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I was a Daddy's girl. I was his little princess. He used to let me stand on his shoes and he would whirl me around as we danced to tunes of Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. He used to take me to Waffle House every morning. We would sit at the counter and talk while we watched the cooks throw the eggs. He was always the Dad who went above and beyond for charity events at our school. When I was in grade school he just did'nt give a few cans of food for the food drive. He bought cases and cases. One year he bought 20 turkeys to give to the needy. He was just like that. My elementary choir took a field trip to sing at our local mall for Christmas. My Dad went along as a chaperone. Wow did we have fun. He took the entire choir into the Sweet Factory candy store, and let them all get a lb of candy. He paid for it all. I thought he was the best Dad in the whole wide world. When I graduated from elementary school he bought me a tiny diamond necklace. He was so proud of me that day. I loved him and he loved me. My family did not realize it, but my Dad was showing the first signs of a mental illness that would almost destroy him.

He had a pool put into our house during middle school. What fun we had! Swimming and playing games. He taught my little baby sister to swim before she could even walk. My friends came over when I graduated 8th grade and we had a big swim party. Of course Dad was there watching the pool and cooking out the hamburgers and hot dogs.

For my little sisters 3rd birthday she wanted a luau. My Dad got the whole pig and we had a big ole pig roast right in our back yard.

My how he would spend money on us. Everytime we went shopping he was the Dad who would buy us the designer purses and shoes. I had everything I could ever want. My Dad was the best Dad in the world.

Then things changed. They were small changes at first. There were days that my Dad seemed irritated. Nothing seemed to make him happy. But it would only last a few hours then he was back to his talkative happy self. But as the years passed there were more days when he was irritated. Then began the tirades. He began to belittle our family. The Dad that once called me princess now called me fat and ugly. Nothing we could say or do would please him.

Then my Dad became paranoid. He thought the neighbors were "out to get him". He was paranoid of banks, the government, friends, restaurants, everyone. One day he locked all the doors to the house, shut all the blinds, because he knew the police were coming to get him. He told us when they came he would slip out the back door and run through our back yard to get away. My Mom begged him to go the doctor. He would always say there is nothing wrong with me.

My Mom talked to doctors, counselors, and law enforcements. They all said the same thing. You cannot force him to get help. He has to do it of his own will. In Kentucky one has to be a threat to himself or others before he can be placed in a metal facility. That time finally came. My Dad began sinking into a deep depression. My Mom was afraid he was going to harm himself. She had him arrested under a mental inquest warrant. He was put into a treatment center for the mentally ill.
He was diagnosed as having a paranoid bi-polar disorder. He began treatment and began to take medication for the disorder. All went well. Then Dad thought he was okay. So he quit taking his meds.

My Dad then became violent. I was in Texas at the time finishing my college internship. My Mom and little sister went into a shelter. My Dad realized he needed help, and checked himself into the hospital. He got back on his meds. Eventually our family decided it was best for him to live apart from us. He now lives in Florida. He comes to Kentucky for holidays and special occasions.

I wish I had a magic wand to make my Dad's mind function as it should. But I don't. There are times when I still get angry at my Dad. I know his condition is not his fault, and he cannot help it. His disorder causes him to be manic to the extreme. He is either on top of the world, or at rock bottom. There is no level ground with my Dad. A bi-polar Dad is either extremely nurturing or extremely destructive.

How do you love someone who can't really love you back. There are times when I have hated him. The years that he called me bad names and belittled me haunt my thoughts.

All I can do now is pray that I can show mercy and love to my Dad, as Christ has shown mercy and love to me.

I treasure the good memories he gave me when I was small. I still want to me Daddy's little girl. I pray each day that God protects and shelters my Dad, and gives his mind the peace that he needs.

I love you Daddy!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 06/19/2011

My Precious Puppy! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I have wanted a puppy for a long time. You know the little kind that will fit in a purse. I finally got one! She is so precious. I love her. She is a tiny ball of fluff and fur. Her short stubby legs are running around, and her little tummy just shakes when she gets excited. Nate (my fiance) loves her too! We named her Sandy. She loves to go on walks and wears her pink collar, leash, and sweater.

Sandy will be traveling with us this summer on tour. You may even get to meet her. Watch out though, she likes to lick your face.

Speaking of touring.....the booking is going well. Please let me know if you would like to schedule an event. The dates are June 18 through July 32. I would love to be with you!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 11/07/2010

Can I Accept the Will of God for my Life? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Gabriel announced to Mary: "Even though you are a virgin you are going to have a baby".

How does a young bride to be explain to her fiance, family, and friends that she is pregnant. She knew it would be totally scandalous. The community would condem her. The story would spread like wildfire. The gossips and old biddies would have a heyday.

It just was not fair. Mary and Joseph were pure. They were devoted followers of God. They KNEW they had been morally pure. But the rest of the world didn't know that...and they probably did'nt even care. To God Mary was chosen. To the world she was cheap. She might have protested, instead she submitted to the plan of God.

Mary is a great example of submission for me. How crazy the will of God must have seemed to Mary. When I am confronted by situations that seem unfair I ususally complain. I know God has a plan for my life. Am I willing to submit and accept it like Mary did?

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 12/10/2008

Tis the Season! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I love Christmas! It is really cold here in Kentucky. The frost nips my nose as I drink hot chocolate with just a little hint of peppermint. The lights are so pretty and twinkly. I love the colors as they dance across the sky in the night. The little kids are smiling and timidly peeking at Santa Claus behind their Moma's legs. The bells ring and coins clink into the red bucket of the Salvation army. The Christmas music rises into the atmosphere lifting spirits and bringing smiles. I wander if Jesus looks down from heaven and is happy because of the celebrations. Or is he sad. Does he weep over our world today like he wept over Jerusalem? I don't ever want to forget why I celebrate Christmas. I want Jesus to know that I remember why he came to earth. Thank you Jesus for the most precious gift you could have ever given me. I hope you are smiling down on me.

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 12/05/2008

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Troubles and trials have a way of revealing our friends. When Davids son Absalom betrayed him, David barely had time to escape alive. Some of his closet advisers abandoned him. The kingdom seemed lost, and David was barely ahead of those who were running after him. He felt alone and worthless. Then appears....BARZILLAI! He brought food and clothes. His help was simply...perfect.

Later David asked Barzilla to come to Jerusalem to live. Barzilla was eighty by then and just did not want to make the move. But David did not forget Barzilla even then. He told his son Solomon to make sure he always took care of Barzilla and his family.

Has anyone in your life given you help like Barzilla? Has anyone given you encouragment and understanding when life felt like you were all alone? Did anyone remind you of God? Have you forgotten the value of their gifts? A friend who stays with us during our trouble is a true friend.

Thank you all my friends. I appreciate you.!!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 11/03/2008

RAINBOWS AND FESTIVALS Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I performed at a fall festival Friday night in the beautiful little town of Rising Sun Indiana. This town is located on the banks of the Ohio River. It is a historical town with some of the orginal buildings. I love small town festivals. The little girls looked so gorgeous with their freckle faced faces as they competed for the Princess title. The girls and boys were eyeing each other across the street. Boys trying to get the courage to ask that special girl to go on a ride on the Ferris Wheel, the girls just hoping they ask. Moms and Dads there pushing their little ones around in the strollers and chasing after their toddlers. The smells are incredible. The scent of country ham, navy bean soup, funnel cakes, and hot apple cider. The sky was blue, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining! What a perfect day.

I only perform christian music. I performed right before The Kentucky Headhunters. The Headhunters are one of the hottest country rock bands in our tri-state area. I was a little nerveous about performing for people who were not christian at a secular festival. After a couple songs I felt God impress me to change my set up. I talked about the beauty of nature along the banks of the Ohio, the flowers and the beautiful fall colors. I then pulled a song out from 2004 called Heaven on Earth. The crowd was responsive and I could feel Gods prescence even there. I was on the last song of my set. I testified to what God had been doing in my life. I said these words. "I know this is a secular festival, but if you don't know Jesus there is no time like the present to get to know him." I began the last song. I noticed people were pointing over the band shell toward the sky. Then people started taking out their cameras and taking pictures. Several people went up to my Mom and pointed toward the sky. I was wondering....what is going on...
is the next band coming in on parachutes or what? By then most people were standing just looking up. I finish my song and exit the stage to my table. I look up and there under the sun in a cloudless sky is the most beautiful rainbow. I have a feeling that God was smiling for letting him shine at a secular festival!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/12/2008

TAKING A WALK Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My Mom was telling me about how I learned to walk the other day. She said I walked early at 9 months old. I got my teeth late at 11 months. So for two whole months I was just a grinnin baby walking around with no teeth. She also said at that point I had lost all my hair on top. I had this long hair on the sides down to my shoulders. She laughed and said I looked like Benjamin Franklin.

But now, back to walking. My Mom would hold her index finger down for me, and I would grasp onto her finger. Mom would shorten her steps to match my tiny baby steps. As long as I was holding onto her finger I could walk and keep balance, but if I let go I would plop right on the floor.

It made me many times has God held his index finger down to earth especially just for me to hang on to? Can you imagine it? I am reaching up grabbing his finger. He matches his steps to mine...and walks with me. The God of the universe....walks with me !! Now that is awesome!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/06/2008

BANDS OF ORION MUSIC FESTIVAL! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I had such a great time today at the Bands of Orion Music Festival! Special thanks to all my friends who came to the event. It was held in beautiful Central Park in Old Louisville KY. Old Louisville is full of wonderful old homes with architecture and charactor. They just don't build homes like that anymore.

The park is right across from one of the largest arts and craft fairs in the United States. It was such fun to wander the booths, sample the funnel cakes, then sit down and relax and listen to the other local bands. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was such an awesome time of praise and worship. Sitting under the old oak trees, with the squirrels running around letting God's spirit just penetrate your being. I could feel the stresses of life just ease away as Gods love lifted me up. The sky was blue the sun was shining. The last band played He is Mighty to Save, and you could just feel the winds of God blow through. I feel a little closer to God today. It was such a blessing to be a part of the event!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/04/2008

OPEN MY EYES! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It was a very difficult situation. The king of Syria had sent a huge army, complete with horses and chariots, to surround the city. When the inhabitants got up the next morning they discovered the enemy army had circled them during the night. It was a hopeless situation. Not a pretty sight. Surrounded with all avenues of escape cut off. Troops, horses, chariots, armor everywhere.

One man went to the leader and said..."What are we going to do now? There is not way out. We are goners!"

The answer was this..."Don't be afraid" ...oh sure....don't be afraid. There are just three times as many of them as of us. Sure...don't be afraid. Then the answer continued...Don't be afraid. Our army is bigger than theirs. Then Elisha prayed. "Open his eyes and let him see" And as his eyes were opened he could see horses and chariots of fire everywhere on the mountians."

Lord, open my my heart. Let me see my life as you see it.

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/03/2008

The Little Old Man in the Window Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I think about him often. He was just a little old man peering out of a third story window. I was in the middle of a busy New York City street. I happened to glance up and saw him. Our eyes met. He looked sad, almost as if he was searching the streets for a familiar face. What or who was he looking for? I waved at him. He timidly nodded back. I often wonder if he ever had any guests in his home. Did he have a family that checked up on him? Or was he all alone? Day after day. Does he watch the crowds go by below every day? Does he search the crowd for faces that he remembers from long ago? How can one be so lonely in the middle of the largest city? And then I wonder. Did he ever get to see the country? Pumpkins growing on the vines? Did he ever get to pick an apple from a tree? Did he ever get to taste milk straight from a cow, before it is put in the plastic containers? His eyes haunt me. Lonely eyes, sad eyes, eyes than have known pain. I ask God. Why...why do I think about the little man? Why is it that when I see an older person I think of the little old man in the window. I pray for the little old man. Should I be doing more for the little old man in the window?

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 09/30/2008

WHO WENT ABOUT DOING GOOD. Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Dr. Luke writes in the book of Acts, Chapter 10, verse 38: "how God annointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him. "

I was thinking about the choice of words Dr. Luke used to describe what Jesus did..."he went about doing good." So simple. He went about doing good. He fed the hungry. He healed the lame. He opened blind eyes. He cleansed the leper. He went about doing good. He saved a brides special day when they ran out of wine at the reception. He held children on his lap. He washed his disciples feet. He went about doing good. He cleaned the temple. He cast out demons. He raised the dead. He went about doing good. He healed Peters mother-in-law so she could cook dinner. He had tea with a tax collector. He told his disciples where to catch the most fish. He went about doing good. He calmed the storm. He taught about life sitting on the side of the mountion. He let the undesirables touch his clothes. He went about doing good.

He was whipped with lashes. He wore a crown of thorns on his head. He was beaten. He was spit on. He was nailed to a cross. He was given vinegar to drink. And He went about doing good. He prayed Father forgive them they know not what they do. He went about doing good.
He said to the thief hanging beside him. This day you shall be with me in Paradise. He went about doing good. He died. He went about doing good. He defeated death, hell, and the grave. He arose. He went about doing good. He lives today, and he still goes about doing good.

Oh if I can only be like go about doing good.

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 03/25/2008

SHUT UP THAT ROOSTER!!!! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Scene: Peter and Jesus at the last supper. Peter declares. I will never deny you. Jesus replies: Before the cock crows you will deny me three times.

Scene: Jesus is taken into custody, beaten and whipped. Peter is now following from afar. Young maid recognizes him. Peter denies that he knows Jesus. Someone else recognizes Peter as a follower. Peter once again denies that he knows Jesus. A man recognizes Peter as a follower of Jesus. Peter denies it once again, this time cursing that he never knew the man Jesus. The rooster crows.

Peter remembering Jesus words...weeps bitterly

He hears the rooster crow again...the shame comes rushing back. He gets up the next morning after a sleepless night. He hears the rooster crow...all the memories and shame flood his mind.

Three days pass. Jesus rises...tells Mary to tell Peter and his disciples that he is alive. Peter meets Jesus and realizes he is forgiven. But he stills hears the rooster crow every morning. He feels all the old shame come back. After all Peter realizes he did deny his Lord.

Every time Peter sees a rooster he feels sick....with the shame of his sin.

Peter must have finally placed all the shame and bitterness in the hands of Jesus. He was a mighty disciple. He must have eventually told that rooster to just shut up! He was forgiven!!!!

How many times do we bring our old shame and sin back into our minds. Jesus has forgiven us. We don't have to go back there and feel the shame again!

Maybe we just need to SHUT UP THAT ROOSTER!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 02/21/2008

MY OFFICIAL FRIEND AND FAMILY NEWSLETTER Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Sometimes things can break down when you really do not want them too. Like your heat in the winter, or your air-conditioning in the summer. Or THIS! You make it to the final five of the Momentum awards and the NEWSLETTER portion of your official website goes bonkers and won't send the newsletter! Bummer Bummer Bummer! I can't even let my friends and family know what is going on without e-mailing all my addresses one at a time. I think I shall annoint my site with oil and pray the prayer of faith over it. Does anyone know how to annoint in cyberspace??

Anyway I know there are so very many more important things in the world than my website newsletter being I will pray and get myself back in line where I should be. But please if you read this could you click on the banner and vote for me for Female Vocalist of the Year?

I would really appreciate it!

Love Kristyn Leigh


posted by Kristyn Leigh on 02/13/2008

Special Friends in Heaven Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

A friend of mine read my blog about my cat Huggs and sent me a wonderful encouraging message. I loved his idea and thoughts so I decided to write about them.

Animals played such an important role in the Bible. God created them. He loved them enough to save them on the ark. He sent animals to help people in times of need. He even said we are like sheep. We know there will be horses in heaven, because the Bible speaks of God and his army coming back on horses.

I know animals don't have souls, but I like to think that those special pets have a special place in heaven. I can just see my cat Huggs up there now trying to catch his shadow on the walls of jasper, and laying down to rest by the gates of pearl. I like to think that he will be one of the welcome party waiting for me at the gates. I like to think that he crawls up in the lap of Jesus. Jesus takes his hand and gently strokes him. Huggs is contented and happy. Huggs purrs and Jesus smiles!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 02/12/2008

TRIBUTE TO HUGGS Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Today is a sad day. I have cried buckets and buckets of tears. You see I have been at the animal hospital with my cat Huggs. Huggs had cancer and there was nothing the doctor could do. My heart hurts. I am in agony. I feel crushed. I have lost my best friend.

This is my tribute to my beloved Huggs

I will miss you Huggs. I will miss how you would come running to the top of the steps whenever you heard my car in the driveway. When my alarm went off in the mornings and I did'nt get up I will miss how you would take your paw and slap at me till I got up. I will miss how you would jump on my bed each night to nuzzle me and kiss me before I went to sleep. I will miss you being my audience when I practiced the piano. It seems you always knew when I hit a wrong note, you would glare at me with those golden eyes. I will miss how you always acted so tuff, like you wanted to go outside and catch the birds. Yet I could leave the door wide open and you would never step over the threshhold. I will miss how you would come running down the hall to the kitchen whenver the refrigerator opened. You always wanted your favorite little pieces of turkey. I will miss how you would nip the back of my leg when you were hungry and wanted to be fed. I will miss how you would try to catch your shadow on the wall. I will miss your soft long fur and your funny personality.

Thank you Huggs for being there with me through elementary, middle, high, and now college years. When I felt I was ugly and know one liked me you were always there. You would curl up beside me and listen to all my problems. You were my constant. When friends changed, my family changed, my church changed, you were always there with me. I love you so much Huggs. I shall miss you with all my heart. You were and will always be my special friend. I will love you forever. I will like you for always. As long as I'm living you will be a part of me.

Rest in Peace Huggs. I love you.

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 02/02/2008

KRISTYN LEIGH IN MOMENTUM AWARD FINALS! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Wow! Kristyn Leigh is so excited. She feels so honored to be in the finals for the Female Vocalist of the Year. A big THANK YOU! to everyone that voted! Please vote one more time. Click here

and vote for Kristyn Leigh

God bless You!

posted by Ladonna Brown, Manager, Kristyn Leigh on 02/01/2008

THE MIRACLE OF FREEDOM Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

What has made America today? Americans are so diverse. We would not look like one another even if you painted us all one color. We speak all the languages of the world and are an enormous mix of cultures and religous beliefs. But we come together as one. The American tragedy on 9-11-01 turned three hundred million people into one body with one hand over the heart. We did not empty our bank accounts. We did not start hoarding all of over belongings. Instead we volunteered to donate blood and to help in whatever way we possibly could. We stood in lines to pass water to fireman and clean up crews. After the first moments of panic, we raised our flag over the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colors of the national flag. We placed flags on buildings, cars, and barns. We even painted the flag everywhere we could! We wanted to see "Old Glory" waving in the breeze. It was our assurance that America was alive and strong! On every occasion, we would sing God bless America! American Heroes! The guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was. The Californian hockey player, who gave his life fighting with the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting a target that could have killed other hundreds or thousands of people. All the Americans on the plane that went down in PA. not concerned for themselves but concerned to save their country in whatever way possible. Even to give their lives. How on earth were we able to respond united as one human being within a moment of time. What unites us Americans in such a way? Our land? Our history? Our economic Power? Money? I can only come to one conclusion....FREEDOM is the miracle that unites us as no other country or land has ever been united!

Freedom! On this Veterans Day I salute all of our American heroes and our American soldiers past and present. Thank you Papa Brown for being one of the paratroopers on D day in WWII. Thank you Uncle Tom for serving 12 years during a time of peace. Thank you Great Uncle Herbert for serving our country in WWII even enduring a concentration camp. Thank you Great Uncle Raymond for giving the best years of your life to our country. Thank you Cousin Rodney and Cousin Doug for joining the Navy and putting your life on the line.

To all the heroes and soldiers I don't even know. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for making the miracle of FREEDOM!

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 11/10/2007

HANDSOME MAN Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I love reading and wondering about King David. There were so many different sides to him. He watched sheep, but was a king. He wrote poetry and played the harp, yet he went around killing giants. He sang praises to God and fell to temptation when he looked at Bathsheba. He had to have been a passionate sort of man to have all his wives...Michael....Abigail...Bathsheba... He was passionate when he cried for days over losing his family in Zig. Then the Bible says he got up washed his face and encouraged himself in the Lord. Thats amazing!

David was a leader for his generation. He knew what to keep and what to change. He knew what was important.

When David went to battle the giant, King Saul tried to give him armour. David was not about to take it to battle. Armour was for the old generation. He had a new fangled weapon called a slingshot. Leave the armour for the old guys. Can you imagine the comments among the ranks of the older soldiers. David is going to fight with what? Oh Dear Lord what has this generation come to? God just won't be pleased. We have fought with armour for 50 years! Why should we change it now? (Oops!....does that sound familiar?)

Then David knew what to keep! Remember when the Philistines stole the ark and David went to get it back? The Philistines had built a new cart for the ark. They had a new way to carry the ark. David tried to carry it the new way and one of his men ended up dying. Then David remembered. God had special instructions on the way the ark was to be carried. David studied the instructions. He made sure everything was as specified. The ark made it back home safely and David (showing his passoniate side again) danced before the Lord. He must have been totally estatic!

God has given us his word! His word is truth! God help me to hide your truth and your words within my heart....just like David wrote..."Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee."

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/23/2007

TALKIN BOUT THE WEATHER Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

WOW! We had an exciting night last Thursday! It seemed the air was charged all day. The wind felt strange. It felt as though the trees were snapping like clothes ran in a drier without fabric softner. Snap Snap. Or maybe like Rice Crispies SNAP CRACKLE POP! My aunt called and said when she let her dogs out they did'nt even want to play outside. They did their business and came to the door and whined and howled to be let in. The sky looked weird. Not a good color of blue. Kinda blueish, yellowish, uglish.

The storm hit around 6:30 pm. It was so quiet. Erie Silence. No birds singing. No wind blowing. Nothing moving till you looked up to the clouds. They were ferious! Like two armies at battle. The east and the west fighting for honor and placement. The north and south fighting for freedom. The clouds rushed together! The clouds spun together! The clouds twisted together. Then we saw it! Between the blackness a white funnel dipping down. We watched it race along the river. Its tail moving up and down in a dance of destruction. Then it lifted and was gone.

Destructive yet Beautiful. It was a marvel to behold.

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/21/2007

MOMS' GARDEN Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

found my Mom early Saturday morning outside having coffee on our deck. She looked sad and kinda wistful as she looked at the brown ugly back yard. Three years ago our back yard looked like a tropical paradise. Over 100 spieces of flowers and plants of all colors danced in the breeze and soaked in the sunshine. Daisys nodded their heads to the noble roses. Butterflys glided between the lilies. The hummingbirds buzzed amoung the beesbalm and the trumpet vines. Mom was constantly planting new flowers that would create a haven for all the little creatures of the air. Neighbors would stop by to look at the flowers and she would let them pick a fresh bouquet. The garden was beautiful. Lucious and full of life.

But then I started touring with my ministry. Mom travels with me so she no longer has time to spend on her beautiful garden. I asked her..."Do you miss working in your garden?" This is what she said to me.

"I miss working in the dirt. I miss feeling the sun on my skin and letting the dirt sift through my fingers. But now I am working on another garden. You are my garden. Remember how the neighbors would stop and talk to me about how beautiful all the flowers were and I would give them a bouquet to take home? Now people tell me how beautiful you are and what a blessing your music and testimony was to them. The flowers in my backyard garden always died. But the flowers I am growing now will live forever...."

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/15/2007

MAKING THE BAND! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

We are in the process of forming a band to tour with me in the Summer of 2008! I have never traveled with a band before so this will be a totally new experience for me! My Mom told me if I help her get this together she will buy me a little dog to travel with me. I am so excited! A cute cuddley little dog to snuggle up with me. I shall carry it in my pink purse! So right now I am looking for band members and a cute little dog.

We have found a drummer! Yay! His name is Travis Carter. He comes from Staten Island New York. He is a terrific drummer and person. You guys will like him I know. He was the former drummer for the band Plan: Be. I am looking forward to touring with him! He has a great relationship with my friend Jesus and that is always a plus!

We still need a Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Keyboard Player, and Sound Person. We also need a road manager. Please spread the word! I REALLY want the cute little dog! But I REALLY want a terrific band to tour with me.

I will keep you updated. Take care all!

Kristyn Leigh

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/13/2007

Ramblings About Nouns and Verbs Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The dictionary tells me that a noun is a person, place, or thing. That same dictionary tells me that a verb expresses action. So let me see...since I am a person...I am a noun. A fence post is a noun. I am a noun. Fence posts don't do anything. An engagement ring is a noun. ( I don't have one, and there are no prospects of a ring anytime soon.) But a ring sits on your finger. It does nothing. The city of Louisville Ky is a noun. The city itself can do nothing. Why did that ancient scholar of the English language place ME in the same category as the nouns. I am not a noun. I? Do I create momentum in my life? Do I strive to become more excellent? Do I produce a positive influence on my corner of the world? Do I invent new things. Do I even try new things? Or am I the noun that is just there? God help me to be like you. The one who was , is, and is to come. The verb in action. The creator....who never stops, but keeps doing and blessing and loving......

posted by Kristyn Leigh on 10/10/2007

TREASURE IN A BOX! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I was thinking about the ark of the covenant today. You know, the box in the old testament that the spirit of God lived in. First I wondered if the priests were ever tempted to open the box a crack just to feel the spirit of God. I wonder if the spirit came out in a big whoosh like the fire on the day of Pentecost, or like a quiet breeze with a still small voice. Then I was wondering about the items in the ark. Aarons rod, and the stone tablets that contained the law or more well known as the ten commandments. When David was king the Philistines stole the ark from the temple. Of course David went after it, and finally won the battle and brought it back to Israel. But the box had changed. There was something missing. Aarons rod had disappeared. Why did the Philistines take Aarons rod and leave the stone tablets? Could it be they wanted the miracles that Aarons rod performed? Could it be they did'nt want to live the way God commanded? Reminds me of myself. I want the good stuff from God. I want to be filled with this spirit, I want to see his miracles, I want to feel his love.....but just leave the other stuff.........everyone smarts off to the parents now and then, and we just can't get through life without being jealous of somebody, or wanting what they have. My prayer today is for my spirit and life to be like King David. God help me to take everything you have for me, not just the good stuff, but also help me to be a servant to your people. Help me to be like you.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

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I love my pink purse. Its the purse I tend to carry everywhere all the time. I noticed it was getting heavy today. After lugging it around Planet Exchange in Nashville (where by the way I found a pair of stilleto Steve Madden shoes for $13.75 and I love deals like that cause Mom will buy them for me) I decided to clean it out. My purse that is. I found three quarters which means I can now go to the laundry matt instead of washing out my clothes in the bathtub.....remember I'm a poor college kid. At least they will get to go around the washing machine even if they don't have soap...wonder what would happen if I just put a drop of shampoo in with them? Never mind...on with the purse story. I found an old piece of gum with lint all over it. A receipt from Dec. 2005. A hair clip I had been looking for and thought I had lost. Keys to my old car. A key I have no idea where it goes. A church bulletin from Easter. Three inkpens, one unsharpened pencil, and a pencil stub with no eraser. Three empty purse size hand lotion cream from Bath and Body works. Dental're probably saying yick...but hey it was unused. A watch that no longer tells time...I am going to keep it and check for a new battery. An eye mask that my kewl aunt in PA gave me when I was there the last time. A post card from the Grand Canyon and a little petrified rock that was once a little tree that I bought at a tourist spot in AZ. No wonder my purse was heavy. I was carrying around a lot of weight I did'nt need to be carrying. I just had to clean it out.

How much stuff do we carry around in life needlessly? Jesus cares for us. Why do we keep those burdens when we can just give them to Jesus? Those worries about the test tommorrow, those worries about being alone, the worries about not having enough money, the worries that no one is going to like us. Why don't we just give them all to Jesus? Clean out your life.....give it to Jesus.....casting all your cares upon him for he careth for you.

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CRACKS IN THE PLATFORM!! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Some funny things have happened to me recently during my Heavy and Holy tour. Lets see where do I want to start. My pink stilletos. I was doing a concert in my pink stilletos. The platform floor was wood. There was a crack in the wood....yes you guessed stilleto heel went down into the crack and would'nt come out. It was really hard to be spiritual while singing Glimpse, trying to pull my shoe out without losing it, and trying not to fall down as I swayed back and forth. Lucky it was a progressive church, they just thought I was really under the unction of the Holy Spirit. Just had to stay in that position swaying back and forth. One leg forward, the stuck foot back in the crack till the song ended. Went to a fast song then and just danced right out of my shoes. My Mom was dying laughing, but I don't think anyone else knew what happened.....untill now.

Then....I was at a really stuffy older church recently. The congregation was mostly elderly people. I do just love senior citizens...but this time I was just a little too loud for them. I did my first song, and in the middle of it my music and vocals got really soft. I could barely hear the music. The sound system was in the back of the church. After the song I asked my Mom to give me some more music. She did. Then the usher ( of course just a sweet elder) went over
and turned it down. My Mom waited till he was gone then turned it back up. He came back over and turned it down. This went on three or four more times. My Mom finally just sit down and started praying that I could hear my music, because she could'nt hear it in the back of the church. The congregation was talking about how loud everything was after the service, but I sold a ton of cds......

My Dad bought me one of those things that you hook up to a thing in the dash, and it gives you electrical power. I was running late one night and thought I would dry my hair in the car. Nope it did'nt work....blew a fuse. We stopped by a repair shop the next day. I told the guy who worked there what had happened, he just looked at me, shook his head with a bewildered look and said, "Why did'nt you just stick you head out the window?"

Okay more later. I have to go study.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Jelly Spots On the Car Seat
I am beginning to wonder if God called me to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches on Sunday afternoons. I travel almost every weekend to different churches, festivals and coffee houses across the nation. This has not made me a rich person. Sometimes money gets tight and we have to conserve. So we find the local Wal-mart and buy a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly and a gallon of milk. PB&J with a bananna has become a very delicious Sunday afternoon lunch. We usually try to find a park...but a lot of times we end up sitting in the car in the Walmart Parking lot. We have wonderful memory spots on the car seats. Look Mom this jelly spot is from Texas. Thats where we were able to minister to the girl who had just broken up with her boy friend and did not want to go on living. This darker spot is from last year in Arizona. Arizona is where we met the elderly lady who talked with us just because she was lonely and needed someone to talk too. Whenever we open the car doors the delicious aroma of PB&J and all the memories come rushing out to meet us. You know I would'nt trade those PB&J memories for anything. After all I am doing what God wants me to do!

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Sometimes I like to just "be still". Like this week. I am doing a mini tour of Colorado. My momager being the manager and mom she is always likes to teach me the educational part of the state we are touring. So....I have seen the old gold mines, the Rocky Mountions, the working ranches, and the cliff dwellings. Mom can make an educational experience of a tree when you let her. Did you know that the bark of the aspen tree actually has a natural SPF of 7? Lost in the wilderness without sunscreen? Just find an aspen tree. And it also has a natural asprin? Hence the name asprin? Thats my Mom for you. Anyway back to being still. We took the ride to the top of Pikes Peak. The downtown Manito Springs area was busy with cars, tourists, bells ringing, horns blowing , people talking, dogs barking, birds singing, you get the drift. We started up the mountion and the closer we got to the top the quieter it became. We walked around the top and sit on a couple rocks looking down on beautiful creation. It was so quiet. The only sound was the wind. My spirit became still. I could feel God connecting to me. There was nothing to distract me. Just the quiet, God, and me. I could feel my mind becoming still, my stress and worry about life just drain away. I could feel God telling me to soak in his prescence, to let his love envelope me, I set on that rock for a long time. Gdo was sitting there on the rock right beside me. He then leaned over and whispered to me : "Be still and know that I am God."

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Falling in Love with New England! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I think I have found a portion of the United States that I love. I always thought I loved, (actually I still do!) the south! I love touring Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida! But now I have found I am falling in love with the New England States. It is a whole different culture up here in the North. This weekend it has been such and honor to travel in New Hampshire and Mass. The crowds have been incredible! It is like they are just soaking everything up like sponges. It is so easy to minister within that atmosphere! I have made some friends this weekend that I know will be life long friends. One lunch with them and I feel like I have known them my whole life! God has been so good to me! New places, new people, and his same wonderful spirit!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to meet all of you this week. Thanks for stopping me and saying Hello! You all were so wonderful and made me feel so welcome and loved. I hope I made you feel the same! I had to leave early but I enjoyed Friday so much! I loved everything from the opening remarks, the worship by Bread of Stone, the devotion from Tim, and all the rest. I can't believe how much I learned. It is so nice to have those who have gone before! Thanks so much to Keith, Tim, Rachel, and Kelly for putting together such a blessed event.

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