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Hello Everyone
As you may know we've had some delay in getting our album mastered correctly, but God is good and we are happy to announce that we shall soon be uploading our entire album, "Stranded No More" Right now we have 12 of the 18 songs uploaded that you can go hear.

I've written a cool blog which I think you might want to read. In the blog I ask the question "Will America still be a nation in 2030" I then give my reasons why I think it may not be.

Well....I hope you all have a great year... and God bless!

posted by Thommy Sides on 01/04/2016

"Stranded No More" is Now - Partly Released!!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey everyone... I'm writing this to you on a sunny June 1st here in South Africa. The year is now, about half over....time sure flies doesn't it? We have been waiting on our debut album to be mastered, and were happy to report that we now have seven of our songs up for sale. We hope they bring a big blessing with them wherever they go...

By July we are hoping to have the rest of the album fully mastered. Stranded No More has a total of 18 tracks on it, and so we still have 11 more songs to put online. Please continue to pray for us as we strive to master the remaining songs. We've been invited to do some radio interviews, but will do them all once the entire album is online for sale.

We have two music videos we are working on, and hope to also have them up soon. One is a real shocker! Actually it will have two versions. One Commercial version and one with a graphic warning. Not to worry...it's not what you think...but it is a shocker! We'll let you know when the videos are done. One hint about the video with the warning - ( It's along the lines of Stephen's story in Acts 7: 54 - 60 ). Please remember to keep my wife Judy and I in your prayers. Living over here in South Africa is not easy sometimes. These past six months we've had to boil water on the stove just to heat water up for our baths...lol. Thank God we now have a Christian Contractor who is working on our water lines. Seems that many of them were filled with muck from years and years of bad water. ( You must boil your water over here before you drink it; at least in our area. ) Anyway...were going to be spoiled soon....we hope....when we can once again just turn a knob and get some hot water for our bath. Praise God!
So...our news includes us having hot water again....ha ha. You won't get that kind of news from most other artists, or...maybe you might. It seems we artists always do seem to get into a pickle every now and again...lol. In July were hoping to do a Country Cross-Over show here in the area of Balfour South Africa. So all my South African friends should be on the outlook for that. We will keep you posted as things come into focus.
Once the album fully comes out we plan to push much harder in promoting our ministry. It would be nice to even have a few shows etc, lined up in my homeland of America. I'm sure God will open those doors at the proper time. Well... I hope next time I write you all.... I can brag about how clean I'am...lol. Boiling about 7 big pots of water on the stove for one bath is not a fun thing to do. Our kitchen even has an old wood burning stove in it, but that's another story all together...lol.
So...until next time....this is Thommy Sides saying, "Stay in the Word - to stay out of trouble!"

posted by Thommy Sides on 06/01/2015