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Slater Armstrong, a recording artist and missionary to Africa, will talk about what it means to "take up your cross" in our day and time. Using music and multi-media, Armstrong tells the story of the ancient peoples of biblical Cush/Ethiopia and how the church in Sudan can help us in our post-Christian, western society to "see" - in our own day and time. Come, see and hear their songs as they dance unto the Lord, even in the midst of suffering under this horrendous, most severe, and on-going genocide! What can we learn from them? What can we do to stand with them? Who knows, maybe we will hear the voice of the Lord saying to us, "Come, follow me." (Offerings will be received to help Rivers Of Kush Trading Co establish development in the Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli and the Nuba Mountains.)

posted by Slater Armstrong on 02/23/2010