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2008 is over. Thank God.

I mean that in both senses of the expression. 2008 had some of the biggest challenges of my life, but 2008 also had some of the biggest blessings of my life.
Kilgore Falls(Falling Branch) - 2nd highest falls in Maryland, 25 minutes from my house.


My mom, who turned 82 in '08 had major abdominal surgery. As hard as this was on her, it brought the family closer together.

My new job. I love my new job, but I worked at an intensity that I have never worked at in my entire life.

Expenses. We had some expenses this year that weren't in the plan, but as always, God provides.

My daughter. Without going into personal detail, one of my girls is going through a rough time. She could still use your prayers.


2008 Indie Spirit Momentum Award - Wow. I was surprised and honored. It was so good to get together with so many like minded musicians and friends and celebrate the common mission.

My first mission trip with my daughter, sponsored by Fallston Methodist to an ASP project in Western Virginia.

My new job. I have never had such a flexible position that has been so rewarding. I work for really good people who uderstand that the culture of a company is best when it serves its employees and not the rules!

My family. I have an amazing family. I am so proud of my kids and so thankful for my wife!

My church family. The folks at Ebenezer UMC are the best church family a man could ask for.

Indieheaven. Not just Keith Mohr and the staff, but all of the good friends I have made and continue to grow closer to as time passes and we find new ways to serve together.

Several Concerts that I hosted or served at. Phil Keaggy played 1/2 mile from the home I grew up in. Alathea, Chris Ames and Chris Lucas played at River Valley Ranch. Mark Cable, Mindy Boyd, and Margo B Smith joined me for a Songwriters in the Round, Drew Davidsen, joined me on the road and at home, lending his incredible talent and his giving heart to my efforts. Craig Whitaker invited me to join him on the Road in Viginia.

Through all of this, I developed a new purpose statement that sums up both my work with and for other artists and my pursuits as an artist.

"Encouraging and Enabling Artists to fulfill their Missions"

Happy New year!

posted by Harry Offutt on 01/01/2009

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Since i have been on Indieheaven, it has been my pleasure to not only discover, but build friendships with many fellow artists. The artists I am drawn to are those who work hard at their craft and are Ready, Willing, and Able to go and Serve when called.

Over the past 6 months, I have hosted or planned concerts and events that have featured no less than 8 indieheaven artists, and attended shows that featured 5 or 6 others! I believe strongly in community and love the impact we have on the landscape when we work together.

That list includes: Christopher Ames, Drew Davidsen, Brad Reynolds, Chris Lucas, Jessica McLean, Beth Champion Mason, LaRocca, Mindy Boyd, Amy Gustafson, Mended Vessels, and Sean Smith.

I just want to take an extra minute and show my support for Sean Smith. He is working hard and making a difference. Sean Smith Ministries is holding its Second Annual Golf Tournament and the Golf fan that I am, i want to encourage you to attend if you play, or make a donation if you can't! Check it out!

posted by Harry Offutt on 05/22/2007

Diversity, Fellowship, and Encouragement Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My my recent revelation on and about indieheaven is a return in my life to diversity.

When I was younger (teens & 20's) I used to explore new music all the time. As I got older and set in my thinking and listening,my collection got deeper, not wider. 20 CDs by one artist, not one cd from 20 different artists. Not good for the creative part of the brain.

Artists are all over the map on IH in ability and style. For those that are still developing, I listen some, and acknowledge that you are still working your craft, but are brave enough to explore the opinions of others and a community that will help you grow and fulfill your mission and calling. I will celebrate with you on your growth.

For those who are excellent and diverse, thank you. Every day, when I take the time, I find a gem. When the music knocks me over, I find myself wanting to explore the motivation behind the music. What makes you tick? It makes me examine what makes me tick. Makes me humble to be in such great company, and honored to share the front lines with your ministry.

This community has allowed me to explore my mission, my ministry, and has allowed me to measure not just my music, but the level of effort I daily sow into the gifts God has given me.

What is amazing is that so many like minded people with such excellent gifts are willing to lay aside competition and selfishness daily to encourage, support, and just "be" with one another.

I pray that I share a measure of Grace and live up to the example that so many fellow artists are demonstrating daily.

posted by Harry Offutt on 04/12/2007

Encouraged, renewed and blessed by the CIA Summit Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I haven't laughed and cried and felt so much joy as I did this weekend in a long time. It was a very cleansing and special experience!

Thank God and thanks to the staff and everyone here who made it an amazing weekend for me!

I know I'm that kind of easy going person. Even people I have never met on the boards walked up and said, "You're Harry!" Wow. I was turning people around, asking where people were. With only getting together with most people here for 1 - 3 days a year, I was on a mission to meet people. I think I personally connected with 100 plus people. Some for just a moment, some for a meal. Heck, I kept going at the airport! I had dinner with Steven Batista who is now working with Eric Copeland of Creative soul. What a great conversation. I made a point to hang with people I wanted to know better and spend time at tables with people I just met.

I think for the first day that maybe Drew Davidsen thought I was ditching him , but the fact is, Drew knows he and I can get together anytime. Oh, we still shared conversation and a meal, but I wanted those new, rare encounters and wanted him and the other folks from the Mid-Atlantic to do the same. I bought people meals and opened conversations with former strangers. I shared conversations and hugs with friends from California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New England, all over the US and even the Netherlands! What a gathering of believers we had there!

That is where the real business of the music business is done. It's not just on stage, it's in the seats and in the gaps!! It was in our hearts as we shared and broke bread together!

Oh, and next year I would encourage you to communicate with people before the summit. I was amazed at how quickly some friendships solidified because of email and forum conversations for the months proceeding the Summit. Figure out a way to bring these artists to your hometown and sow into their ministries and lives. Honor their calling as well as yours and watch God work!

There are some amazing people that are a part of indieheaven. Get uncomfortable and take a risk, meet some folks and watch God bless the effort!! I have seen people sleep on parking lots and wait in line for 3 days to spend more money than I did to attend the Summit to buy a game system that was outdated in 6 months. Find the resources, work together, and make a plan to be at the Summit in 2008. It will bless your socks off!

Like I said, thank God and thanks to the staff and everyone here who made it an amazing weekend for me and all of us who made the journey!
"The things that lead to success are easy to do. The challenge is that they are also easy not to do" - Jim Rohn

posted by Harry Offutt on 04/05/2007