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We're so excited to see our new song, El Gibbor, climb to number one on the Fan Fave chart !!!
To all of you who voted, thank you.

I think its common when you write a song to thing it's the next coolest thing. But it really wasn't until we got into the studio and started to record some of the additional music tracks, that we began to feel the energy really pick up. Then when our recording engineer added his really cool guitar tracks, it impressed us even more.
Every time we play this song, Bob can't help himself; he's got to play a little air guitar ! Some day we'll have to get a video of that and put it here on Indieheaven.

We're making good progress in the studio with our next song. It's a lot more poignant than El Gibbor (no air guitar). We may finish it this month, you know, 'Lord willin' and the creek don't rise' !

posted by Sue Bielec on 04/11/2013

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As mentioned in our mission statement, I have an extensive background of abuse. During the 20 plus years of my recovery, it has been necessary to go for inpatient treatment several times. The last time I sought some full time Christian counseling, it took me to a Christian couple in Arkansas. Their names are Dick and Judy French and they operate a ministry called M.O.R.E., which stands for 'ministry of reconciliation and encouragement'. They both have the title 'reverend' and a more loving and wise couple you'll never meet. I spent a week with them, in counseling, prayer and bible study. It was like spending the week with Jesus, truly.

Probably one of the most significant healings that occurred that week was when Dick French got out of his chair and came around the small table to be nearer to me and said, " As a father, as a grandfather and as a man, will you forgive me for abusing you"? I broke down, wailing and crying in his arms for many minutes, as the Lord washed me clean of that sin and reconciled me to men and the male sex. It was a pivitol moment and one of most powerful of my life.

While I was there that week, they told me about a name for the Lord I had never heard before, El Gibbor, which means Warrior Lord. So I wrote a poem about my Warrior Lord and that became the lyrics for this new song.

When you've experienced as much evil as I have, this song is a great reminder about how powerful is our protection under Jesus !!!

posted by Sue Bielec on 03/17/2013