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On August 10th 2013 Stronghold played it 's last gig as a music ministry. They put on probably the best performance ever that night and had two more dates planned with September 15 scheduled to be the "Farewell" Concert at the Isle of Wight Fair in Isle of Wight. VA. However it didn't happen due to the availability of a couple of the groups musicians.

Stronghold began in 2002 sharing the word and planting seeds with their ministry. But throughout a decade of ministry musicians came and went like revolving door. It was extremely frustrating to get to a point where things were starting to gel and get tight and then someone would leave the band and we'd have to start over working someone else in. Stronghold had 6 different drummers, 5 different bass players, 4 guitarist/singers and a few fill in players in the history of their ministry. You just can't get anywhere like that. Musicians would come to rehearsal and not know the songs or their parts. They would come to gigs with their music stand and song sheets, long after they should have known the material by heart. So with all that and the constant complaining from our last bassist and the frustration of playing with amateur musicians Mickey decided to shout down the ministry rather than continuing with the frustration of looking for new people.

So while the entity of Stronghold no longer exists Mickey after taking a couple months off to regroup launched Mick Rose Ministries on October 26 in an acoustic format accompanied by his wife. Mickey is looking to join up with some Professional or at least Professionally minded musicians to continue the journey of sharing God with his musical gift. It doesn't matter where as long as it is real.

If your looking for a Singer - Songwriter - rhythm/lead guitarist who's ready to bring his "A" game to the table, I'm ready. You Can contact Mickey at or 757-334-0899

posted by Mickey Rose on 10/27/2013

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Our new project "Stop Runnin From God" is about 2/3 done now. We have 5 in mix down status one that just needs the bass track done and two more new additions to do from scratch. This project is geared towards the "last days" and being prepared for the 2nd coming of Christ. Most of the songs on the CD will be in the 80's "hair band" Rock genre with blues tune, an upbeat Acoustic song and a power ballad. We look forward to the completion of the project and the results of the seeds planted, the eyes that will be opened and the lives changed all for the Glory of the One True God who provided all of gifts of the musicians and the material for messages He wanted sent out.

posted by Mickey Rosenfeld on 08/26/2010

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New Music coming soon.

As we recording new material we are not on any particular schedule to finish, however we would like to get to done. I remember what rushing and impatience will do for a project and it is not a desired outcome. It is amazing that how your ideas become so much better with the creativity in the studio especially with an impartial set of ears. Recording Engineer, Skip DeRupa has been a real asset to the project. As we discuss the ideas and as he is listening to the tracks Skip has come up with some really good ideas that have taken the songs from good songs to the next level.

Because this project is different from our A Cross And A Crown project we feel that the Lord is going to open many doors for us to carry the message to those who need to hear. This message is geared toward our preparation for the last days and the current state of the church in general. This message is right on time and current with what is happening in our world. Many are not satisfied with the current state of our government and Christians are praying this government to turn back to God, But the truth is WE need to turn back to God and when we do then God will honor our prayers for the people we need leading our nation.

2 CHRONICLES 7:14 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and TURN from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. "

You see it is not up the the White House or the State House to fix what is wrong it is up to the CHURCH HOUSE!

Stop Runnin From God is the title track of our new project. Other song titles include, By The Way You Live, Walk On, On The Day Christ Returns, Turn Your Faith To The One, There's Only One Way To God, and the latest one to come on board is Answer The Call. This project is straight up 80's metal with a Blues tune and one acoustic tune in line with the style of CSNY so far.

posted by Mickey Rosenfeld on 07/06/2010

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Stronghold this past summer was called to evangelize during this years "Ride of the Year" put on by several local Christian Biker organizations. It was a great opportunity to play in a larger outdoor venue. When I got the call I did not hesitate to accept the invite. However at the time of the call there were only 2 members in Stronghold Ann my wife and I. Jamie was away a college and we were still searching for a drummer and bass player. I didn't worry too much though as I had plenty of time to round up a couple of musicians to do this job. I called a friend of mine, Jim Writesel, who I met through the walk to Emmaus a couple years ago and asked him if he'd help out? He said sure, but the better news is that after 3 practices Jim committed to be Stronghold's drummer. He said, "When I hear God's call, I say yes." Jim had been doing some occasional P/W but it was mostly fill-in stuff and he was looking for a home, somewhere he could grow and serve.

We went through 3 bass players before finding one who would commit and mean it for the Biker Revival. Adam Chesson, he did a great job for an 18 year old that had only been playing for a year with his P/W group at church. He picked up on our originals and our arrangements of cover songs quickly, but he was bound for Liberty University in the fall.

Stronghold picked up another opportunity to play at a Coffee House in Va. Beach in the fall but there again we were an incomplete band. Another bass player came to mind. Ron Lee from Kindred Spirit. He and I had worked together at a youth event in January of this year along with Jim and I remembered him saying to me when it was over "I'd serve with you anytime, anywhere." So I asked Jim if he knew how to get in touch with him and he did. Ron called the next day and agreed to help us on a couple of jobs. Ron shared with us that Kindred Spirit was falling apart and he didn't know what he was going to end up doing. He work really hard on our originals getting them down, harder I thought than someone who would be just helping out for a short time. Then one night at a vocal practice the subject came up and he told Ann and I that he was praying about joining. We confessed our prayers for the same thing. The next night as we gathered to pray before our first set at the Light House Café Ron told us he was in.

So there again God does answer prayers. In his own time, cause it has been almost 2 years that we have prayed for a complete ministry. Now we feel as though between the 4 of us there is one heart serving in unison for the Glory of God. The one who gave us the gifts and talents that we might use them for just this purpose.

Between now and Christmas Stronghold will begin recording our next project.

posted by Mickey Rosenfeld on 11/10/2009

"Sweet Breath of Life" Makes Radio Play List Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Several days ago I submitted "Sweet Breath of Life " to 88.3 WGPS in Elizabeth City, NC. I received just moments ago that they have added the song to their play list. GLORY TO GOD!
WGPS 88.3 FM is a 50,000 watt radio station located in Elizabeth City North Carolina and simulcasted over WPGT 91.1 FM in Roanoke Rapids NC, WWFP 90.5 FM in Brigantine (Atlantic City) NJ, WJIJ 94.3 FM in Norlina, NC, WAJC 90.5 FM in Zebulon, NC, 90.7 FM in Murfreesboro NC, 88.7 FM in Madison Heights VA, and 93.7 FM in Lynchburg Va.

I hope that this is a station or stations you can or do tune into. I know some of you reading this live way out of the area but I just wanted to share the news. God is Good! For the rest of you below is contact info for WGPS. Please call them or email and request "Sweet Breath of Life." Or when you hear it send them an email and tell them what you think. God has blessed me with this opportunity and provided the resources to let His message be heard and I know He will certainly see it through. Ann and I deeply appreciate all of you who have supported Stronghold and we thank you for celebrating with us the favor God has found in us.

(252) 334-1883
Mail @ CalvaryOnAir.Org


Mickey #11

(MESSAGE FROM DARLA OZANNE _________________________________________________________________________________________________
HI Mickey!
I just talked with Maria and she said she has added your song to our play list. She said it has a great message.

posted by Mickey Rosenfeld on 12/08/2008

Christmas song release Subscribe To My News (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Songs come and go. This song Sweet Breath of Life came to me one morning 6 months ago and what was unusual for me was, while listening to a song on the radio and don't even know what it was, and I guess just one word hit me and I flew down stairs and wrote the song. From time to time I tried to fit a melody line to it but just wasn't happy. Then about a month ago I found the right chords and the melody came. I gave some thought to recording it in my studio but I wanted the best production I could get. So I went to a longtime friend and musician who has been in the recording business for 20years. I took 5 hours and I am pleased with the outcome. I could have never gotten this out of my studio. I'm glad I listened to my wife and that God had people in place to help me bring this song "Sweet Breath of Life" to the world. I hope you will give it a listen and let me know what you think. God has blessed Stronghold's Ministry this year and it was those blessings that helped get the song recorded.

posted by Mickey Rosenfeld on 11/22/2008

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Stronghold's Debut CD " A Cross And A Crown" released October 20, 2006. This CD with 11 songs delivered in an easy listening "classic rock" style will long serve the listener with reminders of God's promises and His presence in their everyday life. CURRENT NEWS... "Except God, Build The Home" IS NOW ON FAN FAVES, GO THERE NOW AND RATE THE SONG. YOU CAN DO THIS ONCE A DAY... TELL YOUR FRIENDS TOO! GOD BLESS and Thanks for visiting our aartist site.

posted by STRONGHOLD on 08/07/2007