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Together, Ted Fillhart and Walt Wetherington, will bring a heart of worship through song, testimony and stories to you, your family and friends. An intimate setting of your choice in your home, a park or your place of worship, Ted and Walt will bring their singer/songwriter format to you. Many songs from Ted's recordings will be featured without backing tracks or full music production. Just a piano and acoustic guitar. Much like how the songs were first written. Also included in "The Living Room Series" are songs that Walt has written as well as songs from other artists that have inspired these two Christian men.
They want to help create an atmosphere where they, and anyone who wants to come along with them, can connect " spirit to spirit " with the Living God. When that happens the heart of God is blessed and people are personally affected in deep and powerful ways that can change their lives forever.

Please consider inviting Ted and Walt to your home, venue or place of worship to experience songs of Hope, Faith and God's Love.

posted by ted on 08/26/2013