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So I have been serving in part time music ministry for the past five years from age 18-23 and I have always wanted to go into the full time ministry, but was always been a little scared and unsure about when was the right time. I think the reason why I was so unsure was because I had been trying to create the right time on my own, instead of just giving it fully to God. By doing this it caused me to have a really wired void in my life and my ministry that I could not figure out. Recently God has really opened my eyes, in showing me how selfish I was being and that it was not my decision when I was suppose to go into full time ministry, but His decision. I have realized that the void that I have been feeling in my life was because I have not given everything over to God with my ministry. Now as I prepare for full time ministry I am so excited and life is Super Awesome! Please continue to pray for me, for people I will come in contact with, and that God will daily give me opportunities to share his love.

Remember as Christians we are called into the ministry to serve God with our lives and be a witness with our actions and words.

Never Stop Rocking For Jesus,
Kalob Cox

posted by Kalob Cox on 07/30/2007

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So here I am on tour with the band, and I am having the best time of my life!!! We our playing concerts Leading Worship At Super Camp....which is Super Awesome, and just having a great time. This tour has really help me re-focus on God and my muisc. When i see the joy that I can bring people with my music, the feeling that comes over me is more then words can say!! I just hope that God will allow me to do this for as long as i live!!! I love you guys and want to thank everyone who has been coming out to my concerts and support me and the band, Ya'll ROCK HARD CORE!!!

posted by Kalob Cox on 07/27/2007