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*I just added some photos of an awesome outreach (one of several) that we did in Indiana on 6-28-09. The night before in prayer, the Lord told me He was going to give us a sign in the heavenlies of His favor upon the event ... the next day, a rainbow appeared in the shape of God's smile! (see photos) ...Praise God!

*12-20-08 Check out the song "More of You" on the FanFavs Charts (under "Adult Contemporary") ... I pray it blesses you! This song is on the CD "Watch & Pray".

*2-1-08 I've just finished my latest CD ... "If My People". This one contains a little more "Praise and Worship" ... but includes a few "message" songs as well! ... Take a listen!

*9-9-06 Finally ... the "Wake Up" CD is finished! Although my heart (and my job at church) is worship, this is purely an evangelistic project, and it's aimed at those who have drifted away, or don't know Jesus. It even includes an alter call as the last track! Take a listen to the final mixes!

*2-12-06 Well, I'm headed for New Orleans this Friday for two weeks! I'm going to be working with a ministry called ConsumingFire. I'll be doing worship under a tent, and some evangelism at the Mardi Gras. I hear it's real "war zone" down there so I would greatly appreciate your prayers!

*2-5-05 I just finished a new instrumental worship CD project. It was recorded during a 30 minute worship session about 8 years ago, when I just sat down at the keyboard and began to play a medley of hymns ... "Pure Praise" is the result ... take a listen!

posted by Geoff Ziegler on 08/07/2007