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I am sitting here watching Bill Maher on Larry King Live and I am blown away at his obvious and utter disdain toward people of faith. His thoughts have ranged from calling religious people weak-minded and crazy to diminishing religion in general as "just a hustle." He doesn't see Christians as thoughtful, progressive and involved citizens of the world. This prompts me to write about something that I see becoming an increasing issue for the Christian community. How much do we marry our religion to our politics and what IS our role within politics?

For years, we have made party and presidential choices based on our moral voice. Based on this criterion, the Republican right has historically seemed to uphold the values that we felt would be most representative of "What Jesus Would Do?" Things like pro-life Supreme Court Justice appointments and legislation banning the legalization of gay marriage have been hot ticket subjects that held us captive to the Republican party. But have we been correct?

We now stand at the crossroads of an unprecedented election. I am very comfortable stating that my choice for President is Sen. Barack Obama. But I have had to pause to be sure that I was not being swept up in the hype of the "liberal press" and by the cool factor that he brings to a stodgy, bureaucratic political world. So here was my question to myself, "Is my belief (which veers toward conservativism) being compromised by my endorsement of a socially moderate Democrat?"

As much fire as this may draw......I say NO, my belief is NOT being compromised! I believe that it is time for Christians to begin to look at morality in a more practical, social sense. It is so unfortunate that we have drawn so much negativity for not being leaders in the areas of the environment, social and economic injustice and involvement with charitable programs at large. We fixate on issues that are indeed important, but issues that prevent us from considering ALL aspects of a Republican approach to government - Like the tragedy of a war that is being fought over greed!

The lies that have been told and the fact that lives have been lost needlessly, is surely just as "immoral" as a candidate who is neutral about gay marriage. The economic favors that Republican tax cuts afford to the wealthy and keep from the rest of the population amount to severe acts of avarice and materialism that are not so much like the Christ that I have read about in the New Testament.

I believe in our efforts to uphold a government that strives toward morality, but we have to consider so many more issues than we have in the past. We have to engage in a social and political dialogue that is broad, compassionate and involved.
Unfortunately, with either candidate some compromises seem inevitable. The question is which candidate will bring the most good, the most harmony and a sense of rightness in the world? Though this is a tall order I believe that one man provides us the greatest chance of racial healing, international respect, social justice, economic restoration and political centrism. Can we rally behind this man to get him elected?

Yes, we can.

posted by Stevvi on 09/30/2008

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Without telling everyone's personal business, I spoke with two very close friends this past week. In both instances my friends were sharing their utter heartbreak over relationships that went wrong. One of my friends lost their fiancee and boyfriend of five years, the other lost a relationship that was only a year old and seemingly filled with promise. In both instances their significant other had just flipped out in ways that were shocking and unpredictable. In both instances I was able to identify with their feelings of loss and disappointment cuz I have TOTALLY been there!

During this same week, I had a situation with a family member in which I felt completely betrayed, shocked and hurt. I never would have believed that this person who I was so close to, would have done what they did. I didn't feel as though I deserved the treatment I was given and spent a few too many days in tears behind the situation.

The one thing that kept going through my mind however, was how much human beings hurt each other. We all let each other down so much. It seems that there will never, EVER be a single person who can be to you all the things you want them to be. Although we are designed to need interaction with others, the moment we expect "others" to fulfill our souls we are inviting disappointment and let-down into our lives.

The truth is, I cannot offer true love or kindness to someone until I can offer it and expect NOTHING in return. If I am waiting for their appreciation or approval I have made a fool of myself and will only be pleased with the outcome HALF of the time, IF I'm lucky! This goes against everything we are taught to do in pop culture and psychology. But the fact is this - love is not supposed to be manipulative. What kind of love says, "I will love you as long as you don't change too much, or I will love you as long as you do the things that I like or that make me look good." This approach to a relationship (familial, romantic or friendship) is only a self-serving kind of ego massage, not love.

I am sorry for all of my friends who have been hurt recently. These stories never seem to cease. But I just wanted to remind all of you (and myself) that we should continue to believe in others and in our own ability to truly love.

There is a God who has shown us how.

posted by Stevvi on 09/30/2008

Scared but Excited at the Possibilities! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I am gearing up to launch the release of my new CD "The East Side Psalmbook" this summer and am excited and overwhelmed at the task in front of me. I am so thrilled to have finished this project which really exemplifies some of the struggles that I have encountered over the last three years. It is a personal collection of writings about my evolving belief and spirituality - but not in a corny way.....in a true pursuit of something greater.

I'm writing this because I'm looking for all those who can get involved and wanna be supporters, cheerleaders and promoters for the project. This project is about so much more than me, my product, my music. Nope....this project is about a movement within the spritual world. A step toward something meaningful that involves young, old, black, white, blue-collar, blue-blooded, various denominations even! This project identifies itself as being "Consciously Christian".

This means not just religion as usual, not a status quo of belief - but the active, conscious pursuit of spirituality. It means learning how to relate and be relatable in a diverse and dynamic world. It means taking care of others and the planet that nurtures us. It means thoughtfully approaching our beliefs and seeking hard answers. It means being progressive in our evangelistic ideas and our approach to spreading the "good news!" If this is something you can relate to and want to see spread, please tell friends, loved-ones and church members about your excitement. It all starts with an individual, a song, an association. Let's start here. Feel free to comment me and share your thoughts about some of these ideas. Be blessed!

posted by Stevvi Alexander on 07/02/2008