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As God works miracles through us, His Spirit strengthens us also. It's all about His love. It is because of His compassion that He healed the multitudes. It is because of His love that He sent out the disciples to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons. Read Matt 9:35 thru 10:1. God loves the poor, the downtrodden, and the poor ethnic groups where nobody else wants to go. God honors those that will go to them. His love is poured out big time. Feeding programs and humanitarian efforts are good, but the real work of God is to believe on the One that He has sent. The works that Jesus did, shall we do also, and greater, because He went to the Father. It is about His Kingdom coming and setting people free. I'm not trying to brag, but due to GOD's glory presence overshadowing me, like Peter's shadow, I've been seeing a few miracles that happened 'by accident', in that I did not even know it until they informed me. (the overshadowing presence of God). Why has He chosen me for this great honor? It is not because I'm naturally anointed. It is not because I'm God's first choice. It is not because I'm special. I believe God honors those that STAY in His Word, and that OBEY His Word, including the Great Commission. God loves the poor ethnic groups that I minister to. Because of these things, God has honored me. God honors faith. Faith obeys the Great Commission. The closer we get to Jesus, the more INTENSE His love becomes. Sometimes all I can do is cry, saying, "I love you Jesus". His love is overwhelming. God is a consuming fire. What are you consumed with?
The Kingdom of God is here. . . right now. . . right here. The grocery store or wherever. Take every thought captive to Christ, Jesus. Let no corrupt communication proceed from your mouth. Speak as the oracles of God. Be filled with His Spirit, and experience His INTENSE LOVE on a daily basis. No Compromise. Do you love God? It keeps getting better. His love grows stronger. Especially when the miracles start flowing. You can't help it. It is HIS LOVE, HIS SPIRIT. God is love. Transformed from glory to glory. I want the glory transformations. What do I have to do to grow in Christ? I want to do those things only. I'm hooked. I'm addicted. As I grow stronger in Him, I'm starting to see high percentages of people healed EVEN IN AMERICA. Where is God moving? That is where I want to be. Where is the Holy Spirit allowed to move? Where can I preach and see the sick healed in a church every night, night after night? It is not in America, sad to say. I will preach at your church, meeting, school, event, whatever, and I GUARANTEE that there will be miracles, or I will GIVE YOU 500 dollars. Are there any takers??? I'm not asking for an offering. Why isn't my phone ringing off the hook? May the Lord have mercy on America, where the store owner in a mall cannot even play Christian music without somebody getting offended and calling the ACLU. Let's wake up, America!!! Let's have healing revivals!!! People in America need to see the goods, and I can deliver, all praise the the Lord Jesus and the stripes He took, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on my life. Pastors: PLEASE contact me. Why should one person make the decision whether God's congregation gets healed or not? This was not so in the original church. For it is written, "For ye may all prophecy one by one ", and "Forbid not to speak with tongues". How much more should the gift of healing, miracles and faith be allowed to operate freely?
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posted by Karl Stein on 11/25/2008