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A year ago my life was quite good and normal??. Then I suddenly lost my job with no chance of similar employment where I lived. My husband was not working and neither was our live at home daughter. So, we didn't panic, we just relied on God. Our house had been for sale for about three years with no decent offers (God knew what was coming). I started to feel God telling me to move to Calgary (Medicine Hat Pop 67,000 Calgary Pop 1.4 million). I put out over 30 applications to ballet and music studios.
Within 2 months our house sold, our daughter got a job and moved to Edmonton AB, met a Christian man and will be married July,1/18, we moved to Calgary, I was hired as a full time musician by The School of Ballet Alberta (albertaballet.com), professional division, we built a new house and found a new home church.
Despite having to sue one of the moving companies (T.S.M. moving) and having trouble with the other two all ended up quite amazing.
God never fails!!
Definitely my dream job. I play music (my music) for professional teachers and professional level dancers from all over the world.
I still tour, just not as much.
There's much more to this story but I kept it short.

posted by Wayen Faas on 06/19/2018

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There, of course have been many changes over the last few years, opening up many new exciting opportunities.
I still perform at churches and many other functions all over Canada. Mostly jazz gigs, vocal accompaniment, composing and arranging. The latter, culminated in a three year long project being recorded at Ocean Way Recording Studio in Nashville this past July. My dear friend Jeff Alford, from Jacksonville Fl. hired on as the project manager and did an outstanding job. The excellence of the Nashville Recording Orchestra was superb, as well as all the recording crew and staff at Ocean Way Studios.
Most of all I thank Dennis VanWesterborg, the composer, for having faith in me to add my musical thoughts and then scoring the whole project for the orchestra.
No name for the CD yet

posted by Juanita Faas on 09/17/2015