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Photoshoot for the Alternatives To Fighting album cover yesterday in windy Tuolumne City. Now we just have to pick out a good one!

posted by Paul, Inward Fire on 05/24/2012

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Alternatives To Fighting, our new acoustic album is here! Gonna add a song a day until we get the whole thing out, then hopefully put it up for sale. The first song to be released is "Dawn's First Light" Dedicated to Inward Fire's original lead guitar player Admiral Lance Scott- I can still remember him typing the words of this song into his computer while we ate pizza and watched the OJ chase. Yeah, this song is that old.

posted by Paul Morrison, Inward Fire on 05/17/2012

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Our new video is up on the video page and also on YouTube!!! Filmed on location in beautiful Modesto. Well, ok, maybe not beautiful, but that's where we were.

posted by Inward Fire on 05/09/2012

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Brand new here, just adding things as we can. Hopefully we'll get to inconsequential things like album covers and photos soon. For now, the album 1000 SONGS is up there, some of the tracks are purchaseable, which is a silly looking word and perhaps not real. But they are there nonetheless!
Also, we posted ourselves a little blog about our mega church.
And, impulsively we posted the video trailer of the independent movie, "Long Dirt Road" a modernization of the Prodigal Son story, which is making it's way through film festival screening rooms at this moment and hopefully someone will decide to show it (kind of the whole point of a movie, isn't it?) somewhere, which is relevant to Inward Fire as the score and original songs were composed by Manuel and Paul respectively, and oh yes, Paul stars as the main character in the film.

posted by Inward Fire on 04/28/2012