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Hey everyone,

As most of you know, we are no longer touring as the Doug Hallock & BROKEN Band, and Teri and I are doing our testimonies and my music on a solo basis.

So, I gotta sell the band bus. Here's the craigslist link. If you know anyone who might be interested, would you please forward this link to them and have them contact me? My cell is 520-444-7466.

This has been such as awesome bus - rigged out for us, and has been a workhorse running back and forth across the country. It would be a great church bus. I hate to see it go, but gotta move ahead:

my bus on craigslist


Doug Hallock

posted by Doug Hallock on 03/23/2011

What about the dude who didn't "just say no"? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I've been struggling with my back lately, and have been seeing a chiropractor. He has helped a lot, and has taken an interest in my music, and plays our cds in his office. I was laying on a table, and I heard him telling the guy in the next room over about our music, and that I work with people who are hurting, drug addicted and people in recovery.

The dude he was talking to said something like "I know how to help drug addicts - tell them to 'just say no' and they won't have a problem" he said with no small amount of sarcasm. I saw later that he was a Tucson city police officer.

He's so right isn't he? And I have so much respect for these guys - they deal with the worst situations and with desperate people everyday. They risk their lives on a daily basis. And if everyone who ever lived had 'just said no' to alcohol and drugs, then we indeed wouldn't have this problem.

But a whole lot of people didn't 'just say no', with me being at the top of the list. What do we do with them? Just throw them away?

Let's fight the fight you guys! Let's get transparent, walk thru our fears, tell people about Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. Jesus first, honesty and transparency, working the steps, becoming a person who delivers the 12th step - what a powerful combination! We can have a recovery revolution! With Jesus we can change the world! Go for it, whatever it is you are supposed to do, using the gift that God has given you.

Go for it dudes - 'cause time is short.

Hey, I'm really liking this new Christian music site I've been working - IndieHeaven Go ahead and click on this link and check out our profile. You can listen to and/or purchase any of the songs from our last two cds - Dead Man Walkin' and Thorn. And if you click on the FanFaves page on the top right, you can vote for our song Surrender, which currently is #8 on the charts.

Have a great day, and go affect someone today!

Doug Hallock

posted by Doug Hallock on 02/03/2011

Saints & Sinners Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Good Evening,

Teri, Ashley and I cleaned out our clothes closets last night. Teri is all happy and free - she keeps going in there to look at it. While we were doing it instead of watching TV for a change, I was thinking about how great my life is. We've been thru so much....

It was September of 2004, and I was terribly addicted to heroin. It's all I could think about - getting money to get some more. Teri had taken a stand and asked me to leave. I was living in a cheap motel room in a bad part of down. I owed bad people money and they were looking for me. If I went more than 8 to 10 hours without using, I would start to get sick. Bad sick. I was going to die and I knew it. I was such a sinner.

Then God intervened. He used people that loved me despite myself, and they performed an 'intervention' on me. It worked. I got clean, went into the Teen Challenge program and got saved, got out and started working for Jesus. I became a saint.

Not a saint in the sense of my deeds or any kind of perfection, 'cause I still suck, a lot. But a saint in the sense that I know I'm going to heaven when I die. I am still a sinner, yet I am a saint. What a wonderful thing to be forgiven. When I hear the phrase "yet God in His mercy" - I know exactly what that means.

I am a sinner. I am a saint.

Go tell someone your story today. Go affect someone today. Time is short.

Blessings to you!

posted by Doug Hallock on 01/25/2011

Transparent and Broken Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Our goal is to be transparent to others with our weaknesses, faults and failures; to convince others that there is freedom in disclosing our hurts habits and hangups for anyone to see. We try to convince people of this not by telling them what to do, but by telling them what disclosing our weaknesses has done for US. And hopefully, people can see that freedom in us, and it will encourage them to become transparent themselves.

I try to write songs about how life really is, and it ain't always pretty.

We try to encourage people to use the gifts that God has given them to affect others for HIS kingdom, and to no longer use our God given gifts to try and manipulate others for our OWN kingdom.

I used my God given gifts to manipulate others for my own kingdom for many, many years, and I became very good at it. And manipulating others for my own gain is still a weakness of mine.

I want to do right, but still do wrong. There is nothing good in me aside from Christ.

Every time we are on stage, we want people to see Jesus Christ in us. And I know He is in us, even with all our warts. We hope that we can affect someone with our transparency, so that they go to heaven forever instead of going to hell forever.

I want to challenge you again to go affect someone today for HIS kingdom by showing them Jesus Christ within you. Not by telling them what to do, but by showing them Christ within you.

Time is short......

Doug Hallock

posted by Doug Hallock on 01/14/2011

Epilepsy & Depression Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Good Morning.

Being epileptic, I have always hated the words "epilepsy" and "seizure". Whenever I say those words out loud, or hear them said by someone else, it seems to bring on a second struggle I often have - "depression".

For years I did not want you to know that I had issues with either of these. There was a great deal of shame that I had with having seizures - I was embarrassed. And the depression was one of those things that I didn't talk about because I didn't feel like I should "air my dirty laundry".

My wife Teri gave me courage to start facing these issues. Once God opened up my heart, I was able to see that she loves me just like I am. She became an example to me, the person I look up to for how she try's to live her life. Then I got involved in the 'Celebrate Recovery' program, and found out that there was freedom in transparency, and freedom when I talked about my stuff.

I made some huge mistakes before getting involved in Celebrate Recovery. And I have made some huge, terrible mistakes AFTER getting involved in Celebrate Recovery, and after I was saved.

Which is why I write you stories like this. I have found that whenever I talk about my stuff, good things happen. My depression lessens - the power seems to get taken out of it. And every once in a while someone writes back and tells me that they took a chance - took a chance that there really is freedom in transparency, told their stuff to someone else, and found that freedom.

What a glorious thing! We all have a story. And most of us have grown up with this one thing in common - we were taught by society that you "don't air your dirty laundry". What a bunch of crap! Some of you know this - true freedom is the exact opposite of this!

I am convinced that God want's us to tell our story to others. He uses our openness and honesty to affect people for His kingdom. And to be used by God as a small part of someone going to heaven forever instead of going to hell forever is such a glorious thing isn't it?

Writing stories about my stuff and making them into songs became my way of trying to affect people for His kingdom. What's your way?

It's so very cool to this our song "Depression" doing so well on the "Fan Faves" chart of this fine website - it hit #1 yesterday based on fan votes. Thank you all for your votes and support, so much!

Time is short - go affect someone today.

Blessings to you!

Doug Hallock

posted by Doug Hallock on 01/11/2011

Addiction Lies Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Good Morning,

Whenever I send out these little stories to you folks on our ministry's email list, I try to talk about stuff that has happened to me or I've been thru, as opposed to preaching to you about stuff that I read in a book. That way I feel qualified to tell you about it.

When talking during an event that we do and giving some of my testimony, I used to say pretty much this: I couldn't stop using, and several people loved me enough to perform an intervention on me. I detoxed in a hospital (most of you know that I was a heroin addict at that time, the culmination of my 30 years of progressive drug addiction),then went into the Teen Challenge program, got saved, and came out with a story to tell. I began my music ministry, and starting telling you my story in my songs. And four cds later, here we are today.

Well, that first line of this summary - "I couldn't stop using" - I think I was lying to myself. An addiction lie. Because the truth is that "I WOULDN'T stop using".

Because every time I used - regardless of my circumstances or how bad I was hurting - it was a choice. And I think that's the same for whatever we are addicted to - food, self pity, drugs, pornography, alcohol - it's a choice that we make, a conscious decision, every time we use.

So, when I give my testimony now, I'm going to try real hard to change the word "couldn't" to "wouldn't". Please consider this and see if it applies to you or someone you know.

Tell God how much you love him today, and how grateful you are for all he has done. If you have time, listen to this praise song off our third album - Dead Man Walkin'. I love this song:


Go affect someone today, 'cause time is short.

Blessings to you!

Doug Hallock

posted by Doug Hallock on 12/30/2010

Rock recovery ministry Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Anybody out there like to listen to addiction recovery music with an edgy style, glorifying Jesus Christ? If so, check out my profile and songs on Doug Hallock.

posted by Doug Hallock on 12/25/2010

Teri Hallock Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I love my wife - she's the best. Thank you Lord for Teri Hallock.

posted by Doug Hallock on 12/13/2010