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"Norman Lee leaves nothing on the table as his passion and
hunger for his God inspires and invites others to join in 'The
Journey' through music.

"When you visit The Garden Worship Center you enter a
welcoming community where Pastor Norman Lee preaches by
combining artistry, drama and music that inspires, challenges
and creates a hunger for the Word of God."

Pastor Cary Holbert - Columbia, South Carolina
"I cannot over emphasize or exaggerate the richness of Norman
Lee's voice, the magnificent music arrangement, and the great
gift of his songs in his latest album 'The Journey'."

"Pastor Norman Lee is one of the most gifted and
enthusiastic pastors I have ever met. He understands the
meaning and value of worship and consistently and effectively
leads congregations into the presence of God through music
and the spoken word."

Pastor Bill Watson - Nashua, New Hampshire
"'The Journey' is one more marvelous expression of Norman
Lee's love for God through his unique and special gift. The
music is uplifting, the lyrics insightful, and the melody is a
testimony of divine grace."

Pastor Ben Randall - Vacaville, California
"From preaching to praising, Pastor Norman Lee's heart and
soul is fully engaged! He loves without reserve and calls
others to do the same. Norman is a pastor who can say
without reservation 'Follow me as I follow Christ'."

Evangelist Roberta Randall - Safe Harbor, California

It was way back in the day when I first met Norman Lee. I was a booking agent in Nashville.. Norman was that kid from Florida with the great voice and great looks.. For years after that Norman and I took different roads.. often those roads were filled with obstacles.. yet we struggled and we moved forward.. our paths crossed again in Ocala.. I heard Norman had a church.. I could not believe it was the same Norman Lee that i had known.. I went to his church to see for myself.. In fact it is not the same Norman Lee.. That hour spent with the new Norman stirred something inside of me.. I have travelled that long and winding road with Norman.. The road is now straight and narrow.. and filled with hope.. I am very proud of Norman...
God Bless. Randy Jackson /Entertainment Consultants llc

posted by NLS on 01/01/2013