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I think it was matthew ch.25 v13-20 where he's talking about God giving us 5 talents and He'll give you five new ones back, and if He gives you just 2 He'll you give 2 back (if you use those talents for His Good). Well I've a feeling the talent Matthew was talking about was the coinage used back then, but when you think of the term as a metaphor, then you can interchange it with just about anything, especially artistic "talents". So in that sense then, God gave me some talents like playing a couple of instruments,writing, performing, recording and publishing His songs. (Where these songs come from and how He gets them down here to me is a miracle all by itself). But that aside, lo and behold He has given me back some "talents" by way of being in a position now to have sold a couple of song downloads this week from the God Songs album here on ih and in getting some positive feedback, which always improves a songwriter's hope for future projects. So instead of just writing "keep the faith" I believe it's better to "share it". And that's what the God Songs are all about, "Expressing God's Love Through Music" . And now, if I can share my story with more folks on this blog, that's another "talent" God has given back to me.

Thank you for making God Songs number 3 on fan faves!

Many Blessings!
Phil Munton

posted by Phil Munton on 01/22/2013