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I'm so humbled to be a MOMENTUM AWARD finalist for both 2009 Instrumental and Acoustic Artist of the Year.

On March 14 @ Northstar Community here in Richmond I'll be presenting an annual performance of the 3-PENNY CANTATA, featuring the 3-Penny Band. (see my events) For a description of the 3-Penny, see -

I had the honor of being presented the MOMENTUM AWARD as the 2008 ACOUSTIC ARTIST OF THE YEAR at The 2008 CIA SUMMIT held in March 2008 in Franklin Tn. - Much thanks to any who voted for me. GLORY TO GOD!!

I opened for Matthew Smith and INDELIBLE GRACE on Sept. 8 at West End Pres. in Richmond.

The C.I.A SUMMIT was an amazing 2 days. On Saturday morning, I was priviledged to play some instrumental music behind Tim O'Connor as he spoke and lead us in Holy Communion.

CHECK OUT THE LIVE VIDEO: June 3 , 2006- Chris performed a 30 minute set at THE CANAL CLUB (8 PM) here in Richmond that will be edited for a live TV show called THE MUSIC SEEN. Over 2 evenings (June 2-3), 10 bands/artists were filmed. 4 episodes will be edited from these performances and shown on local PBS station WCVE in the fall, then will be distributed nationally.

THE MUSIC SEEN is picked up by many cities across the country. The show went well - thanks to all who came!!

March 24 - At the CIA Summit in Franklin, TN, I played a couple of numbers of my own on Friday night, then sat in with Brad Reynolds on 2 of his songs (The Locksmith, and One More Reason), and also dueted with Mark Steven Brock on his instrumental, Completed. Good clean fun! A great time was had by all. It was a blessing to play w/ these great musicians and good friends.

The Feb. 25 Andrew Peterson gig went great! - what a blessing to share the stage w/ A.P. and Ben Shive. And what a great fan base they've got, and very gracious, kind folks to boot.

Feel free to leave a message below- not many do - in fact, it may not even work, it's been so long, but it's very much appreciated!! Thanks.


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posted by Chris Lucas on 08/07/2007