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We are so excited to have just released our very first single "Surrender It All" available for download here on Indieheaven! We have been working hard towards preparing for this project, but still needed funds to help with the cost involved. We were stunned when someone gave into our ministry for the first two songs to be recorded (second song is already in the works!). We knew God's hand was in this and believed that he would provide, but it is always such a boost to your faith when something like this happens! As we began on the second song, we were really excited but also thinking about the future and how we could keep moving forward. Then last week out of the blue, another miracle happened and yet another generous couple gave funds for two more songs to be recorded! We are in awe of what God is doing! We are so humbled by the support of those around us....just had to share this and give glory to God for the awesome things He is doing!

posted by Tobey & Crystal on 03/06/2010

Collide Youth Conference Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Last Saturday we played at the Collide Youth Conference where hundreds of youth were gathered from all over the Houston area. What an amazing time!! There was such an energy in the place and it was so awesome to see these young people reaching out to God through worship. Also, the guest speaker for the event was Pastor Bill Wilson from Metro Ministries in Brooklyn, Ny. If you are not familiar with his ministry, he is doing an awesome work not only in NY but around the world. Check it out! There was also a b-boy dance competition hosted by Micah Mixon. If we ever tried to bust any of those moves I'm afraid it would end badly!! haha
But since it's never really come up for us to attempt to spin on our heads while playing instruments and leading worship I think we'll be ok! :) We are already looking forward to next year!

posted by Tobey and Crystal Barker on 08/22/2009