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I would liken leading worship to being a lead instructor on a mountain climb whose attendees are in various stages of experience.

To some the mountain we are about to climb is foreign and new. It seems rather steep, especially the closer they get to it. It also seems too high, for they have never climbed a mountain before. They're not engaging fully because they don't know what might happen next or if maybe a rock might fall and hit them on the head! They're also very self-conscience about the fact that they don't know what they're doing and think all the other hikers have noticed and are looking at them. So most of them decide it's better to just wait at the bottom until the others come back down. (Surely they'll come back down, won't they?) Or, show up late and 'accidently' miss the group.

To others, this mountain is familiar; they've been here before. They know what to expect because they hike here once a week (usually Sunday), so they're easily encouraged to join the hike again. After all, it's become a habitual part of their life. They know that there are places in the mountain that seem too scary to continue on, so they make sure they stay on the safe side of the mountain, never getting too close to the edge. Sometimes they get discouraged because, on any given day, it may be too hot or too cold, or things are going too fast...or too slow.

Then, there are others who can't wait to get on that mountain. They are so eager that many times they are one step ahead of the instructor. They know this mountain so well because they climb it every day! They find it thrilling that the rocks in the mountain may have shifted a little from day to day and may create a whole new experience in their climb. They look forward to that with great anticipation. They are eager, even, to perch on the edge of the cleft in order to see more clearly, soak in the landscape, and allow their whole being be engaged in the climb.

The lead instructor, of course, is very familiar with this mountain, as well, climbing several times a day. He/She is also very well aware of the attendees and their individual expertise in mountain climbing and any concerns they may have. The instructor constantly encourages the climbers to stay focused; to keep their eyes fixed up the mountain. He/She reminds them at various stages what the goal is. Sometimes, when there's a particularly beautiful pass on the mountain, the instructor will stop and point that out, so that any who have gotten distracted wouldn't miss the pleasure of its glory. It is a privileged job, lead instructor; One in which you get to revel in the climb yourself, all the while having the pleasure of watching new climbers become experts. A true privilege!

posted by Tricia Zody on 09/12/2009

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May 16, 2008

Psalm 139: 1-3, 6

"O Lord, You have searched me and known me;
You know when I sit down and when I rise up;
You understand my thought from afar.
You scrutinize my path and my lying down,
And are intimately acquainted with all my ways."

You've searched me and know me - And You still love me?
You've searched me and know me - And You still want to be with me?
You've searched me and know me - And You still want to use me?
You've searched me and know me - And You are okay with me?
You've searched me and know me - And You are wanting to be more intimate still?

How on earth can this be so? My small, human mind cannot wrap itself around the idea.
"Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is too high, I cannot attain to it."
I am undone! My human condition and sinful nature taints my ability to understand the fullness of Your holiness and purity of love. Yet, I receive it. I humbly come, prostrate before You, to accept Your unfathomable love; to accept the fact that I will never be in a position, in and of myself, to deserve such grace and mercy. It truly is all because of who You are, and because of Your great love. Only because of You! And for that I am forever grateful!

posted by Tricia Zody on 05/16/2008

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Yesterday, my son and some friends were fishing at the lake at the end of our street. My daughter went with them and came home with a newborn baby duck. She said she just had to rescue the little thing because it was almost drowning, with only it's head sticking out of the water. Its momma and the other little ducklings just left and swam away. "Mom, I want to take care of this little duck and help it to grow. I want to help it live!" I told her that usually if a duckling is sick the momma will leave it behind. It's just the way things are. She didn't like that answer. She was determined to love that little thing to life. She cuddled it in a blanket, fed it soggy dog food, and let it swim in the sink. (Ugh!) She named "it" Charlie...even though she told me she didn't. She loved that little duckling. (Okay, I'll admit, it was the cutest little creature I've ever seen. But I knew what was coming, so in order to preserve my emotion, I refused to hold it.)

After praying with my daughter in her bed that night, with tears she asked, "Mom, do you think Charlie is going to die?" We talked a lot about faith in healing (she even applied a scripture she had just learned at church), but also talked about God's will and purpose in all things. I walked back in the kitchen and my husband told me the little duck had just died. So, I made him go tell her. After a while, I went in to comfort her. She was very upset, as I thought she would be. We talked about the fact that God understood her hurting heart - He experienced great pain at the death of His only son. And then we prayed. I asked that God would reveal wisdom through this circumstance - a life lesson we could learn.

Immediately, I was struck with the understanding that if we could so easily take in and love this sick, little abandoned duck, wanting so much to love it to life, how much more should we love and care for those around us that are sick, diseased, and crippled by sin; those that are bound by the destiny that is theirs that are not cleansed by the blood of Jesus; to want to love them to life....real, abundant life! To love them to Jesus.

Wow! A little, abandoned duckling brought a lesson of love into my home. God, give me the Father's heart that I might love like You love, see what You see, and care about what You care about. Amen.

posted by tricia zody on 05/05/2008

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Each month Worship Leader Magazine puts out a e-newsletter with their favorite Online picks. My website blog has been chosen to be featured for this month. You can go to www.worshipleader.com and get straight to my blog from there. Go check it out. BUT I MUST WARN YOU......most of my blogs are straight from my daily journals to the Lord. So, you get to see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the redeemed of Tricia Zody. Don't read it unless you are prepared to read some very real, very transparent stuff. But because we humans are so alike, you may just find yourself there. Happy reading!!

posted by Tricia Zody on 10/14/2007

A Sinner's Prayer. Will you pray it with me? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

This morning, Lord God, I give You my life. I ask that you would kill the pride within me that causes me to exalt myself, my agenda, and desires above You and Yours. Kill the pride in me that says I have to be somebody, look a certain way, or have certain things. Kill the pride that desires recognition, plaudits, or my own rights. Resurrect life in me that is born of Your love, full of joy & peace & compassion. I need You this day to interrupt, envelope, and invade my life. Jesus, fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit. Occupy this vessel. Go with me to proclaim freedom to the captives. Show me, and quickly, sin that is grieving You and keeping You from manifesting Your glory on me. Free me for joyful obedience. Take me today; I am wholly yours.

posted by Tricia Zody on 05/11/2007