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Peace and Blessings Unto All !
This is the Season to Be A blessing as well as to Be Blessed,so as the season thrives and Holiday Spirits Rise,Let us all,share apart of our lives to Others less Fortunate in one way or another,to not do so is so inhumane and ungodly.
Its Caring for others that makes us Human and differentiate our species from all others.
Have a Happy Merry Christmas Season and Dont forget to pass it Forward.
Be Ye Blessed as You Become A Blessing.
Gods Blessing To All.
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posted by ClikinWitGod on 11/28/2017

Oh Hear All Ye Faithful Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

As The Evil in this World Keeps Doing their Sinful Deadly Deeds,We in the Family of FAITH Shall Continue to Be Vigilant In Prayer As Warriors of God Upon The Earth And Doing that which is necessary to bring Peace Love and Happiness To Those in need at those times. we are the CARETAKERS,OF GOD THROUGH CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.
So lets partake of this courageous mission and DO SOMETHING TOGETHER,
Be Blessed as you are a Blessing Upon the Earth.
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Come and fulfill a Destiny Together ,All are Welcome.

posted by Clikinwitgod on 10/21/2017

A Newness Of God Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Oh Praise Him and Worship Him For He Is Worthy,His Greatness is seen and heard and felt throughout the day and night,
Oh Let him in and be ye filled with overwhelming Joy and spiritual Happiness and Be Ye Blessed.Let His Spirit dwell within your soul and let God have control,Open your hearts and feel the newness of His love,that you will be guided and directed towards the greatness that you can and will achieve as you believe in Thee.
Spiritual Meditation is a deeper form of manifestation that only Gods spirit can take you,and through His music ,can His Loving Grace abound ,
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And Be Ye Blessed

posted by Clikinwitgod on 10/17/2017

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I Love the Stories In The Bible that tells of the many incredible exploits God has Done thru many who were just ordinary people like you and me,and I find that according to your faith can still today can some of these things can be done.
I have had experiences where miraculous things has happened in my situations that the devil tried to stop me from doing and try to cause me to lose my faith,
But to no avail,for my faith out weighted my fear and my prayers just got stronger and stronger till the VICTORY WAS WON Oh Thank You Lord My Strength and My Redeemer,I am a Witness that On This Solid Ground I shall Stand,All Other Ground Is Syncing Sand.
I Pray that this Motivate and encourage and enlighten all who are reads this message.
Peace and Blessings Unto You All and Lets Pray for All those who were under the devils attacked in Las Vegas
May the Lord Keep them and Hold Them In His Ever Loving Arms and Bring A Peace Like no Other Upon All Their Hearts And Minds.Amen

posted by Clikinwitgod on 10/04/2017

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Oh Bless His Name Jesus,for He Is Worthy To Be Praised,
There are times in your life when you know that you know ,that it was only by his mighty Hands and love that you got through some things that you could not have done yourself !
That if it were not for his Grace you wouldn't have made it !
That you would have lost your mind !
That the love you have in your life wouldn't have manifested into an incredible heart filled situation that has helped you to sustain and prosper and be more productive and inspired you to live a more righteous life !
Somebody Better Say Amen and recolonize,the wonderful love and care the Lord Thine God Has Given !
what has been your time of acknowledgement,That He Has Moved Mountains in your Favor.Share Something

posted by Clikinwitgod on 09/20/2017