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Well, this is the first time for me on Indieheaven. I'm exited that I've found this beautifull place on the internet. A place for musicians like you and me to share our music. Let me introduce myself. I'm Joyce van Boven. A singer songwriter from the Netherlands.

I write my songs together with my husband. They are about our own experienses in life. I would say I have my own style of music. Not your typical worship. Whats in the lyrics is important for us.

Ofcourse God is the central subject and base of all in them, but we also want to make people think about the themes that are in it. We hope people find recognition in the songs and in that way we hope to give strenght and comfort.

I want to use the talent that God gave me for His kingdom and spread the beautifull message that is in that. I will give some background for my songs in this blog and keep you updated about my singing,

I hope you all will enjoy listening to my music and hopefully wil download them, so you can support us making more songs. It's not our main income and making these songs cost a lot of our savings. Still we feel this is someting we need to do. It's our mission to touch people and bring the gospel to them trough our music.

Any comments on our songs are welcome ofcourse.

God bless you all


posted by Joyce on 12/09/2017