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Road tripping..... yes, that's what I'm doing at the moment... and loving it! So great to connect with friends, seeing some family too, even getting ministry AND ministering to others! It's been great so far!
So this update is going to be short and sweet. I'm currently in Illinois, this weekend I'll be in Indiana, then back to Illinois and up to Wisconsin and back home...

So far I've been enjoying my visit with a ministry friend and being part of some events in the area, playing live Christmas music at a coffeehouse in Illinois and then playing "dinner music" at the CCRPS Christmas party in Indy! I'm excited that I get to visit with my daughter and grandkids for a few days on the way home and see my granddaughter perform in a choir presentation.

Weather has been great down here so far..... will get colder in the coming days and I'm hearing lots of snow up at home, so hoping for continued great road travel.

Here are some of the upcoming events so you know what's going on so far.
Keep in mind a couple more events might be added either as I travel or go home. So be sure to keep up with my Facebook Page (Sam Scales Music, link above) or keep checking back on my Tour Dates page.


Date: Friday, December 8, 2017, Time: 11am - 1 pm
Place: The Steeple Coffeehouse, 102 E. Lafayette St. Monticello, IL

I'll be sharing Christmas songs and some of my original Organic Folk. Come join me for Live Music, enjoy latte or coffee and meet up with your friends.

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2017, Time: 6 pm Event: CCRPS Christmas Party
Place: Lynhurst Baptist Church 1250 S. Lynhurst Dr. Town: Indianapolis, IN

During the dinner time, I will be playing Christmas songs and some of my original Organic Folk songs. (I was not added to the poster as I didn't know my schedule quite yet and was not sure if I would be able to make it, but then the door opened and I'm excited to be there!)
At concert time Steven Billings will take the stage followed by the artist of the evening, Greg Hough, guitarist and songwriter extraordinaire who is one of the founding members of the Christian Rock Band Petra. Excited to be part of this event, meet friends and enjoy some great music myself!

Last month was quite busy for us! We had a LOT of events pretty much every weekend in November. If it wasn't a music/ministry event then it was me going to or holding a jewelry show.

We were at the Gospel Christian Coffeehouse in Eau Claire the two first weekends of the month! They are a brand new coffeehouse and we helped them open the doors serving with our music and boy did we have fun fellowship with everyone! We are looking forward to returning soon!
We also were twice at the Lighthouse Center and Christian Coffeehouse night in Chippewa Falls, WI.
We played on November 18 and then again on November 24 for their free Chili Dinner. We had such a blast with everyone, it was an amazing time!
I also was set up for some jewelry events with my NotesNBling lines of jewelry in between playing music...

Again I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to so many of you who have prayed for us and who continue to support us with your attendance at concerts, making phone calls or writing notes to say "hi". We appreciate all of you!!

Oh, by the way, NotesNBling now has it's own Facebook page!! So be sure to 'like' that page as well!

Warren and I hope that you all are having a good season so far and hopefully you won't get too stressed out in this season of decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, wrapping gifts and getting ready for friends and family....(whew...looking at this list, that's a lot sometimes)...
...or you may even find yourself alone, in difficult circumstances that are anything else but joyful - and we get it and understand it, as we've had experienced a few of those seasons ourselves.

However I pray you will be filled with joy, the Lord's joy (something deep inside, which has nothing to do with outside effects of dire circumstance)
That despite the circumstances you can still give Him thanks for that which we celebrate this season, His birth and following sacrifice on the cross, shedding His blood for the forgiveness of our sins once and for all and thus reconciling us (linking us back) to the Father, forgiven, clean, whole, complete and yes, even full of life which this world can't comprehend, nor give with all the stuff we may desire. All that will go away, but the life He gives will never pass away.

May this season be a time of reflection of what's really important and who really matters and how important it is to live in a vital and living relationship with your Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ His Son!
In His loving grace,

posted by Sam on 12/26/2017

November Music Notes Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Here we are already entering the holiday season....time flies right? There are a lot of things coming up for me to do and I'm super excited about it. November brings 3 concerts in Wisconsin and some surprise events for my jewelry (NotesNBling) too! I'm thankful for those events, because that way I can introduce more and more people to my jewelry .....and thus in essence also to my music.

What are your holiday plans? What excites you about this time of year? Email me!

There's not too much to report from the home front. We didn't get all the yard work done we had hoped to do, the temperature drop kind of put a stop to being outdoors for longer periods. We are yet to finish raking up all the leaves, but we still have a tree with green leaves in the yard!! Crazy right?!! It's holding out every year. Love that tree, gives me green as long as it can! However the cleanup then drags into the colder temperatures which of course isn't a lot of fun. Soooo I do hope to get all that picked up before the snow flies!
For Thanksgiving we really don't have any plans. Most likely we will be home as family lives too far away. At least Warren and I are together and I'm thankful we aren't alone.


Date: Friday, November 3, Time: 5-9 pm
Event: ART CRAWL Downtown St. Cloud
Place: Fitzharris Ski & Sport (this is where I'll be set up at) 105 7th Ave. S
Town: St. Cloud, MN
This is a total suprise! I was looking on FaceBook this morning and just happened to see a post about the Art Crawl in St. Cloud. Curious I expanded the post to see when it was.... after contacting them via FB, got a reply back and Fitzharris Ski & Sport was still looking to host an artist! YEY! I was in! So come see me!

Date: Saturday, November 4, Time: 1-4 pm
Place: Gospel Christian Coffeehouse, 1726 N. Clairemont Ave. Town: Eau Claire, WI

Thank you Greg (from Barnabas Coffeehouse) for inviting us to your new ministry adventure and allow us to be part of the beginnings of your ministry coffeehouse!
We are so thrilled to see another Christian Coffeehouse being opened in the Eau Claire area....
now we need you guys to start heading towards MN :)

Date: Saturday, November 11, Time: 1-4 pm
Place: Gospel Christian Coffeehouse, 1726 N. Clairemont Ave. Town: Eau Claire, WI

Second weekend with our friends from the new Coffeehouse ministry starting in Eau Claire, WI! If I think about all the music I need to play and if I were not to repeat songs from one weekend to another, I should be having 60 songs prepared! :0-O. Well, I'm sure we will have a good time, because there's lots of worship songs, my own songs and Warren has some saxophone music he will be sharing. So it'll be a good time not only in music, but also having fellowship time, which all of us believers need so that we might encourage one another.

Date: Saturday, November 18, Time: 7-9 pm
Place: Lighthouse Christian Coffeehouse, 315 Main Street Town: Rice Lake, WI

We are excited to return to this ministry coffeehouse! We were there in September and truly connected with the Pastor and the folks who came. It is not only a coffeehouse but also a church holding Sunday services! Awesome!

Date: Sunday, November 19 Time: 12-4 pm
Event: Stop & Shop Giving Thanks (Vendor & Crafts Show) Place: American Legion 2678 7th Avenue East
Town: St. Paul, MN

Found this event also via FB! Excited to be part of this event. This time in St. Paul, so I hope my friends from the Cities can come and shop at this event and visit me at my booth! Warren will be there too. I made him to have to come, haha!

Date: Black Friday, November 24 and Small Business Saturday, November 25
Time: Black Friday: 10-3 & Small Business Saturday: 10-4
Event: Jewelry Open House Place: Email to RSVP and for address Town: Sauk Rapids, MN

THIS IS TENTATIVE! I am still looking for a public vendor show/event to attend. However, so far I haven't connected with anyone for those dates above.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in this event, please E-MAIL ME so I can put you on the list to notify you if I will host my own show or attend one. In order to gain more customers, I need to get more public, so I hope you understand. That way I can let you know where I will be if I'm not going to host privately.

If I will be attending a vendor show, I'll replace this posting on my website with the new information. So a great suggestion would be, before you come out, check back on my website. If all is still the same, then come on out or contact me for location information. Thanks so much!

Date: Thursday, November 30th Time: 6 pm
Event: NotesNBling - Inspired Art Shop & Music short time of music. Then shop for Christmas gifts or pick out a unique piece for yourself out of Sam's handmade collections. Hostess: Diana Fogderud
Place: The Overflowing Cup, 1175 Madison Ave. Town: Beloit, WI

Join Diana in a fun evening of shopping and music. I will be playing 5-6 songs, lshare quickly about "A Tested Stone" and then open it up for shopping. All jewelry is designed and handmade by me.

Last month wasn't filled with a lot of music events, but we were able to take part of the BURN 24/7 Central Minnesota prayer/worship event. We always enjoy the presence of the Lord and the atmosphere of peace, worship and fellowship with the Lord.
My NotesNBling Open House was a lot of fun and I enjoyed having some time of fellowship with those who came out. Since it wasn't super busy it gave us time to visit, connect and share stories.
Here are a few pictures of some of my displays.
I also found a Fall Sale Vendor/Crafts Show in St. Augusta on the 29th of October that was a last minute discovery! So cool to meet new folks and some awesome vendor neighbors. Two hand knitted winter caps made their way into my booth - best purchase ever! So warm and soft! Let it snow!! LOL. I know right? Coming from me who doesn't like winter! Thanks to crafter Nettie....I'm gonna be warm! Here are some pix of my booth.

As you can see the month of November will be quite the busy month for me. I've been designing and creating new things to get ready for the concerts and the vendor shows.

One last thing I want to show you that I've recently added to my line of jewelry.
Our good friend Larry from the Barnabas Coffeehouse in Eau Claire has been coming to pretty much every one of our concerts and it's always so good to see him. He came to me with a very serious suggestion....."you need MAN jewelry!" To my reply that I have now a men's line of Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry, he shook his head and said: "You need to make Perch-Talkers". ?????? What??
Yup that was my reaction. Upon seeing a picture I laughed.... it's fishing lures!!!
So guess what?! YUP, to give Larry a line of Fishing Lures, the Matt419 Lure line has been created!
Take a look:

In December I will be back in the Monticello, IL area. I'm working on a music date playing at The Vault, may be playing back at The Steeple, leading worship and playing a mini-Christmas Concert for a private event and if all goes well be heading to Indianapolis for the Pethead Christmas Party playing during dinner and sharing the stage for a couple songs with singer/songwriter Steven Billings and then enjoy the concert by Greg Hough, founding member of the Christian Rock Band Petra.

Lastly I want to share something that normally would have totally annoyed me, but ended up being quite interesting.
Have you ever gotten one of those annoying phone calls that begin with: ".....congratulations!!! You've been selected....blablabla"..... and they won't stop talking no matter what you say?
Well, I got one of those the other day. Normally I never answer phone calls from numbers I don't recognize, however with just having been at a vendor show a few days earlier and it being a local phone number I decided to pick it up..... only to get the above schpeel....

No matter what I said, this sweet voice of a young lady just wouldn't stop talking. I still have no idea if she was real on the phone or if it was a computer recording. But instead of hanging up I decided to do something different. See, she interrupted my bible reading.... so I just began reading to her where I had stopped off when the call came in. John Chapter 12 beginning in verse 30 and I got to verse 36. She kept talking the whole time and I kept reading the whole time. There was a I kept reading..... then she kept talking and I kept reading... then another pause and I kept reading....and she went on talking.... then all of a sudden "...I'm sorry I bothered you"...and the person hung up. Oh well, hopefully she was real and DID hear the Word of God being spoken. I could just feel the Spirit rising as I read God's Word..... it was a rising of joy inside as I was reading the scripture. Maybe....that's just what we should do to those annoying callers! :)
John 12:36. While you have the light, believe in the light; in order that you may become sons of light.

You all have a great November and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

posted by Sam on 11/17/2017

September Music Notes Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe) much is happening weatherwise in our country. Down in Texas with the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and in Montana with all the fires.... I'm grateful for all the prayers, as my daughter Cheryl and her family live in Woodsboro, TX and had some damage at their property.
Woodsboro is close to Refugio and Rockport, two towns which had a LOT of damage and other small communities who are also trying to climb up out of the damages. Then Houston of course where I also have friends who thankfully only had to deal with minor issues.
Daughter and family are ok, property lost most of the trees and their house has windows blown out and some roof problems and now they are dealing with mold forming (due to rain blowing in through the busted windows) and NO electricity to run the air conditioning to keep the house free of humidity and air moving until maybe this coming Friday ... They really need to dry things out....
Thank you for keeping them in your prayers as well as my friends in Houston who still have some repairs to do and of course all affected there and in Montana.
Photo: Courtesy of Bumble-B-Photography/Cheryl Breaker

Compared to the issues mentioned above, we are doing ok. We are healthy and are grateful for God's provisions for us. After our summer events which were tough physically and mentally (for some reason this year) and not productive as we had hoped, we are praying for provisions to climb out of the aftermath of a bad decision with the fireworks sales and weather related issues for the BBQs.
However....I'm just so thrilled for all the veggies I just picked up this morning (Labor Day) from a farmer friend where we also get our eggs. I got Eggplant, a Zucchini, yellow tomatoes, broccoli and brussel sprouts!!! Yummeeee.... I also have some mint steeping for fresh mint tea!!!
Just when we had need - God provided!
One thing I'm learning in all this....TRUST GOD and quit worrying!!!


Date: Saturday, September 9th, 2017, 7-9 p. Lighthouse Christian Coffeehouse, 315 S. Main Street, Rice Lake, WI

We are first time musical guests at the Lighthouse this coming weekend and are SO looking forward to meeting everyone and spending time together in God's presence and sharing our music and from our hearts! Hope to see you there!

Date: Friday, September 15th, 2017. 1-3 pm. The Steeple Coffee House, 102 E. Lafayette, Monticello, IL

Also a first time for me to be at this coffeehouse to play music. Enjoyed a frappe there twice when I went down to visit a friend and just love the atmosphere and the owner and - now I got a date there and I'm super excited to share my music with the folks stopping in!
That same day there will also be a Citywide Garage Sale, so come down to Monticello to find some treasures and then stop in at The Steeple Coffeehouse to refuel your energy with one or two of their awesome coffees, frappes or espressos and listen to live music from 1-3. Come join me!!

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2017. Time: 11-4 pm. Monticellobration FestiFall, STREET VENDING - Jewelry, CDs, Book, The Square - Downtown Monticello, Monticello, IL

For this event I will actually just be a vendor, displaying my jewelry and I'm so thrilled I was able to still get into the festival. The Town Square has 30 light poles which will each be decorated with a different scarecrow, sponsored by a business or individuals who "buy" a light pole and then decorate their version of a scarecrow. Of course there will be food by local food businesses and vendors - and lots of arts/crafts vendors as well. So if you are in the area or live not too far away, or just want to make a daytrip, come on down!


Last month I had a very light music/event schedule, due to every weekend pretty much being a BBQ event. So after all those were done, we both had a weekend with absolutely nothing scheduled and decided to take a breather by visiting my friend Sue in Sheboygan Falls, WI and enjoying some lake/beach time in Sheboygan, WI at Lake Michigan with her and her dog Raji. We took wonderful walks and it was nice to have some re-coup time!
Part of our time away also included playing music at the Upper Room Christian Community in Sheboygan with our longtime friends there who have been part of my music ministry for over 17 years now! It's always like coming home and the Lord is always there, so we enjoyed just singing together and visiting with everyone. We also were able to see a few folks we haven't seen in a LONG time who just happened to come in that day! WOW! That was so God! Love those divine appointments!

With all the events going on and especially with my daughter affected with Hurricane Harvey and seeing all those pictures and videos of people's struggles with this weather (including Montana), my heart has been adding the things we are also dealing with now....

So it's been interesting.... as I've been praying and reading the Word, I've been getting encouragement and reminders from the Lord.
First - it started with Psalm 34:7-10
Second - talking to a friend on the phone who said: "TRUST GOD, He will provide"
Third - I get a FaceBook Message from a church friend with a picture and inside the picture were the words: "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart". Psalm 37:4

Fourth - So this Sunday..... the message was so appropriate, especially towards the end. At our church we are going through the book of Revelation. We are in chapter 13 and this Sunday's topic was "The False Prophet" from verses 11-18.
At the end of the message Pastor Larry asked "What should we do?"
1. Avoid Greed. 1 Timothy 6:9
2. Trust God: Matthew 6:25-26.
Jesus said: "DO NOT WORRY" .... about ANYTHING! So, if you are prone to worry (like me), it actually is SIN and so we must ask God the help us with this! If Jesus said don't do something, well, then we must obey! Otherwise we have the sin of UNBELIEF! Gulp!! We have to believe that He is who He says He is and that He will take care of us!

So in light of what is happening in my daughter's life (and I shared that with her), my life and your life - or what may happen in the future, use your smarts. Hebrews 5:11-14. There are so many deceptions out there, so many things we hear even from pulpits or from other religions.... and FaceBook is a rumor mill... We must check everything in the light of God's Word.
Fall in love with the real Jesus and His Word and follow only Him.

Stay encouraged!

posted by Sam on 09/14/2017

August Music Notes Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

We have entered the busy August BBQ season, where hubby is pleasing the taste buds of everyone and so enjoys when people let him know how much they like what he's prepared!
I'm of course major engaged in helping him.... at times trying to catch my breath when it gets super busy! :)

The weekend of August 10-12 we were back for the 7th year at the Deerwood Summer Fest. This is an event we've always enjoyed. We love the people who host the event and they look forward to us coming.... so do the patrons of the event! Everyone has always been so patient with us when we get a bit behind on getting food out, especially when we get swamped and this year - boy did we ever!!! Wow!!

I had my guitar along as I thought it might be a neat idea to play while people were waiting for food (like cheese curds, mushroom fries which Warren fried up fresh for everyone)....however, I pretty much got only one complete song in and then it got crazy!
Maybe the song "Victory!" (which is the song we co-wrote at InspireSong this year) drew them in. I dunno, but it sure was b-u-s-y!!! Grateful to the Lord for the business He brought our way!

It's really funny how people came up and said that they been smelling the brisket all over town and especially the neighbors around our spot said it made them hungry for two days! We had a lot of repeat customers from last year, people who specifically look for us, which is really neat!

For the month of August it will be pretty much quiet music wise, as I will have to concentrate on helping hubby with his events. But there's a date in September already booked!

The Upper Room Christian Community
Date: Friday, August 25
Time: 7-9 pm
Town: Sheboygan, WI
Address: 1125 N. 8th Street

Lighthouse Christian Coffeehouse
Date: Saturday, September 9
Time: 7-9 pm
Town: Rice Lake, WI
Address: 315 Main Street

So excited to be first time musical guests at the Lighthouse Coffeehouse! We will have a great time together with those folks - and I heard with a van load of people from Eau Claire!! Yey! Gonna be kind of a Family Reunion :)!!!!!

So far this is all what I have lined up musically.... Let me know if you'd like me to come to your bible study, women's group, coffeehouse or other event. I have car, I travel, haha!

In the beginning of this month (and the end of last one) I had the privilege to go to Monticello, IL on a trip with a friend and visiting another friend Erisa Rei who lives down that way. It was super exciting to finally get to hang with her again. The last time we met up was several years ago when I was down in Nashville!! So it was about time for a meet-up! What's really cool is that I got to play with Erisa, an award winning songwriter, who has songs on the radio. Her genre is more Roots/Americana which is a style I've come to truly enjoy listening to (thanks to her).
We spent some time together chatting and having coffee at The Steeple Gallery Coffeehouse, downtown Monticello and then headed to the park where we played some music for each other, which was so fun!
After my visit with Erisa, my other friend and I were invited to a wonderful couple's home for dessert and a time of fellowship - and of course music! Thank you Barb & Merv for having us!

So for two weekends in a row I got to spend time making new friends and being a blessing musically for them and their family. I'd post pictures of the house concert, however there are children in the photos who were looking over my shoulder at my lyric sheets, singing along. I do not want to post their images without the parents permission. The girls where just a blast and I think they had so much fun singing along! What a gift and privilege!

Middle of July Warren and I were back again at the Barnabas Christian Coffeehouse in Eau Claire, WI! Oh, it feels so much like seeing family when we go there! It was really fun to watch Randy Walker, who ministers at the coffeehouse, play along with Warren during his set! Thank you Randy & all the folks from Barnabas for being such an encouragement and support!

We were also in Brainerd at the Brainerd International Raceway, August 17-20 for the Lucas Oil Nationals Drag Race selling Warren's BBQ! It was a crazy experience!

Keep up to date with what's happening via my Facebook Page: SamScalesMusic (use the "f" icon on the right on top to get there).

Hopefully we will see some of you at a concert or other event! Until next month....
Yours truly, Sam

P.S. Those of you who get updates via "Bands In Town" for my music/concerts, the Harvest Fellowship Block Party is not happening, as the church has decided to do other events instead. Sorry for the confusion, but I totally forgot to delete the event off Bands In Town earlier.

posted by Sam on 09/01/2017

March Music Notes from the road Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

How is everybody this March so far? For some of you on the East Coast it got pretty cold and snowy, even for us up North we got some of the white stuff with cold temps after nice 60's one week. Crazy weather for sure, but typical this time of year. But, I don't want to talk about weather really, except............we have escaped the wintry scenes and gone south..... HAHA.
We've been having a great trip filled with some music gigs and enjoying visits with friends in Iowa and in Tulsa, OK before arriving at our end destination to help Warren's mom move out of her rental. So this is the report from the road this time.

At home we have had two months of very busy times with Warren working pretty much around the clock and his weekends were filled with refereeing for basketball games. So this spring break with no school bus driving, Warren was free to go help his Mom down south get stuff packed up and moved out of the rental she lives in. It's been really SO nice to be around family, seeing his sisters and the rest of the family who lives here and coming together in "manpower" to get this done!
Our drive down was a little tougher this time, I think it is because we were so tired with all the work and preparations prior to the trip. We each pretty much had to switch up driving after 2 hours behind the wheel. So lots of stops which slows down the progress, but rather arrive safely then try to push through to make time. It's just wisdom.

Now we are preparing for a garage sale and while mom is getting things sorted out, there's not much for me to do, so I decided to get my March News out before we get busy again. Warren has taken mom's car to the shop for an oil change and checkup. Nice to be able to do these things which we can't do for her with living so far up north. Now to our adventures on the road....

The first stop on our trip south was our concert morning on Saturday, March 11 at Caffe Tempo (which is "time" in Italian). Thank you to our friend Larry for coming out and Paul Wiersgalla for inviting us!
After the concert we headed to Iowa, visiting with our friends from our home church who have moved there and graciously offered us a place to crash for the night. Then we headed to Tulsa, OK.

After finally getting there 10.5 hours later which should have been an 8.5 hour drive....we enjoyed some awesome fun and fellowship with our longtime friends Cat & Michael Jones and their (now so grown up) kids Mike and Hannah! We had an absolute blast, including an impromptu concert which Cat videoed live on Facebook. If you'd like to see it, it's also on my FB Music page. Cat is an accomplished singer herself with a voice that's just amazing! I love her sound and sweetness as she sings. She should be on the radio! Seriously! Then young Mike is equally becoming the musician himself playing the trumpet. He is currently in the High School Band, but has also recorded a song with his dad Michael playing the keys, mom Cat singing and Mike improvising some cool trumpet fills in their own version of a Christmas song. Ah what fun to hang out with them. Music talk, silliness, memories and "you remember when's". Those are the times I wish they lived closer!

Date: Friday, 3/17/2017, Town: Ardmore, OK Time: 3-4:30 pm
Place: Main Street Coffee, 108 W. Main Street Event: Coffeehouse Concert
Short notice concert! In wanting to connect with another area songwriter I contacted Main Street Coffee to see if they might be up to some acoustic Christian Music.... they agreed and so here we are....going to be sharing some of my original songs and my favorite contemporary music.

Date: Saturday, 3/25/17 Town: St. Cloud, MN Time: 11a-6p. Sam's Live Music Slot: 1-2p
Event: Empty Bowls Annual Fundraiser for Place Of Hope Minstries,
Place: Calvary Community Church, 1200 Roosevelt Road

Please watch my Facebook Page or check back here on my website again as to the exact time I will be playing. Most likely it will be from 1-2, but things have been changed before. I will update the exact time (on the TOUR DATES page on my website: when we will be playing before you come out.

Also.....WATCH FOR A possible MUSIC DATE IN APRIL in AVON, MN..... :)

Remember that in MAY-JUNE I will be in South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico and then on Tour with "Renewed" and "Brendan Brooks". (See "Tour Dates" page). Excited and looking forward to fruitful music events!

Well, everyone is back at the house and ready to work packing some more stuff, so I'm signing off to get back to work.
May the rest of the month bring you calmer weather and may those be comforted who have lost property or even loved ones in the fires in the Texas/OK Panhandle, those affected by tornadoes and by recent snow storms. Crazy weather all over the place....
I pray in those times we all would seek and find comfort in God's never failing love and that He is the source to go to for all our needs and restoration of what is lost.

Remember to watch the "Tour Dates" page for updated event times and new events. Of course if you are connected with me on Facebook you should hopefully get those updates right away.
Until next month! Love y'all!

posted by Sam on 03/20/2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Merry Christmas To You All,

I hope everyone has had a very blessed Christmas, got to spend some time with family and/or friends – or – like what Warren and I did, just relaxed on Christmas Day not being busy for once and taking a few naps.

Christmas Eve we were invited over to a friend's house and that was a wonderful and exciting time for us, just visiting, chatting, sharing memories and playing a bit of music.

Even though this e-mail reaches you at the end of the Holiday, I still want to take the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your friendship, your prayers, your support, you coming to concerts when you could attend, for loving us and sticking by us, even when sometimes you may have shaken your head at all of our crazy "adventures".
Therefore I wanted to let you all know how grateful and thankful I am for you all.

God is always in the midst of all of our lives and for that we are of course most grateful. He has seen us through some tough difficulties and strange seasons in our lives. I'm however always amazed at His goodness and that He never lets go of us all.

Also wanted to let you all know that at the beginning of January (January 1) to be exact, my website: will go down and you may no longer receive newsletter updates the way they had been emailed (if you signed up for the newsletter updates. My webhosting charges after 3 years of an introductory rate is now going to their regular pricing ($400.00 for the year) and I simply do not have that kind of cash. I actually thought I had until January 17th, but after looking into my account, the new charges would be taken out on December 31. Therefore I need to shut this website down – for just a little while – until I can get it switched over to a new host or start another one completely fresh.
I have found (at very reasonable pricing for the year at $120 including e-mail hosting) and found their templates fairly easy to use and it may even be easier to do picture reports, however I have no idea if they will have a "blog" page with an nice e-mail update as this one was.

I'll be checking into all that this week as time is short and I do not want to lose my e-mail ( on top of it, as all is connected. So that means quick decision making. Unfortunately I'm not a computer whiz to know how to migrate a WordPress website (such as mine is) over to a new webhost and this would also have be done by a professional, which would cost extra. Therefore I may just let this format go and start with something I can actually do myself and that means a whole new website with easy to use templates that weebly has.

I will keep your e-mail addresses and will notify you when the new site is up and what to do if you'd like to receive further updates – once I figure something out how that works and which way to go with this webhosting situation.

In the meanwhile however, you can stay in touch with me via my FaceBook Music Page (you don't have to be on Facebook to view my page).... or you can also keep checking back on my IndieHeaven Page

Here is also an alternative email in case you would like to get hold of me:

Thank you for your patience with that and again, thank you for all your prayers and love.

Wishing you now a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may God's Word be your source of strength, wisdom, guidance and power throughout 2017.

Love to all,

posted by Sam on 12/25/2016

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The busy holiday season is upon us! My how fast time flies. Seems we were just enjoying warm temperatures and doing a lot of BBQ's!!!
One thing I've always enjoyed ever since I was a kid growing up in Germany and spilling over into my new life here in the USA, is seeing the Christmas lights go up on people's houses. The streets being decorated with Christmas wreaths, bows, bells or trees on light poles or greenery with lights strung across the street (which was a view I've always gazed at for long periods of time looking out our living room window in the 5th story apartment building my parents and I lived at in Germany). There's Christmas Trees in the stores and maybe even a public square.....lights everywhere, which sure brightens the early dusk and longer dark hours we have this time of year. Sometimes I wish we could keep those lights throughout the winter season!

I hope that most of you got to have a good Thanksgiving, spending some time with family and/or friends and enjoyed some yummy food. During this season I truly miss family nearby.....
However we had a very restful and quiet day, cooked some Mexican food together and were "couch potatoes" 🙂

So here's what's happening this month:

Sam's Christmas Music & Shop Open House. Date & Time: Friday, Dec. 9 from 4-7p. Music starts: 6 p

Saturday, Dec. 10 from 11a-3p. Music starts: 2 pm. Please email: for location address.

This will be my LAST OPEN HOUSE for this year, so you don't want to miss it! This time I've decided to add some music into the event. Invitations have been e-mailed out, so please be sure to RSVP, so I know how many are coming. If you just saw it here in this newsletter – contact me!

My "jewelry shop" will be open during the above hours, so come and 'shop in my livingroom' 🙂

Diamonds In The Rough, The Rock Church, 5501 Chicago Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN
A Ladies Gala Event. Date: Friday, December 16. Time: 7 pm

I will be playing favorite and original Christmas songs & a couple originals.

House Concert with friends. Sauk Rapids, MN. Private Event
Date: December 24. Time: 6 pm

We are invited to spend Christmas Eve with our friends Roger and Gloria.
Looking forward to our time together as we do miss family!

MUSIC RECAP from November:
Singer/Songwriter Brendan Brooks, his friend Jodi and I took off October 31st to head to the CMS (Christian Musician Summit) in Issaquah, WA.
It took us 3 days travel to get there but we saw a lot of great country, took a ton of photos, found some spots for great promo shots to take of each other and just had a great time doing that.
The day we arrived at our host home we did some jamming and practicing, because we were to play at Shoreline Full Gospel Fellowship, Sunday morning and evening after our conference was over.
Our host Phil & Sherri Casarez are worship leaders at the church.

We had a blast and we felt SO at home with this family! Thank you Phil, Sherri and kids for making us feel welcomed and right at home!

The next day after our arrival it was off to the Summit and into the classes! It was really tough to decide which ones to skip and which ones to go to, because they were often overlapping and going on at the same time!
Next to a vocal class and the guitar rhythm class in which I soaked up info like a sponge, I also had the privilege to take a class with Ashley Cleveland and Phil Keaggy. I've met Phil a couple times before and it was good to see him again. He's such a down to earth super friendly guy!
Ashley spoke some things into my life out of her experience and musical background that I could relate to. So now I'm ok being a square peg and I don't have to fit into that round hole 🙂 It was great to make new friends and see "old" ones, like Keith Mohr.

Brendan and I had a full schedule the days of the conference and Jodi was busy sightseeing in Seattle, so by the time we all converged back at our host home we all were dead tired – and we slept well.

Sunday morning it was off to the church for morning worship! We did a sound check and practice, the service was great, people were blessed, the message was WORD and truth we all needed to hear! Thank You Pastor Tom Loud for your service to the Lord!
Shoreline Full Gospel Fellowship also had a healing service that Sunday night, where Brendan and I also lead in worship. Before the service started and as people were walking in, I played about 3 songs and then Brendan joined up on the platform to lead that evening's worship.
It was really hard to say goodbye to our new friends!! It's so interesting.... sometimes you meet people that you just so connect with, that it's almost as if you are leaving family behind. Somehow Brendan and I will be back there again and the whole church is looking forward to having us back!

After just a few days of recovering, it was time for my concert at One Way Cafe in Wisconsin Rapids.
I headed out a day early, ahead of a snow storm that was to blow in the day of the concert. Actually the plan was for me to leave the morning of the concert day, but with bad weather coming, it was wise to head on out – and good thing I did! Because the roads got pretty bad that Friday here at home, but in Wisconsin they were dry. However it was horribly windy there as the storm was heading that way.
There was still a drive for me to do, heading from Sheboygan (where I spent the night with a friend) to Wisconsin Rapids (basically I was backtracking), however it was still on dry roads. The storm didn't hit until my concert was underway and then I only had blocks to go to spend the night at my host family's home. A big huge "thank you" goes to the Ferkey Family for hosting me! The next morning the roads were mostly clear so driving back to Sheboygan wasn't too bad! So grateful for that!
My concert time with the folks from the One Way Cafe, was such a great experience! Loved the people there! The best part was being able to encourage another musician, a young lady who had put away her music and playing due to some hurtful and fearful circumstances in her life! It was good to hear that she is going to pick up her gift once again and go for it. How wonderful it is when God moves upon a heart and you have no clue what you said or played that touched that person's life! Thank You Jesus for never quitting on us and never giving up on us!

Once back "home" in Sheboygan, I got ready for my music time at the Upper Room which I shared with singer/songwriter Steven Billings from Green Bay. That was such an awesome and fun time. Neither one of us had done a "songwriter in the round" time, so this was really cool, where I shared some songs, then he shared some and we took turns sharing our music and stories.
Steven and I are planning on doing a few things together, the Lord willing and doors opening.

Well, that was a little (or long) update of the November events.... It is really nice to reflect back and count the blessings received through all the new friendships formed, the people touched, the folks we stayed with and God moving in all of our lives! Grateful for my musician friends Brendan Brooks and Steven Billings – thank you for allowing me to serve with you!

In looking back over the last year, I must say I've traveled more and farther than I ever thought I would. It's been amazing how the provisions came and how this was all possible.
I never thought I'd ever get to go to the InspireSong Songwriter Conference in Aspen, CO!! Wanted to go for many years and never was able and I will go again in the Spring of next year as my registration fee was blessed to me by another musician who attended with me this year!
Then the CMS Conference in Washington, the farthest I've been yet music wise – and yet the blessings that came out of that are amazing!
I'm grateful to have met so many great folks in Seattle, WA and in Wisconsin Rapids, making new friends there as well this year.
So many wonderful folks.....It's hard to believe that there are other things happening in this country which are very sad.

As a last thought:
Now the Christmas Season is here.....and yet in the news you hear of all kinds of crazy things happening all over the country, in stores especially....
Truly missing the times which I remember, when during this season people were actually much nicer to each other!!!

As our country has suffered under a defensive and "offended" spirit, I want to encourage all of us to remember that the antidote to a defensive spirit are 3 things: Humility, Compassion and of course Forgiveness.
In the little devotional from Turning Points I read: ***We can spend a lifetime pursuing things that are pleasing to God without running out of options. The danger is the heart: The heart wants to turn liberty into license. The heart says, "I'm free to do what I want!" But God says, "You're free to do what I want." And once we realize how big that freedom is, it's hard to want anything more. Don't confuse liberty in Christ with license for carnality. A lot of things are possible in life that are not edifying or wise. ***
1 Cor. 10:23. All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful, but not all things edify.

May we be people this season and beyond, who edify our neighbor!
(who is anyone we cross paths with)

Now I want to wish all of you a very blessed Holiday Season, a wonderful Christmas and of course God's blessings for the New Year!

posted by Sam on 12/08/2016

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Hey you all.... How has everyone been? Shoot me a note and let me know what's happening in your life.

Over here in Minnesota it's been getting gradually cooler, but thankfully it's been still pretty nice to do some outdoor stuff to get ready for the winter.

We finally winterized our garden shed this past weekend. Since last year we had two huge crates sitting in the back yard that Warren brought home one day. A bus stop was getting redone and the shipping crates were free, so Warren brought them home in the intent to make a garden shed out of it.
So over the late summer with the help of some guys from church they were able to level the crates and set them up to be roofed and siding put on. That's what we did over the last couple weeks. Trusses went up, the wood panel sides were mounted and the door put in. No windows yet, so it's just a big roofed box with a door. Come spring/summer we want to make it look really cute.

In October I've also had a Jewelry Open House (that was spur of the moment) to raise funds for my trip to the Christian Songwriter Summit in Issaquah, WA first of November.
So I've been busy making lots of cool jewelry pieces. I've worked on necklaces, quite a few bracelets to stock up my Isaiah4031 line, a ton of key chains and "purse bling".

My best seller this year has been the "Diffuser Bracelets". Those have a few lava beads where you can put a drop of your favorite essential oil onto and it "diffuses" all day. The next day you just "reload" it again with either the same oil or another one of your favorites or what you feel you will need for the day.

A HUGE 'thank you' to all of you who came out and shopped to make this trip possible.

Before my trip out west we also had a last minute event at the end of October where we participated in music! It was called Burn 24/7, a prayer/worship event held this time at Harvest Fellowship. Our time slot to play was from 1-3 am.....and it was GREAT!

Christian Music Summit, Issaquah, WA (Seattle). November 3-5.

Songwriter Boot Camp
Worship Leader Boot Camp
Vocals Boot Camp
Guitar Boot Camp

I'm excited that Keith & Sue Mohr from IndieHeaven will teach. Phil Keaggy will also be there. There's lots of choices of interesting boot camps to attend and learn from.

I shared with you last month that the tickets for me to attend was donated to myself and Brendan Brooks, a fellow IndieHeaven artist by Tony Chung from Canada, also a fellow IndieHeaven artist.

One Way Cafe, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Date: Friday, Nov. 18 Time: 7 pm

The One Way Cafe is a self supporting ministry of River Cities Christian Church, an independent, non-denominational church in Wisconsin Rapids. Every third Friday of every month for the last 8 plus years, the Cafe has been open to provide free Christian music, ministry, fellowship, food and of course coffee to the entire area. They open at 7 pm until 10 pm.
A usual evening might look like this: They open with a time of worship, followed by the evening's guest artist – who is us on that date – who typically does one or two sets for a total of 1.5-2 hrs. The also have an open mic time, announcements, some humor and occasionally games and personal testimonies as part of the evening. The Cafe is located in the church's sanctuary converted into a coffee house environment, with tables, candles and table cloths, dimmed indirect lighting, brick wall backdrops on the stage, a coffee bar and a relaxing casual atmosphere. They set up to hold 80 people!

We are honored to be invited to worship with the fellowship there and are excited and looking forward to being there for the first time!

Upper Room Christian Community, Sheboygan, WI

Date: Saturday, November 19, Time: 7 pm
With songwriter/singer Steven Billings

The Upper Room is our "home away from home" ministry! Looking forward to seeing my family there and sharing the music evening with Steven Billings, a singer/songwriter and recording artist friend from Green Bay! It'll be a lot of fun....

Don't forget that you can sign up to receive updated concert/event notifications via the little "TRACK" button on the left side of my site (right under the FaceBook icon).

The trip out west to Seattle WA was absolutely amazing. We saw the most beautiful landscapes and took lots of pictures. We even were able to take some cool promo shots of one another which we can use later for CD's or other promotional items.

Actually this newsletter was supposed to go out on November 1 and I had it all ready to go, but once on the trip totally forgot to post it as we left October 31st. However many of you knew we were going – so I want to say THANK YOU for your prayers for Brendan Brooks, Judy (a friend of Brendan's from church) and I for our safe travels and protection along the way. We stopped at many places and had some ministry opportunities on the way touching people's lives and that was cool. After the music conference we were blessed and honored to be part of the worship of Shoreline Full Gospel Fellowship for their morning and evening services! We are grateful for that God connection and the life-long friendships formed during this short visit! More about that next month.

Now I want to wish all of you a very blessed Thanksgiving and may you all continue to walk in the blessings and nurture of the Lord. Keep your eyes focused on Him and follow Christ no matter what!

Until next month........Blessings,

posted by Sam on 11/20/2016

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Hello Friends!
Burrrr......who left the big huge refrigerator door open..?'s gotten mighty chilly the last few days! Where has the summer gone and the warm temps?
Guess I might be giving up my flip-flops sooner than I want to!
At the time of drafting this, I'm sitting in my office chair with the blankie around me (grin). Hot tea or chocolate actually sounds good at the moment!

Thank you so much to all of you who came out to the couple local events we were playing at. It was really nice having hubby Warren join me on the djembe, it does make a huge difference.

October will be a bit of a slower month for me music wise, as there's some other things I will be attending. I've started using Essential Oils more and more to incorporate them into my life and healthier lifestyle. We are switching over to more natural cleaning and soap products , so I've been making my own hand soap, facial wash and next will be laundry detergent! This should be fun.

I'll also be working on new jewelry designs the next couple of weeks in October to get ready for my first open house! So, for those of you who are local or live close enough, the third weekend of October I'll host an "Open House" at my place – and you are invited.... more below.

So October will be busy with these activities – and then in November I'll have more music events coming up – mainly in Wisconsin.


Jewelry Open House, Sauk Rapids, MN. Day: Saturday, October 22. Time: 10am-4pm

Place: Sam's House (please contact for address)
If you'd like to come, please e-mail me at: and I'll get the address to you.
(Since this event is at my home and my website is public, I didn't want to leave my address out there.)

I'll have my jewelry displayed, so you can come in and shop, stay a while to visit and chat or just come-and-go. I hope to see some of you whom I haven't seen in a while. I'll also try to send e-mail reminders out through my personal e-mail (if I remember). So be sure to mark this on your calendars!
Christmas is coming around the corner and this would be a great way to do some non-rush shopping for some really unique gifts.

This particular "Open House" will help me to raise funds for traveling expenses to the Christian Songwriter's Summit I'll be attending in Seattle, WA on Nov 3-5. So...please help me out 🙂


I'm really super excited about how this all came together! I've seen this event for a few years and of course with it being so far, I just hadn't been able to swing it.
This time, it came about in an almost miraculous way – God provides....
So here is the event and then I'll share with you how I'm getting to go.

Christian Music Summit, Issaquah, WA (Seattle). November 3-5.

Songwriter Boot Camp
Worship Leader Boot Camp
Vocals Boot Camp
Guitar Boot Camp

I'm excited that Keith & Sue Mohr from IndieHeaven will teach. Phil Keaggy will also be there. There's lots of choices of interesting boot camps to attend and learn from.

So here is how it happened. Remember last April I went to InspireSong2016 in Aspen, CO? It was such a cool time and extremely memorable! There I've met and made some great new friends – and we are staying in touch.
One is Brendan Brooks. He and I actually met through the InspireSong Group on Facebook, connected and did a couple of music events together before we went to InspireSong2016. We also connected with another artist from Canada, Tony Chung through our "secret" music group on FaceBook, as well as others with whom we planned to meet once in Aspen.

Once at InspireSong our friendships took off and remained throughout and after the event, although our paths are in different parts of the country.
Tony had registered for the Christian Music Summit with the early bird registration but then something happened at his work, where he no longer was able to go. He posted on our "secret" group that he had tickets he would give away to someone who would want to go.
I responded to let him know "I wish I could go".....but it was such a long way to travel my myself in November in the Northern Hemisphere.... you know... snow possibilities happen that time of year. Yuk.

Well, a couple days later I get a message from my other artist friend Brendan Brooks, inquiring if I might be interested in going to the Christian Music Summit with him and his sister.... Uh.... Yaaaahhhhh!!!!

So, Brendan and I got FREE tickets to go to the event and then we will split the gas to get there and Brendan has contacts where we can stay for free on the road – and we hope that we also may get to play in a few places on the way.

So....stay tuned for those adventures in November. Probably might be good to check my FaceBook page: Sam Scales Music for up-to-date details when the time comes.


Warren and I had a wonderful time playing for the "Ride For Hope", Place of Hope's annual fundraiser, where you could participate for an entry fee to take part in the biker ride through the scenic countryside, pedal a bike down a certain trail/path or walk around Lake George in the effort to raise funds for those in need. It was a nice day, the weather held out and didn't rain until it all was over and everything cleaned up and put away!

The following Monday we were at Cornerstone Buffet & Restaurant, now playing there for the second time. We were joined by our Life Group folks from church and a few other friends who came through the door. Oh my.... was that a wonderful surprise to see you (you all know who you are)....!!!! Thank you all for coming out!
We appreciate our friend Grant who did the sound for us again. My, I'm so grateful for good friends and their heart to serve! I hope I can serve him and his wife one day when they need me!


Here are some things you can do if you would like to know where I will be playing next.
I have discovered "Indie On The Move" and have a page there, as well as on "Bands In Town" which is also linked to my FaceBook Music Page under "Tour Dates".

What's cool about those websites and my profile there is that you can sign up for one or the other or even both with your e-mail which will then in turn notify you via e-mail when I put up a new concert date in YOUR AREA. So this would be a cool way to know if I'm going to be playing where you are.

The button for "Bands In Town" is linked to my Sam Scales Music FB Page. This button you will find on the left side of my website. All you have to do is click on the orange icon with the word "Track" on it.

The other one is Indie On The Move. This is the link to my profile: You can "follow" me and view my profile there as well.

Don't forget about my book. If you don't have one yet, get hold of me and I'll get a copy to you. For more info about the book "When Wallflowers Dance" click on the tab "THE BOOK".


Although I may not have music events scheduled in October, doesn't mean that they might not show up all of a sudden, especially local ones.
Many of you may not want to look at FaceBook, but there's also my page on IndieHeaven and the button for that page is on the right side of my website (scroll down a bit, below my music player) and click on the INDIEHEAVEN button. That'll take you to my page there and all the updated events (under "Events" tab). Just in case I forget to send out e-mail notices here.

In the meanwhile enjoy your fall and the cooler temperatures. Hope to see you locals at my "Open House"! Until next time......


posted by Sam on 10/04/2016

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Hi Friends and Family,

This week started out like a typical fall.....of course depending where in the country you are living....but here in MN it has brought cooler mornings and long sleeve shirts. However, I'm STILL wearing flip flops, ha! Not giving those up too fast. We will probably address proper foot attire next month, haha.

So, what's new? Well, let's start with what's coming up this month and where I'll be playing and then I'll share a few pictures of the Harvest Fellowship Block Party I participated with music in.

Saint Cloud, MN - Place Of Hope Ministries, 511 9th Ave. N.
Ride, Bike, Walk For Hope Annual Fundraiser Event
Event Date: Sat. Sept. 24, Event Time: 1-7 pm. Music: 5 -6:30 pm. Food: 5 pm (FREE)
Open to everyone! I will be playing from 5-6:30 pm.

Sartell, MN - Cornerstone Buffet & Restaurant, 101 7th St. N
Date: Monday, Sept 26. Time: 5-7 pm.
People, staff and Jeremy the owner of the restaurant have enjoyed our live music the last time Warren and I were there, so Jeremy invited us back.
We hope you will plan a nice dinner time at Cornerstone. Come right after work, relax, enjoy some food, good music, bring a friend and enjoy fellowship. You will be home at a decent time so you can unwind at home before your next work day. Please join us and we hope to see you there!


Last month our church Harvest Fellowship in Sauk Rapids had their annual Block Party. This is a fun time where we reach out to folks in the community inviting them to come and eat, have fellowship, get to know folks and enjoy music and games for the kids.
Our church has been doing some cool stuff in the summer like "Drive-Thru Prayer" where people could drive up in their car and got prayed for. So the Block Party is another summer event we do ever year for the community.

Of course no BBQ food event is complete without a pig roast! So hubby Warren volunteered to smoke the pig for them and it turned out really yummy! I helped with the covering of all the tables with plastic table "cloth" and taping the sides securely so it'll stay on. Then the ladies set up the roasters to serve the cut up meat out of and keep the food warm.

At 4-6 pm we played music, starting with the Harvest Worship Band, solo artists and youth band with me playing towards the end. What was super cool is that I got to play with a band actually! The guitar and bass player, as well as the drummer offered musical support – and boy where they ever good. What an honor to play with such wonderful musicians!
Thank you to Greg Rolling (lead guitar), Warren Arnold (djembe), Mick Mayhew (bass) and Jim Jerud (drums) for playing with me!

Many of you ask me to let you know when I'm playing in your area or when and where my next music event will be and to be sure to get the information to you. However, I'm getting a bit forgetful here in my "old age", so I've come up with a good idea so that I won't miss anyone to notify of concerts.

So, here are some things you can do if you would like to know where I will be playing next.
I have discovered "Indie On The Move", as well as on "Bands In Town" which is linked to my FaceBook Music Page under "Tour Dates".
When you go to my website ( you will find a button on the left side of my page. All you have to do is click on the orange icon with the word "Track" on it, this will take you to my profile on "Bands In Town".

Here is the link to my profile on "Indie On The Move": You can follow me there.

What's cool about those websites and my profile there is that you can sign up for one or the other or even both with your e-mail which will then in turn notify you via e-mail when I put up a new concert date in YOUR AREA. So this would be a cool way to know if I'm going to be playing where you are.

I have a book written, self -published and released. If you don't have a copy of my CD ("When Wallflowers Dance") or a copy of my accompanying book with the same title, contact me to get your copy.
The book is basically the stories, testimonies and messages behind each of the songs on the CD. The book is meant as an encouragement, strengthening and hope for the reader and listener of the CD.
To order contact me via email:


I have talked about going to Indiana in October, but as of now it looks that this may not quite happen that month. That does not mean that I won't make it there, just the timing has to be right.

It may look that I will be more in the Wisconsin area in October and for sure two dates in November (Wisconsin Rapids & Sheboygan). I may have some music opportunities in Minnesota as well, but still waiting on hearing back from coffee houses I've contacted.

So, stay tuned via FB, or the above two profiles where you can sign up to receive notification. Therefore I won't miss anyone 🙂

For you locals I hope to see you either next Saturday (Sept. 24th at Place of Hope) or on Monday (Sept. 26 at Cornerstone Restaurant).

Keep the faith, stand strong, trust God. Love,

posted by Sam on 09/17/2016

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Can you believe it's already August!??......and we are past halfway through the month already?!!!!
Where has the summer gone? Pretty soon gone are the days of flip flops and shorts/tanks trading it in for scarves and shoes. Sigh. Oh and school will be starting next month already and Warren will be back to driving the school bus!
I love summer minus the mosquitos!!! We have had a boat load of those pesky little beasts and my poor garden got way neglected, partially due to the blood-thirsty tiny attackers and partially because we had a super busy summer between hubby Warren's BBQ events, umpiring, Fireworks tent, his Romania trip and my concerts. We got a few things done in the yard but there's much more to be done, so thankfully we will still have a couple to three more months of warmer weather left. So....not going into a cold-weather panic yet 🙂


Harvest Fellowship Church - Block Party - 400 2nd Ave. N, Sauk Rapids, MN
Live Music/Free Food/Fellowship/Fun/Games

Date: Sunday, August 21
Time of Event: 4-6p
Sam's Music Time: 5:20 pm

This is an annual event outdoors on the church's front lawn. I will be one of the music guests playing for the event.

Last month we had the opportunity to play for the first time at a restaurant. Jeremy, the owner of Cornerstone Buffet and Restaurant in Sartell took a step of faith and decided to have Warren and I come to provide 'live music' on a Friday night. Now I've played at events where I was a musical guest during times when people were eating and I've played at many coffeehouses – but at a restaurant that was actually a first.

To have some amplification I had asked my friend Grant Erickson if he had an amp I could borrow. Instead my awesome friend provided a whole sound system AND ran the sound for us! WOW! Talk about royal treatment! It was awesome! This made singing in a full restaurant with all it's noises much much easier on my vocal chords!

We had such a great time! It was a blast to share our songs, play some contemporary songs everyone knew and also share a bit of silly stories or a blessing from God with those present. We had a lot of friends come out for this 'live music' event which was so super cool.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who came out! .....and....Jeremy would love to have us back and already asked when we'd be back. We are thinking every two months or so, depending upon our schedules and other concert bookings. 🙂 So be looking for further announcements.

In Wisconsin we had two concerts as well. Those were the "hidden gems" places that God shows us when He opens doors and we go through them.

The first place was 420 Internet Cafe, a connection we received through one of the guests at our concert with Brendan Brooks over a month ago at Barnabas Christian Coffeehouse.
Our new friend Larry contacted the owner of the cafe, who then contacted me to see if I'd like to come and play! This was so exciting – word of mouth – that's how it's supposed to be. This is really very cool! We scheduled a date with Pastor Russ for us to come and play on July 28th.
We had an absolutely wonderful and blessed time there! Dave who manages the coffeehouse was just the coolest guy who helped us with setting up sound and just making us feel at home.
We made more new friends and we had to take selfies with them! Love that bunch of people! Looking forward to returning! 420 Internet Cafe has a strong focus on ministry and gives the love of Christ to those walking through the doors! Awesome!

Then Barnabas Christian Coffeehouse called me as well and they wanted us to come at the end of July too. So we scheduled our time with them for two days after 420 Internet Cafe.
The folks there were so super excited to have us come and requested for Warren to bring his saxophone this time. I even got a call from Randy to be sure we would not forget. We were just thrilled about their enthusiasm and we truly enjoy the atmosphere as it's one of those places where you just feel so welcome, loved, cared about and feels like "home". It is a great ministry to those who come through their doors!
Our time of sharing music, testimonies and enjoying fellowship was just wonderful! We got to play, we prayed and lifted up praise – being thankful for the goodness of our heavenly Father! Looking forward to our next time there with more new friends!


If you don't have a copy of my CD ("When Wallflowers Dance") or a copy of my accompanying book with the same title, contact me to get your copy.
The book is basically the stories, testimonies and messages behind each of the songs on the CD. The book is meant as an encouragement, strengthening and hope for the reader and listener of the CD.
To order contact me via email:

Also new on my website is a little orange icon with a hand that says "TRACK". That's by "Bands In Town" and is for the purpose of notifying you if I'm playing music in your area. So, if you would like to get a notification, please click the icon and sign up! This icon is located under the "Find Us On Facebook" widget.
Many of you have asked me to let you know when I'm in the area, but that's sometimes hard to do to keep track of everyone. This way I'm able to do so and it's convenient for you as well.

Well that's all the news on the music side for now. Our busy summer is slowing down, which is good, so we can take a breather and place some focus on the home front.
September will bring one more BBQ event for us and then hopefully the calendar will fill with some music/ministry opportunities.
We will keep you posted on here – and – to be sure not to miss out, please check the FaceBook Music Page: Sam Scales Music – or – sign up via the TRACK button for concert notification in your area.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Until next time....

posted by Sam on 08/16/2016

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The month of June has been a very busy time for me in the personal realm. Hubby Warren had a lot of events scheduled with BBQs and the yearly TNT Fireworks Tent where my assistance was needed and of course that pushed any music related things into the background.

So, now I finally have the chance to get caught up with the music stuff and get an update out. So I'll start with....

Eau Claire, WI - 420 Internet Cafe, 420 Washington Street

Date: July 28 Time: 7 pm

First time at this venue and looking forward to an intimate acoustic evening in worship and fellowship.

Chippewa Falls, WI - Barnabas Christian Coffeehouse
19 W. Spring Street

Date: July 30 Time: 7 pm

Looking forward to being back at Barnabas spending time in fellowship with our new friends!


InspireSong 2016 was an awesome experience! Not only was it a fun time, but this conference was more than just that. It felt like a "family reunion"! I've made a lot of new friends and connections with other artists and we all are looking forward to 2017 already!

My pastor friends in South Dakota made the following observation when I came back to their church after attending the InspireSong Retreat: I had a sparkle in my eyes, my countenance lighter and a renewed spirit then when I had first arrived there on my way to InspireSong. :)
A big thank you to Keith Mohr and to Crossroads Church for such a wonderful event! Also a big thank you to all of the mentors who spent the weekend with us!

I left home to my first stop in Sioux Falls, SD spending time with a friend and getting to enjoy a bit of sight seeing. The next day I left for Hot Springs, SD to be with our friends & my host family, the Martins, at Joy Community Fellowship Church.

After a few days of rest I was on my way to InspireSong 2016!!!

In Denver I met up with fellow artist friend Dora Stavrolakes from New York who flew into Denver, took a bus to the transit station where I picked her up. On the drive to InspireSong we enjoyed great scenery and had a snack at Taco Bell!
We checked into our hotel, got ourselves situated and then met up with another early arrival artist friend from Canada, Tony Chung, sharing snacks and stories!

The next day the three of us had a bit of time so we went exploring Aspen. We had a blast taking pictures and even playing guitar!

Later that evening it was time for registration at the conference venue, Crossroads Church.
We were greeted with an InspireSong inscription on the carpet done by amazing lighting, they served us some wonderful hors d'oeuvres and then we started our first session with a welcome by Keith Mohr, founder of and organizer of InspireSong2016, a meet-and-greet, getting to know one another and a bit of song sharing.

That evening was also the reveal of the winner of the InspireSong2016 songwriting contest. Alyce Metallo won with her song "No Rival". I love that song by the way and it is to this day still stuck in my head!

The next days were filled with lots of information, learning, fun, music by our mentors, a music business panel, question & answer sessions and getting to observe the professionals Matthew West, Benji & Jenna Cowart write a song right in front of us. They had to accomplish this task within the time limit of two hours!
Their song was actually quite amazing when finished and it stuck in our heads after that and beyond the event. Initially they didn't want any of us to chime in, but when you have a room full of 100 creatives that's a bit hard to do!! So we chimed, they wrote it down, got another idea and away they went with all the ideas on the board. Eventually they finalized the lyrics all the while Matthew West was playing a tune on the guitar. We are all looking forward to them to release "Oh Creator"!

After our mentors showed us how to do it and taught us the do's and don'ts of songwriting, we had OUR turn to write a song. We had 3 hours, one hour more than our professionals!!! We were broken up into 10 teams, the team leaders were chosen by Keith Mohr.
It was a surprise to me that I was chosen to be one of the songwriting team leads! The stuff that Keith Mohr does to me, haha! But I think he had a good idea of what I could actually do, even when I thought I could not. It was pretty scary, but at the same time exciting! So grateful he gave me that challenge!
Part of my team were Dora Stavorlakes, Belinda Pratt and Larry French. Our song idea began with a dream Belinda had and in hearing her story I saw something in the spirit that brought the continuing idea and in working it out, our song took on shape. It took us over supper to finish our song, which means we were starving by the time we had to get back to the conference to share our song.....but we were thrilled to have a whole song done in three hours! The title of our song is "If My Faith Could Walk On Water". It will be recorded on my next album... :) So stay tuned!

That evening all of us team leads shared our songs. Some songs were finished, some were rough, but almost done, some songs were fun, others inspiring, some may never be sung again. It was a great experience for sure. In the testimony part of how the songwriting went there were many stories shared of either everyone just coming together, or strong songwriters butting heads. The latter discovered after prayer and coming together with an idea which they found both fulfilling, inspiring and powerful, they actually worked out their differences and flowed with each other. They presented the strongest song in my opinion! Very cool all the way around!

The next day during the Sunday church service our mentors shared their new song.
After the service it was picture taking time with everyone before they headed out. So of course I had my picture taken with Matthew West and Benji and Jenna Cowart.

We stayed an extra day to reflect on the event and hang out with those who also decided to stay a bit longer. We shared our experiences, collaborated some more and prayed together.

It was really hard to say our good-byes, especially to those with whom I had formed a closer relationship while at the event. I'm thrilled to now have people in my life who I can call not only co-writers, artist friends and fellow creatives, but truly family of God and that's awesome!
I'm also grateful to the wonderful staff at Annabelle Inn, where we stayed and especially Mike who took care of our breakfasts, opened the conference room up to us artists so we could have songwriter-in-the-round sessions and gave us a sight seeing trip in the hotel van to see the Maroon Bells. Thank you for your awesome hospitality!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Keith Mohr, founder of IndieHeaven, our facilitator and organizer of InspireSong 2016! A deep thank you of gratitude goes to all the staff at Crossroads Church of Aspen! Thank you for your dedication, your hospitality and kindness to all of us artists. You made us feel at home, welcomed, special and taken care of. You all are wonderful and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2017!!!

After the conference I returned back to Hot Springs, SD and Joy Community Fellowship Church. On my drive back I received a phone call from Pastor Bill to find out if I'd be interested to play on the tour bus he would be taking to the Billy Graham Prayer rally at the Capitol Pierre.
Of course I agreed, so the next morning was an early one at 5 am and off we went. Everyone was still sleepy in the mornings on the bus, but after the rally on the way home I played a few worship songs for everyone with some sitting up front singing along because they were able to hear better than those in the back. Someone even bought a CD! That was cool!

After getting a couple days of rest, I started my trek back home as hubby Warren had events scheduled and needed my presence!

So I had to say good-bye to my good friends in South Dakota but I'm so looking forward to seeing them again - if not soon - at least next year on my way back to InspireSong 2017!

Well, that's quite a lengthy update in catching up the events of end of May/beginning of June since I didn't get to do that last month.
There is so much more I could write, but that would take way too long for you to look through and I don't want to take up a lot more of your time!

So far the two music events at the end of the month is the only thing I have scheduled in the summer with the exception of one in August in Sauk Rapids for our church.

Currently I'm working on some dates for the fall in Indiana, Illinois and maybe Ohio. If you want to see more updates often, please go to my Facebook Page: and catch me there.

May our Lord Jesus be your strength and blessing in your life, your strong tower and your refuge. Until the next update.....rejoice!

posted by Sam on 07/13/2016

April News and Indiana Concert & Retreat Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Last month (March) I couldn't post any news - because for some reason this page kept giving me an error. Well, I'm going to try to post April's and see what happens. Guess if you see this - it got posted!

Boy do I have lots to share with you! Cool and exciting things are happening! So, I'm going to dive right in there.
Last month hubby Warren and I were back in Wisconsin for some concert time at the Upper Room Christian Community coffee house in Sheboygan and The Overflowing Cup & Total Life Center in Beloit. Both places are very dear to us, as the Upper Room has been a place where I started my "touring career" and The Overflowing Cup was a place where Warren and I ministered for a year as staff members. Fond times we will always remember and that's why we are always excited to be invited back and return to be a blessing. Likewise the folks who come out for the concert nights minister to us as well and it's always the most wonderful time when the Lord brings us together as the body of Christ as we worship and fellowship together in music and in His Word.

In Beloit, my daughter Cindy got to come out and presented all the goodies people could purchase from my "merch" table. It was great having her there as well as other dear friends who came out to see us and spend an evening together in the Lord.

Back at home we were one of the guest artists at the Empty Bowls event at Calvary Community Church in St. Cloud, a yearly fundraiser for the Place Of Hope.
This is also a time when hubby Warren is very busy in the kitchen making sure that all the donated soups go out to the various locations within the building on time. Lots of folks came out for the event and enjoyed tasting all the different flavors of soups available – and so did we! Yum!

Last Thursday I also got to lead our Thursday night group meeting at the Cup Of Joy Fellowship, playing a few songs and then going into a message from the Word of God in using one of my songs "Run" from my book. So that was exciting and a lot of fun because my "artistic side" came out and I acted out some characters in my message like David, Goliath and....MMA fighters. You had to be there.....

Now to the news and upcoming events.


I am super excited about the next upcoming events, because I've been invited to join two other ladies in ministry. Carol Brandl, who shepherds Cup Of Joy Fellowship in Sauk Rapids, MN is the coordinator and facilitator of a women's retreat ministry called "Retreats By Design". The reason for the name is that each retreat is different according to the needs of the women being ministered to. Retreats By Design was created for the purpose to lead women into a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ through the Word of God and prayer, as well as address their individual spiritual needs.
The other lady is Lynne Shannenhouse, a licensed therapeutic massage therapist who ministers healing through massage ministry which she has also done in disaster areas such as Katrina. She has also ministered overseas in Haiti and Israel.

I can tell you that I've experienced Lynne's healing hands when she gave me the best massage ever! Three years after my car accident I was still pretty messed up and just the one treatment has helped tremendously.....of course I'm hoping to get more treatments!!! She's great and you'll love her! So if you ever come to a retreat that Lynne is able to be available for – you'll be in for a treat!

We all experience different hardships in life such as losses, difficulties, divorce, abusive relationships, anxiety, depression, losing our sense of purpose, going through transitions, needing hope and encouragement. Sometimes we even feel "stuck" in life.
If you are dealing with things like that – or just desire to grow more spiritually – that's what the retreats are designed for.

So the three of us basically address spirit, soul and body using our individual ministry gifts. Pastor Carol touches the spirit through administering the love of Christ Jesus through the Word of God and prayer. I (Sam) address the soul through my music which has brought emotional peace and healing to many I've ministered to in my music mission since 1999. Lynne addresses the body through her wonderful healing hands in her massages.

So far we have Retreat Events scheduled in Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota and South Dakota (listed in 'Upcoming Events' below)
However the fees the attending ladies pay is only for their lodging, meals and retreat materials and does not cover our lodging, meals, gasoline and other travel expenses. The free will offering we take doesn't always cover our expenses and is actually our only personal income.

If you have a love for the lost and the hurting and would like to see people restored in their relationship with Christ there is a way you can come alongside us as a member of the body of Christ and help us fulfill the mission we are called to do.
I'm wondering if you'd prayerfully consider contributing into our travel fund which is set up with GoFundMe.

There's lots more info available on that page you can read through, as well as access the Retreats By Design website – and we'll be posting an update there soon also.
A big "Thank You!" goes out to those who have already contributed! We really appreciate you!

Now to the upcoming events........ I'm super excited about a concert I get to do in Brown County Indiana. Last year on a trip down to Kentucky, we visited the idyllic and artsy town of Nashville, IN. We stopped in at a coffee shop and I just fell in love with the owner! I asked her if she'd consider having me come to play next time I'm through and she said "YES"! I called her a couple of weeks ago, since we are heading to Kentucky again if she'd have an opening for me to come and play. She said "YES"! She's thrilled and can't wait – as I am also!

Upcoming Events are listed under my "Events" on this page.

I'm super thrilled that I will be in Hot Springs, SD again at Joy Community Fellowship Church from May 12-17. Exact schedule is still to be determined, but I'm excited to see my church family there as they've all become dear to my heart and this is another one of those places I can call 'home' when I come to visit and serve! Thank you to Pastor Bill and his wife Pat for having me!
In April's update I will have more information about that visit available. But I already know that I'll be interviewed on the radio and my music be featured. Cool, ey?

I will also be at InspireSong Songwriter's Retreat in Aspen, CO! I'm super excited about that one. This is something I've been wanting to go to for years! Since I'm part of IndieHeaven (see Sam's IndieHeaven page) since 2004 or 2005, Keith Mohr, the founder of IndieHeaven has been a mentor to me as well as a good friend. His seminars and songwriter retreats are awesome as I had attended a few in the earlier years. So thankful I'm getting to go this time! If you're a Christian musician and would like to attend, you still can sign up.

As you can see – TONS of stuff going on and I'll be quite busy with music and ministry the next couple of months. I'm thrilled to see what God is going to do and how He is going to grow me through this whole experience. I'm sure there will be some stretching going on and the comfort zone being "invaded".


I know this is quite a long post with all the event flyers and info. However still want to share something from one of my messages this past month – from the song "Run".

It talks about the story of David and Goliath, but I took a different perspective then what we have always heard in Sunday School. There's not just the story of the giant, but there's a whole principle behind what took place in the Valley of Elah and the battle. Where one single man had an entire army so paralyzed in fear that they could not move. It was so interesting to me how come the entire Israelite army didn't storm the Philistine army and got it over with – instead of waiting for ONE man to get the courage to fight the single giant who spouted words of intimidation. They ALL could have banded together and defeated that whole army! They were the people of the Living God. But maybe war rules were different back then??
Yet, I could recognize and see that this is exactly what's going on today and how Satan binds us with fear and intimidation. I have fallen prey to that many times!! It can paralyze you, drop you into hopelessness, despair, defeat and depression.

Keeping it short – So here is David showing up on the scene, hears what's going on, makes a declaration of faith.
That declaration of faith is met with anger by David's oldest brother who had been at that battle the whole time basically saying that David is a little shepherd boy and he should go home to his sheep and leave the fighting to men! ......hmmmm....don't think they were getting much done.

Here's something to consider: there's always the voice of disbelief when another voice speaks a declaration of faith. Hasn't that happened to you? Either someone discouraged you – or even you yourself said something that might have caused another to doubt?

The leader of Israel – King Saul – also needed encouragement. So he hears about what David said and sends for him. In his conversation with him he also expresses disbelief looking at the seemingly insignificant person standing in front of him judging by his looks and size. Nonetheless David convinces Saul that he's the man for the job and Saul tries to deck him out in all his armor. After putting it all on David declares that he cannot go with this armor on because he has not proved them – but he had proved his faith in God. So he took off the armor and grabbed his stones .... and we know the rest of the story.

Here's another thing to think about: David took off something that someone else tried to put on him. It was something that was proven to work for the other person but not for him.
We often try to wear someone else's faith, someone elses's victories or answers instead of exercising what we have already been given.

David – after taking off what held him bound (namely something that was another's) – was able to move FREELY because he was not bound with anything.
We are often bound by the world, our own will, by traditions or religion. We are free in Christ! Galatians 5:1. For freedom did Christ set us free: stand fast therefore, and be not entangled again in a yoke of bondage.
We can only be free in Christ if we know Him and are in a relationship with Him.

David was successful because he had a real relationship with God and He believed and trusted God. The question is: Do we trust God? Only each of us can answer that for ourselves – and it is proven how we make it through our trials.

I think – right now – I'm being tested on this. I would appreciate your prayers. Amazing how this happens that you often get tested on what you've been teaching or sharing. Gulp!!!

posted by Sam on 04/04/2016

The "Angel" from IndieHeaven Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This took place last night! :)

Well guys, some of you who have been keeping up with my FaceBook page have heard, read and seen that my website got hacked with some rather nasty wording in the brown section of my page. This had happened a couple weeks ago – and once again after my latest update, the January one.
After contacting iPage support, putting in a ticket, the issue was removed, however after speaking with the tech from SiteLock, they gave me a very complicated explanation about being hacked from Russia and/or Pakistan.....and of course a very expensive solution....
As you can imagine that was not a route I could afford to go.

So, my good friend, mentor, host of my IndieHeaven page and founder of, Keith Mohr gave me a shout and said he'd be glad to take a look!

So tonight we got together and he did a bunch of updates, like my WordPress which was way out of date and he installed a plug-in which will alert me of any unwanted intruders.

As I'm typing this post, Keith messaged me to let me know he found a malicious code in a theme I'm NOT using. Interesting, isn't it? After he cleared that out, another scan showed more malicious codes in the theme I was actually using! So, he got rid of that also by updating to a newer version of the same theme! Voila! Problem solved!

Wow Keith! Way to go!!! I'm like MAJOR IMPRESSED!!!
I'm so grateful for your time and your wisdom in helping me solve this issue! God bless you!!

Artists, that's the kind of service you get from someone who truly cares about the people he serves! Thanks again Keith!

posted by Sam on 01/27/2016

Happy January! Music News and Updates Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Well, it's a bit late to say "Happy New Year".... since January is almost over, however it's still cool to wish everyone a blessed 2016!
Hopefully all of you had a wonderful holiday season without stress and enjoyed some laid back times – but who am I kidding right? The holiday season is always crammed packed with activities, church functions, concerts, cooking, food, family – and yes, even some fun :)

For us the beginning of December wasn't any different, however we did enjoy laid back and relaxed holidays – out of necessity mainly – because both of us were sick with the flu/fever/cold. Nasty stuff but it sure made us just pull up the blankies and relax on the couch or bed. No hustle, no bustle.... in a way that part was great! However we sure did miss being able to either be with family far away or with friends close by. So....we are gonna make up for it next year, haha!

Beginning of January kept us busy with doing some more home improvements like painting the basement and insulating the crawl space under the house. Good thing we did because it got REALLY cold for a week or so! Sure glad to see the 20's. Never thought I'd ever be excited to see 20+.
Now with the basement painted in a nice warm white, it looks SO much friendlier down there. Over the summer I had also gotten some laminate flooring in a garage sale and hubby found more at the Re-Store store, so we were able to make one section of the basement looking nice with some wood flooring.

Now we are looking forward to spring and working on the garage that needs to be sorted badly!

My daughter Cheryl Breaker from Bumble-B Photography has been doing some really awesome baby photos of my newest grandson! You can look up her website on Facebook:
I also captured a couple photos from my older daughter Cindy and her son Michael and daughter Hannah. Since I can't post those here, you can see them on my website: in the News and Updates section.


My December Holiday Concert was a blast! It was well attended and it was SOOO good to see many of friends come, old ones and new ones! Thank you all for your support!
A special treat was another musician couple who came to the concert. We met many years ago when we first had moved to Minnesota and took part of a musician's round in Little Falls this couple was part of. We have always stayed in touch over the years and also did some gigs together so it was just fun to see them and then go out to eat with them for more fellowship time!


Salvation Army – Family Store Location, 400 Hwy. 10 S. Saint Cloud, MN
Bible Study - Time: 12:30 pm, Date: January 26. - Serving in Music at the bible study.

I'm excited to be able to play at a retreat in Garrison, MN at the end of this month! It'll be a fun time not only ministering in music but also to receive some ministry and have great fellowship with other ladies.

Private Event – February 7

Upper Room Christian Community, 1125 N. 8th Street, Sheboygan, WI
Dates: March 4 & 5, Time: 7 pm
Looking forward to a fun time with my family at the Upper Room! I'll be sharing a variety of music and introducing some new songs!

Overflowing Cup & Total Life Center, 1175 Madison Road, Beloit WI
Date: March 12 Time: 7 pm
Excited to have been invited back by Pastor Dave for a concert for their Saturday Live Music nites! Will be good to see all these friends and new folks!

Calvary Community Church, 1200 Roosevelt Road, St. Cloud, MN
Date: March 27, Time: 1 pm
Event: Empty Bowls is from 11-3. I'll be playing at 1 pm.
Come eat all the soup you can eat and join me in concert in one of the rooms.


Don't forget that I have a new book released titled "When Wallflowers Dance". To read more details about it, you can go to my tab "THE BOOK" on my website.
To get a copy of the book please e-mail me at:
Book without CD: $15 (plus $2.72 postage).
Book with CD: $25 (plus $2.72 postage).
I have decided to hold off with online payment options after my website was hacked last week. It was caught and cleared up and through SiteLock my website is always safe to browse, however I just do not want to chance any issues with online payments at the moment.
So please, just contact me via my e-mail (above) and we can still do the old fashioned safe way. Money Order and mail :)

My song "A New Day" is still on the IndieHeaven Top 20. Charting at #5 currently. Go to the Tab Top 20 on the IndieHeaven Page to vote.

This week in my reading and time with the Lord I've pondered on a particular scripture in the book of Haggai, Chapter 1:2-11.
The Lord asked the Jews who had returned from exile to rebuilt the temple. The first group did get started and laid the foundation, but then due to a lot of opposition from the people around them the work on the temple came to a screeching halt. So 16 years later the Lord raised up faithful men like Haggai and Zechariah to get the people to be productive in the Lord's business.

Now I'm going to paraphrase this in plain language! Most of you know me, I try to keep it practical.
Ok. The people had said to themselves that the time to rebuild the temple hasn't come yet, there was still plenty of time to think about it later. Another thing was they allowed the attitudes and influences of others around them to keep them from pushing through, continuing on past their fears and overcoming discouragement.

So the Word of the Lord came with a wake up call. Maybe in today's time it would sound like this: "Yo, wait a minute! So you are ok with building up fancy houses for yourselves and live happily ever after, but forget about the house of the Lord?" Gulp. When you hear God asking you that question, it's like a double take isn't it?

He further said to them: "Consider your ways!!" That means basically 'you just been going on like I don't exist and then you wonder why you're not getting ahead in life and you go through your finances like you got holes in your pockets and thus you are miserable. You want a whole lot and to attain it you work like crazy, however you're getting little because my house lies desolate, forgotten, out of sight-out of mind, while you're running and working insanely to build up your own life'.
So God caused things to happen to withhold the blessings of harvest from them....just to get their attention. That doesn't mean He didn't love them or care for them, quite the opposite! Therefore if He had left them to their own devices, pretty soon they would have totally abandoned everything that they knew was right and completely walked away from God, backslidden and in misery.
Does this sound familiar of the times today? May we listen to His beckoning!

Well, if we think about it – how many of us have had "holes in our pockets" a few times in life? Now that doesn't mean we were unfaithful to the Lord every single time, because times of testing come and we also live in a fallen world. However, I also know when my focus was everywhere else except on the Lord, I struggled a lot more. Mainly because my focus was on the circumstance rather than trusting God that 'this too shall pass' and to focus on my primary priority – to build the kingdom of God and to remain faithful.

When the people obeyed and began the work on the house of the Lord, God re-assured them saying to them: "take courage.....for I Am with you". Haggai 2:4.
He is saying the same to us today. So I want to encourage all of us to remain faithful to God, no matter what, because being angry at or running away from the ONLY One who can actually truly help us makes no sense. We remain in pain. To be afraid or fearful of what other people may say or think or do, is also a stronghold which keeps us from fulfilling all that we were created to be, because of how we think about ourselves, God and others. Always keep going forward, don't look back to your past, because that's gone and you can't change it, but you can do something about the future!

Keep building – God is with you!

posted by Sam on 01/27/2016

December's Joyous Greetings Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This is one of the most busiest times of the year – getting ready for the Christmas Season. Many of you are shopping, picking out that perfect gift for loved ones, friends, co-workers and others whom God puts on your heart to bless this season.
I for one am grateful for the greatest gift we have ever been given and truly the only one we NEED desperately to save our souls. Thank You Heavenly Father for sending your Son and thank You Jesus for what You've done and accomplished on the cross for without the shedding of Your blood there would be no forgiveness for our sins. But now we have hope and thus we celebrate!

I've been staying busy wearing many hats this month. A wood-refinisher and painter, helping hubby on a construction project. A trainee/beginner in "boot-camp" getting some much needed exercise and nutrition advice to keep staying healthy. A graphic designer, re-creating some templates for someone who needed previous artwork changed from a few years back. A songwriter, working on a couple new songs, one being almost finished titled "Grateful Heart" which pretty much echoes what I wrote above. A singer and music-minister playing at the Salvation Army, Cup Of Joy and other places.

Here are some of the "highlights".

Don't forget that I have a new book released titled "When Wallflowers Dance". To read more details about it you can go to my tab "THE BOOK".

To get a copy of the book for now please e-mail me at:
Book without CD: $15 (plus $2.72 postage).
Book with CD: $25 (plus $2.72 postage).

I still need to work on an online payment option. With all the hats I've been wearing so far I haven't had time enough to really research this and spend some time learning how to do it. But it's coming...

If you've liked the music, this book are the stories behind the music, the inspiration for each song and testimony with message, because every song has a purpose. It's stuff God's been teaching me about.
If you know someone who would enjoy both music/book combo for Christmas, let me know soon, especially if you are out of town. If you are in town, email me and we can meet up.

I've just ordered the discs to go with the books for those who would like to get a book/cd combo! I'm hoping that they will be in this next week! Excited to order more music as my CD stock has been getting low. The disc will be in a sleeve at the back of the book.

Still faithfully serving in music at the SALVATION ARMY BIBLE STUDY group. It's been really fun and we have had some great deep discussions about the scriptures we have been reading. One book we've particularly enjoyed is "My Utmost For His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. If you don't have that book, get it! It's daily devotionals which make you think, reflect and appreciate our Savior!

The CHRISTMAS LIGHT PARADE in Downtown Sauk Rapids was a fun time. We hope that next year we get to do a float, which we had planned initially to do this year, but all of our volunteers already had other plans.

BONNIE's HOME DECOR KIDS SHOPPING DAY on Sunday, December 6th was a blast! The kids had such fun shopping with Bonnie and her helpers picking out just that perfect gift for either mom or dad. I was able to play a mix of Christmas Music and some of my own songs as per request of someone who attended. She was touched and so excited about what she heard that she said she will get a book/CD combo! Also I was able to give out quite a few free Demo CD's/Information packets to the participants of the shopping day – and some lucky ones had FREE tickets to my upcoming concert in the bag!
Even Katy the Kitteh, my new assistant was present! (Long story, you have to go to my FaceBook Page: Sam Scales Music to see her in "action". Just thought she was a fun, crazy add)
She found her place right on the Merch Table ready to assist anyone who came to visit with her... Actually I had a lot of fun doing her voice for some of the folks who came...

SalvationArmySalvation Army – Family Store Location Bible Study, 400 Hwy. 10 S., Saint Cloud, MN
Time: 12:30 pm. Dates: December 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29. Serving in Music and sharing at the bible study.

Private Event – December 13th.

Christmas Concert COJ PosterJPGSmSam Scales Music Christmas Concert at Cup Of Joy Fellowship.
3 Second Ave., Sauk Rapids, MN.
DATE: December 19th. Time: 7 – 8:30 pm.
Tickets: $5.00. Tickets are available through Bonnie's Home Decor. 120 Division Street, Sauk Rapids (located next door to Cup Of Joy Fellowship).
I will be playing Christmas songs and a few of my originals, share some stories for a time of fellowship and just being together. So come take a break from a busy schedule to enjoy the season's music and adoration for our Savior.

Now I hope that all of you will have a peaceful holiday season and I wish for all of us that the joy of Jesus would dwell in our hearts ever so strongly not just during the holidays but throughout the next coming days, months and years. Keep your heart and mind focused on Christ and you will have peace and joy. May His Word become the treasure you seek, not chasing after the presents under the tree. Let family gatherings become a cherished time with your loved ones and a time of laying aside anything that hinders forgiveness and caring for one another. We need this now more than ever – for if we are divided, how can we stand?

Now I wish all of you the Joy of Jesus this season and Happy New Year with a deeper, closer, loving walk with Jesus in 2016!

posted by Sam on 12/12/2015

November News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Happy Fall y'all :)

We are having the most beautiful fall weather up here in the North! Love the 60′s in November! Wish it would stay that way, but I know the falling temperatures are on their way soon... In the meanwhile we for sure are enjoying the wonderful weather we have been blessed with.

Well I have a lot of news to share for this month, so I'm going to dive right in!

I'm very excited to announce to you that my FIRST book is done and being printed at the time of this writing. It will be available November 14th.

About the book:
It is my joy to be able to share with you the stories behind the songs of my latest CD release titled the same as the book 'When Wallflowers Dance'. This devotional comprises the lyrics of the songs from this CD, the process of each song's inspiration, music and recording as well as their individual messages. There's always a life lesson, testimony and God encounters to each song!

The theme of the book is about overcoming the obstacles of soul issues (such as depression, hopelessness or lost dreams) and how by renewing our minds through God's Word we can continue to stay or become fruitful in all circumstances by allowing God to guide our dreams to fruition. It is not in achieving our goals in which we are fulfilled, it is in the dance with God we are satisfied! Rejoicing doesn't necessarily come when we have attained our goal, but rather in the dance. In letting Him have His way and not us insisting on ours, the goal will have an impeccable outcome and we are fulfilling our absolute purpose!

To get a copy of the book please e-mail me at: Book without CD: $15 (plus postage). Book with CD: $25 (plus postage).
I hope to have online payment options available via my website on the Book's page. At this time I still have to figure out how to do so. In the meanwhile we will have to do it the old fashioned way with snail mail and money order. :)

This last month I was quite busy using my gift in music to be a blessing to people.

The bible study at the SALVATION ARMY has become a steady place for me to serve. During the month of October it was not only in music but also co-leading the study time with Jennifer each Tuesday afternoon.

It is always a joy to play for the monthly CHRISTIAN MINISTERIAL NETWORK MEETING at the Cup Of Joy Fellowship. At the beginning of October Chris Lohrey from the Cities was the speaker for the month.

At the end of October hubby Warren and I were invited to take part in leading the Worship Nite at HARVEST FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. It was really fun to be able to play with Aaron Sutton, the worship leader. He's such a gifted musician!! It was a great time of prayer, reflection and music. I was able to share a lot of my favorite worship songs and a couple of songs of my original music. It's really cool to have the words up on a big screen for people to follow along, singing with us!


Salvation Army – Family Store Location
Bible Study
400 Hwy. 10 S.
Saint Cloud, MN

Time: 12:30 pm Dates: November 3, 17 & 24. Serving in Music and sharing at the bible study.

WOW Women Reunion - House Concert & Harvest Soup Supper
Private Event, St. Cloud, MN

Date: November 4 Time: 4 pm

Christian Leadership Ministerial Network Meeting
Cup Of Joy Fellowship, 3 Second Ave. Sauk Rapids, MN

Time: 3 pm Date: Sunday November 8, 2015 By Invitation Only
Speaker: Iona Shepherd. I'll be serving in music.

Sauk Rapids Christmas Parade Of Lights, Downtown Sauk Rapids
We meet at Cup Of Joy Fellowship, 3 Second Ave. Sauk Rapids, MN

Date: Saturday, December 5. Time: 1 pm (Parade starts at 5 pm)
We will be decorating a float (pickup bed) in a wintery theme. Come join us in doing so and participate in handing out scarfs and invitations to classes to the bystanders.

Bonnie's Home Decor & More - Kids Christmas Shopping Day
120 Division Street Sauk Rapids, MN

Date: Sunday, December 6. Time: 1-4 pm. Sam Scales Music will provide music for parents.
Bonnie's Home Decor in downtown Sauk Rapids will have a Kid's Shopping day. While the kids shop I will be entertaining the parents in the room next door which is our Cup Of Joy Fellowship. It'll be an awesome afternoon! Bring your kids to shop and be surprised, because you can't look what your children buy... But you'll enjoy live music by yours truly.
Also my new book 'When Wallflowers Dance' will be available for purchase, so please pick up a copy or two!
If you don't have kids but would like to come for the music, please join us.

OTHER DECEMBER DATES to put on your calendar:

December 19th – Sam Scales Music Christmas Concert at Cup Of Joy Fellowship.
Concert starts at 7pm. Tickets: $7.00.

Make sure you check my FaceBook page for other upcoming events, or this website for further announcements.

IndieHeaven Chart:
My song 'A New Day' is still on the charts at the IH Top 20 after a year being on the chart. I'm currently in the #5 position! Give it a vote, maybe it'll jump back up on the chart!

In Ending:
So lots of exciting things happening as you can see!

Thought for the month: Remember that our rejoicing always comes in the dance with our Lord! Not in attaining our goal. That's the blessing. Let Him lead!

Jeremiah 31:13. Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, and the young men and the old together; for I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them rejoice from their sorrow.

Blessings to all.

posted by Sam on 11/06/2015

September News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

After the excitement of this summer's trip and getting caught up with a lot of things at home, plus writing a book, I decided that I better get an update out before September ends.

The summer was very busy for us, not only with the trip that you guys had been reading about in my latest updates in August but also with helping hubby with some BBQ's and his Dixon Golf job. It has been fun to be able to go with him to the various golf courses and be outside to enjoy the summer and also get to spend great time together. I love being with hubby! At one of the last golf tournaments he worked I got very creative with the display table and built a fort to hold all the loose golf balls that he would be giving away at the challenge. I took some pictures which you can see at my news page on my website

In August I also had the privilege to play for and officiate a wedding. We have known this couple for quite a while and it was an honor to have been asked to do the whole wedding.
Hubby Warren catered the food by roasting a yummy pig which everyone absolutely loved and are still raving about.

Recently I received a phone call from another minister friend whom I haven't seen for a while inviting me to play for her bibile study group at the Salvation Army in St. Cloud. Actually the timing was perfect, because I had nothing scheduled and had just prayed about where else God would send me to serve musically. Here the door opened. In October I will not only be playing music but also co-leading this bible study with her partner in this ministry while my friend is gone on vacation. So that'll be cool.

Another friend also called a week ago to ask me if I would be interested to play for Place Of Hope's Walk, Ride, Bike for Hope event this past weekend. They were looking for another artist for music. Grant is a wonderful friend, songwriter and guitarist and is someone with whom I just love to play music, however that day he was pretty busy with running the sound so we didn't have that chance. It was a fun time though. I ended up playing more than I thought I would, which was very cool. So I got to share a lot of my original songs with the people attending and talk a little bit about that in Jesus Christ we have purpose and that He can use any wallflower to be His fragrance!

Over the last few weeks I've been very busy writing. This time not on music but in text. It is an accompanying book that I have been wanting to release along with my latest CD 'When Wallflowers Dance'.
In it I am sharing how each song came to be, a story behind it or the inspiration for it. Along with that I also share a little testimony or somewhat of a message from the Word of God that I felt related to the subject of the song or the lessons God had me learn through circumstances I was going through. Everything we encounter in life always has purpose and in the hand of God it turns into something profitable. Mostly it is our growth in faith and trust the He trains us in. Sometimes those training sessions lasted longer than others, depending how quickly I learned them. But I hope that this little book will bring encouragement or food for thought to you, just like I hope my music will and has touched each of your lives.
In my editing and reading through everything, I have found a few things that I needed to change to keep the train of thought flowing a bit better and a couple of the story messages I had to re-write because it just wasn't coming out the right way. I even confused myself, haha. So, hopefully I can get this done soon, because editing is not exactly a lot of fun and very tedious and it's been hard for me to just sit and keep working on it. However it will be worth all the time and effort, because it will be better than what it was.
This is the first time I've ever written a book and I found that I'm a much better songwriter than a book writer!!! Hopefully I will be done with it before or end of October. I will keep you posted.

UPCOMING EVENTS - see my profile page on

posted by Sam on 10/14/2015

August Tales From The Road (of our Southern Trip) Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

End of July, I've joined two minister friends on a ministry trip through quite a few states of the good ol' US. Here's a recap of this trip:

We started out from MN, went through IA and ministered to a trucker named Don at a reststop.
He actually came walking across the parkinglot with a bass in his hand. After talking to him for a few minutes I felt in the spirit that I was to get my guitar out of the car. So I asked him if he'd like to do a bit of jamming.... Even though his bass was electric and he didn't have an amp, I still could hear it as he played and as I strummed softly, I got to hear the cool riffs he came up with to the songs I was playing. It was really a lot of fun.
We ended up visiting for 2 hours with this man of God. It was very cool to have this spontaneous on the road fellowship.
I ended up loading him up with all of my CDs hoping that he would enjoy them.

We drove through Indiana next with a stop in Indy. There I got to catch up with my good buddy Rob and his family! Was great getting to pray for each one o them individually before departing.

After a great lunch we got back on the road and arrived in Kentucky at our friend's house.
The next day we loaded up her luggage to add to our other luggage, strapped her massage table on the top (I just realized I never took a picture of THAT) and headed towards South Texas.

After three days on the road we arrived at my daughter's house where I got to cuddle my newest grandson Devin and spend a day just with my daughter and baby tooling around in Corpus Christi. During our visit with my daughter, caught up with a friend of my friends who was their ministry partner many years ago during the time of Katrina Disaster Relief.
With her we got to hang out at the beach just enjoying the breeze and sun in our lawn chairs during a couple days and I even swam in the ocean – which was a lot of fun – but oh was that water ever SALTY!! Ick!

On our last day of visiting with my friend's friend we had a nice Mexican dinner together and before we said our good-byes, I got to minister to her with some of my music, right there in the parkinglot sitting on the edge of the walkway which was really cool. She liked what she heard and so I loaded her up with some CDs.

It sure was hard leaving the "fam" in South Texas..... but we had to press on.

There I got to visit with good friends from long time ago when we lived in Houston. It was a thrill to catch up with my good friends Scott and Cheryl Marlow. How we met was really cool, because they actually had come to a songwriter meeting which I attended with my singer/songwriter friend Tawana back then. Even though they are not musicians they enjoy music and enjoyed meeting artists. While we lived in Houston I got to visit a lot with Cheryl. She is an artist herself doing bead work. We all stayed in touch over the years, even after we moved away.

It was equally wonderful to catch up with artist friend Tawana and she was gracious enough to want to hear some of my music. We've always been supportive to one another in our music, so it was a really special time. After sharing some things with Tawana that I felt the Lord is saying to us in these days, we prayed with Tawana before we went on the road.

New Orleans was certainly a very different experience for me. We stayed in the French Quarter for a couple nights for we wanted to do some street ministry the next day. After settling in we walked through Bourbon Street at night – and man – was that ever an eye opener. I felt like I had arrived back in bible times in Sodom and Gomorrah..

My heart certainly was saddened for the condition of so many people there, even the next day as we sat up on Royal Street with music and chair massage, so many people walked by as if we were invisible....
We certainly had a load to take, for I had my guitar, stand and music as well as a cooler with water and my other friend Lynne had her heavy massage chair in a bag over her shoulder, while Pastor Carol carried the rest of the stuff and more water.... It was 115 degrees out there...whew!

Yet for me the highlight of the visit was getting to minister to a young homeless lady named Jennifer. I pray and hope that we made her day! It was a pleasure to know that she belongs to Christ and hear her story. We got to pray with and for her. We hope she made it to her destination where she wanted to go. Looking forward to seeing her in heaven one day!

After New Orleans we headed towards Georgia....

Leaving the strange turmoil of New Orleans behind, Georgia offered much more peace as did the rest of our trip.
There in Georgia my co-traveling ministry partners made arrangements for us to stay a ministry retreat center. They had met the lady who runs the ministry center about three years ago. She was gracious to have us stay for a couple nights. After all that driving from New Orleans it sure was nice to enjoy the beauty of the property.

There we found an outdoor stage and stone benches and I hopped up to play some serious air-guitar and we mimed a chair massage. It was actually quite hilarious, but you had to be there....

While we stayed at the retreat center, we visited the scenic German town of Helen. There I actually played in the town square sitting on a bench and a few people came up to listen, one took a video of me and others walked up and put tips into my guitarcase.
It was really cool to see this little town. Even though it was touristy, they did try to keep the architecture of the Southern Germany/Bavaria region homes and businesses as close as possible to the original. It was fun to have a good ol' fashioned "Laugen Pretzel" again. We stayed till it was just about dark before heading back down the small county roads back to the retreat center.

After leaving Georgia, our next stop was Gatlinburg, TN. On the way there we encountered a lot of cool nature and took some shots. Driving through the Smokeys was really interesting, because it was a cloudy overcast day and we drove through the clouds.
Once arrived in Gatlinburg, we met up with another friend of my ministry partners. She helped us get settled into a nice big hotel room for all our "junk" and ourselves. She came with us to hang out for a while. During this time I had the privilege to play for her right there in the hotel room. She was so immensely blessed by my music, she about made me cry! God is so good and so gracious to give someone a blessing when they need it!

That night we decided to just stay in, have some food and get some rest. There was no way I wanted to do any more driving (like to a restaurant) that evening!

The next day we ventured out into nature before tackling downtown Gatlinburg. After we got done with our nature discoveries, we picked up our friend from her workplace and headed downtown Gatlinburg. Again, this town was truly a tourist place. Tons of people on the streets and even more traffic flowing through the one major main street going through town. Crazy. We stopped for dinner at a place called Craw Daddy's and had us some fish!
Then we visited a portion of the town that was set away from the hustle and bustle of the main street, where I got out my guitar and got to play for those walking by.
After I got done playing, my friends shared with me the observation that all three had found – they thought it very strange and puzzling how people just walked by as if I was invisible. Not that this matters, but the fact that very, very few stopped to receive, if even briefly to give a listen, most walked by and didn't even glance or give a smile. Sign of the times? I don't know.....but I guess singing about Jesus isn't popular these days. But, they got to hear it anyways. Taking back the streets for the Lord!!! I wish more Christians would do this and claim back what the enemy is stealing right from under our noses because we don't pay attention or have become apathetic! Ok....rant over....

But this little tucked away shopping area in Gatlinburg was something that I would have imagined the whole town to be instead of the crazy busy street and some strange shops like voodoo and tara card reading places on the main street that I walked past. However this little tucked away section of Gatlinburg offered a more laid back view and met more of my expectations of what I thought this town was about.
Well, we almost lost track of time....because we had to catch the last trolley back to where my truck was parked before they would go to leaving only every hour instead of every 15-30 minutes. So we rushed back to the station.

Once on the trolley we ended up riding the whole route, because our stop was on the other side of the road. So while we were having a stop before the return trip began, the driver asked me if I'd play him a song pointing to my guitar. So I did. When I got done playing, he opened the door and people started boarding and he as well as my friends said I should just play that one song again, we went. Talk about captive audience, right? Seriously though, it was really fun actually because the people got into it and they smiled and some caught on and sang along and all said a loud "Good-bye" as we waved exiting the trolley.

On this trip I know we touched quite a few people, not as many as we had hoped, but many have grown so cold these days that they don't even want to hear about Jesus anymore.
But that's ok. We did what we were supposed to do and met the people we were supposed to meet and those we did were blessed and hopefully strengthened and encouraged in their walk with God.

The people who were friends or former ministry partners whom we crossed paths with, met up with or stayed with and with whom we were able to spend a lot of time with, all received Word from the Lord.

In keeping this brief – this concludes the few highlights of my journey this August of being on the road for 3 weeks. Today we are heading home.....

Bless you all and I'll be updating soon on what is upcoming.

posted by Sam on 09/22/2015

July Music News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It is now 10 days into a new month! I hope that you all had a wonderful and happy 4th of July!
We spent our time in the TNT Fireworks tent selling fireworks. This is one of my hubby's summertime activities where I ended up helping out as well.
In the beginning we had a tent full of fireworks, at the end - only one small table of small fireworks were left! We didn't have to turn in very much!

After the fireworks we were able to utilize the tent for our Second Annual Tent-Revival with TNT's permission and the owner of the parkinglot. We also had help from a bunch of friends from Harvest Fellowship Church!
During the fireworks sales both of our generators took a dive to non-functioning. We were blessed to have our friend Dan Fletcher bring us their generator so that we could keep electricity in the tent.

Since generators aren't the most reliable for steady current for a sound system for the tent revival, we were able to plug into the electrical outlet at Westside Liquor who generously offered it's usage to us.
Dan Babcock and family came out to help us 'advertise' for the revival. They used some of the empty fireworks cardboard boxes and flattened them and the kids painted "TENT REVIVAL" on them in big colorful letters and kids and adults stood on the side of the road to flag people in.

Our friend Grant Erickson (worship leader at Place Of Hope) came to join us and help us out with his fantastic sound system – including in-ear monitors! Yey! He just amazes me. He runs everything from his mini-iPad!
Of course Grant is also an amazing songwriter and guitarist and I always enjoy getting the chance for the two of us to play together.
A couple days before the service we went to the park to do a run-through of all the songs to iron out and glitches and get all the words right for the overhead. I truly enjoyed the worship and his new song "You Came To Serve" as well as all the other worship songs that we offered up those two nights!
After our worship session Warren stepped up to share scriptures he had been reading and studying on (see below) and a message from his heart.

What is amazing for us, coming from the South where everyone knows what a tent revival is, how many people here looked at us with questioning eyes and some asking "what's that?". Sadly we didn't have very many people come out, but we were thankful for those who did and are even more excited for the salvation of a boy on the first night of the revival! That's what it's all about!


Ministerial Network Meeting at Cup of Joy Fellowship,3 Second Ave. Sauk Rapids.
Day: Sunday July 11 , Time: 4 pm. Speaker: Sam Scales
I will be sharing my new song I wrote today: "Everyone Who Is Called" and will be sharing from Isaiah 43:1-13.

Sauk Rapids Community Crawl, Bonnie's Home Decor, 3 Second Ave, Sauk Rapids
Day: Thursday, July 16 , Time: 5-8 pm
I will be playing music on the sidewalk.

The rest of July is reserved for some family activities with grand-daughter's softball team coming to the Cities to play in a tourney and me working on more music.

EXCITING NEWS!!! I just wrote a song today in preparation for the Ministerial Network where I will be speaking. I'm so excited, because that was a song that I had started the lyrics on many months ago and in looking at some files on my computer I found this song again today.
The Lord gave me the rest of the lyrics today and the melody/chords. I'm so excited that I'll be able to share that song at the Ministerial Network!


We had a lot of fun at the first Sauk Rapids Community Crawl in June.
During our time in playing we had a wonderful surprise. A sweet young lady was working at the Sauk Rapids Herald booth next door. In listening to our music she enjoyed it so tremendously that she came over to join us. I love her name: Mercy! She joined in singing, harmonizing with the most wonderful voice! I hope she gets to sing with me again some time!

You can still vote for my song "A New Day" which is still holding on the Top 20 dropping down to #5 this month. Give it a vote! Just go to the Top 20 Tab on the Indie Heaven Page.

In Ending:
I also want to encourage you to check into the world events that are happening right now and find websites that help you take a look at everything that's happening from a biblical perspective. It is vital that you do and not stick your head in the sand.

We must be informed and equipped!
2 Timothy 3:12-17.
Yea, and all that would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. but evil men and imposters shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.
But abide thou in the things which thou has learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them, and that from a babe thou hast known the sacred writings which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
Every scripture inspired of God is also profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for instruction which is in righteousness. That the man of God may be complete, furnished completely unto every good work.

It is important that you stay informed and especially be spiritually equipped for the days and months to come. We are in the End-Times and prophesy is being fulfilled in front of our eyes. God loves His people but He also wants His people to be sensitive to the leading of His Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned to Yeshua!

posted by Sam on 07/11/2015

Kentucky Encounters & June Events Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My friend and I just got back from a very long drive down to Kentucky and back. Now going down there wasn't all that bad, because we only drove to Chicago and hung out with my super cool daughter and radically cool grandkids for a couple days. So we had a tad bit of rest before tackling the second part of the journey. Coming home was another story. Even though we did another overnight stop in seemed like the drive was harder and longer. Guess that's a phenomena which always takes place upon return trips.

During our first stay with my daughter, we decided that we wanted to go downtown to Chicago's finest Pizza Restaurant. I had chosen "Gino's", but since we did a driving tour through the downtown part,
we got there too late and then headed to my son-in-law's favorite pizza joint, "Giordanos".
I must say that pizza was pretty good. I still haven't decided if I like Gino's better or Giordanos. Both have their unique pizzas and flavors. Soo.... I like them both!

Upon arriving in Kentucky, we settled in with our friend. The next day she had organized a birthday party for her youngest son. Since he's a musician we did some fun jamming together.
He was so multi talented! He was my pancussionist and played the guitolin. We had so much fun! Nothing like making music happen with a bunch of pots and pans and a box and another guitar and a violin bow, haha. After the sillyness I got to play some music for the whole family which was a blessing to all.
I also hat the opportunity to play for another family member of our friend's which was very cool and we were treated to a great meal!

Of course no trip should be without a bit of sightseeing and shopping. So we visited Nashville, Kentucky in Brown County. That town is the coolest town ever. Very artsy and I think I've made a connection with a small coffeehouse there where I can just come play any time I'm down that way. Looking forward to making my debut there.

A trip just seems to be always way too short, but I'm thankful for every experience that came my way and seeing God's blessings in people's lives. A HUGE THANK YOU to our hostess and her family for their hospitality and kindness towards us!

On our way back I got to visit with my good friend Pastor Dave Fogderud from the Overflowing Cup & Total Life Center in Beloit, WI. His ministry has been in operation for 41 years, serving the homeless, needy, youth and anyone who needs a touch from God. They have been at their new location on 1175 Madison Road in Beloit for a couple years or so if I remember right.

NOW - to the UPCOMING EVENTS in June:

Starting June 10, every Wednesday we will hold the Overcoming Depression Group at Cup Of Joy Fellowship, 3 Second Ave., Sauk Rapids, MN 56379. Starting time: 6 pm.
If you ever have or are still struggling with depression you are welcome to attend this Wednesday night group. We will have biblical teaching, group time and prayer. At this group I will be serving in music to help us enter into God's presence.

Beginning on Tuesday, June 9th: Ministerial Training Classes will begin. Starting time: 6 pm. at Cup Of Joy Fellowship.
Do you have a desire to serve the Lord and do the work of ministry? If you answered "YES" you have been called to do just that! God has a ministry for you to do for Him. If you desire to be equipped and trained to do the work of ministry, these will be excellent classes to gain insight and learn more about your gifts and help you define your vision.
All FREE of charge! However, a free-will offering will be taken after each class.

Other Events:
On June 11, I was invited to play a song at a wedding and also in August will be another wedding that I'll be doing music for. Other events/dates are in the works.
Plus - studio! I need to get ready to go back in to record vocals, now that my voice has healed up and my sinuses cleared after my trip to KY. Yey! Glad I can sing again without sounding like I'm in a can.

Remember you can always check out my FaceBook page - Sam Scales Music and visit my IndieHeaven profile and check out my music.
My song "A New Day" continues to hold at position #4 on the Top 20 Chart and has been on the chart for a year now. Very cool.

One more thing - a closing thought:
While in KY I never forgot the impression of a homeless man I saw in Chicago.
He was covered up from head to toe in his sleeping bag, laying and sleeping in an entrance cove to some business in downtown Chicago. It is heartbreaking to see, because I think that so many are our Veterans who have fought for our freedom and are now forgotten. Yes, there are also some who have made terrible choices in life, others who had life overtake them and put them on a path beyond their control. Often society views them as the "throw away people".
So, waking up extremely early one morning I penned down the words that came to me which will become a song with exactly that title. Now I need to write the music to it.

Since we never know what life will bring us, what things may begin to happen here in our country - we truly need to remember one thing - be kind to your fellow man!
Jesus commands us to do so.
Way too many of us nowadays have become people who are filled with anger, frustration, resentment, anxiousness, depression, jealousy.....and we let it out on each other, even in the church!!! We have driven God out of our schools, out of personal lives, out of morality and everything that is good and right. We have begun to call evil good and good evil! It's nuts and stupid!
We cannot expect to keep having the blessings of God upon our society, upon our nation, upon our country, upon our own lives. People of God we must repent! It does start in the house of God and with God's people!
So we need to truly repent and truly seek the face of God for direction in our lives. It is vital for our well-being, spiritually, physically, emotionally....

2 Chronicles 7:12-14:
12 And Jehovah appeareth unto Solomon by night, and saith to him, `I have heard thy prayer, and have fixed on this place to Me for a house of sacrifice. 13 If I restrain the heavens and there is no rain, and if I lay charge on the locust to consume the land, and if I send pestilence among My people --
14 and My people on whom My name is called be humbled, and pray, and seek My face, and turn back from their evil ways, then I -- I hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.

It is in humility that we are to seek God, it is in humility that we must turn from our selfish ways, it is in humility that we must come back to the truth of God's Word and follow and obey it. Anything else is just a facade and a lie!
Only THEN can we expect to see change for the better :)

posted by Sam on 06/04/2015

March Update Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

So, who is ready for warmer weather?? Spring is getting within reach now! Yey!
Some of you in other areas of the country might already be there....while we up north are still waiting patiently. :) But winter shall pass and flip flops will be on our feet again soon! Can I hear a loud "Hooraaayyyy"?

This month, March 5th (which is today as of this writing at 2:30 am) hubby has a birthday! He will be 53 years old. If you want – congratulate him at his e-mail: :)


CUP OF JOY FELLOWSHIP: 3 2nd Ave.N, Sauk Rapids. Between Bonnie's Home Decor & The Herald.

Fellowship Services:
Sundays 12:30p. March 8, 15, 22.
Saturday, March 28: 6p
NO SUNDAY SERVICE 3/29. Come see Sam play at Calvary Community Church at 12:30p for "Empty Bowls" event.
Weekly Meetings: Thursdays at 6pm. Other meetings – to be announced.

CUP OF JOY FELLOWSHIP: 3 2nd Ave.N, Sauk Rapids
Hearing The Voice Of God. A 2-Day progressive seminar.
Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20. Both start at 6:00 pm each day. There's no charge to attend, however a free will offering will be taken at each session.

CALVARY COMMUNITY CHURCH, 1200 Roosevelt Rd., St. Cloud.
March 29th from 11 am – 4 pm
Empty Bowls – Place Of HopeSoup Feed Benefit & Silent Auction. LIVE MUSIC!
Sam's Concert: 12:30 pm. I will be one of the guest musicians playing for the event. Please come see me play from 12:30 – 1:15 pm. I don't have the room assignment yet where I will be, but I'll have my table there with CD's and there's always someone who can direct you to where I will be playing.

If you would like me to come and minister in music at your place of worship, house gathering, fellowship, bible study or festival.... please contact me (or my friends Sue or Rob on the "Contact Page") to schedule your special music time with me. I will come locally (MN, WI) or I will travel. I've been as far as Germany and as close as Texas. :)
I'm looking to book extra dates in Indiana/Ohio in August this year. If you have any connections, please let me know.

My songs are now on Here's the link to my EPK profile and where you can rate my songs.
Unfortunately they don't have a pretty banner for the link like Indieheaven does.

Of course, you can still find my song "A New Day" on the Top20 chart on IndieHeaven. To vote just go to the TOP 20 tab on the IndieHeaven main page.

I just have to mention about the "Answering Your Call To Ministry" Conference at the last day of February. It was totally and spot on awesome! Pastor Carol Brandl (Cup Of Joy) shared a message to inspire us, help us discover and encourage us to go forward in our various ministry callings. Pastor Betty Shepherd (Christian Women's Network) from the Cities came to minister to us in her prophetic calling. So we had two powerhouse women give us WORD! God is good!

Pastor Carol's message really helped us grasp the fact that we all have received at least one of the 5-fold ministry gifts. (Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Evangelist). Her outline really explained things for a lot of folks, so I thought I'd share just a tiny tidbit for you.

Like the apostolic gift. An Apostle is a "sent one". That's a person that's on a mission and mission minded. Someone with that calling likes to establish things, or start things, like a new fellowship for example.
Someone who's prophetic is very bold. They'll just tell you stuff you need to hear not what you want to hear. A Prophet gives you truth. They speak under direct inspiration of God and they serve as eyes and ears in the assembly and they enjoy spending time alone in the Word of God and with God.
Someone who has a heart for the lost is an Evangelist. Those folks have that special knack to share the gospel with unbelievers and draw them to Christ. A person who's evangelistic minded will always share about Christ wherever and whenever.
A Pastor is a person that's concerned about the spiritual welfare of others. They're the ones that are hospitable, see the needs of others, totally enjoys caring for people and filling needs. Someone with the pastoral gift is also a good listener, someone that you can share your feelings with because they are easy to talk to.
A Teacher is a person who has the ability to communicate the Word of God in such a way that people "get it" and know how to apply what they just learned to their own lives. A teacher person is one who loves to study the Word.
Actually Pastor Carol said that most of us have that gift – specially us mature in the Word ones....

Did you see yourself somewhere in there? Well, what are you waiting for? Jesus has called you....will you answer His call?

You know that I did. Many years ago I knew that I was to do more than just sit in the church pew, and do more than just serve in the assembly. There were enough gifted musicians around at that time. I knew I needed to get out of the church walls. That's exactly what I did and began giving concerts in coffeehouses, festivals, outdoor events and even living rooms. The music opened the door for me to share Christ, God's Word or testimony of God's grace in my life with my audience. Within all that there were many times that I also went within other church walls to encourage the brethren. Together we sat the feet of God in worship as the Holy Spirit ministered to the body through my songs. There's nothing better than following what God's put inside of you! Nothing is more rewarding than seeing people touched by the hand of God and people coming to Christ. Ok...that was a side note.

Back to the conference. We had two sessions during this event with Pastor Betty Shepherd giving us insights into 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit at the second session. The seven gifts she shared about were: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord.

During the intermission I got to play an hour long concert, which was of course a total blast for me and we all had such a good time with the music, me sharing some testimony and stories and just laughing and praising God for His presence with us as we worshipped and fellowshipped together.

So in short that whole conference – IT ROCKED!

Well, that's all for this update. Should anything new arise, you'll get an "update alert".
Keep your eyes on Jesus and let's do life His way!

posted by Sam on 03/05/2015

February Update Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Happy February Everyone!

We are getting closer and closer to Spring, right? For us up here in the North that's very exciting! I'm ready to get those flip flops out :0-).

This past month I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying and seeking God for the answers two 3 questions Pastor Carol of Cup Of Joy Fellowship asked us during services in January.
The first one was: What do you want God to do for you this year?
My answer to that one is: that I want my walk and relationship with the Lord to be closer than it ever has been. I want His heart. I want to be found faithful (and full of faith). I need to stop grumbling and be rather more thankful for all that He has done and been in my life and I need to overcome some fears that tend to creep up every now and then.
How about you? Since my last newsletter, have you been thinking about your answers and heart's cry to God?
Luke 18:8b.....however, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?

The second question was: What will you do for the Lord this year that will make an impact for the kingdom of God and your life worthwhile?
My answer to that one is: go out there and do my music and share more from His Word. Finish my two albums (the Lord willing that will happen financially) and of course keep writing new songs. Finally to begin working on the 4 devotionals that are to accompany each CD album that I have released and get them published. It's been something that I've put off for way too long!
Philippians 1:6. For I am confident of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

The third question was: What and who are you committed to?
The answer for me – as well as for all of us should be: Jesus Christ, love for the brethren, sharing the gospel and making an impact for the kingdom of God.
Romans 6:16-18. Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or of obedience resulting in righteousness? But thanks be to God that though you were slaves of sin, you became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which you were committed, and having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.

Actually I would love to hear your testimonies of what God is revealing to you!
Just e-mail me.....(my email info is under the "Contact" tab up top). Due to a ton of spam I had to disable the "comment" feature on my website until we can figure out how to ensure it's actually people who are writing in not spam bots.

3 2nd Ave.N, Sauk Rapids
Between Bonnie's Home Decor & The Herald.

Fellowship Services:
Sunday, February 8: 12:30p
Saturday, February 14: 6p
Sunday, February 22: 12:30p

Weekly Meetings:
Wednesdays at 6pm, Thursdays at 6pm, Fridays at 6:30 pm - Movie Night

FEBRUARY 7 (Saturday) @ 6:30 pm. CUP OF JOY FELLOWSHIP - Men's and Women's Seminar.
Our Guest Speaker is Doug Hince.

Doug has been walking with Christ for 26 years after the Lord delivered him from drug and alcohol abuse. The Lord has commissioned him to share the good news with others.
We truly can be victorious in Christ.


Our 3-Day Women's Seminar on "Overcoming Negative Feelings" at the Cup Of Joy Fellowship was totally awesome! If you weren't able to attend, you truly missed an immense time of ministry! People got set free, got prayed for, lives were changed, minds were renewed and there were moments of such unity in Christ it was amazing!
I can just imagine that's how it could have possibly been at the Acts Chapter 2 Ekklesia when they met together to encourage one another in Christ and the unity they had.
So come on down next time and don't miss out!

Hubby is working on an exciting project. He will be putting together a CD (or two) of old beloved hymns with just instrumental saxophone music. One CD will also have scripture and testimony narration outlining the "Roman Road" to salvation, with the songs properly placed to fit the message. It'll be really cool once it's done. He plans to give away those CD's for the purpose of bringing people to a saving knowledge in Christ.

For me January has been filled with learning a couple new worship songs and "tweaking" them to put my own style into them, which has been a lot of fun for me, discovering some different short melody lines. Of course also preparing for Sundays as I serve at Cup Of Joy Fellowship to lead worship when I'm not on the road. I've started putting together little "songbooks" so that folks can sing along, which they've really appreciated.

Also – the dreaded taxes paperwork had to get done and this year I wanted to be ahead of that project which I always love to procrastinate on. But no more. The paperwork is done – all I'm waiting on is some W-somethings that are still to come in from hubby's work.

I'm still planning on going back to the studio, but at this point I'm not exactly sure when yet. There's some things I'd like to really work on the next couple months so that studio time will be cut shorter, plus studio still needs to get the tracks to me that the studio musicians played so that I can start working with those vocally as well.

Right now I'll also be concentrating on starting those Devotional Books I mentioned earlier to go with each of my previously released CDs. So I'll have my work cut out for me :)

You can still vote for my song "A New Day". In this new month of February it is still on the IndieHeaven Top 20 Chart, holding at #4. Just see the TOP20 tab up top on the IndieHeaven website.

Make sure you check my FaceBook page or "like" it if you haven't done so already.
The link is on the left side of this page. I usually have all the newest updates there and most of the time I post something daily.

If you would like me to come and minister in music at your place of worship, house gathering, fellowship, bible study or festival.... please contact me (or my friends Sue or Rob on the "Contact Page") to schedule your special music time with me.
I will come locally (MN, WI) or I will travel. I've been as far as Germany and as close as Texas :)

Now – take some time with the Lord and seek His face concerning the questions I mentioned earlier. It's good to be challenged to know where we are in our faith and walk with the Lord. He is coming back soon.....and we must be ready!

1 Peter 3:14-16. But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence; and keep a good conscience, so that the thing in which you are slandered , those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.

Romans 14:11-12. For it is written, "As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall give praise to God." So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.

Let's be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Treat others with the love of God and be at peace with men. Romans 12:18. If possible, as far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

Let's be ready!


posted by Sam on 02/05/2015

December News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The Christmas Season is upon us. I'm sure many of you are busy with decorating your homes and starting to buy Christmas gifts (if you haven't done so already).
My attention is focused upon music...........busy writing new lyrics and new arrangements to well known songs plus my own originals. Therefore, I've decided to go back into the studio....

Soooo, this is going to be my first Christmas release and I'm in the studio preparing for this album plus some other singles which will be on a new CD coming out next year. Now I know a recording artist would normally begin such a project in the summer, but in the summer I'm not thinking about Christmas. Now since 'tis the season, I've decided to go for it this year and begin the work, so that I'll have a completed album by next year!

I have been working on some new arrangements on a couple favorite old time Christmas songs and then got together with my producer Michael Talbot from Joyful Noise Studios to work out the finer details on the arrangements.

What we've come up with is pretty exciting and I'm actually looking forward to doing this Christmas album. For some reason I needed a new sound to some of the songs – because the message in the songs itself is so important and it gets lost in the familiarity of the sound we all have heard over and over.

Producing a new melody and adding a couple new verses, truly ties in the message of the original song while keeping it's integrity, but giving it fresh life! I hope to have at least one single released before Christmas – that's the goal anyways. But with it being so late in the month we are not quite sure if that will get accomplished. However, if we won't have a Christmas single out for this year, there will be another single surprise out very soon! So stay tuned!

Another exciting thing happened in November with it's release in December. Live It Loud Magazine contacted me to see if I was interested in placing an ad in their December issue, the same issue where my friend and mentor John Schlitt (PETRA's lead singer) will be the feature artist.

I thought that was an excellent idea and I ended up being blessed with this wonderful ad created by Randy Bowen from Live It Loud magazine! To check out the magazine and read the feature story plus many others, here's the link to copy and paste:

December 4. Russell Arms Apartments. 6:30 pm. This is a Christmas Concert for the residents at the apartment complex and their friends and families! I'm excited to have my husband Warren join me for this event on saxophone and djembre!
315 Division Street, Sauk Rapids, MN

December 6. Christmas Parade Downtown Sauk Rapids. 5 pm. For the parade I will be at the Cup Of Joy Fellowship that night handing out free scarfs to those watching the parade. After handing out the scarfs I will be playing a bit of music and sharing some of the new songs that will be on the Christmas album, so if you are curious and want to hear them, this will be your opportunity to do so! We will also offer hot cocoa, apple cider and coffee to those wanting to stay warm. So come on in and enjoy the festivities!
Cup Of Joy Fellowship, 3 2nd Ave. Sauk Rapids, MN.

December 7. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30. Worship Service

December 14. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30. Worship Service

December 19. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 6 pm. Christmas Party for those attending the fellowship. I will be playing a mini-Christmas concert. So if you haven't been to "The Cup" in a while, come on by. We are exchanging gifts, so bring one gift not to exceed $10 for our fun gift exchange game.
3 2nd Ave. Sauk Rapids, MN

December 20. VFW Sauk Rapids. 4 pm. Benefit Dinner and Concert for Bill Biendara. Please come out and support this fundraiser for this family to cover medical expenses for Bill. Please check back on this page periodically for further details..... 901 N. Benton Drive., Sauk Rapids, MN.

December 21. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30. Worship Service


Hope that everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Ours was a big blessing! We spent it at the Cup Of Joy Ministry! Hubby cooked a turkey, mashed taters, giblets gravy & stuffing and we hauled all that food down to the ministry to share with those who didn't have family or a place to go for Thanksgiving. Some of those coming brought the other wonderful foods that are an important staple to a Thanksgiving meal. So the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and rolls got added to our feast. Even with our own family far away, this was a memorable Thanksgiving for us with all the ministry family of folks who have won our hearts!
Nothing satisfies more than being able to be a blessing to those who were alone on a day when many spend time with family. That truly was such fun!

Also, I still have a song up on the IndieHeaven Top 20 Chart. "A New Day" has been on that chart for now going on 8 months holding the 1, 3 and now #4 position. To vote just click the tab: TOP 20 .

With all the festivities to attend, church activities that are going on, this will be a very busy season for all of us. But the one constant that we must be adhered to and be diligent not to neglect – is our time spend with our Heavenly Father in the Word and in prayer and alone time. His desire for His children is not in seeing how many presents we can give and how we can please someone with the most expensive item all for the sake of giving – but rather that we give Him our time and our hearts, our gratitude for what we already have and our contentment in who we are in Him and who He is in us.
May this be what we will realize and focus upon this Christmas season and return the love that the Father gives us, back unto Him. As we are filled with His love, then we also begin to see the needs of others and in filling those needs it brings us the true joy of Christmas!

Christmas Blessings,

posted by Sam on 12/04/2014

Blessed Thanksgiving Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Warren and I want to wish everyone a very Blessed Thanksgiving!

May this be a time of reflection unto God's goodness and His mercy.
Some of us may find ourselves alone, have lost loved ones we miss terribly, are homeless or have had other losses and tragedies in our lives.
Yet, if we consider the cloud of witnesses that surround us, the faithful believers of old, whose stories of their testing of faith we have all read about and who remained faithful to God and loved Him deeply - we are reminded that one thing remains constant - God's love for us.
Let us take thought of our Heavenly Father today and every day and give Him thanks for all that He has done for us, most of all sending His Son Jesus through whom we all have received redemption from sin and are invited to partake of God's offering to reconcile us back to Himself through Christ Jesus His Son.

Hebrews 12:1-3 - Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross despising the shame and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

posted by Sam on 11/27/2014

November News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

After a wonderful two week trip to Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin with my friend Carol, I'm home and back into the swing of things. Like doing laundry...yes it has to be done....

The exciting side of being at the home front was starting out the month of November with joining in on a worship service at Abounding Joy Lutheran Church. A friend (Gayle G.) had mentioned me to their worship leader and pastor and they invited me to take part in their November 2nd service and fellowship time. I truly enjoyed meeting some of the folks of the congregation and found out that one lady was immensely blessed by me being there.

The rest of the month will be filled with time spent at the "Cup Of Joy Fellowship" in Sauk Rapids and some of the nightly events going on after the restructuring and new winter hours. (Most nights will start at 6pm instead of 7pm).

I've contacted the studio also to arrange for recording time for my new single "On The Wings Of A Dove".

Also we would like to put together a Christmas album if there is time (it's getting actually almost too close). Producer Michael and I had talked about it in the summer, but timing was just not right for me.
So maybe we can at least do a couple Christmas singles.

So, between all that, plus working on more music, I'll be staying quite busy.


November 2, 2014. Abounding Joy Lutheran Church. 10 am Worship Service.

Nov. 5. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 6 pm. Mid-week Service. 3 2nd Ave N, Sauk Rapids, MN.

Nov. 9. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30 pm. Worship Service

Nov. 16. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30 pm. Worship Service

Nov. 23. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30 pm. Worship Service

Nov. 24. Notes and Bling House Concert. Russell Arms Apartments. 5 pm Pot-Luck. 6 pm Music.

Nov. 30. Cup Of Joy Fellowship. 12:30 pm Worship Service


On our trip we actually spent a little longer time in Indiana at "The Retreat Campus", a Christian retreat center. We connected with Greg Ray who is the caretaker of the retreat who took us on a tour of the place in his four-seater 4-Wheeler cart. It was a lot of fun and it helped Carol and I know where things were located.

After the tour he joined us on the porch of our cabin for a bit of music time with me grabbing my guitar and giving him a mini-concert and sampling of my songs. He enjoyed that so much, that he talked to Judy, his boss and owner of the property, who then arranged for me to come and play on Monday morning for their employees at their employee-meeting! That was way cool! Talk about playing in places out of the box. It was awesome and SO fun!
We also spent some time with Judy, the owner of the retreat and her friends at the camp fire, sharing our testimonies and stuffing our faces with pizza and other goodies.

In Illinois Carol and I got to spend a bit of time with my daughter Cindy. While Cindy was at work, we did some Thrift Store shopping and got a lot of cool finds.

Then it was off to Wisconsin to stay with a pastor friend Joan. There we had a Sunday service at her home, for which I got to lead worship.
The coolest thing was a cloud formation outside that I discovered when I went out to my car to get something. Looking up to thank God for the day and the opportunity to minister and share worship time with three other pastors in the home and asking Him to lead the worship, I saw a cloud formation in the form of a huge dove with the wings spread out (whispy clouds) and a body, a fanned out tail and a head. I wish I would have caught the cloud when it was all together, but by the time I got my camera it was already dispersing.... Needless to say, the worship service, message and prayer afterwards was filled with Holy Spirit power and God's awesome presence!

Finally -
My song "A New Day" is still on the IndieHeaven Top 20 Chart – holding at #3.
You can still vote for the song every day. Use the tab "TOP 20" on my IH page to vote.

Let's hope our Minnesota winter time won't be as harsh and cold as it was last year.
With the time change comes longer dark times and less sunshine, so I hope that you spend that time in the joy of the Lord. If you feel that joy fading, just come and join us at "Cup Of Joy Fellowship" in Sauk Rapids. It'll cheer your mood as you spend time in fellowship with other believers.

Cup Of Joy Fellowship Hours:
Tuesday – noon: Prayer
Tuesday – 6 pm: Outreach Training & Outreach
Wednesday - 6 pm: Mid-week Service & Personal Prayer for you.
Thursday – 6 pm: Spiritual Growth Class
Friday – 6:30 pm: Movie Night. Bring popcorn, hot chocolate or your favorite snack.

Sunday – 12:30 pm: Church Service. Bring your favorite dish to share in our fellowship meal.

Until next update. Keep your eyes on Jesus

posted by Sam on 11/04/2014

"Fall"-ing into September Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hard to believe isn't it? Fall already? School started (for some they've already been in school for two weeks or so), the regular work schedule begins again for hubby and the summer days are fading. We are hoping for an actual fall this year compared to the two weeks we got last year and then it was nothing but cold and snow. Fall can actually be really pretty in Minnesota, specially with all the colors when the trees are changing. Yet I know I will miss summer, the sun, warmth, all the green and being outdoors a lot. But even with fall coming, that doesn't stop the music or diminish the joy when I get to minister to someone either personally or musically.

September 18. 5-8pm
Ladies Night Out in downtown Sauk Rapids. Warren and I will have a tent set up in the front yard of Bonnie's Home Decor to offer live music in that location. We did that last month and it was a lot of fun. Hope to see some of our friends come out for this.

September 19. 7pm
Notes & Bling Party in St. Joseph! This will be my first "Notes & Bling" party hosted by a friend. I can't wait to spend a fun time playing live music, have some fellowship and showing off all the cool stuff I've been making. If you would like to attend, please contact me and I can ask my friend to add you to her guest list.

September 24. 7 pm.
Lion's Club Fundraiser (Wine Tasting & Hors D'oeuvres) in Deerwood, MN. When we were in Deerwood this past August doing our yearly BBQ for their Summer Fest, one of the organizers of the event heard my CD and loved the music that she booked us for this fundraiser. Hubby Warren will be along for this with his saxophone, so we will also have some instrumentals besides my original songs for this event.


BBQ in Deerwood, MN.
First on our agenda was the BBQ in Deerwood for the Summer Fest. This is a yearly event that we go to as hubby enjoys serving his BBQ and people totally love his food! His beef brisket is smoked for over 12 hours which makes the meat super tender, then he adds his own special BBQ sauce to the meat for one mouth watering sandwich. We also had BBQ chicken, cheese curds and onion rings at this event. So if your mouth is watering, be sure to note that event down if you live in MN. it's always the first weekend of August.

Ladies Nite Out in Downtown Sauk Rapids.
This has been a monthly summer event put on by the downtown businesses. Ladies have a chance to win a purse and other prizes as they are shopping. Warren and I have been playing music for this event in the front yard of Bonnie's Home Decor.

The Upper Room in Sheboygan.
Last part of August we decided to visit Sheboygan and let Mary at the Upper Room know that we would be in town to visit and hang. So happens that she did not have any artists or music booked for that weekend and asked us if we would like to fill in. Of course you didn't have to twist my arm very much. Actually we just booked Friday, but ended up playing on Thursday as well, because of a schedule change. Warren brought his saxophone and it was one awesome worship night on Thursday as impromptu it was. Be ready in season and out of season.... because you never know how and when God will use you in your call and gifti Friday's ministry time after our concert was a big blessing, with the privilege to pray with and for a lady that attends there. God is truly in this place as His people gather there to worship Him.

Lastly don't forget that you can still vote for "A New Day" now going into month 6 on the IndieHeaven Top 20 Chart! Still in the top 5. Thank you for all the votes to have "A New Day" at #1 for the first four months and staying at #3 the last month. Just go to the "Top 20" IndieHeaven tab to find my song and vote.

Until next time.....walk in the blessing of God.

posted by Sam on 09/11/2014

Summer Fun In August Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey gang!
Can you believe it's August already?!! Summer is almost over here in Minnesota (sad face) but, we are not going to go there yet! It's still warm, the sun is still shining and there's lots of fun summer activities going on! The fair is happening here in Benton County this week, lots of festivals in the area and still lots of bbq'ing to do!

August 8 & 9.
Well, I'll be one busy gal this weekend in Deerwood, MN for their Summer Fest.
Hubby Warren is an avid BBQ'er and they love his food up there, so this will be our third year there.
Last year I had brought my guitar with me and had fun playing for those who came to get food when it wasn't too crazy busy. So I'll be doing that again this year and I'm excited to have my new CD "When Wallflowers Dance" with me for people to enjoy. Deerwood has always been a fun festival for us, that's just been non-crazy summer BBQ fun for me and hubby gets to show off his culinary skills.

August 16 & 17.
Pastor Betty Shepherd and her group from the Cities will be coming up to Cup Of Joy Fellowship in Sauk Rapids, MN that weekend for a women's conference titled "The Kings Daughters". I've been invited to be the musical guest for this event.
This will also be a training time for her ladies who are starting out in ministry, so it'll be exciting for them to get to present their messages and for us to encourage them.

August 21.
Ladies Nite Out in Downtown Sauk Rapids, MN. 5-8 pm.
Hubby Warren and I will be set up with our music tent in the front yard of 'Bonnie's Home Decor', across from 'Gypsy Lee's'. I'll be sharing my original music with hubby on djembre and possibly the sax. Should be a fun nite!

August 30.
The Cup Of Joy Fellowship in Sauk Rapids, MN will be having a conference that Saturday. The title of the event is "Perfumed in Royalty" and the cost for this retreat is $45.00, which includes a meal. I'm excited to be leading worship for this event.

I'm thrilled to have connected with Paul Hieser from the PHM Band in Beloit back in May. Paul and I will be doing more music together in the future and are talking about colloborating on a few songs! This rocks in my book.

Here are a few pics from the 'The Bride Of Christ'Ladies Conference on July 26th. We were all dressed in white. It was a time diving deep into the Word of God and realizing the importance of being submitted to the Lord and being His bride and be like the five wise virgins and not be like the 5 foolish virgins. Association with the wise virgins did not get the five foolish virgins into the bridegroom's wedding ceremony. Well, we do not want the door to shut. It certainly was a time to make serious re-committments to the Lord.

July had been super busy for us personally as well, not just ministry wise, with me joining hubby who's a rep for Dixon Golf at a few Dixon golf challenges. Actually I'm using this time to relax a bit and enjoy the quiet of the golf course and connecting with people there. Actually might have picked up a gig for November for the Fellowship Of Christian Artists by making a great connection with a super nice guy who happened to be the founder of the Alexandria, MN chapter as I later found out.

Also my song "A New Day" is still on the IndieHeaven Top 20 Chart going into it's 5th month. It had been number 1 for 4 months and now it has dropped to #3. So be sure to check out the Top20 Tab on the Indieheaven website.

Also check out the artist ad on IndieImpact. I'm on the ad for this week August 5 and will continue to stay on their website. Here is the link for viewing the ad:

Well, that's all folks. Until next News Flash, you can 'like' my FaceBook
Page: Sam Scales Music to get all the daily updates.

Remember that Jesus loves you.

posted by Sam on 08/07/2014

July News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Musically Speaking:
I've been working and writing on a new song called "On The Wings Of A Dove"!
You know every time God gives me a song, I get so excited about it and it becomes my new favorite song! I've been sharing it some already at a few events and hope to get it recorded as a single soon. I still need a few more CD sales to get the funds together for the recording as that is what goes back into paying the studio for the next CD or songs. Also I'll be working on the message that goes along with the song too. It'll be about the life of Christ and what that means for us today.

There's a couple more songs that I have the lyrics written.....which means I'm gonna need to sit down soon to work out the melody lines on those....

Some personal news:
The very end of June and beginning of July has been a very busy time for us personally.
Hubby Warren managed a TNT Fireworks Tent in Waite Park, MN.
When you manage one of those you have to stay overnight in the tent for security, so it has been an interesting week for him and the couple people he hired to help out.
Closer towards July 4th I was more involved in the tent as well and it's been fun meeting new people.
Last year's tent didn't go so well when he had one in Litchfield, but this year I was so surprised to see our tent sell out! We literally had only 3 single pieces of fireworks left before we closed down! Amazing!

After the fireworks sales were over we got permission from TNT to use their tent for a Tent Revival. Westside Liquor was gracious to let us use the parkinglot and their electricity for the sound system. We had announced this all over FaceBook – I didn't have a chance to get this posted on my website at the time.... So be sure to "like" my page to stay up with the daily info and newest updates.

We are thankful to our good friend Grant Erickson who provided the sound for us! Some members of the Harvest Fellowship Worship team come out to lead worship.
Thank you Danielle & Amanda! It was a joy to join in with you on guitar, vocals and being able to share some of my own original worship songs. Pastor Casey Triplett (Intern Pastor from Harvest Fellowship) had an inspiring message on Sunday night. Hubby Warren shared on Monday night with Pastor Casey closing out the nite.

THANK YOU to all that came out and helped out!

Chart on IndieHeaven News:
My song "A New Day" had been #1 for the last four months! That is super exciting.
It has currently (today, July 8) fallen to #3. As long as they have it on the Top 20 Chart I would very much appreciate your continued daily voting support for the song.

posted by Sam on 08/04/2014

Gigging in WI & New Songs For Voting Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Currently I'm still ¡®on the road¡¯ about to end my WI mini tour.

The 40¡äs year Anniversary Celebration of ¡°The Overflowing Cup¡± in Beloit, WI was off the charts with legends Glenn Kaiser (Rez Bend) and Rex Carroll (White Cross). Rex can ¡°shred¡± like nobody¡¯s business and Glen has the most interesting guitars and gadgets that he makes music with besides a regular guitar. Very cool. Both have a heart for Jesus that shows in their music as well as in their message. It certainly was a privilege to be a guest artist opening for those two!

That concert was on Saturday, my concert was on Sunday with both a music and a message at The Overflowing Cup.
What made it even more special is that I¡¯ve met a fellow IndieHeaven artist friend named Paul Hieser. He joined me that night on the stage! I¡¯m super excited about that!
You can check out Paul¡¯s music at: or

I was also in Sheboygan, WI on May 9 & 10 back at The Upper Room. Really exciting to see all my friends again.
For the Upper Room I was busy writing on a message to share the week in between the concerts.

Also I would like to let you all know that I have a NEW song up for voting on the FanFaves for the month of May. It is ¡°When Wallflowers Dance¡±. Just click on the "FanFaves" here on IndieHeaven. Find my song (or my name), highlight the stars next to it by brushing over it with your mouse and then click the stars. When it says ¡°vote added¡±, your vote has been counted. Real easy! No signups or having to give your e-mail address. Remember you can vote once every 24 hours ¨C per computer IP address!

Thank you so much to all of you who have been voting and bringing both ¡°Run¡± on the FanFaves side and ¡°A New Day¡± on the Top 20 Radio chart to #1! You can continue to vote for ¡°A New Day¡± on the Top 20 tab.

I will update you with new events that will be happening in the Minnesota area soon, so stay ¡°tuned¡±.

So keep your ¡°Eyes On The Road¡±, that narrow path that leads to life following Jesus so that with Him you can say ¡°When Wallflowers Dance¡±. (Smiles)

posted by Sam on 05/12/2014

Made the IndieHeaven Top 20 Radio Chart! & News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I have exciting news!
'A New Day' (the song you guys voted for and kept at #1 on the IndieHeaven FanFaves Chart) has now made it to the IndieHeaven Radio Top 20 Chart!!
NOW – it's up to you again to keep it in the top 10 or at #1 on that chart by voting for A NEW DAY by clicking this link:

Songs in the top 10 on this chart at the end of each month will make it to the next month, the last 10 songs will drop off. So that's why I need your votes to keep the song in the top 10. As of today (4/3) it's at #1. This is the first time since being with Indieheaven (2004-present) that one of my songs has made it to their Top 20 radio chart! So yes, I'm excited!
Listen to the other artists as well, as the songs will play one after another or you can click on the ones you want to hear. New music, great artists and different than regular radio!

A NEW SONG has been submitted today to the IndieHeaven FANFaves Chart. You can now start voting for "RUN" by clicking this link:

To vote, just click on either IndieHeaven banner to get to the individual charts.
That takes you to it's voting page. Find my song (or my name), highlight the stars next to it by brushing over it with your mouse and then click the stars. When it says "vote added", your vote has been counted. Real easy! No signups or having to give your e-mail address. Remember you can vote once every 24 hours – per computer IP address!

May upcoming Events:
May 3 & 4 – at The Overflowing Cup & Total Life Center, Beloit, WI
May 9 & 10 – at The Upper Room, Sheboygan, WI
Details for these concerts are listed on my 'HOME' page in the IndieHeaven widget.
For booking contact: Rob Pugh at 317.445.6115

Please keep checking back on my website periodically for new and updated events as some bookings often come last minute, or you can also check my facebook page (link/banner is on the left)

Recently I've also uploaded a new devotional from the song 'A New Day' on my 'DEVOTIONALS' page, so be sure to check that out and I hope that it may encourage you and if you are curious what all was involved in the making of "When Wallfowers Dance" all updates on that are completed in the "Project Updates" page.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you for all the support and prayer support you have given to me (and my husband Warren too) and for all the fantastic voting on the songs to get them to the top in the FanFaves chart. Now we have a new chart to vote on as well and that's super exciting and I thank you all for being so diligent to do so! Could not do it without my friends and supporters! Love all of you and I sure do hope to see you at my events soon!

If you are out of town and would like me to come to serve with music & message - just contact Rob Pugh (listed on left upper corner on my website)
All it takes is a venue (church, meeting room, your living room, festival, event) and you inviting your friends to it!

May you have a great month of April and lets hope that Spring will spring for us up here in the Northern half of the US real soon. I'll keep you posted with more updates as they become available..... and remember – God's Not Dead!!

posted by Sam on 04/10/2014

New Events - Playing Music in Minnesota Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hello Friends and Surfers!

How about that weather in Minnesota!?? Are we tired of the snow yet? Those of you in the south are probably feeling nice and warm by now!
Well, in order to make it a bit easier until Spring decides to arrive physically up here and not just on the calendar, there are a few upcoming events where I will be playing and ministering at that might just ease the displeasure of enduring the cold weather.

The first event takes place at the Caribou Coffee in Sartell. It is located inside Coborns.
SATURDAY, March 22, 2014
2-5 pm
Caribou Coffee
1725 Pine Cone Rd. N
Sartell, MN

Cost is $25.00 per person for coffee, refreshments and meeting materials.
CONTACT: Sam at for info

The second event takes place at the AmericInn in Little Falls, MN.
SUNDAY, April 6, 2014
4-6 pm
AmericInn, 306 Lemieur Dr.
Little Falls, MN

Cost is $10.00 Advance Ticket - LIMITED SEATING available as the Meeting Room only holds 16 people.

Sam at to pre-order your ticket to reserve your seat! E-mail for details.

Also coming up in April is a Women's Spring Tea held at the AmericInn in Little Falls, MN.
2-5 pm
AmericInn, 306 Lemieur Dr.
Little Falls, MN

Cost is $30.00 per person for tea, refreshments and meeting materials.

CONTACT: Sam at for more info.

All these are also listed on the "HOME" page in the IndieHeaven Events Widget.

I am also working on dates in Wisconsin for May 2014.
I will be in the Sheboygan, WI area with my friend Pastor Carol Brandl doing a few Ladies gatherings/retreats and concerts.
I'm looking for more open dates there during the week there as well as for dates around Beloit, WI to add to my concert ministry schedule there. So let me know if you would like me to come to your town, your church, bible/women's group, event or house church.

Hope to see you at some of these events. Keep checking the website and also my FaceBook page (link is to the left) for daily updates/information and sometimes for just plain fun stuff.

My song "For A Time As This" ended with #1 for the month of March on the IndieHeaven FanFaves Chart!
A HUGE thank you to all those who have faithfully voted every single day! Your support is so appreciated!
In the next day or so a new song will go up. It's called "A New Day". So be sure to look for that and vote for it! Let's see if we can have another number one!


posted by Sam on 03/02/2014

Back On The IndieHeaven FanFaves Chart! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey guys!

The new album is released and the songs are ready to be heard! So I've uploaded my first song to the IndieHeaven Fan Faves Chart in two years!
I'm so excited to have songs for 2014 and hopefully make it again to the finalists for IndieSong 2014 in January of 2015!!!

How to vote:
Click the link below (that takes you to the voting page on IndieHeaven.
Find my song 'FOR A TIME AS THIS'.
Click on it and the first time you vote, listen to it in it's entirety (after that you can just vote).
There are stars on the right side of the song. Highlight all the stars and then click on them. That sets the vote.

That's all there is to it. You can do it once a day per computer. That means you can vote from your phone, your laptop, your work computer (if they allow you to), your desktop, your friend's computers, your neighbors and get all your friends, neighbors and family involved! I would appreciate every vote for the month of February for "For A Time As This".

The song is #1!!!! Let's keep it there as the songs in the top 5 each month make it into the IndieSong 2014 contest!

We are still at #1 as of today, February 13, 2014. Thank you all for your help!

posted by Sam on 02/13/2014

It's a WELCOME to the NEW Sam Scales Music Website Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Thought I'd add the news of my first "blog" on my new site!

We are still "constructing".....but at least I was able to start putting some information on the pages! Still having to learn a lot about the WordPress format after being used to a different website, but this will be nice for updating and it'll be a lot easier.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jeremy Drinnin of Omega CCR for doing all this and getting me back into action!

Still to be done is a photo album and figuring out how to upload a video onto the pages – but that's all a learning curve.

In the meanwhile though, the concert/event dates widget from IndieHeaven is up and running and you will thus be able to keep posted on my upcoming events as well as being able to purchase my album right through my website, but clicking the IndieHeaven widget which takes you to my page there. It's all safe and the proceeds go 100% to me, which is cool!

I'll keep you posted on more updates to the site and you may also start noticing more cosmetics as well (as I hope to add more color to the pages).
Until then........know that God loves you!

posted by Sam on 01/30/2014

New Website Look & Newsletter sign-up Coming Soon! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A hearty 'hello' to all of you on our newsletter list!

I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas, could spend it with friends or family and if not - hopefully it was a restful one!
New Years is coming up shortly and we will be entering into the next season of God working in our lives! It'll be an exciting time - if we just seek Him and listen for His voice to seek His guidance! His desire is (and always has been) for us to come closer into His presence and in our relationship with Him....

Wanted to let you all know that my old website - the one that you've seen and known for many years (since 2003 actually when it went 'live' for the first time), which had just a few minor changes since then - will be going down. Wow, that's been 10 years.... now it'll get a new look, feel and format! Guess that's a good way to start out another decade of "webbing".

I'm not quite sure of the time frame when or if it will go down as soon as my new webdesigner starts to work on the new site or if it will stay up until the new site goes 'live'.... In any case, I just wanted to let you know about this and also that during this time I will not be able to send any news or updates.
So if you are on Facebook, find "Sam Scales Music" if you want to stay posted of any updates in the meanwhile.

There will also be a new sign-up for the new newsletter. If you would like to continue to stay in touch with us, please re-sign up (as I'm not sure if I can transfer you over or not) on the new website. It'll be located on the home page on the right hand upper corner.
Also I haven't heard from many of you, so I'm not sure if my mails have gone to your spam folders or if some of you have changed e-mail addresses, as somehow I have not received any notices of "mail-delivery-failure" as I used to in the past. Maybe some setting I have that's preventing this from coming to me. So basically my mailing list will be a fresh start if I cannot transfer all of you over.

In CD News - a couple updates:
December 29, 2013 - Studio Final Song, Mix & Master almost done
Heard from Michael Talbott at the studio!! This is where it's at as of today:
First he gave his compliments on the finished CD Insert, Tray and Disc artwork to my design team (Ron Braun). Everything looks great to him and he gave the go-ahead for printing also.
Next he said that he will burn me a master .wav file CD for upload to the print/duplicating house.
All the tracking is now done and he will be doing final mixing and mastering over the New Years holiday. This takes a little longer because he needs to match up all the songs, using the mix of 'Run' from the pre-release as his reference.
He is still playing with the violin track for Living Water. He is close but still needs another day or so to get it to sound the way he wants.
Once done with 'Living Water' he will be sending me the mp3 sample to listen to, as well as a rough mix mp3 on "Awake", where Jacob (lead guitarist) and Michael(producer) added another acoustic track and some cool reverse delay electric guitar sounds to create more build through the bridge on that song.
Then he will be dedicating Wednesday and Thursday to finishing the mastering and will send off mp3's to me on the whole album then.
If I'm OK with those, he will have the CD burned for me for uploading to the duplication house within a couple of hours or so of my call for the go-ahead.

December 26, 2013 - CD Final Artwork In for approval
Got the finals for the artwork from Ron Braun! They look absolutely fantastic!
I'm very pleased with the outcome of the look of the CD Insert and the new CD disc face art. Artwork was approved by manager Rob Pugh, still waiting to hear from booking agent/friend Sue Dempster and the studio Mike Talbott.
Then Ron will get the artwork ready for printing. Once I get the music from the studio...then all will be sent off for printing and duplication!

Once I have the Master CD it'll be sent over to my page/shop at IndieHeaven where you can then order the new project or just download your favorite song as a single.

Upcoming Events:
Jan. 17, 2014
Menasha, WI - Trinity Lutheran Church & School, 300 Broad Street, Zip 54952 6:30 PM (Opening for Pastor Steven Billings' CD Release party)
- contact Church Office: 920-722-2662 for more information.

Jan. 18, 2014
Sheboygan, WI - Upper Room, 1125 N. 8th Street 7:00 PM (Concert Night )
- contact Mary Pfister: Ph#: (920) 207-7659 for more information.

Well, this is all I have for now - so I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and that I hope to see some (or all) of you at one of my concert travels in the coming year!

Until then, walk in your blessing and in trusting the Lord,

posted by Sam on 12/29/2013

CD Release - Latest Updates Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Here are the latest updates since my last post about the progress of my new CD Release:

December 29, 2013 - Studio Final Song, Mix & Master almost done
Heard from Michael Talbott at the studio!! This is where it's at as of today:
First he gave his compliments on the finished CD Insert, Tray and Disc artwork to my design team (Ron Braun). Everything looks great to him and he gave the go-ahead for printing also.
Next he said that he will burn me a master .wav file CD for upload to the print/duplicating house.
All the tracking is now done and he will be doing final mixing and mastering over the New Years holiday. This takes a little longer because he needs to match up all the songs, using the mix of 'Run' from the pre-release as his reference.
He is still playing with the violin track for Living Water. He is close but still needs another day or so to get it to sound the way he wants.
Once done with 'Living Water' he will be sending me the mp3 sample to listen to, as well as a rough mix mp3 on "Awake", where Jacob (lead guitarist) and Michael(producer) added another acoustic track and some cool reverse delay electric guitar sounds to create more build through the bridge on that song.
Then he will be dedicating Wednesday and Thursday to finishing the mastering and will send off mp3's to me on the whole album then.
If I'm OK with those, he will have the CD burned for me for uploading to the duplication house within a couple of hours or so of my call for the go-ahead.

December 26, 2013 - CD Final Artwork In for approval
Got the finals for the artwork from Ron Braun! They look absolutely fantastic!
I'm very pleased with the outcome of the look of the CD Insert and the new CD disc face art. Artwork was approved by manager Rob Pugh, still waiting to hear from booking agent/friend Sue Dempster and the studio Mike Talbott.
Then Ron will get the artwork ready for printing. Once I get the music from the studio...then all will be sent off for printing and duplication!

November 26, 2013 - CD Artwork taking shape
Got the images back from Ron Braun. We made some corrections and now it's really taking shape. Love how he put all the artwork together. We are waiting to hear back from the studio on the information for all the studio musicians who played on this project to add them to the 'Credits' page. The 'Thank You's' are all done. All is left artwork wise is the tray insert.

November 11, 2013 - CD Artwork in beginning stages
The photos for the CD artwork have been sent to Ron Braun who will be working with me on the CD Inserts and tray. Today I got the first image of the front cover and it looks really super cool!!

November 8, 2013 - Back in Studio
Today I went back into the studio to do more vocals on one song and also add some more backing vocals. Studio sent me home with a recording of our work from today for me to listen for any changes I want to make.
Also during this week the studio will work on adding a little electric guitar to "Awake".
Next Friday we will finish any corrections and additions and then work on the final mix the Friday after that so that the CD hopefully can be ready for digital download around Thanksgiving and physical CD available shortly after that.

November 4, 2013 - More Studio Time
Over the weekend I have scheduled more studio time with Producer Mike.
First session will be on Friday, November 8 in the afternoon. That day we will be working on me re-singing "Awake".
We have two more sessions after that, Friday the 15th and 22nd to add more instruments and backing vocals. Excited to get close to the finished project!

October 4, 2013 - Picked up Pre-Release
Today on our way to Indianapolis we stopped by at the studio to pick up 25 copies of the PRE-RELEASE of 'When Wallflowers Dance'. This is an all acoustic version just in time for Indy.
We will continue working on the project to add more instruments for the final production to come soon....
But this all acoustic is actually very very cool. This is actually how you would hear me in concert :o-)

posted by Sam on 12/28/2013

'Tis The Season Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't eat too much turkey!

We were thankful to be able to spend this hoiday with my daughter and family in Chicago. The only thing that would have made it complete would have been for my younger daughter from Corpus Christi to be there too. But that would have been a long drive for her.

While there I did a lot of music office work too - making use of Cindy's fast internet service, haha. Since everyone was going to do Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday, Cindy and I were busy on Thanksgiving Day doing some work, sitting with our laptops next to each other on the couch. LOL. I love working this way!

Last newsletter I let you all know that I have a YouTube Channel. It's just my name for now (Sam Scales) but I noticed there's a few out there, sooo I would like to change it to Sam Scales Music, but haven't figured out how to do it yet. If I do, I'll let you know.

Since this is the season for Christmas music, here is the link again to my Christmas Song On The Road To Bethlehem, an iPhone video recorded by my awesome husband Warren.

Also there's a FREE song download of my song "Run" from my Pre-Release 'When Wallflowers Dance'. Go to: VolumMonster. Put in code: PS100SSMRun.

Artwork for the CD is getting more and more finalized and it's looking great thanks to Ron Braun from ToonItUp - the Art Of Ron Braun.

Upcoming Events:
December 12 & 19th - Sauk Rapids, MN. 6:00 pm
I will be doing a House Concert at the home of Gloria Kuschel for her women's bible study group. The 19th will be a Christmas Gathering. Gonna be a fun time and I'm looking forward to being a blessing to a few new folks I haven't met yet!

January 17 - Menasha, WI
I'll be playing for Steven Billings CD Release Party. He is a good artist friend of mine who is also on the roster with my manger Rob Pugh with CCPRS Productions. Excited for Steven's project and meeting new people!

January 18th - Sheboygan, WI
Back at my favorite coffeehouse, playing for my group of peeps! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Enjoy this festive season - but please keep it in perspective with why Christians have a reason to celebrate. We get so busy this season with all the preparations, the presents, family gatherings. Too many get stressed out....why? Because we too often allow the focus of society around us shift our focus too. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus. He is coming soon! Let's celebrate Him!

posted by Sam on 12/06/2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hope your Thanksgiving so far has been a wonderful day with friends and family and a time to remember all the good things that God has done and continues to work in our lives.

As I was driving home before we left for Chicago to spend the holiday with my daughter and family, I thought about how important it is to have this attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness every day. I thought of how God must feel when we truly reflect on those blessings only once a year when this holiday comes around. How deeper would our relationship with Him be, would we be truly reflecting upon His goodness and blessings towards us with a grateful heart every day. His mercies are new every morning.

So I pray that no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, that there is a reason to give thanks for something. We have been there many times - and sometimes those trying times are not easy - but all in all God is still there and has never left us!

To start the season, Warren has taped a home video of my Christmas song "On The Road To Bethlehem". I wrote this song in 2006 and want to share it with you all and hope you enjoy the song.

I now have a YouTube Channel: Sam Scales. Here is the link to the video:

CD Release:
My final release of 'When Wallflowers Dance' should be done at end of this month. I was hoping for a Thanksgiving final release date, but that hasn't happened. So patiently waiting on the studio to finish.
In the meanwhile I've been proactive to get the CD Insert artwork done and I am working with Ron Braun from Toon It Up - The Art Of Ron Braun to get the design and then the printing done. It is looking really great!

Upcoming booked event will be in Menasha, WI on January 17th.
Possible December event in Apple Valley, MN in December. Date not firm yet so keep checking back on my website's 'Concert Dates'

Also my pictures have disappeared of my website. That's due to a failure with the Photo Gallery and I haven't figured out how to fix it. It will need to take someone who understands what's going on to straighten that out. So waiting on provision to get that done. I already have someone who will design me a new I just need to save up the money to pay him.

Being at my daughter's house, it is so good to be with family - I am so grateful to be here.
Always remember those people in your life whom God has given you or whom He has placed into your life. Love them and cherish your time with them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving time.

posted by Sam on 11/28/2013

Pre-Release, Upcoming Events and CD Update Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Well, for those of you up here in the North - we kinda bypassed fall and went straight to winter, don't you think? Those of you who are in the warmer climate - go ahead and tease us! :0-)

Here's a little bit of an update on what's been going on in our lives and the music too.

Studio/CD Progress:
The special Pre-Release is out and available at my events or by mail.

The downloaded version will not be available until the finished release.
What is unique about the pre-release is that it's all acoustic, kind of like you would hear me in concert. But once those are gone, they will be no longer available. The finished version will be with more added instruments.

On Friday, Nov 8 I went back to the studio to do more additional vocals. We will also be also adding more instruments throughout the next 3 weeks.

I finally had the chance to upload the photos for the CD Insert/Artwork for the Graphic Designer Ron Brown who will be helping me with the layout. Praying that all will go smoothly.

On a personal level:
The last few days have been great with my friend Sue visiting from Wisconsin, but she's flying out tonight. While she was here we did a few fun things like go to the Science Museum in the Cities and hanging out with our friends Tim and Andrea.

The funny thing is that we also spent a lot of time working on a friend's album cover. John Schlitt (Petra) will be releasing a Christmas CD and I just heard all the songs. They really make me want to listen to Christmas Music now, haha!
The "thank you" page of his insert needed a photo. Sue had one in black and white, but with a few creative adjustments in Photoshop, I was able to create a "colored" version to match the colors of the CD. It turned out very cool and I'm thankful that I was able to help out.

So you can imagine with all this fun, the last few days of time off sure have been good! Wish I had more time so that I could do my own album art!

Maybe you are wondering why I'm not doing my own artwork this go around. Partly that's due to time constraints in this season of our lives with some upcoming things we need to deal with. The other reason is that I would have to send it off for the text to be added anyways, as in Photoshop I can't do it as pristine as it needs to be for printing. For this I would need the Adobe Illustrator software.

Warren is gearing up for snow removal. He is buying a used plow blade to put on his SUV, so praying it will work for the small parking lots he has contracts for. This year he was not able to secure a bobcat, they were already all spoken for. Bummer!
Also his boss has decided to close the business office to save on cost - so that means Warren will have to have an office at home. YIKES!!!! Where all that stuff will go in our tiny apartment I have no idea!!! There is plain no room!! Pray for my sanity! LOL.
So we may have to get creative and put a desk right outside our door in the hallway :0-( Which means I will have to find a space for all the stuff that we are storing out there right now in that corner! What a mess, huh?

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving - we get to spend time with my daughter in Chicago! YEY! Family time! Sure have been missing that the last few years!

Hope you all will have a great Thanksgiving as well. It's just about around the corner isn't it? May you be blessed and may God's peace strengthen you if you are going through trying times.

posted by Sam on 11/22/2013

When Wallflowers Dance CD Progress Update Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

October 3, 2013 - Final Productions, Producer's Part
Producer Michael and I kept e-mailing back and forth today on the progress of the songs. He got started again about 9 this morning to keep working on the mix so that he would be ready to master the rest of the day.
Tomorrow morning I will be able to pick up a few copies of the special Pre-Release Edition just in time for my concert in Indianapolis this Saturday!

October 2, 2013 - At the Studio
Went to the studio at 8:45 pm last night to listen to the first rough mixes of my new CD! It was very cool to get to listen to how the mix happened and how the songs just came together.
Also I got to meet Jacob, lead guitarist exraordinaire, who played some of the lead guitar parts on my album.
I left about 12:30 am to drive home leaving producer Michael to continue working on the mixing. He finally quit about 4 am he said.

October 1, 2013 - Producer's Part
Got an e-mail tonight from Producer Michael! It's almost done!
Tracking will take place tonight yet. All that's left to do is the mandolin to be added to "For A Time As This".
He is starting to edit and he will begin to mix late tonight.
Guitars and drums on "Run" and "Awake" are really cool and will work well for Warren's djembe when he will play along with me in concert.
I can't wait to hear it all. Tomorrow afternoon I will go to the studio to join Michael for the mixing and mastering. That'll be very cool! I might take a video or two if I don't forget.

September 27th-30, 2013 - Producer's Part
Producer Michael will be working on rhythm parts today, mandolin tomorrow and preliminary sub-mixes on Saturda. He also hopes to get guitarist Jacob to come in on Sunday afternoon to finish up his guitar parts.
Then next week we will do any added "clean up's" before Wednesday! It will be a close call for Thursday afternoon's projected printing of CD's.....this may end up being a "Pre-Release", which will be cool too :0-)

September 19, 2013 - Studio Recording
With a healed up voice and a better relaxed mindset we got to work on fixing those 'mental block' spots on Tuesday's song. One was fixed within 3 retakes and the other spot once again took quite a few re-takes to get it just right. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. If the pitch was right, then I came in too early, too late, the punch was not cued, then pitch off on one word.... augh!! LOL! But we got it done!
We also re-listened to 'Your Assurance' and totally scrapped the first lead vocals and I re-sang the whole song, took one take and a couple spot fixes and both Michael (producer) and I liked today's voice/version so much better!
We also added a few BGVs to a couple songs because I really liked the ideas I had and they worked.
All in all it's coming along nicely and unless Mike finds something else in any of the lead vocals that needs a spot fix....otherwise I'm done with all my parts.
Now what's left to do is up to the musicians....more guitars, percussion, mandolin, violin??? - and a studio singer for some extra BGV's for more dimension with another voice added. Hoping to get this mixed and mastered for an early October release date.

September 17, 2013 - Studio Recording
Today was a challenge for sure!!! Earlier events in the day had me off focus. So we concentrated on just one song 'Awake' to lay down the main vocal. After a couple run-throughs I was ready for recording and did pretty well, with the exception of a few flat spots that we fixed. But there was one spot that became an absolute mental block and another one that I just didn't have the voice left for anymore. My voice was good for one take and that was about it and the longer we worked on re-takes....the worse it got. So we cut the recording session short which was fine, as I'll be returning Thursday to keep working on vocals.

posted by Sam on 10/03/2013

New CD almost done & other Updates Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey guys,

Want to hear some sound bytes from the new CD??
I'll be uploading short unmixed, unmastered bare bones clips from the studio recordings. There are still instruments to be added, backing vocals, percussion, etc....but it's a preview of what I've been doing in the studio and I thought you guys might enjoy hearing these clips.

The first one was uploaded tonight of the song "Run". You can hear it on my IndieHeaven page
It'll be the first album listed called "When Wallflowers Dance Rough Cut Snippets".
In the next few days and couple weeks, I'll be adding new clips as I have time to edit them with my editing software. (I'm still learning how to use that!)
Leave me a message on my IH page what you think of the songs or - go to 'Sam Scales Music' on Facebook and drop me a note.

Today we finished my vocal parts for the CD including some Backing Vocal parts. Next work to be done is for the musicians and another studio singer to add more harmony parts which gives the songs another cool dimension.
We hope to have the project finished for the release date of October 3.

Sep. 21 - Apple Valley, MN
Address: Emperor Ave
Time: 3:00 PM (Music for Christian Fellowship Network. Will also have my jewelry & CDs for sale.)
Contact Pastor Betty Shepherd, Ph#: 612-998-1192 for more information.

Sep. 29 - Alexandria, MN - (Gospel Fest 2013)
Venue: Living Waters Church, 1310 N. Nokomis, Zip 56308
Time: 2:00 PM
Contact Keyes Burgess Sound Productions: 320-760-9083 for more information.

Oct. 5 - Indianapolis, IN Backyard Concert
Venue located at: 414 Brassport Dr. Zip 46231 (Rob & June Pugh's house)
Time: 7:00 PM
(Opening for Christian Music legend - Nancy Honeytree Miller)
Contact Rob Pugh: 317-445-6115 for more information.

We are doing well. Warren is working very hard as he has gotten a few house remodels, one being on a 12 day time crunch to get it all done. He is so super excited and loving every minute of it! Just pray for his physical stamina!
I'm on a threshold of a major decision.....excited about the future, but continuing to pray as I want to be in the will of God.

In ending:
Psalm 145:18-20: The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He will also hear their cry and will save them. The Lord keeps all who love Him....

With this wonderful thought....blessings to you all,


posted by Sam on 09/20/2013

When Wallflowers Dance CD Progress Update..... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Here is what's been happening so far since the release of the Project Demo:

September 6, 2013 - Studio Recording
WOW!! It's been totally amazing today! We took a bit longer on the vocals for "Run", but there was some cool stuff happening vocally. Discovered new things that I didn't know my voice could do. I'm really digging the ending... hehe, it's gonna be a fun effects surprise!
We also finished the vocals for "For A Time As This". Pretty much easy singing and we didn't need much reworking except me wanting to change things in the chorus vocally just to keep it interesting. Emotional song for sure.

Tuesday I'll have my major emotional song to record. Since it's so much about my own life as well as so relateable to other's'll be an interesting recording day for "Awake".
It feels really good to see this record coming together! But we are in a time crunch for sure. But what else is new in my recording world, haha!

September 5, 2013 - preparing for Studio Time
Will be going to the studio tomorrow - working on the vocals for the last 3 songs....lets see how far we get :o-)
Been practicing really hard and it's been so fun coming up with new vocal stuff to do. Gonna be interesting to see if I can pull it off tomorrow.

September 7, 2013 - Studio Time
What a great Friday in the studio! We got a lot accomplished. Guitar tracks to 3 songs completed....listening to them now in case we need to make corrections.
On Friday, Sept. 13th we plan on laying down the vocal tracks to those 3 songs (Run, Awake, For A Time As This).

August 14, 2013 - Album Photo Shoot
Unedited - The other cool shots I happen to like from the Wallflowers Photo Shoot are up!

August 13, 2013 - Album Photo Shoot
Added a sub-album "Out-Takes" to the Photoshoot album.
These are the crazy photos that will never make it for promos, but are just too funny not to post.

August 7, 2013 - Album Photo Shoot
The photos are now up on my Pictures page. Take a look!

August 3, 2013 - Album Photo Shoot
The first photos from the shoot are up on Facebook! Take a look at "Sam Scales Music"

August 2, 2013 - Studio News
Back to working in the studio again! We did some changes to the vocal dynamics on "A New Day" and recorded vocals for the title song ("When Wallflowers Dance"). I'm so pumped after today, this album is going to be great!

July 19, 2013 - Album Photo Shoot
Had the photoshoot today for the new album. What a fun time! Adrielle, my photographer made it such fun! Can't wait to see the photos. There are going to be some good ones and some funny ones!
If you need a photographer, look up AdrielleRoyale Nature In Photography.

June 22, 2013 - Demo On Tour
People are loving the songs and it's already having great sales! Thank you to all who are helping to support this project.

June 6, 2013 - Studio News
Demo is released today! Went to the studio to pick up 50 copies of the demo! Just in time for the tour to OK, TX, KY and IN! Sold one copy to friends right before we left!

posted by Sam on 09/15/2013

....Home again Update Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Minnesota welcomed us back with WARM weather!! We left in jackets and 50 degree temps and got back on June 24th to t-shirt weather! Maybe we should have left earlier to bring summer back to Minnesota??

Well, to catch you up on our 2nd part of the road trip: After Pastor Carol and I left my daughter's house, we stopped in Houston with Melanie who is the Founder of The Refuge. We had a great night of fellowship at her house and the next morning she took us to visit with her ladies at The Refuge apartment.
The Refuge is a place for recovery and restoration for ladies that struggled with addiction and are getting set free through the love of Jesus Christ and are moving forward with a new life, new hope, regenerated, re-charged and full of faith. It was so great to see them excited about what's happening in their lives and to see the hope in their eyes. Through regular updates from Melanie, I basically "knew" the ladies already so it was a pleasure to meet them in person! After giving a mini-concert and then ending it with some time in worship, Pastor Carol had the privilege to speak into these ladies lives, teaching on "This Thing Called Life". It was a message the Lord had given her right before we left and neither one of us had a clue where this message would be shared - well, The Refuge was it!
After we took pictures, we said good-bye and got on the road to our next destination.

To get to Indy from Houston is a loooong drive and I can't even remember how long we were sitting in my truck just driving down the road, stopping occasionally for those necessary breaks, but we eventually saw signs for Memphis, TN (which was the preferred stopping point). But after around 12 hours or so on the road, we were cross-eyed enough to say: "this is it", about 46 miles before reaching Memphis. We found a hotel and checked in.
Low and behold, they had the nicest security guard working there! He helped us with our baggage and we got to visit with him for a little bit. I felt prompted to bless him with my Demo CD for helping us and he insisted that he pay for it and left to go get $10.00 and brought it back to me a few minutes later. He shared that he had worked at that hotel for quite a while and he said that when he's there, our vehicle and belongings would be safe. He thought I was someone really important (musician wise) when I got my guitar out of the car....hehe. Guess so close to Memphis one could expect someone to think that. Carol and I thanked him for his kindness and his help. What a breeze of fresh air this man was to us after being on the road for so long and almost falling over.

The next morning we took off direction Louisville, KY and got to Pastor Carol's friend's house about 9 pm. Her name is Lynne and she was already waiting for us outside her apartment, anxious to see us! What a beautiful and wonderful lady Lynne is! She welcomed me with open arms like she did Carol as if she had known me all her life. Her apartment was welcoming and her patio so tastefully decorated and surrounded with lots of greenery that it felt like a little retreat! She made us the best dinner too! Of course she got a private concert that she immensely enjoyed! What a fun time.

The next morning it meant getting up and getting ready to head to Indy which was only about 3 hours away.

After checking into our room at the Wingate Hotel (which was also the concert venue) and greeting a bunch of friends who had already arrived, Pastor Carol and I got situated in the room. I then got my merch table stuff and started setting up as GHF, Tawana and Steven Billings did their sound checks for that evening's concert. Then it was my turn and after all levels were set, I went back to the room to get ready.

What a whirlwind! Driving, checking in, setting up, soundcheck and getting ready. Hardly time to rest - and it was time for the concert! Tawana opened the evening, followed by yours truly and ending the Indie artists was Steven Billings a friend from Green Bay, WI who is also a pastor, but man can he sing!!! I have heard him a couple years back when he hosted John Schlitt at his church and he opened for John! What a great voice!
Closing the evening was GHF (God Has Forgiven), the founding members of the band PETRA in 1972. They are a great bunch of guys and each of them had a message to share, not only in song but also in word, which is cool.

Afterwards a bunch of us went to eat at a nearby restaurant. I think Pastor Carol enjoyed all my crazy friends......she didn't say otherwise, haha.

The next morning was full of activity specially for me. Pastor Carol was working on some of her ministry stuff while I was whizzing around greeting friends and fans of Petra thus making new acquaintances! The afternoon started with the CD Release Party for GHF. As their new CD was played song by song, they each would share what that song was about and how it is to minister to people.

Then it was the Indie artists turn to open the concert portion of the evening. I hurried back to the room to change into my new concert shirt that I was blessed with by Jodi & Dave Freeman before we left Minnesota! Thank you guys. That shirt looked good!! So as Tawana was taking the stage, I finished up to catch her concert and take a few photos of her.

Rob, the promoter of the event and my manager gave me such a hard time when he announced me. I think he had us all rolling as I plugged in my guitar and adjusted my mic. Hard to get composure after all that, haha. Yet, my concert went well, people seemed to enjoy the songs, sang with me on "Your Assurance" but I think the favorite was "Living Water" as the Holy Spirit washed over the audience.
Following me was Steven Billings. He had recorded one song with John Schlitt and so the two of them performed it together live, which was cool to see! One day - I'll have John sing on one of my songs (and I was hoping it to be "Awake" for this album as I wrote this song at his house), but I need to pay him and it's a little more than what I have budgeted for.... Praying for a miracle to make it happen! What a joy that would be for me, just as it was pure joy for Steven to be able to sing with John. Those two sounded great together!

Then we had a break - and after the break GHF rocked the house followed by
II Guys from Petra, John Schlitt & Bob Hartman. Those two are a stitch!!! We laughed so hard, we worshipped, we jumped, we sang our hearts out with them. What a great time!
After the concert, we all sold CDs, signed them, talked with people and took pictures with each other, GHF, Bob & John.

Pastor Carol and I got very hungry, so we decided to walk back to that same restaurant and order a late nite pizza before crashing in our beds.

The next morning it was a time of breakfast, good-byes to wonderful friends, last minute pictures with John Schlitt and "Team Schlitt" (that is a few of us who help John with his music), get his baggage loaded, our baggage loaded, friend's baggage loaded..... Then a few of us just hung around because none of us wanted to leave...

Carol and I decided to head to my friend Sue's house in Sheboygan where we had a great visit and a good night's sleep.
To introduce Carol to my friend Mary, who has a Coffeehouse Ministry in Sheboygan, we visited with her at the Upper Room the next morning for a bit of fellowship time and prayer for another friend. Then it was time for the drive home.

After dropping Pastor Carol off I still had about an hour to drive - and it was hard to all of a sudden realize, this whole trip came to an end.....
As I drove up to the house where we live, Warren pulled up behind me bringing pizza and a big hug! Sure was good to see hubby again! That made it all better.

Now it's back to the routine and trying to get caught up on uploading photos, writing this ministry update and I still have to write the next newsletter - plus catch up on ministry paperwork.... Oh, yes...and get back into the studio to finish my CD!

By the way, the Demo has had such a great response so far! Please let me know if you would like a copy, as it helps me to finish the project. I would totally appreciate the support and you will get to hear some of the new music! They are only $10.00 and you can email me at if you would like one.

Thank you again to those of you who supported us financially for this trip!
Pastor Carol is back in Louisville, KY right now on her way to the Smokey Mountains in TN to write her 4th book. Please pray for her and if you would like to support her financially, you can also contact me via my e-mail.

New doors maybe opening for me in Indiana next stay tuned on updates about that later this year or early next year!

I know this was a long report, but at least you know about our adventure and hopefully this brought you in thought to the places we were and experiences we had.


posted by Sam on 07/01/2013

Update from the road... Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Howdy! Pastor Carol and I are in Texas country. You know where the buffalo roam except we didn't see any yet, but we did enjoy a couple days at the beach! Guess I better start at the beginning.

When we got to Oklahoma, we were so warmly welcomed by my friends Cat & MJ and our supper was at Chick-Fil-A, one of my favorite places to eat. We rested that night and after a super breakfast created by Cat we drove over to Okemah for an evening concert at John & Sheri's house. I've never played a concert at a bonfire, but it was a really really cool experience! The music touched everyone there and since we were able to stay an extra day, we could spend some time with the hosts to encourage them in their vision for ministry.
We spent a day in Duncan, OK with Warren's family and did a mini-concert for everyone at Freedom Lanes Bowling Alley, which is owned by Warren's sister and spent some quality talking time with Warren's mom.

Then we arrived in Texas! First sighting was an "Allsups" Convenience store. What's so special about that? Well, their famous 'Allsups Chimichangas & Bean Burritos' of course! As fattening as they are - they are quite yummy...Carol had a chimi and I had a bean one. That was Carol's first taste of Texas!

Houston was our next concert stop at Tawana's place, who hosted a house-concert for all her friends & neighbors (and some of mine too). Tawana is a singer/songwriter herself and when we lived in Houston we did a few things together musically. After my concert there, we had such a wonderful conversation with one lady who had come out of many witchcraft and cult experiences. She is now saved, full of the Holy Spirit and it was really awesome to be able to minister to her, not only in song, but also during our conversation. Sometimes that one person is there for that divine appointment!

Next on the agenda was Corpus Christi, spending time with both my daughters in preparation for Cheryl's wedding. We had a lot of fun making some of the last decorations for the reception. Everyone that was in the house pitched in, including the grandkids. What a much needed fun time. Saturday meant getting up early. The bride, bridesmaid and flowergirl had their hair appointments, while my friend Pastor Carol and I drove to the wedding site at Whitecap Beach to prepare. The wedding was just wonderful, the bride totally gorgeous and my new son-in-law absolutely handsome! For my first officiating I think it went very well....except I almost forgot the part where I'm supposed to say: "You may now kiss the bride". Glad Cheryl was standing close enough to the podium (aka music stand) to point to that portion. HAHAHA.

We are now spending a couple restful days at Cheryl's house before heading out tomorrow back in the direction of Houston.

Tuesday we will be spending the night in Pasadena and ministering at 'The Refuge', a ministry & recovery center for women on Wednesday morning. We are really looking forward to meeting the ladies that have overcome obstacles and are now living a new life in Christ. It will be great to see Melanie again, who is a ministry friend and the founder of 'The Refuge'. We had played at her place a few times when we lived in Houston in 2005.

Then, right after leaving 'The Refuge' we will be on our way towards Indianapolis, IN for the Petra Fan Convention, where I'll be opening for IIGuys from Petra and GHF (Petra's founding members).
Since we won't be able to drive to Indy in one shot, we will be having a couple stops, the second one being in Louisville, KY at one of Pastor Carol's ministry partner's home. I'm sure I will get to play some for her as well and I'm looking forward to meeting her.

On our trip it's been really interesting to see the gas prices drop from nearly $4 to $3.15 the further we went south. Maybe 'south' is the place to go? So far I spent about half of the gas budget ($500.00) and with the gas being cheaper down here that certainly helps. I remember a time when you could travel the whole US for that amount....and I bet you do too.

Keep us in prayer for this second part of our travels and that we would cross paths with those whom God sends to us to minister to.

If you are going to be in Indy....see ya there!

posted by Sam on 06/17/2013

Photos, Studio, Events and News Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It's the beginning of May and it's time to update you all again with what I've been up to.

So far I've had 3 sessions. The first one was planning the CD and introducing my producer to my music/songs. The next two sessions were laying down the 'scratch tracks' for the musicians who will also be playing on the album.
That way they can hear how the melody lines go, the tempo of the songs and that will help with their work on the arrangements.
I will be going to the studio every Friday this month and towards the end of the month, Saturdays and Sundays also.
We are hoping to have a DEMO CD of 3 songs done for my trip down south in June.

If you want to see some photos of the studio go here:
If you want to see photos of my last concert (Upper Room in Sheboygan, WI) go here:

April was a busy month with almost something every weekend. Just fun to be able to use my gift to bless others!
For the Christian Network Fellowship in St. Cloud, I played for their retreat at the Lindisfarne Retreat Center and a Ladies Spring Tea. One event was in the Cities with another Christian Women's Network.

I went to Sheboygan, WI to play and give a message at the Upper Room. Love that place and the people there. Feels like home going there! The funny thing was that the message God gave me to talk about, was exactly what they had been learning the week before. I'm always thrilled when God does things like that! What topped it off was that my daughter Cindy and grand-daughter Hannah came up for this event. Hannah and I had talked the night before about that she likes to sing - so I asked her to come up and sing a song with me. We handed her a mic and she did super! What fun!

Beginning of May, we were back at the Lindisfarne Retreat Center for a Leadership Conference. All of us leaders had taken classes and this was the culmination of that with three of us being ordained, two as pastors and I was ordained as a minister/teacher through the Christian Network Fellowship.

May 19 - AmericInn, 119 LeSauk Dr. in Sartell - Christian Women's Network Meet.
Jun 8 - Okemah, OK - House Concert
Jun 12 - Houston, TX - House Concert
Jun 15 - Corpus Christi - Wedding Ceremony (I will be officiating my daughter's wedding)
Jun 21-22 - Indianapolis, IN - PC4 Petra Fan Convention (opening for John Schlitt & Bob Hartman)
Jun 28-30 - Brook Park, MN, Lindisfarne Retreat Center - Christian Women's Network Summer Retreat.

To check on new dates, keep checking back on: or you can go to 'Sam Scales Music' on Facebook. If you 'like' that page, whenever I put in an update you will find out what I'm up to.

That's all for now. Give Psalm 100 a read this week.......


posted by Sam on 05/08/2013

Ministry Update: So Many Open Doors!! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

How was your Resurrection Celebration Weekend? We pray it was not only a time of a lot of fun, but also of deep reflection of what our Lord has done for us! For some reason the past couple weeks I've really been thinking about that a lot. So deeply grateful.....

Over the last year I can't even explain the depth of learning I've done in God's Word and thankful to Pastor Carol Brandl for starting the Christian Women's Leadership Network and being a living testimony of trusting God no matter what the circumstance! I know the Lord brought her into my life for a time such as this.....There is much to come, much to do and much to prepare for.

More doors have been opening for music, getting involved in ministry, touching people's lives and ministering to one another. So thrilled to have hooked up with a group of great women with the 5-fold ministry gifts as we all minister together to the body of Christ.

After a very busy March, looks like April is busy as well. Here are the upcoming events in Minnesota and Wisconsin:

April 5-7: Women's Spring Retreat at Lindisfarne Retreat Center in Brook Park, MN. A weekend retreat for our group of women to end our class sessions from the past few weeks.

Apil 13: Women's Spring Tea held at AmericInn, 306 Lemieur St in Little Falls, MN. This event is still open to RSVP until Thursday. Call 320-224-2829 for more information and availability. Tickets are $20.00.

April 19-20: Upper Room, 1125 N. 8th Street in Sheboygan, WI. Get ready in Sheboygan, looking so forward to seeing you all! Everyone is welcome!

Also every Friday, starting April 12 (with the exception of the Sheboygan weekend) until May 10 and possibly May 17, I will be going into the studio to begin recording on my next CD project! Please keep this time in prayer as I would like the Lord's anointing fully on the music to bring people into His presence when they listen to the album.

Continue to check my website ( & my Facebook page: Sam Scales Music for new updates. Also please stop by my IndieHeaven page: and leave me a comment.

If you are interested to attend the Petra Fan Convention in Indianapolis in June (where I will also be playing), be sure to get your ticket soon, they are selling fast. There is only room for 140 people! The hotel is also offering reduced rates for those attending! Here is the link where you can purchase your ticket! Yes, this is a safe link to click.

Also I do want to apologize for the "spam" that went out to many of you from this e-mail address. What had happened is that I responded to an ad on Craigslist and unfortunately it ended up being a spam. Lesson learned. I think I will open up another e-mail address without an addressbook for responding to ads, that way they can't take over my contact list - because there won't be any.
Of course I changed my password, so now there should be no more problems. So if for some reason you get a strange mail with just a link, please delete it immediately. The only time you should click on a link if it is within an e-mail like this where you know that I typed it up and also you can double check if it is on my website under the "Newsletter" button.

Thank you so much for all the support, love and encouragement I have received from so many of you throughout the years. I thought I should tell you that I really appreciate every one of you.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the upcoming events!!!
Until next His grace,

posted by Sam on 04/02/2013

Exciting News About Studio! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Feb. 28, 2013
Hello Dear Friends,

This week has been a time of forced rest and today some productiveness.

Forced rest due to the flu (coughing, sinuses, fever) so I'm staying home and keeping up the fluids and getting a lot of sleep.
Today is the first afternoon that I'm feeling somewhat back together.

Productive, because I made a phone call to Michael Talbott, who has a studio in Monticello, MN and who will be producing my next CD. We had such a nice conversation! The album is going to be more acoustic this time and it might be an EP, rather than a full CD, even though I have enough material for a full length CD. So we will see where it goes.
Monticello is only a 30 minute drive from where we live, so that will make it less stressful, time and travel wise.
This connection was totally a God connection, as Michael had played with us in concert for the Place Of Hope "Have A Heart" Benefit earlier this month and we got to talking afterwards.

Today after our conversation, the first studio day will begin April 12th and be every Friday through May 10th for now. Then we will see where we are at and how much more time I will need. It would really be cool to have a single ready to go for my trip in June! Please keep this project in prayer.

Today I was also working on learning a couple songs for the Place Of Hope worship with Grant, which has been fun but intense for me trying to figure out the guitarist's rythmn on the actual CD compared with what I was trying to do, haha. But I think I finally got it - we shall see when I get together with Grant! What I got a kick out of was, that the little lead intro they played, I was able to actually figure it out! Pretty cool....

Here are the upcoming Minnesota events for this March:

Mar. 3 - St. Cloud, MN at Place Of Hope Ministries, 511 9th Ave
11:00 AM (Worship with Grant Erickson)

Mar. 10 - St. Cloud, MN at Place Of Hope Ministries, 511 9th Ave.
11:00 AM (Worship with Grant Erickson)

Mar. 17 - Sartell, MN - Christian Network Fellowship
held at the AmericInn, 119 LeSauk Dr.
3:00 PM I will be the special music guest
Contact Pastor Carol Brandl: Ph#: 320-224-2829 for more information.

Mar. 24 - St. Cloud, MN Calvary Community Church, 1200 Roosevelt Rd.
1:00 PM (We are guest artists for Empty Bowls Benefit for Place Of Hope)
The event starts at noon and goes until 4 pm.
Contact Linda 320-203-7881 for more information.

Keep checking on the website ( or on FaceBook: Sam Scales Music for more updates, news and events.

Until next time - and keep rejoicing in the Lord

posted by Sam on 03/01/2013

New Photos up - and MN upcoming Concerts Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Feb. 18, 2013
What a great weekend we just had!!!

We ladies had our Christian Women's Network Fellowship this past Sunday. The ministry time was just amazing. We had music, prayer, ministry to each other, encouraging word....and of course great food. The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way yesterday.
The guys had their own little get-together during this time and they had a good bonding time in the Lord.

Saturday was a wonderful day for me as I spent it in the Word and in prayer and upon reading through the 'theme' scripture the Lord gave me a song for the event! It's called "For A Time As This". The ladies loved it so much that they would like it to be the theme song for the Christian Women's Network.
I can't wait to have you all hear it - plus all the new songs that I've been able to write lately. It's time to go to the studio soon!

The pictures from the Network event are up on my website:

Here are the upcoming Minnesota Music opportunities we have:
March 3 & March 10 - Place Of Hope, 511, 9th Ave., St. Cloud - 11:00 am Morning Worship Service. (We may also be there for the Early Morning Service)

March 17 - Christian Women's Network Fellowship, AmericInn, 119 LeSauk Dr., Sartell, MN. - 3:00 pm. Special Music.

Marc 24 - Calvary Community Church, 1200 Roosevelt Rd., St. Cloud - 12:00 noon
Empty Bowls Fundraiser for the Place Of Hope.

That's all for the month of March, but keep checking back on the website or on Facebook: Sam Scales Music to get all the updates.

Until next time, remember that God has something for you to do, as you are called in His Name for a time such as this.

posted by Sam on 02/18/2013

Ministry Update: Upcoming Minnesota Concerts Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Feb 5, 2013

Hi Gang,

Just a very quick blurb to let you know a couple dates that are coming up in the St. Cloud, MN area.

This coming Saturday, February 9th, I'll be playing a 3 song set for the Place Of Hope 'Have A Heart' Benefit Concert. It takes place at Calvary Community Church, 1200 Roosevelt Rd. in St. Cloud. Time is 7:00 pm. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $10.00
Main artist will be Christy Freeman, named Minnesota's #1 Christian/Gospel Acoustic Artist.

On March 24th, also at Calvary Community Church, is the "Empty Bowls" Fundraiser Event for Place Of Hope. That will start at noon - right after Calvary's Sunday Service in the main lobby. I will be playing from 1:00-1:45pm. Mark your calendars!

I will also be special music for the Christian Network Fellowship monthly event on February 17th (contact me for more info if interested to find out more) and the following month, Warren and I will be playing with the Place Of Hope worship team the two first Sundays in March (come worship with us).

The IndieSong 2012 contest was won by Nate, a fellow IndieHeaven Member. Yet I'm thankful that my song "Goodness And Mercy" was chosen to be one of the 10 top finalists.

More events are in the making in the St. Cloud area, so be watching my website or my Facebook page (Sam Scales Music).

In June - I'll be heading south!! So I hope to get a chance to catch up with some of you from down "yonder" :o-).

Keep it real,

posted by Sam on 02/14/2013

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Hope everyone had a great and Happy New Year!

We went to HEMI for their New Years Eve service. It was a super good time!
We got to draw Promise Cards. My scriptures were: Deuteronomy 33:27a - " The eternal God is a dwelling place (or refuge), And underneath are the everlasting arms; & Psalms 85:8a - I will hear what God the Lord will say; For He will speak peace to His people, to His godly ones.
Warren's were: Matthew 4:6b. HE will command His angels charge concerning you. &
Psalms 149:4. He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.
Pastor Harold gave a powerful message on stepping forward into the waters and watch our biggest obstacle (our Red Sea) become our biggest blessing if we move forward fully trusting the Lord.

I got a super New Years Day surprise!! Take a look and see what song made it to the 10 Top Finalists for the IndieHeaven Song 2012!!
This is the first time any of my songs have made it to a finalist list!! Been at semi-finals, but this is super cool. So I'm thanking God for another step forward!
Yet this would not have been possible without God giving the song, His grace and the help from those of you who have faithfully voted every day!! Thank you for your support.

Let us know how you are doing, how your holiday season went and your hopes for 2013!

For us, we are excited to see God continue to move in mighty ways in us and through us and we pray the same for you. Keep pressing on and always trust the Lord!!

Happy New Year from Sam & Warren

posted by Sam on 01/12/2013

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It's December and this is the month for voting for the IndieSong 2012 Contest.
Throughout the year many of you have faithfully voted for the songs that I had posted on the IndieHeaven FanFaves Chart. Thanks to you these 5 songs are now on the chart for the IndieSong 2012! I so appreciate your support!

The winning song gets $500.00 cash and other prices including a professional recording of one song. I have a new song that I would LOVE to get out as a single. Soooo........I REALLY need your help in voting!

Here is the link:

As of today this is where the songs are on the IndieSong Chart:
Goodness And Mercy #17, I Am Your God #18 (going up).
Blessed #28, Eyes On The Road #36, More Of You #37 (going down).

This time you can vote once every 24 hours (per IP address) for all 5 songs if you would like - or - just vote for your favorite(s).

In other news. We have started church fellowship meetings at Warren's office and are very excited to help our friend Pastor Carol of the Christian Training Center and Women's Leadership Network to have a place to hold meetings. Last Sunday was our first gathering, Warren gave a message, we had some sharing time and then later on communion and ate supper together. This will be every Sunday except for the 3rd Sunday of the month when we will have our Christian Women's Leadership Network Round Table and Dinner.

December will be a busy month for us with lots of events doing music and serving with our other talents for NGATHA International's Annual Fundraiser Dinner, the Christian Network Fellowship and is a joy doing once again what we are called to do!

That is all for now. Yes, surprise, I kept it short!!
Please don't forget to vote and bookmark the IndieSong Page so you can get to it every day. I really REALLY need your help. It would be so nice to be able to record a single!

Thank you so much - and keep His joy during this busy season.

posted by Sam on 12/03/2012

Update - our concert as guests with John Schlitt! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hi Everyone,

First of I must say 'my hats off' to all of you from Minnesota who have come out to support us! You guys came from Little Falls, St. Cloud surrounding areas and the Cities too! Wow! I want to thank all of you who have come not only to hear John, but also to support us! I just may have to change my mind about St. Cloud! Thank you so very much for coming and we hope you had a good time with us and John!

The pictures that I have so far, are up on my website ( under the 'Pictures' section. I'm sure there will be more as others might still be sending in photos! If you took some, send them to us. Some photos will go up on the Facebook Music Page (Sam Scales Music)
Not sure about a video yet, the sound quality is not the best with the mic that was on the camera, but if it's good enough for you all to hear, I may just put that up on my IndieHeaven Page.

The next event will be me solo for the Christian Women's Leadership Network Meeting on November 18th at the AmericInn in Sartell. I'm really looking forward to that.

In the last few hours I've gotten a full blown cold and I'm so thankful to the Lord that He held that off until all my singing for this weekend was done. But I need to be back in shape for next weekend....... I would really appreciate your prayers!

Thank you to all our friends that came over and hung out at the house. We all crammed into our small space and had a good time. Sure felt good to have company over and even John hung out with us for a little while at the house before sound check.

Thank you to Open Doors Ministries for having John and having us! We had such a good time and it was a lot of fun.
Also we want to thank Place Of Hope for having John for their church service and invited us also do play one song. We chose 'Your Assurance' a worship song that I had written. How fun it was to be part of the service and see the people enjoy John's ministry, music and testimony! Thank you again POH!!!

A special thanks of gratitude goes to my 'band', Grant Erickson (lead guitars), Josie Mattson (backing vocals) and my sweet hubby Warren (djembre). It would not have sounded the same without you guys!

Thank you Sue, Andrea and Sherri for the photos that I have up so far and most of all for helping John and I with the Merch Tables! You guys are wonderful!

More opportunities will be coming music wise and ministry wise....I just feel it and I'm excited. Last month I finished writing a new song called "A New Day". Can't wait to share that soon...... Please be praying for the next recording project as I need to get that started pretty soon, but the timing and funding is all in the Lord's hands and He will accomplish it!

In the meanwhile, keep watching my website to catch the next event and don't forget to 'Awake' to God's song that He made your life to be!

posted by Sam on 11/12/2012

Busy August, Being Patient & the FanFaves Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It has been a month since the last update - so that means I'm not bugging you guys too much :o-)

Just a quick recap of the very super busy month of August we had! Between finishing up the "Summertime at Lake George" BBQ Wednesdays we had going for 12 weeks and every weekend being out of town for a concert, plus work, that made it for one exhausting month!!!

It's been a fun time doing the BBQ's on Wednesdays, but it's also good that it's done for now and our Wednesdays are free again to do other things - like for me getting ready for the big upcoming concert here in St. Cloud in November.

Our concert weekends were in Indianapolis opening for Randy Stonehill. We had such a wonderful audience who immediately sang along with us and participated and loved our music. We had a great time of worship and ministry and were able to share with another person who had been in an accident who walked away very encouraged and hopeful again. A young college age man came up to say that he enjoyed our opening music the best. It's been good to be around some friends and our booking agent/manager Rob Pugh and family. His little girl Sammi is now going to be a little jeweler as well :o-)

The next stop was in Beloit, WI for the Rock On The Rock Music Fest! Sure felt good to see so many people we used to minister to and with and we re-connected with a bunch of old friends as well whom we haven't seen in years! Almost felt like we never left!

The last concert out of town was at the Upper Room in Sheboygan, WI! I was by myself on this trip and we all spent a time in worship and had a super prayer time after the concert with a Word spoken over me that totally was in line with what has been prophesied before and also what the Holy Spirit has been revealing to me little by little.
Arriving in Sheboygan felt like "coming home".......really strange..... I've always loved that town, specially since I have a very good friend there, her family, her friends, Mary and the Upper Room and - my daughter only 2 hour drive can dream....

So we are considering this location and Indianapolis, we are praying, we are most of all waiting on God. We can't and will not move forward without His directionm, guidance and provision. But it's exciting to think about the future - and I haven't felt that in quite a few years until now!

John Schlitt was also in concert in Milwaukee that same weekend I was in Sheboygan, so my friend Sue and I drove down to help him with his concert/ministry time and his merchandise table, plus pick him up at the airport and drop him back off the next day. The next morning during our breakfast John said a few things to me that I'm excited about - but it'll still be a while yet and all in God's timing. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Now on to the future UPCOMING EVENTS:
In October we will be at Joy Community Fellowship with our Pastor friend Bill and his wife Pat and their congregation. It's been almost 7 years since we've seen them!!! Wow...... On the way there we plan to connect with Pastor Rich in Douglas, WY!

ST.CLOUD friends!!! Mark NOVEMBER 10th in your calendars!! John Schlitt will be in concert at Calvary Community Church, sponsored by Open Doors Ministries who will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary! We will open for John with a band behind us! So that means lots of practice for me and my musician friends and an exciting time to be able to play in our own back yard for a change with our buddy John! Check our websites and FaceBook for more updates.

Again the date: Nov. 10 at 8 pm at Calvary Community Church!

Don't forget to vote for my song 'Blessed' now charting on the IndieHeaven FanFaves Charts at #8. But I need your votes to get up into the top 5 again. So far every song that was on that chart has made it to #2 thanks to your help in daily votes. The banner to get to the voting page is in the beginning of my home page on my website: or daily posted on my FaceBook Page: Sam Scales Music.

Today in my prayer time I was reading and praying through Psalm 118! What an awesome Psalm! If you feel defeated, read it - if you feel attacked, read it!! If you are a born again Believer and Jesus is in the center of your heart, you have His righteousness and you are coverd by the blood of Christ. You'll walk through the day knowing that God hears you!

Love you all and until next time.......

Shine His light!

posted by Sam on 09/16/2012

Upcoming Concerts, Decisions and FanFaves Chart Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hello dear friends,

First we want to thank all of you for thinking of us and keeping us in prayer when we come to mind. We are so thankful for all our friends who are dispursed all over the United States and abroad. Sometimes we truly wish we could just go around and visit everyone as to not lose touch. But the Lord knows our hearts and when He so chooses it will happen again.

Indy is coming up this weekend. We will be at the Sweet Treats Shop for an intimate concert in Avon and at the Wingate Hotel in Indianapolis opening for Randy Stonehill. Tickets for Randy Stonehill concert are still available on iTickets! All the links and information are on the homepage on my website.

The following weekends after Indy we will be in Beloit, WI playing for Rock on the Rock Fest, visiting with friends and hopefully getting to play for our friend's church, it will be great to see all the folks there again.
Following after that will be Sheboygan, WI at the Upper Room and then having fun at a concert with John Schlitt in Milwaukee at the Christian Expo! So busy times.

August is actually our busiest month.....BBQ and Concerts :o-)
Lake George BBQ in St. Cloud goes till the end of the month - every Wednesday 5-9 for those of you who are in the area.

New song is up on the IndieHeaven FanFaves chart: 'More Of You'. Please go vote for it, the banner is on the homepage! Sure appreciate every daily vote, this helps the song to rise into the top 5. For the last 6 months we have had a song in the #2 spot which is very cool.

We also would appreciate your prayers concerning our future here in St. Cloud, we are not sure if God is closing doors here as doors seem to be opening else where, or if it is just a time of testing. We want to make sure we don't make a move without God's guidance.
Due to 'centralization' things may change at my job and eventually I might be out of work, Warren's work is continuing but super slow and that makes things difficult on commission only.
Music opportunities have really picked up for which we are thankful and also that we still have work for now. Our Amway Business is growing with happy customers, so that's a fun side thing.

So as we WAIT, I'll end with the scripture I named one of my jewelry lines with - Isaiah 4031: YET those that WAIT for the LORD will gain NEW stength, they WILL MOUNT UP with wings like eagles, they WILL RUN and not get tired and they WILL WALK and not become weary!

How thankful I am for the Word of God. What a precious resource of encouragement, instruction and redemption!

Until next time.....keep moving forward!


posted by Sam on 08/22/2012

Song on FanFaves & Events Update Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Bon Jour,

I thought I'd be "French" today :o-)

Just a short "hello" and updated for you all. Warren and I have been very busy with the summer BBQ's on some weekends and every Wednesday down at Lake George downtown St. Cloud, MN for the "Summertime by George" festival that is organized by the local Rotary Club. There's a different band playing every week.

If you are local and you haven't been able to get hold of my new CD 'Eyes On The Road' yet (because it seems I'm playing more out of state), come by Lake George on Wednesdays, I have them with me!

Upcoming events that I'm very excited about is that I will be back in Indianapolis, IN on August 18th opening for Randy Stonehill. Looking forward to a great night of worship and just being in the Lord's presence. Tickets are available at

Our concert and BBQ at the Rockville Rockfest earlier this month went very well, was a lot of fun, a lot of work, but....a lot of fun too....and what's the fun :o-) Did I mention fun?? :o-)

On the Indieheaven FanFaves Chart, my title song 'Eyes On The Road' is doing well, but it's kinda hung up on #3 this month with strong competition from my friend 'Eddie B' and another band called 'Stronghold'.
So I need your help for the rest of the month of July to vote for my song on the FanFaves Chart.

Voting is easy, you don't have to give your e-mail or sign up for anything. All you need to do is click the IndieHeaven Banner on my Home page (the black and white one), that takes you to the voting page, there you find my song click on it and then highlight the stars next to it and click on them and that's all there is to it.
If you have never voted before, listen to the song in it's entirety then highlight the stars and then after that all you have to do is click on the song, highlight the stars and click them.

Votes are counted per computer per day, so the more votes I get, the stronger the song votes are and there's more of a chance to keep going up!
If the song stays in the top 5 it will be entered into the IndieSong 2012 contest that you all get to vote on in December

Please check out my page on IndieHeaven (click through banner on my home page), leave me a message or just say hello and if you haven't 'liked' my FaceBook Page: Sam Scales Music, I'd be honored if you'd become part of the team.

Heard a very interesting sermon by Adrian Rogers a couple days ago on John 6:16-21 titled "How To Find Peace In The Midst Of Your Storm". God is so providential in the midst of the turmoil. What a blessing to know our Lord who is present no matter what goes on in our lives!
Here is the link:

That is all for this time. So much for short. But hey, when have you guys ever known me to keep it short??

Much love,

posted by Sam on 07/28/2012

PC3 Indy! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

PC3 stands for 'Pethead Convention' that took place in Indianapolis, IN on May 5. What a day of PETRA memorabilia, history, testimony and music!

John Schlitt also had his CD release party at this event to share the release of his brand new rock album 'The Greater Cause' with his Pethead family and fans. The album rocks, I think it's going to be one of my favorite albums I will listen to right now!

We opened the evening portion of the concert with a 45 minute set of my original songs, mainly from my latest album 'Eyes On The Road' and a few new tunes written last year that will be on a new album. it certainly was a privilege to be part of such a great event and opening up for a group of legendary musicians such as the guys from GHF and John Schlitt.

GHF (God Has Forgiven) comprised of three of the early 1970's PETRA founding members also played in concert and those guys rocked the house with their Rock'n Blues. Husband Warren even got to wail on his sax with the band on a song, which was very cool!

John of course was the highlight for all the Petheads and he did not disappoint! With songs from his new album, well known and loved PETRA songs and tunes from his earlier solo albums, we all had a blast singing along and being part of 40 years of Petra ministry and Christian Rock history!!

Too bad that great times like this come to an end so quickly and this weekend is over. But we have great memories, tons of photos and stories to talk about for a long time.....

posted by Sam Scales on 05/07/2012

A Prophetic Word for me on January 6 at HEMI Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The following was a prophetic word spoken over me when I visited HEMI World Headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota on
January 6, 2012. ( You probably can still watch the recorded Live Broadcast from that date.....

This was such a blessing to me after my serious car accident and it's a Word from God that I'm holding on to as I make major decisions concerning life, ministry and music......

"Let nothing or the enemy tried to) hold you back. But God says to you tonight: All is well in the kingdom, I have everything under control. Hallelujah. God is saying to you this evening: I am putting my spirit within you. Restoration. Healing from the inside out. Intrinsically God. Innately inside of this woman of God. Hallelujah.
(Harold Eatmon calls Pastor Carol over to me to assist him.....)
Father, In Jesus Mighty Name, we just call her into the kingdom for such a time as this. The discouragement has been too much, the pain has been too great the Lord would say, you didn't think you were gonna get through it, you haven't known how you were even gonna get over it, around it or through it, you didn't looked absolutely impossible, and God said I'm the God of more than enough. I'm the God of impossibilities. God says your faith will arise, and this enemy shall be broken and scattered. He will be underneath your feet and you shall be delivered.
God would say unto you this night I am making a way where there seemeth to be no way, I'm opening up a door before you, I'm pouring out an anointing upon you. God says unto you this night: Hear the voice of heaven! Hear the power of my Presence! Let it come and search through your innermost.......
Know the hour of your visitation, know the day that I brought the healing, know the day that I restored unto you and I bring back FULL health, FULL blessing, FULL anointing, FULL victory. God says I'm opening up a destiny before you and the enemy of your soul tried to kill you and take you out but God said I'm gonna put a brand new mind inside of you, I'm gonna heal you from the top of your head, from the very beginning of your mind all the way to the soles of your feet, every place you walk, every place the sole of your foot steps on, I'm gonna give you victory and miracles.
I'm gonna give you blessing and I'm gonna give you favor, people gonna come round about you. I'm gonna send messengers of hope. I'm gonna send messengers of hope, messengers of blessing, messengers of victory.
I'm gonna bless my daughter. I'm gonna lift her up. I'm gonna strengthen you God says. Oh, how I love you, OH HOW I LOVE YOU and I call you higher. In Jesus Name. Hallelujah. It's broken. The victory is here. Hallelujah."

posted by Sam on 01/16/2012

Car Crash & New Year Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey gang....

....I'm home recuperating and this is the first day that I really felt like grabbing my laptop to send out some updates. Some of you already have heard the news and seen the pictures on FaceBook but some of you may not know yet...

Last Wednesday (Dec. 21) about 4pm, I was in a serious car accident. On the way home from a dentist appt. in the Cities in crossing a bridge in Clearwater, MN, I hit black ice and totaled my truck. All I tried to do was avoid another car that was serving on the bridge and apparently hit that same spot of black ice and lost control of my truck hitting the guardrail on my side and then going head on into the guard rail on the oncoming traffic side almost going over the edge. All I remember thinking was 'Lord, don't let me go over and hit the water'.....the next thing I remember is rescue workers cutting me out of my truck with the jaws of life, me muttering "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus", rescuers finally getting my feet free out of my shoes, being put on a board and screaming in pain in my ribs and being transported to the hospital.

A policeman on the scene also had fallen and broken his arm and he came along in my ambulance.

In later talking to the tow truck driver Warren found out that I had almost gone over the railing of the bridge, but somehow (I know it was God) ended up back into traffic and then being hit by two cars. The tow truck driver said I was lucky to drive a Toyota truck, because in a car I would have been dead and somehow by a miracle my legs weren't broken, which they should have been according to the space that was left.
Unfortunately my truck is was liability, so there's no compensation for it.

Now, resting at home I have a 4-6 week recovery period ahead of me to heal my 4 broken ribs and a cracked pelvis bone. The knots on my head and swelling have already gone down some and the cuts on my "guitar-hand" are beginning to heal and most of the swelling has gone away too. I have a big bruise on my nose too.

I'm just so thankful to be alive and being given a continued chance to serve Jesus with my music.

According to some friends I have a few new nicknames: 'Crash', 'Shuffle' (because I'm having to use a walker to get around) and recent 'Bruiser', because of the bruise on my nose.

Psalm 91:1-4: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, "My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!" For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with His pinions,
And under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.

I absolutely feel that I was and am in the shelter of the Most High and I'm so thankful that I can keep abiding in the shadow of the Almighty! He sure delivered me from being trapped in my truck or going off a bridge and in His faithfulness he made a shield and a bulwark around my body and legs so that I only suffered fairly minor injuries.

Verse 11 - For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, that you do not strike your foot against a stone.

Well, I believe that the Lord truly had given His angels charge over me, because I was guarded, I felt peace the whole time and - my feet got free....

Verses 14-16: Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name. "He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. "With a long life I will satisfy him and let him see My salvation."

Oh, this ever true. I surely feel delivered out of a snare, I kept saying "Jesus, Jesus" over and over, calling out His Name and He rescued me out of trouble.......the rest, is a promise that I'll stand on.

So what's my message for the New Year that I also need to keep reminding myself of? DWELL IN THE SHELTER of the Most High and as you are dwelling there, you keep ABIDING in His shadow as He watches over you. It's a great place to be, just abiding and letting God be your Father in any situation. No matter what hits your life in 2012, make the Lord Jesus Christ your Refuge!


P.S. My song 'Blessed' is now #9 on the FanFaves Charts on IndieHeaven. Thank you for voting!!! We still have a few more let's keep pushing with the votes.

posted by Sam on 12/28/2011

Connections! Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Nothing is more valuable than making connections! It's been great to see things work in my life if I'm just available - well, and a new friend moving in upstairs in the house where we live..........

In September our landlords told us that they were renting out a room in their part of the home (we are living in the basement apartment they had built) to a lady minister, while they were gone for the winter. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea having a "stranger" in the house - but - when I met Carol out in the garage as I was walking out and she was coming in with the landlords, it was an instant connection of - THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!

Since then this has been the best God connection ever! Somehow I feel she was sent just to minister to me :o-).
We have been having great conversations, awesome lessons in the Word.

Her ministry is deliverance, and since she's been here she has been forming a women's group and also speaking at other ladies events. Upon hearing my music, she's invited me to be her music partner and it's been so fun ministering together!! This is a great opportunity for me to keep growing :o-)

In connecting with the ladies that attend, lives have been changed and one lady has been delivered from alcohol addiction and it's been such a blessing to see her just blossom and regain hold in her life by being planted in God's Word! She has also testified that the songs on my latest CD "Eyes On The Road" have been a huge encouragement to her. I think she knows all the songs by heart now :o-) That's been really really cool - and as an artist - you feel blessed to have been able to release that album.

Much more music to come............

posted by Sam on 12/09/2011

New Album, Eyes On The Road Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I am excited to release my latest album, "Eyes On The Road." I really hope you enjoy the music.
This album is the culmination of a lot of trials in the recording process and getting it released to the finished glorious product that I'm super pumped about!
There were many delays, sprinkled with a few hardships, but always pressing on and God providing despite the circumstances! But 'Eyes On The Road' was worth the wait! So - check it out!

posted by ss on 10/17/2011