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Soldiers of the Way
Rapsodie Adams

A few days ago we celebrated Veterans Day. The church honored all who served this great country, my husband was one of them. But, this Sunday had a dual blessing, we were honoring those who fought the good fight for our country and those who signed up to be a part of the Salt and Light team, which was birthed out of Soldiers of the Way. The Soldiers of the Way are a team of people who want to take back our communities from Satan. Our mission is to take the love of Christ to the people.
There was a time when our best friends were our neighbors. We could trust them with our children, to watch over them and keep them safe, when for whatever reason we were unable. But Satan has come in and taken over our neighborhoods. What the Lord is saying to us now is take back what the devil has stolen. Proclaim the victory of Christ over our neighborhoods. Jesus is saying to us, show the people my love. If you show them my love, I will increase my church, my body, my bride.

A Prayer

"Dear Father, thank you for being a faithful Father and loving your creation so much that you sent us your Son, our Savior-Jesus Christ. Help us Holy Ghost to lay down our lives for Jesus, just as he laid down His life for us.

Be blessed in Jesus' name.

posted by Rapsodie Adams on 12/22/2018