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Buckle up cause here we go!!!! Our cd release party is this Sunday! This has been a long time coming!!!! We are so excited to see all that the Father is going to do! Come join us!!

Advancing in His Kingdom together!

posted by Jessica Wright on 03/07/2011

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We will be having a huge party, in honor of the release of our cd, Not Kept Silent!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 19th at The Rock Ministries in Mobile, AL.
We are going to have an AMAZING time!!!

posted by Jessica Wright on 01/17/2011

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Wow!!! What a year! We have all really been transformed through this past year! The Father has brought us all through so much! Jordan & Sarah's baby girl, Elliana, was born on August 19, 2010. She only lived for 5 short hours. As heart wrenching as it was to watch as Jordan & Sarah welcomed their little one then immediately had to say goodbye, the amazing peace of God that passes all understanding surrounded all of us! Elliana only lived for 5 hours, but she has impacted sooooooooo many lives. She accomplished in 5 hours what many attempt in years & years of their life. We will never be the same. Jordan & Sarah have now started a ministry called Heart of Promise to minister to mothers who have lost a child. SO AMAZING! You must go and check it out. The whole story will blow your mind.
Jordan & Sarah are now expecting another baby. Sarah is due in the summer. We are thrilled beyond words!!!! Again...Yahweh is faithful!!

We will be officially releasing our CD "Not Kept Silent" on March 15th worldwide through the internet!!! Of course you are more than welcome to go ahead and pre-order your CD. There are definite benefits to pre-orders!!!! All of the songs on our new release are songs written out of our hearts. Our prayer is that these songs will meet you where you are & transform you into the place that you desire to be. We look forward to hearing your stories!!

Advancing in His Kingdom together!!

posted by Jessica Wright (Solomon's Road) on 01/11/2011

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Hey everybody! We've been busy in the studio to finish up all the tracks on the new Solomon's Road project, entitled "Not Kept Silent." We've been working with Wizkid Sound in Atlanta to mix and master everything, and to get it ready for final release. We're SO excited about this one!

I'm sure you've seen already, but we've posted links to the music video on YouTube, as well as some behind the scenes of the making of the video. Hope you like seeing all the long hours and hard work it took to make it happen.

What you may NOT know is that the single of the title track is available for download NOW - exclusively on IndieHeaven! Keith and the crew at IndieHeaven have been so terrific to work with, we're happy to have the single only available here!

And, starting this Tuesday, you'll be able to pre-order your copy of the finished album. If you're a fan, and you want to get the CD anyway, please consider putting in your order now. It will give us an idea how many CD copies to make, which will help us a lot!

And just as an incentive to order now, we're gonna give you the long edit version of the title track for free right now! You'll still get the full version of the song as part of the full album, so this is just for our best fans! Or if you want just the single right now, you can purchase the download.

The full album is gonna be full of lots of cool stuff like the music video, acoustic tracks and more things we're still working on! But we haven't forgotten about the ministry side. Like we've done in the past, we're gonna include free worship tools for all the songs. We want you guys to be able to play them at church, in your own bands, at youth events or wherever!

If you pre-order the project on CD, we'll ship it out as soon as the album is released. If you order it as a download instead, we'll send you an email with a code - you'll still get all the songs on the album, plus all the extras. So please pre-order your copy if you can, it will help us out a bunch! Thanks so much!

posted by Paul Bordenkircher on 11/12/2010

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Yahweh never ceases to amaze me! He continues to blow my mind! We have an amazing little boy, Braydon Grant, who is full of energy and life. He loves to worship God, to sing, play instruments and dance. It excites me to watch him worship with everything inside of him! It really moves me to see how one so young can be so serious about the Father. I can't even imagine how much it moves the Father when He sees us (His children) worshipping Him with all of our being! Our little boy teaches us so much each and every day.

We now have a new little addition that will be joining our family this summer - our baby girl, Eva McKenzie. Eva means "bearer of good news." We have a Word from Yahweh that she will be a sign of prosperity that will be coming into the hands of the sons and daughters of Yahweh.

Trey and I are so excited to continue this awesome journey together. We look forward to all of the amazing things the Father has in store for us!

posted by Jessica Wright on 05/20/2009

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RPJ has hooked up with Amie Street Music to spread the Gospel message through a new secular download site.

Amie Street Music is a unique music download service. Their price model is based on the popularity of an artist's CD. In short, the more downloads the higher the price goes up. To get things started, every new CD is free to the first several fans who download it. Currently, all three of Jessica's CDs - So Real, Eres Real/So Real and The Unseen - are available as FREE downloads! But hurry, it won't last long!

But even if you're not one of the first several fans to download it, the MP3 files will be available for a deeply discounted price. Plus, when you sign up for Amie Street, they give you $5.00 to spend!

So if you like the music and ministry of Jessica and RPJ, take a moment to enjoy some music - on us!

posted by Paul Bordenkircher on 03/11/2009

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We'll soon have all of Jessica's CDs available for sale or digital download on the Indieheaven site! Expect the tracks from The Unseen to go up first, followed soon after by previous titles.

We really appreciate all the efforts Keith and crew have made to make IndieHeaven the best site on the web for independent Christian artists. Go IndieHeaven!

posted by Paul Bordenkircher on 03/11/2009

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Jessica and the whole crew at RPJ is working diligently on a new modern worship project, scheduled for release sometime this summer. We hope to have more details posted soon!

posted by Paul Bordenkircher on 03/11/2009