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Take This Heart
Grade B

While Take This Heart is not going to be for everyone, there are qualities within the project that are sorely missed from a lot of mainstream CCM projects. The main reason I believe that this CD would not have widespread mainstream appeal is the style. Most of which is adult contemporary or inspirational. With the commercialization and merger of the Christian radio market there is hardly room for anything different.

The album has an appeal for those looking for an inspirational form of praise and worship. It is mostly piano led and subtle sounding. What sets Take This Heart apart is that Loralie wrote all but one of the ten tracks on the album. The songs are as I said worship orientated and they would be awesome additions for a traditional or even combined (traditional/contemporary) congregation. There is one song that is particularly personal on the album called "Mother's Hand." This is a tribute to Loralie's own mother. It's a beautiful song that makes you consider the impact parents have on their children.

Loralie discovered at an early age that she could use music as an outlet or escape from life's struggles. That outlet subsequently turned into a way to express her faith in Jesus Christ, as she began to write more praise and worship type songs.

For a home-brewed debut, the quality of the recording is very good. The press materials do not say anything about Loralie's singing background, but she has a very beautiful voice. I highly encourage you to visit www.LoralieSongs.com for more information and song samples.

- Ken W.

posted by Loralie on 06/09/2009