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So Saturday morning I get an early morning call from Dave Edwards, the artist I did my Psalms record with.

"Oh Good!!!" he answers when I return his call a bit later.

"I knew it!!" he says half laughing. "I just got a call from Craig and some of his folks wanting to know your middle inititial-well I am sure that you already know this . . ."

"My middle init---no-know what?"

"Well apparently in today's Tennessean, in the obituary section-well Margaret C Becker died. There have been all kinds of calls going around. "

"Margaret Ceeeeeee? Becker . . . "



"I know!" he laughs on. "I told them it wasn't you-but I guess I was kinda wondering too . . . "

"Still here Dave-I think at least."

"Well good to know. Brace yourself for all sorts of calls today Girl."

Odd. I know there are some Beckers here in Nashville-they are descendants of German Immigrants that came here in the late 1800's to build. They also bake. For a long time, there were two Becker's Bakerys here. When I was feeling sugar starved, I would go to one on 12th Ave and buy these oh so almost sweet shortbread cookies-soft and never quite sweet enough to quench the craving---hence compulsive crunching . . .

Once, I ordered a cake for someone over the phone there.

"You want a drawing of uh whut??? On the cayke?"

"A 'record,' an LP, a vinyl . . . "

"Hon-we don't do that here. I can't even understand what ur sayin dear."

Deep breath. "Ok, then, just put a football on it-can you do that?"

"Sure dear, what color do you want that football to be?"

"Brown." ???!??!??!?!?!??!

"OK then, what's the name?"

"Margaret Becker."


"Margaret Becker"

"Hon-how do you spell that?"

"BECKER, as in Beckers Bakery."

"What's that?"


"B as in boy . . ."

"B you say?"

"Yes, B as in boy . . ." etc. etc until

"R as in Red."

"Rrrrrrrr as in reeeedddd. (Pause) OK, lemme see here then-it is B E C K E R? Uh! Well! Oh, I see---(in a business only voice) You kin?

"No. Not in this generation anyway."

"S'cuse me maam?"


"Well, alright then. Too bad though. You woulda got a discount."

So my sneaking suspicion is that we now have one less baker in town.

So, spread the word . . . I am ok( to all who wonder.) Thought I'd let you know because today I got this in the mail---apparently there are dumpster divers in this sector of society as well . . . trawling the obits for business. Maybe I should give them a call and let them know that I am still alive and kicking ...

posted by mb on 09/17/2008