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The other day at band practice I mentioned that you had better really like the words you write, because you are going to be singing them hundreds or thousands of times. You might struggle with the lyrics to a song, but once you think you have it right and start practicing the song, you do not want to grimace every time you come to a phrase that you gave up on before it was quite right. Sometimes your lyrics may be great, and sometimes maybe just "so so," but remember what you are going to do with those words after you are done with them. If you are a singer/songwriter, you are not going to hand them off to someone else and never think of them again. You are going to sing them again and again. It's always better if you start out liking them.

posted by Greg Kabanuk on 10/07/2016

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Last evening I went to a small concert at a small church. A woman and her daughter were the artists. Some of the songs were accompanied by piano, and some by backup tracks. They had wonderful voices and their harmonies were great. Both of them could play the piano.
They were from Tennessee, and much of their music had a Southern Gospel flavor. They also seemed to like anthems. It was a good concert with much original music, though I cannot imagine myself covering any of their songs. I also have doubts that they could, or would want to, cover any of my songs. My songs are rougher, but maybe that is a man thing? I don't know.
My point is that although I do not sing to backup tracks, don't really like anthems (although I have sung a few), and am not a serious fan of Southern Gospel music, I enjoyed the concert and would recommend the artists.
There is absolutely no accounting for personal taste, and I can enjoy listening to songs that I would not have written and have no interest in singing. For me, it's like if I compliment you on your gold lamé jacket. That doesn't mean that I want one for my birthday or that I would wear it. It's OK for you, though.

posted by Greg Kabanuk on 08/01/2016

Nobody in the World Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The other day I heard myself say that nobody in the world would like certain distinctively Christian musical styles that many church-going Christians enjoy but no one else does. And then I stopped to think. Yes, no one in "the world" would like that kind of music, and our commission is to reach "the world." Those in the world are uncomfortable with distinctive church music that church people know and love. Many people in the church are uncomfortable with secular music styles. We might talk bout how much we might want to stop preaching to the choir and go out to reach the unsaved, but if we are singing songs only the choir would like, good luck with that.

posted by Greg Kabanuk on 05/24/2016

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Happy to be taking another step along this faith journey by joining Indieheaven. Hope to get some music and videos uploaded soon so you can see and hear what we are all about. It is hard to categorize our music, even for us, so you will just have to take a listen. I know what Southern Gospel is and what Country is much better than I know what kind of music we do. We (Greg and Roger) both write songs, and since we have both been writing for many years, our musical styles have changed. We have Roger's old songs, Roger's new songs, Greg's old songs and Greg's new songs, and much in between. Some of it is Acoustic, some Rock, some Bluesy, some Alternative (because I can't find a name for it). Sometimes boxes are handy for sorting things and sometimes things don't fit well into boxes and want to be in two or three boxes at once. That is probably us.

posted by Greg Kabanuk on 05/20/2016