed and witnessed for years. He is 78 years old and it was beyond glorious.

After he bowed and received Christ, my mother Helen came in the house and Vern said, "Helen I have something I've got to tell you, I just accepted Christ as my Savior". Then a few minutes later came in my wife Denise and daughter Christina, and nephew Philip Root. Vern said, "Come over here, we need to get in a football huddle". We all came together in a big group hug and Vern told them "I just accepted Jesus into my heart".

Then Vern talks to my son Jon, on the phone. Jon, who is a campus missionary to the students at Bradley University, when Vern told Jon he had accepted Christ, Jon was shouting so loud over the phone, Vern said, "You're hurting my ear" Then Vern got on the phone to California and told our daughter Rachel.

My mother tells me that he prays all the time now.....and I am moved to tears of joy and deep humility. You see, just a couple months ago, my step-father Vern's blood sugar had dropped to 20 he went into a deep coma and nearly dead.....and went out into a eternity without Christ.

God graciously saved him from death, and has now saved him from eternal dead, and a transformed him to the image of His Son.

Yes, my most moving and exciting summer ever! Praise be to God, who never gave up on Vern. Listen folks, never, never, never, never, never, ever quit knocking on that closed door! May the Lord bless your tenacity, persistence and perseverance.

posted by Al Mahan on 09/04/2008

Emerge Worship Center Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Al Mahan here. We were so blessed to be with the folks at the Emerge Worship Center. Pastor Eric is such a gracious brother and filled with such energy. Emerge is quite a "high tech" church....the lighting, the computers, the screens, the monitors....the whole nine yards. I was exhilarating singing there with their system. But so much more, the people are just awesome. So many folks that have been freed from bondage of sin and addiction and strong there and praising the Lord.

I shared a few humorous songs Rawhide (I had to remind everyone that next week is Mother's day) and "Run Git the Jack Son" by request. Then a few new ones - "Ungrateful" and "Heaven Bound and Found". They requested "Thirty Silver Pieces" and of course "I've Been Everywhere". I was so blessed to have my daughter Christina home from college to sing a duet with me "When God Chose".

We were very blessed also by the message "Intimacy with God" preached by Pastor Eric. It was awesome! The service ended when Pastor Eric had the wonderful priviledge of baptizing three - Praise the Lord - a mother and her two children - one was a teen - Drew.

posted by Al Mahan on 05/05/2008

Drive-In Concert Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Our Drive-In Concert at Faith Baptist Church was brought inside because of rain. However, we had an awesome. WE had "Got Mercy" - Sonya Doran trio from Chicamauga, GA, she is the organizer of JFEST J105 in Chattanooga. They did a great job.

James Snyder, former driver for Jerry Lee Lewis and Waylon Jennings, sang a number of Gospel favorites, and we twisted his arm until he agreed to sing for us "The Mississippi Squirel".

Michael & Barbara Arnold, pastor and wife, two of my dearest friends, joined us and sang a couple songs which he
wrote - beautiful. Their granddaughter Hannah joined them in one song.

My son, Jonathan was home this weekend, (what a heart and passion for Christ). In between the groups, he and I
did several of our humorous parodies. It was a hoot! Jon steals the show! He is so gifted and talented of God. He's been blessed with such an awesome ability to attack people of all ages and be such a blessing. We did "Ring of Fire" and "Run Git the Jack Son"

posted by Al Mahan on 05/05/2008

Prairie Plains Baptist Church Concert - April 19th Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Al Mahan here, Listen folks, we had such a wonderful time with the dear folks at Prairie Plains Baptist Church. They
were so receptive to the music and I was so blessed to be among them. We had some of the young people come up
and help with the Frog Song. Pastor Ted's little boy,(2 years old going on 18), he wasn't interested at all in one of those
frogs, but that stuffed animal - Skunk - he hugged it and wouldn't let go. Prairie Plains has a singer song writer of their own who was very gracious and shared some of his music with me - Robert Clarkson (whose son just loves basketball, no wait, it changed to football by at the end of the service, ha!).

Pastor Ted Stofle and his dear one and a couple of the sweetest and enthusiastic brothers and sisters in Christ you will ever meet. And their people....so loving and wanting to resemble Christ. May the Lord pour out of his richest blessings upon them.

posted by Al Mahan on 05/05/2008

Paris Landing & Pigeon Forge Concerts Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Al Mahan here... I've been greatly enjoying the 2008 opportunities to minister. Several pastors and civic leaders are calling and the schedule is filling quickly.

I have been very blessed to meet some very dear and precious brothers and sisters in Christ at the bi-vocational couples retreats. The concerts have gone great and the folks have responded graciously. I love to see folks kick back and have a good wholesome laugh. I am also very delighted to see these pastors moved by many of the serious songs.

I introduced my new CD "Cash, Corn, & a Little Bit o' Cactus, it has many Johnny Cash parodies and also some very serious and compelling songs. My prayer is that God will use this to get folks to open up through the humor to where they will be receptive to the message. I performed "The Horseman" which is one of the most serious and scary songs I've ever written, which is based upon the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation).

I want to personally thank Ray Gilder for invited me to perform. He is a most gracious man, an awesome down to earth speaker, and one if you knew what he and his wife have been through in family losses you would understand the glow of grace upon him. Ray has also booked me for the April 2009 hugemongus statewide Tennessee Baptist Convention retreat at the beautiful Park Vista in Gatlinburg, TN. Many nationally known speakers will be speaking. I am very humbled and grateful for this opportunity.


If you have an upcoming date, event, church homecoming, county fair, or civic event please, don't hesitate to call. I'll see if I can arrange for it. Remember, the earlier, the better. Thank you and may the Lord bless you.

posted by Al Mahan on 03/31/2008

News of Past Concerts Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

November 20th, 2007 - Prosperity Baptist Church. Al was especially blessed to be invited to sing and then deliver the Thanksgiving sermon for their TNT (Tuesday Night before Thanksgiving) service. It was a special honor because Prosperity Baptist and Prosperity Missionary Baptist Church (nearby black church) always have a joint service for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with these dear brothers and sisters in Christ. In preparation for the Thanksgiving sermon, Al was struck with an overwhelming truth, the original sin that doomed mankind to sickness, sorrow, pain, and death was......UNGRATEFULNESS. In the garden, they had it all, but it wasn't enough. They became ungrateful and were deceived into believing that God was holding something back. Instead of looking at the unbelievable wealth of grace poured out upon them and given them, they looked at the only thing they couldn't have.
This truth prompted Al to write his latest song....you can hear it now. May the truth of it minister to your heart. The song...UNGRATEFUL.
November 19th, 2007 - Al was invited to a special event TV recording of the Lucky / Dibrell Christmas special. He performed several Christmas songs included two very moving parodies he has written "In a Stable" (from "In the Ghetto") and "My Boy. Al was also encouraged to record a half hour of songs for year-round broadcasts. He performed many of his humorous Johnny Cash parodies. A very compelling parody "Never On Your Mind" (from Willie Nelsons "Always On My Mind") was recorded also. Al's also performed his latest song, and a most convictingly fearful apolocalyptic message called "The Horseman". May the Lord use these songs to brings conviction to the saints and salvation to the lost.
November 18th, 2007 - Hilham Baptist Church was the site of the concert Sunday night. Al was joined by son Jonathan for many of his parody humorous songs. Also, daughter Christina joined Al in the very moving song "When God Chose".
Jon & Christina also brought ten Tennessee Tech students to the concert who all helped with the "Whatever Happened to the YMCA". Pastor Morris McMaster's daughter Michelle is also a TTU student and helped with the music. Al also invited Jenny Jones, waitress at the Ryan's Restaraunt in Cookeville to come and sing a solo during his concert. Al calls her the best waitress Ryans ever had. Top notch, and what a voice. Al performed three songs with slide shows, "America Again", "Can You Hear Me Now", and "Skywayman". The church had the ultimate set-up for slide show songs with a 11X16 foot screen. Special thanks to Pastor Morris McMaster and his dear folks.
November 14th, 2007 - Al was joined by son Jonathan for a concert for the youth of Hilham Elementary School. The teachers totally enjoyed Al's Johnny Cash parodies but Jonathan TOTALLY stole the show with the kids. As he acted out Al's parodies like "Scrape It Off the Road", "Run Git the Jack Son" and "Atheist Ant", he had the yoots totally eatin' out of his hand. Then when Jon finished his presentation with his "dunk the skunk" in the gymnasium, they went wild. What a hoot!
November 4th, 2007 - What a fantastic time of worship and fellowship with the fantastic folks of Garrett Baptist Church. Pastor Art and his dear wife Donna McCormick invited Al to do a concert for their revival service. Al did several of his humorous parody songs and then the much more serious and compelling. Al also joined their blue grass praise band at the piano and together they took off with little time inbetween "I'll Fly Away" and "When the Saints Go Marching IN" to catch their breath. The revival speaker was a black pastor who brought many from his church to join in the worship. What a fired up, moving message he delivered. What a Spirit moving experience. May the Lord shine down His continued blessings upon Pastor McCormick and the good folks of Garrett Baptist - Howenwald, TN
October 13th, 2007 Al was invited to the Calvary Baptist youth emphasis fall festival. Al's concert included a joint appearance with son Jonathan who had the folks gut-busted with laughter and totally spell bound as he acted out Al' parodies. Special thanks to Bro. B.J.Thomason for his graciousness.
Oct 7th, 2007 DRIVE - IN CONCERT at Faith Baptist Church went fantastic. Al the fantastic folks of Faith Baptist were joined by Bro. Don Davidson and the dear folks of Real Life Community Church. Al did a concert segment and then joined
the Real Life praise group and band in LIVE GOSPEL KARAOKE. Whoever wished to come come up from the crowd to share a song was accompanied by our live band. We were very blessed also to have Pastor Morris McMaster and a number of folks from Hilham Baptist church worship and praise with us. Pastor Morris has a Cowboy Ampitheater behind their church where they hold once a month Cowboy Church. Pastor Morris was presented with a special gift made by Roger Bailey of Faith Baptist Church. Roger made a gun holster with a Bible in the holster, quickly drawn out with a gun handle, symbolic of being armed and ready with the Word of God. Bro Morris was very moved by the gracious gift.

posted by Mahan MInistries on 12/12/2007

Cumberland Presbyterian Concert - September 23rd Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

An awesome time was had by all Sunday night at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This church is filled with so many wonderful and gracious folks who love to laugh and love to give and receive a blessing. Al was joined by son Jon Mahan for his humorous Johnny Cash songs. Christina, Al's daughter joined him in "When God Chose". Then, for "Whatever Happened to the YMCA" Jon & Christina had brought with them three other Tennessee Tech Students who are also "on a mission from God" to reach as many TTU students for Christ this semester as possible. Anna Goss, Julee Brooks, and Chris Houser TTU students joined with many of the church's youth for the song. Little Robbie Oaks and Jon led the charge as they marched forward and back leading the congregation in the song.

Special thanks goes out to Bro. Larry Green and Bro. Jim Hodges. These men supply very godly leadership for this very youth centered church as they are looking for a pastor. May the Lord bless ther search. Special word of appreciation goes out also to our many dear friends for coming out for the concert.

posted by Al Mahan Ministries on 09/25/2007

Al Mahan coming out with new DVD Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey folks, I know a bunch of you have been asking about it and requesting it. Well, it should be available new week sometime "Al Mahan Live from Maranatha". Last Sunday someone asked me "where can I get a copy of that song "Don't Cross the Line" my husband was laughing so hysterically he almost fell out of his seat. What about "Ring of Fire" Yep! With Jon Mahan doing his acing out the sing in the background??? Absolutely! It's a hoot! Now only that, you'll see a segment of Fat Elvis, Blues Brother's Spoof, "New Set of Choppers", and many more. Put in your request now. I will be making these available for only $10.

Thanks for your enthusiasm. God has been so good to me blessing me with wonderful friends such as you. Thanks for your support.

posted by Al Mahan on 09/18/2007

September 16th concert at Auburntown Baptist Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Al traveled down to Auburntown Baptist Sunday night and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship with these dear folks.
Al' son Jon and Christina traveled down from Tennessee Tech and brought other students that are on "a mission from God" Amanda, Rachel Hooks, Steve Lawrence and Rachel Church. Jon presented a stellar performance acting out his version of "Scrape It Off the Road", "Run Git the Jack Son", "Atheist Ant", and "Ring of Fire". The TTU students brought a number of the young people up to help with "Whatever Happened to the YMCA". Christina joined Al in a duet singing "When God Chose". Al sang one of his newest parodies "Never on Your Mind". The slide show songs were most moving "Skywayman" and "America Again". May the Lord use them to touch many for Christ and wake up a sleeping church.

These dear folks at Auburntown Baptist were most receptive and gracious, filled with much enthusiasm and a passion for Christ. These dear folks have been big time supporters of Jon & Christina's summer long mission projects. Special thanks goes out to Pastor Jerry Osborne who has been such an awesome encouragement. He is one that is always filled with enthusiasm, a passion for Christ, and is the absolute master of the "one liners". Always has the perfect words. Much appreciation also goes out to Josh Osborne for his "pro at the controls" work at the sound board.

posted by Al Mahan on 09/17/2007

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SEPT. 14th - Friday night Al performed a private concert for some of his dearest friends and fans. Al expresses deepest thanks to Michael and Barbara Arnold for their gracious and enduring support. Al was joined in a duet by daughter Christina singing "All of Me". Hanna Arnold helped out with the tattered rope and the faded empty bag, working the props to Al's song "Thirty Silver Pieces. Special appreciation goes out to young Nicholas, Al's biggest fan, however, Nicholas always seems to want to call Al - Fat Elvis. Al is truly grateful for Charles, Ken, & Cathy who came to the private concert having traveled all the way from Las Vegas
AUG 25th - Al opened for the third straight night for Greater Vision. Special thanks to Mel Reigsecker, owner of the Blue Gate Restaraunt and Theatre for the opportunity. Also, a great big thank you goes out to Steve Pruitt, one of the most professional sound men you could ever meet. However, not only is Steve the master at the control board, but after he listened to Al's parody of "Highwayman" called "Skywayman", Al discovered that Willie Nelson's harmonica player brings his harmonicas to Steve for cleaning and maintenance. If you get a chance, take in the Blue Gate, great entertainment and some of the best eatin' (Ahmish style meal) you've ever enjoyed.


August 24th - Al opened for up and coming Southern Gospel group, Hope's Call, out of Murfreesboro, TN. This concert took place in the morning for "The Breakfast Club". The concert ended with David Edwards, sharing Christ and giving and invitation. May the Lord bless brother David and his "Breakfast Club" ministry.
In the evening, Al again opened for Greater Vision. One song that every evening has gotten a standing ovation was the slideshow / song presentation sung by Al called "America Again"

Aug 23rd - Al had the distinct priviledge of opening for one of the most popular Southern Gospel groups in the nation - Greater Vision at the Blue Gate theatre, Shipshewana, Indiana. Al was joined in several Johnny Cash parody songs by his son Jon, who acted them out with the agility of a gazelle. He was a hoot, brought the house down!


AUG 17th - Al traveled down to Middlebury, IN where he performed a concert at the Cafe Crossing. Many friends came out to concert - namely longtime friend and fellow seminary student - Kevin DeMott and wife Kathleen. Also, most noteable at the concert was a dear friend of the family from high school - Sue Beckwith. She had driven 100 miles from Grand Rapids for the concert. Sue had been to every almost every one of Al's Michigan concerts. May the Lord bless her for her graciousness, and may He sustain her in her walk with the Lord.


August 15th - The community dinner at the Golden Wesleyan Church was entertained by Al Thursday night. Al was joined on guitar by his very accomplished cousin Dan Hooker. Several cousins, aunts and uncles came out for the dinner/concert, many of whom Al drafted into singing. After pounding on the piano to "As the Saints Go Marching In", Al drafted Uncle Jesse Hepworth into doing a solo, Uncle Denzil into singing "In the Garden", and then Al roped Aunts Wilma and Jewel into joining mom Helen into singing "What a Day that Will Be". It was like a Gaither's homecoming.

AUG 12th - Al was at Door Baptist, singing and preaching for the morning service and then concerting in the evening service. This is Al's home church and has a very close and dear place in his heart. Pastor Richard & wife Sandra have had such a mammoth impact upon Al's life - he says, "I could never repay them for their grace and kindness and direction upon my life." What an awesome and blessed time. special thanks to Vince Smith for his hard work in arranging the concert and working the sound board.


August 5th, p.m. Al journeyed on down to Sand Lake, MI for a performance down with the enthusiastic folks of Victory Baptist. The concert went so well and the folks were to gracious. Special thanks goes out to Larry & Ded Eddie
for set up help and sound control. These dear folks are quite accomplished musicians also. Special thanks also goes out the the Jeff & Sharon Russell for their diligent work in arranging the concert. Al had many cousins, nephews, nieces and sisters and friends who came out for the concert.


AUG 5th - Grace Bible Church, Muskegon. This church is pastored by Al's cousin Steve Brower. This was a very special occasion. Al was joined by a number of cousins he asked to sing also - Linda Lyle, from Fairy, MI - what a powerful voice / Jackie Hepworth, who sang a song in special honor of her father, Al's uncle Floyd who passed away a few years back. Al was also joined by his mother Helen Dougherty, who sang out an energetic and peppy rendition of "Jesus Paid It All". The skit that stole the show was when Pastor Steve played the part of an ant while Al sang his hilarious and biting song "Atheist Ant"

What a wonderful and gracious group of folks. May the Lord's strengthening hand of grace be upon them.
AUG 4th - Al was live and in concert at Maranatha Bible & Missionary Conference Center in Muskegon, MI. The concert was filmed and will be out soon on DVD. Al's performance started right off with a short mini "Fat Elvis Alive & Whale" concert. Funny, fat, and totally off the wall with big gut ripping humor.

Al only does the Fat Elvis portion occasionally. What made this special was that, a year ago in August, Al performed at Maranatha for the Home Schoolers week. The Conference director Terry & his wife Kay Agal noticed an Elvis sound in Al's voice on certain songs. They began calling up to Al's room over the next couple days asking strange questions. Finally they said, "It's all set?" "What's all set? Al asked" They said, "We have rented you an Elvis outfit, you are gonna be Elvis Thursday night to make a special appearance halfway through Talent Night. Al had never done anything like it before, and didn't know too many Elvis songs. However, over this last year, Al has developed a whole concert of Elvis songs he has written to parody singing about the difficulty of dieting and our inFATuation with food.

tAlso featured in the concert was Al's son, Jon, who brought the house down in tears laughing so hard. Being a punter for a semi-pro football team this summer, Jon is as limber as a wet noodle. Al's daughter Christina sang a duet with him - a very moving song "When God Chose" Jon and Christina were joined by cousins Steward and Amy Hepworth in one of the most entertaining renditions of the YMCA you'll ever see.

Al also had everyone join in "Happy Birthday" to longtime friend and wonderful servant of the Lord - Donna Weseneck, who had just turned________ the day before.

Special thanks goes out to Tim Ostrander, director of Maranatha for his graciousness, Bob Medema, the pro at the console - top notch sound man, and Scott & wife Janelle Eikenberry for their professional filming expertise.
Al gives special thanks to all his dear friends and cousins who came out to the concert.
July 29th - Al was honored as the featured performer at the Hillham Cowboy Church. He performed many of the humorous Johnny Cash parodies like - Run Git the Jack Son, Ring of Fire, Rawhide, Scrape It off the Road, etc. but more importantly he was able to share a song he has written recently that he feels God has placed upon his heart to challenge people of the light that is going out in our nation and the disaster that is coming - if we repent not - his song "The Horsemen Make You Pay" is a MUST HEAR.
Al was humbled to be in the midst of such great talent and testimony of godly brothers and sisters in Christ. The MC for the event was Jim Bowman, a longtime friend of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Little Jimmy Dickens. A trio of young people, each home schooled (so you know they had to be a cut above) had such awesome harmony, Clinton & Abby Carpenter and Josh Alsup. A fired up hot/blues/rock? band from Brotherton Baptist Church melted your face- the Wyane Sells Band - it was awesome. They blew the socks off. Gut-crunching, riveting sound!!! Diane Land, a woman who lost her husband Easter morning to leukemia sang for us. Edwin Garrett & Old Country sang.
Al would like to express deep thanks for the opportunity. A very special thanks goes out to Bro. Morris McMaster, pastor of the Hillham Baptist Church. Brother Morris has such an inspiring vision of reaching souls for Christ. He is truly one of the more gracious and humble men you could ever meet. Remember this man, his family, his church, his ministry. A special touch note: The McMaster's daughter Michelle has been sharing the book "Jesus Freak" by DC Talk with her Sunday School class. Each week she shares and highlights a person from the past who layed down their life serving Jesus Christ. Last week Bro. Morris called Bro Al out of the blue simply to ask: "You know that song you do "Skywayman', Michelle wants to know who the man is you are singing about that was burned at the stake for translating the Bible into English". Al was deeply moved not only that people were listening to his songs, but moreover, wanted to know more about those martyrs featured in a song. Yes, Michelle, the last ones in Skywayman are the five missionaries who in 1956 were speared to death by the Auca Indians of Ecuador. Also, in Al's CD "Seasons of Life"
you will find a deeply moving song Al wrote to one of his most favorite earth shaking poems....written by lifelong missionary to India - Amy Carmichael - "NO SCAR". This is a must read, must hear, must memorize poem for ever Christian.
July 28th - Al found himself on the road to Summertown, TN. Down near the Alabama area to Fred Thompson's stalmping grounds....to the Summertown Church of the Nazarene. Al came away with one reflexion of the faithful ministry of these dear friends in Christ - Bravo! Robert Bravo is the name of the Brooklyn born pastor. He is a true Yankee (he even cheers for them - New York Yankees). We're more Detroit Tiger fans ourselves. Anyway, imagine the heart of this man and his dear family ministering out his heart to folks in the heart of the South. After Al did the "America Again" slideshow, Pastor Bravo reminded all the folks there that liberals in congress are trying to silence Christianity by labeling it as "hate speech". He reminded folks of how important the election of 2008 will be.
Summertown Church of the Nazarene was wrapping up a week of vacation Bible school with the Al Mahan concert.
May the Lord shine down of his special blessing upon Gini and her husband Dana for their diligent work and heart for these young people. For a smaller size church, Dana, the sound man has things running super-high-tech. The screen the lights, everingthing was awesome. Gini poured heart and soul into this ministry this week, and was rewarded with a painted on black mustache - it was a hoot!
Al performed many of the Johnny Cash parodies. The folks responded very well. Many of the young people came up and helped Al with his parody the "YMCA", a reminded of what happens when folks abandon the heart of the Gospel message in order to be politically correct or acceptable to the critics. Remember Bro. Bravo, his family, also Gini & Dana, and the precious folks of Summertown Church of the Nazarene in your prayers.
July 27th - Al and wife Denise traveled down to Pigeon Forge for the concert for the Summer Mountain Project (70 Tennesse Tech students who have been into evangelism and discipleship training all summer). Al & Denise's son Jonathan is the director this summer, and their daughter Christina is also part of the project. This is an awesome and exciting ministry. It is a mind-blowing thing to ponder that this fall the campus at TN Tech is going to find itself invaded by 70 fired up, committed to Christ, students who are on a mission from God.
The evening began with the students dividing up into eight groups and each performed a song they chose for a "mock" American Idol program of their own. Al & Denise said it was one of the funniest performances ever. Al's favorite was performed by Leprachaun Steve Beasley of Pulaski, TN. But they all were beyond funny and would've busted out any stitch you might have had left hangin. Jon Mahan played the negative, insulting and super condescending SIMON. What a hoot.
The worst part of it all was that Al had to try to follow their performances. Hey folks pray for these young people and pray earnestly. Imagine the things God can do through the lives of 70 sold out to Christ students on a secular campus.
July 25th - For the first time ever at a county fair Al was able to sing WITH A SLIDE SHOW! "America Again" a song by Carman performed by Al with a slideshow he created is a must see. What a call of God's people to action. The hour is late, our nation is trashing any virtue or value God blessed our nation with. The time or the slideshow was perfect, (as the Sun's going down), the screen could be seen several hundred feet away. This all took place at Al one hour concert at the DeKalb County Fair Wednesday night.
Please pray for Mahan Ministries as Al has 11 and perhaps more concerts all in three weeks starting July 25th at the DeKalb Co. Fair and ending August 18th at the Wilson Co Fair. Al will be traveling to Alexandria, 27th for the DeKalb Co. Fair, Pigeon Forge 29th for the TN TECH Mountain Mission Project, Summertown 30th Summertown Church of the Nazarene, Hilham 31st the Cowboy Church all in Tennessee. Then to Michigan for the hugemungous concert August 4th at Maranatha, Muskegon, MI, then Grace Bible 5th a.m.Muskegon, Victory Baptist 5th p.m. Cedar Springs. Dorr Baptist 12th, a.m., Dorr Baptist 12th p.m., Golden Wesleyan 16th, Cafe' Crossing in Middlebury, IN & Wilson Co. Fair, TN (largest fair in the state of TN - .August 18th. Pray for journey mercies. Pray that folks would be challenged, even shaken from apathy to a zeal for Christ.
July 18th - The wonderful folks of Airline Baptist Church invited Al to do a concert up on the mountain in Skymont, TN.
The place was packed out with a good number of youth. There were three church that came together for the concert.
The church and the church grounds, the fellowship hall, the pavilion, the ball field is one of the most picturesque churches you would ever see....and the folks were so loving, gracious and kind-hearted. The concert went great. Everyone laughed heartily. Folks were challenged with the Gospel of Christ. Such special thanks goes out to Pastor Melvin Childers and his dear wife Elaine whose hard work and diligence made the concert a success. The Childers are to be praised for their love, dedication, and compassion to these young people. It can truly be said of them that they go many "extra miles" to reach these young people. May the Lord's good grace shine down upon them.
July 4th - The Hepworth family reunion. After the Lyles, TN concert, at 10:30 at night we left, driving all night 700 miles to Pentwater, MI for the Hepworth family reunion at 1:00. We made it in time, a bit tired, but fired up! The MacCoughey septuplets are my uncle Franklins great-grandkids and they drive from Carlisle, Iowa for the reunion at times. Unfortunately, they weren't there. However, a ton of my other 137 cousins were. My grandparents had 17 children, and at death, had 60+ grandchildren and 60+ great-grandchildren, and today there are many more. I tell you what, you have never seen such a singing family. We sang tons of the old Gospel favorites and several newer and humorous songs. Several different cousins sang solos. Speacial thanks to Geoff Hepworth for his fine job organizing music. Also special accolades belongs to Aunt Jewel, Wilma, Uncle Denzil, Uncle Jesse and my mother Helen Dougherty for their hard work. Special remembrance and tribute to Uncle Don, who passed away this past year.
JULY 3RD - Hey folks, this is Al with a few thoughts about the holiday week. Wow, things happened fast and furious. My wife Denise, our daughter Rachel and I travelled down to west Tennessee to Bread of Life Baptist Church in Lyles, TN, pastored by Matt Brown. It is amazing how we traveled for miles without hardly seeing any houses. Then, we turned of the main road onto a gravel road and, shaazzaaam! The community of Lyles comes out for the event at the Bread of Life. There were games, craftes, air slides, festivities everywhere. Then, 45 minutes before dark I did my concert. It went great, the audience was appreciative and enthusiastic. We had 10 kids and adults up on stage for the "Frog Song". Then, just before the fireworks, it was a perfect setting for a couple songs I do with a slide show "Can You Hear Me Now" and "America Again". Special thanks also to Gary Carter, a wonderful brother with a servant heart.
Pastor Matt's wife Beth had just had surgery that day and couldn't be there. Our prayers and wishes are with her. Pastor Matt Brown did such a fantastic job. The event was a ton of work and he organized very well. He also is to be commended for his find stage work, arranging the speakers, the sound, and the lighting. It went off perfectly. I know there were a lot of folks there for the festivities. I pray that the songs were entertaining, humorous, but mostly, that many songs spoke to hearts that would not go to church or sit and listen to the Gospel.
July 1st - Al traveled down to Smyrna, TN to the Parkway Baptist Church festival at their newly acquired property. This enthusiastic and very gracious group of folks have purchased 20 acres just off I-24 exit 70. Beautiful property very fitting for a great group of folks. The night began ruff as there was a search for a generator large enough to power to sound system. What seemed what might have put a huge dent in the concert turned out fantastic, due to some quick thinking and hard work. Special thanks to Mark Cantrell - music director - for his hard work and keen insight in setting up and running the sound system. During the concert featuring a bit of a Johnny Cash/Elvis style, Al enjoyed sharing his new parody "Way Down" and a song he wrote recently "The Horsemen Make You Pay" Al cannot express thanks enough for the graciousness and servant heart of Rob Thomson and has sweetheart - fiance' Bethany. They were both so cordial, welcoming and demonstrated a very sweet godly spirit of Christ. May the Lord's blessings empower and strengthen these dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Their pastor is Bro. Dan Parker.
JUNE 30TH - Al was whaling away with his Fat Elvis Alive & Whale concert at the Indian Creek Campground, Granville, TN. The crowd was enthusiastic and fired up. Special thanks to Guy Hardin for his planning and hard work setting the scene. By the time Elvis exited the building, the folks were "All Fed Up" and determined to "Return to Slender".
June 29th - Things are really heating up at the end of June - fourth of July week. Al has four concerts in five days which will take him from Granville to Smyrna to Lyles then all the way to Summit Park, Pentwater, MI. Pray that lives will be challenged for Christ through this ministry. Thank you.
JUNE 28TH - It's official - FAT ELVIS Alive & Whale - has washed up on shore, has beached itself right here on Al's indie site. You can now hear portions of the songs - you'll love 'em. You'll wanna put down that chocolate e'claire for this one. The CD will be out, the Lord willing by the end of July.
JUNE 24TH - Al & wife Denise & daughter Rachel traveled down to Pigeon Forge, took in the Dixie Stampede, Dollywood, and plenty to eat. But most of all, they were able to visit with son Jon & daughter Christina for the parents night for the Mountain Mission Project. Jon & Christina are two of the 70 Tennessee Tech students involved in spending the summer in Gatlinburg for discipleship training and evangelism. We anticipate God doing some fantastic things on the TN Tech campus come this fall. Al had the honor of speaking to all the students and parents gathered at First Baptist Church, Sevierville for the parents night.
Johnny Cash Gospel parody & humor. The concert is set to begin right after the 5k race, somewhere around 6:00 to 6:30. Al's second concert will begin probably 7:30 or 8:00.
COMING SOON! Al's hilarious "Fat Elvis Alive & Whale" CD is expected out soon and available on Indieheaven.
June 11th - Al was especially honored to find out that Diana Ross purchased all three of his CD's online on the Indieheaven web-site. Although she makes her home in upstate Washington these days, it is gratifying to know she enjoys Christian parody music also. Very humbled. Say howdy to Janet and Curtis, may the Lord bless them. - and of course PJ too.
June 10th - Calvary Baptist Church concert - Al had to cancel due to laryngitis. Pastor B. J. Thomason and the folks of Calvary Baptist are so gracious and talked about rescheduling for a future day "Lord willing".
June 2nd - Al traveled down past Bell Buckle, Buck Snort, and Minnie Pearl's Grinder's Switch to arrive at the Crossroads Baptist Church for their evening revival service. Al did a concert to start off the week of revival. Special thanks to pastor Bill Watts and his dear wife Vivian. These folks have such a wonderful church - very sweet, enthusiastic, and gracious. Evangelist Jeff Myers of Knoxvilled preached a fantastic message that blessed us all. He was accompanied by his gracious wife Rachel.
June 2nd - Al did a concert for the annual All Day Gospel Sings at the DeKalb Co. Fairgrounds in Alexandria, TN. The day was filled with a fantastic time of talent and praise. Al's concert was before noon, giving him time to travel about 150 miles for the evening concert.
May 27th - The ministry at the NHC nursing home went fantastic. A lot of humor, a ton of uplifting music, a heaping dose of prayer and sharing. Al leads in sing alongs of many of the old Gospel hymns and songs and also shares a dose of humor. It is an awesome sight to see a number of folks that are burdened down with the cares of loneliness and physical pain singing and even enjoying a good wholesome laugh.

May 20th - Faith Baptist Church featured their spring Drive - In Concert. Sonya Doran and the Got Mercy trio sang (what a powerful performance). Pastor Don Davidson of Real-Life Community Church brought their praise team - awesome selection of songs and so well done - God has blessed them with a lot of talent in that church. A number of Faith Baptist Church's own folks sang - Sharein Waggoner, Robert Oaks, Mary Oaks, and Al Mahan. A blessed time was enjoyed by all.
May 19th - Al was invited to sing for the Mt. Herman Baptist Church Gospel Sing. Special thanks and appreciation to Pastor David Carden and his family, and church. Of course no visit to Mt. Herman is complete without a hug from Millie (wheel-chair bound daughter of the Carden's-who is always filled with spunk, energy and grace and determined that she can do 'bout anything she puts her mind to - The Lord be praised - she's an inspiration). Al did a number of his favorites "Procrastination Man", "Thirty Silver Pieces" "I've Been Everywhere" etc.
May 12th - Pastor Michael and his gracious wife Barbara rolled out the red carpet and organized a blow out Gospel sing at Hermitage Springs Baptist Church. Al made a surprise Elvis appearance singing one of his new Fat Elvis songs "Are You Hungry Tonight." Then later, he shared a number of humerous Johnny Cash parodies and then finished with a number of songs with bite and conviction.
May 11th - Al did a number of his Johnny Cash parodies for the DeKalb Co. Relay for Life.

May 5th - Al performed his "Fat Elvis Alive and Whale concert for the Chickamauga, GA Down Home Days.

MAY 4TH - What a super awesome time that was enjoyed by all at the Fellowship Baptist Church, Chickamauga, GA. Al was blessed to be a part of their annual Gospel sing featuring the church bell ensemble, the community choir, an enthusiastic quartet, and GOT MERCY - a ladies trio. Al shared several of his humorous parodies "Scrape It off the Road", "Ring of Fire", and also some very soul searching songs such as "Procrastination Man", "Can You Hear Me Now, and "Thirty Silver Pieces".

Special thanks to Sonya Doren - promotional director of J103 and organizer of J-Fest - Chattanooga. Not only is she a cheerful and energetic personality, she has a real heart for God and seeks to express it through her group GOT MERCY.
If you are looking for a good sound, delivered well, and with a great testimony, check out GOT MERCY. GOT MERCY - will be singing at 5:00 at our annual Faith Baptist Church - DRIVE IN CONCERT - May 20th.


APRIL 28TH - Al will be in concert on the courthouse lawn of Lincoln County, Fayetteville, TN. at 4:15. Come on out if you can make it. Al will be doing his "Fat Elvis Alive" concert there.
APRIL 21ST - Al introduced his "Fat Elvis Alive" concert called "A Whole Lot 'o Bacon Goin' On' at the Indian Creep RV park and campground. It was a total hoot! The folks loved it!. Guy Harden - owner of Indian Creek Camp called the next day to make sure Al could return May 26th for their huge Memorial Day weekend event. Special thanks to Guy & Jean Harden for their welcome and kindness. Guy is an extremely talented musician in his own right, who used to be with Alabama, and other groups until he lost his voice and was replaced by some unknown Kenny Chessney, whoever that is. Guy & Al did a "Willie & Ray Charles" duet rendition of "Georgia".
APRIL 15TH - Al was in concert with the good folks of the Emerge Worship Center, Murfreesboro, TN. Pastor Erik Hines and his dear people are unique, fresh and free in their approach to worship and fellowship. The folks there participated in "Frog Song" and "Whatever Happened to the YMCA" and put one of the most unlifting wind beneath the wings all concert long. Ask them about Hebrews coffee and the Disco ball and you will see as Al did that it was one of the most
uniquely enjoyable places he has ever performed. The people laughed, hearts were warmed, and lives were challenged for Jesus Christ. They rolled with it when Al shared "Scrape It Off the Road", "David & the Beverly Hillbillies tune and "New Set of Choppers" . Stop in at the Emerge Worship Center sometime for services, you'll find the warm Christ-like radiance that Al and family enjoyed Sunday night.
APRIL 1-7 was a wonderful time of revival services with the good folks of Prosperity Baptist Church, Auburntown, TN. Special thanks to Pastor Ricky Scott, a very gracious brother in Christ, his wife Teresa, Bro. Roger Stacey (revival speaker - former missionary to Ukraine and Brazil) and his dear wife Penny. The Prosperity folks were so gracious - may the Lord bless them richly.
Special thanks also to Maleah, the young daughter of Pastor Scott who shared with us "He's still Working on Me". I was very blessed to accompany on the piano John & Catherine Bowman. John's expertise with the guitar and Catherine's low female voice, their joy, and the heart filled with praise was very contageous in their praise choruses.
Laura Latta (I'll only sing if I can take my shoes off) and her daughter Becky (beautiful sign language performance) from Faith Baptist Church both blessed us with music a couple nights.
I want to also express gratitude to Bro. Mike Allen and the fine choir of Prosperity Baptist. Good sound, great spirit, gracious love. Thanks also to Laurie Jackson for her mighty fine piano playing.
MARCH 23rd, Friday night Al will be live in concert at the Murray Marketplace, Shirley, Indiana. Bring a hefty appetite for some good down home Amish style cooking. The concert is free, but they will charge you for the food. So don't exeed the feed limit when you get there. Ha! Besides, the food won't give you indigestion, but wait til you the music - guaranteed!! Al will be singing "Ring of Fire" You won't want to miss it.
March 12th, special thanks to Scott Smith for his graciousness in allowing me to share the music ministry with the leaders of the Christian Camps of the state of Indiana. I also want to thank the good folks of Hidden Falls Salvation Army Camp, what a beautiful setting.
MARCH 9TH, 7:30 AL MAHAN - OPENED FOR APOLOGETIX at the Emerge Worship Center in Murfreesboro, TN - The folks got an updated version of 'Ring of Fire' and Scrape It Off the Road', and a new song I just wrote called "The Horseman Makes You Pay. I want to thank Karl Messner, Jay, Bill, Keith, Vegas, and Micah of ApologetiX for allowing me the opportunity. I also want to thank Pastor Eric Hines and the good folks of Emerge Worship Center for their grace. Great bunch of folks.
FEBRUARY 23RD - Friday Night - I was grateful to be able to sing for the Tennessee Baptist Bi-vocational Pastors & wives retreat at First Baptist Church, Sevierville, TN. There were many other very talented folks for the event.

I give a special thanks to Ray Gilder for providing the opportunity, Margorie Waddey for her hard work, Pastor Randy Davis for opening his church to us with open arms, and Jay Isenberg (1st Baptist Church's sound man) a literal master of the mixingboard, genius. It went without a hitch and we owe a special thanks to Jay's professional experience.

My wife & I were so blessed to be amongst these dear brothers and sisters is Christ. The fellowship was truly awesome!
fEBRUARY 17TH - Nestled in the mountains of Tennessee, 25 miles east of Murfreesboro is a beautiful church. Surrounded with natural beauty and built with a unique architectural style, looking something like a Russion Orthodox cathedral, stands Prosperity Baptist Church.

Me Oh My!!! What a wonderful time my wife Miss Denise and I enjoyed with Pastor Ricky Scott and the good folks of Prosperity Baptist Church, Auburntown, TN. I did a concert for their "Happy Hearts" banquet, Saturday. After a delicious, graciously prepared meal,Johnny Cash showed up to sing "Scrape It off the Road" and his newly revised, after the meal version of (don't forget your rolaids)"Ring of Fire". The kids and adults helped with the "Frog Song" special effects. Then, Willie Nelson came on to share with them a version of "Always On My Mind" I'm sure the folks there won't forget. Elvis, finally had them holding hands and crooning to each other "Can't Help Falling in Love".

Bro. Scott, thank you so much for such graciousness. You are a blessing to me and Miss Denise and you have have a great group of folks that love the Lord. Yes!!!!

You all keep up the good work for the Lord, keep those families strong in love with Jesus and with each other.
FEBRUARY 10TH - I had the awesome priviledge to open for APOLOGETIX down in Talladega, AL . Then halfway through concert they had me come up and sing "I've Been Everywhere (the Apostle Paul's Version") while they accompanied me. I can't stress enough - you've got to get out and see Apologetics and / or check out their website. http://www.apologetix.com/index.php

Listen, these folks are full of a unique talent and grace. Their fan base is swelling because they have a sincere passion to touch the hearts and lives of people for Christ communicating the eternal Word of God.

I can't thank Karl Messner enough for his kindness in inviting me to open.

Special thanks I render also to my dear brothers in Christ Mark King of Southside Baptist (keep up the good labor with those youth - and foster parenting -what grace / and what a voice - you sounded awesome on "Yes Today"), Corey Horton (music admin of Shocco Springs Retreat) Chet Roden (Pastor Southside Baptist, - yes brother I'll come and sing "Scrape It off the Road), Luther Williams (Director of Missions - Coosa Assoc.), Bro.Rich Polick and daughter Marie (two of Apologetix's biggest fans - these precious folks lost their wife/mom two year ago - may the Lord's grace sustain them). Thanks Karl, Jay, Keith, Bill, Hubie keep on sowing the seed, harvest will come!

CD'S *** ^ *** NOW AVAILABLE *** GET ALL THREE FOR ONLY $25 (includes shipping and handling)

"Can You Hear Me Now" "A Time to Laugh" and "Seasons of Life"


I'm VERY impressed with your Johnny Cash imitation! Hurt CRUSHES. And your Christian Parodies are very good. We get many of them submitted that... aren't :)

If we're ever nearby, we'd love to have you out, and we could pull you up to do a song with us. that'd be fun. If you see one coming up that we'll be near, let me know by direct email.

December 20th, Al Mahan will be ccompanying and leading the local home school group in carrolling for the dear folks at NHC. After performing for their annual Christmas party, they will walk up and down the halls singing and then visiting at the bedside of many individuals who can't get out.


November 17th Go Ye Village concert went fantastic. I give special and warm thanks to all the wonderful folks there, I was truly humbled and blessed to be with you. I express special thanks to Monica VanDonkelaar, Denise Finch, David Williams, Joann, David & the Richardson family for the invitation to sing. I met so many - professors from Dallas theological, Tyndale Bible translators, lifelong missionaries, accomplished musicians, painters, and professionals who have lived in lifelong dedication to Jesus Christ.

My wife & I were blessed to meet and talk with the Elliott's, this dear couple spent 46 years in Guatemala translating the Word from the Greek into a Mayan dialect. They were classmates at Wheaton with Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, martyred by the Auca Indians.

I give a big howdy and hug to our dear friends Joe & Edith Carroll. Their creativity, spunk, and graciousness overflows. Keep up the good work and forever stay young at heart. Special thanks to Nick Derpak for the recommendation.

May the Lord bless and strengthen you all.
OCTOBER 22ND - It was cold for the my concert at the Octoberfest in Lebanon, TN Sunday afternoon. However, the folks that heard were gracious and many expressed that they enjoyed it and were blessed. A family from England wanted my picture taken with them. That was flattering but maybe they thought I was someone else. Ha! Ha! They were so gracious and encouraging in Christ. The sound man said, "Wow, that sounded just like Johnny Cash". I said, "Johnny who?" Never heard of him. Ha! Ha! I express thanks to the good folks of Lebanon, TN and Carolyn Cathey of Liberty State Bank for inviting me to do a concert.

posted by Al Mahan on 08/07/2007