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Here is a review that was published in a local newspaper!
They're hard-hitting, fast-paced and unique. Really, they're what most of us look for in a Christian rock band.
ION`s Return to Sender is a professional cohesive work with a single focus: inspiring praise to our Heavenly Father. Released this year (three years after their first CD, Positive) the band's newest album is evidence of a group of men committed to adding a new and exciting option for Christian music lovers.
ION was formed in 2004 longing to be more than a praise and worship band, focusing on 'accessible Christian music, with an emphasis on strong song writing and relevant lyrics.' The band name is intended to convey the idea that as artists they have their 'eye on' the prize (Phil. 3:14), or their 'eye on' Christ Jesus. On each of these counts, Return to Sender is a success.
Recorded locally in Hamilton, Ontario and professionally mixed and mastered in Franklin, Tennessee, Return to Sender is rich and varied. Each of the songs displays solid lyrics, varied instrumentation and rich vocals. Predominately pop rock, ION offers what many Christians are looking for: contemporary music with lyrics you can trust.
As someone who prefers artists like Casting Crowns or Jars of Clay to pipe organs or pan flutes, I enjoy listening knowing the artists share the same pew and conviction of faith. The songs clearly illustrate that faith: 'Dawning' focuses on the Lord's faithful presence and His 'mercies new every day'; 'Calvary', with its candid portrayal of our sin and need for deliverance inspires an attitude of praise and reverence towards our Holy God; 'Hymn', with its heavy bass and reverent tone, echoes so many well-known psalms and hymns. Yet while the content of the lyrics might seem familiar, ION's poetic expression is unique and poignant.
Equally distinctive is the sound and instrumentation of this album. While the tempo and bass line may pull ION's sound toward energetic pop rock, cohesive male harmony, remarkable ballads, a love song and occasional surprise additions (of a piccolo!) allows ION to carve its own niche within the rock genre.
Particularly unique to the album is 'Perseverance', written and performed by Tim Kieft. While the song was initially written for a full band complement, the band chose to strip back all extras until only Tim, the lyrics and keyboard remained. The raw, atmospheric tone of the song illustrates, perhaps better than some of their other pieces, the diverse talent of the band as a whole. More than simply showcasing Tim or his keyboard savvy, 'Perseverance' is evidence of the band's commitment to recording truly original music, pushing beyond mainstream pop rock to achieve it.
While ION states on their website that they do not want to attract listeners just because they are Christian, the fact remains that many will pick up their CD for that reason. What will keep them coming back, however, is the rich and honest sonic expression of men committed to the Lord, the talents He's given, and the wonderful music that flows from that.
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posted by ION on 02/07/2010

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ION's sophmore album 'Return To Sender" is currently being mixed and mastered by Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records. As of the moment of me writing this we have 6 of the 10 songs mixed and hope to have all the songs done by the end of the month. We are pushing for an early May release.

posted by Paul on 03/17/2009