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For all those who have been patiently waiting for the 3rd installment from Glenn Green - it's finally here! Undeniably God is released and available for purchase and/or download.

@ HARVEST FELLOWSHIP (Hwy 281 & 1604)
San Antonio, Tx 78232

Join Glenn and the Green Band along with special guests Dennis Dearing (producer) and Eva Wilson (songwriter) for a night of story and worship.

posted by GG on 11/23/2011

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Undeniably God - release date: October 15th

It's been more than 3 years in the making, but it's just around the corner - the new Glenn Green release, Undeniably God. Learn more about Glenn and the CD here on Indieheaven. You can listen to songs, and if you like them, buy a few or the whole CD.

For those looking to purchase the physical CD check out Glenn's web page at www.glenngreenmusic.com for stories, the music store, and tour schedule.

posted by Glenn Green on 10/08/2011

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Dear Friends,
Welcome to my Indieheaven home page. This is a great place to come check out my tour schedule, albums, news, and best of all listen to what other independent artists are doing. Not only that, you can get involved in helping new artists know what works and what doesn't. There are opportunities for you to make comments, buy music, and even rate the artists' songs. So, go ahead and surf around... if you find something you like make sure to let that artist know.

Fan Faves is now the place to go to listen and vote for artists' songs. To get there, simply click on the FAN FAVES tab at the top of the page, scroll down to the artist name/song you want to hear and click on the song to hear it or the artist name to visit their page... it's that simple. Then, if you want to vote for that song, move your cursor over the number of stars you you want to give their song (5 being the best) and click. It will show that you have cast your vote.

If you really like a song or artist, visit their profile page and send them some comments. Many of them have CD's available for purchase and some of them even have digital downloads for your mp3 player

I hope you enjoy using the Indieheaven site. Remember, one of the best parts about ordering from Indieheaven is that the artists get 100% of all sales so your purchases will completely support those artists you purchase from... and we appreciate all you do.

Be Blessed!

posted by Glenn Green on 08/07/2007