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I've never blogged before, so this should be interesting. The reason why I titled the subject the way I did was that I asked the Lord several times "Why?" during the process of recording ARC. I realize most people that come across my profile might click on some of the songs and then move on because it's not what's "popular". The majority of Christians are rarely interested in instrumental music and that's understandable. I started out playing songs similar to what is on the top Christian music charts today, but after a while I began to feel that was not what the Lord wanted me to pursue. So after much prayer and seeking His face for direction, I sat down in front of my computer and ARC is what came out. Is it perfect? No. But I am content in that I tried to do what I felt the Holy Spirit directed me to do. If the Lord wills, I hope to release more similar albums in the future, maybe even recording some vocals. But until then...wherever He leads, I will follow.

posted by David Bush on 01/21/2017