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I am privileged and thankful to be able to present to you my first book. Officially released April 29, 2017. My good friend Niyi Adeoshun called me in the spring of 2016 and came up with asuggestion to write a book together. I have known him since college days at the University of Benin, in Nigeria. We were together in a student Christian group. He was drummmer and eventually leader of the Jesus Generation Singers band. I was a member of the large Christian union gospel choir and became the choir director. We'd been friends for more than 30 years! Even when I was still in Lord, we kept in touch. He asked me to think about it, no pray about it. I knew that I liked to write every now and then. I've got this blog going em going... and now write a book? I responded in the affirmative 6 months later. And then began the phone calls, the skype video calls, exchange of emails. Bouncing off ideas, inspirations . God is good. We had to fix a time to complete the manuscript. And it fell upon me, (I considered myself the weaker link as he was an experience author with 4 books to his name and publishing on behalf of others). I suggested March this year and it's there. The manuscript made it to a real book. What joy to get the proof copy in my hands. I am sooo chuffed. This is a book that will be a resource for a lon time to come for all involved in the ministry of praise and worship to God in church or outside at any level of involvement and support, pastors, and even anyone interested in knowing about the background and most importantly , what God has to say about it (Scripture) and practical stuff. I present to you 'The Worship minister' Get a copy now on Amazon Don't just take my word for it (though it is gold) See a very comprehensive review below (long but very insightful). "'The Worship Minister' by Martin Adu and Niyi Adeosun is a highly informative guidebook on the different functions and purpose of a worship minister, with the two authors employing a wealth of experience, wit and scriptural-backing to give the reader a deeply insightful introduction into how the individual roles of achieve synergy in worship. The book begins by delving into the background of the authors, exhibiting a strong and diverse musical combination. We are treated with both a singer and an instrumentalist with decades of experience, with much more fuel left in the tank. It is careful in demystifying the stereotypes and misconceptions that worship ministry simply involves vocalists. Identifying instrumentalists and those part of the technical team as integral parts of the team, together synthesising to create and sustain a holy environment. The book, for the most part, is a clear and cogent read, the first chapter manages to grab your attention with a deep introduction into the authors and how music shaped them from their adolescence to date. Adu's background gives us an insight on how denominational infrastructure can affect one's view on worship. He talks of growing up under rigid Roman Catholic worship sessions, but then speaks on how attending a Pentecostal Church and observing a charismatic choir, really drew him to worship ministry. This challenges one to revise their spiritual environment, maybe your personality is more suited for a different atmosphere? If so, Adu implores us not to allow that to impede our worship potential, thus our spiritual growth. The authors are determined to distinguish worship ministry from any other form of expression. They explore the difference between someone who makes a 'Christian song' and a true worship minister, thereby quelling many myths and lies we tell ourselves when we try to justify secular artists who just happen to say 'God' in their music. This is conveyed almost perfectly in my favourite quote from the book "You cannot lead people to a place where you have never been". In this, the book is courageous in maintaining the sanctity of the spirit, irrespective of how it may be received by the masses. It takes you away from current standards of worship encouraging worship leaders to focus on leading the congregation into the presence of God, rather than simply showcasing their talents. This point is reinforced in the second chapter, when the book identifies the difference between singing and ministering, with ministry, long after people have heard the song they still sing it in their hearts. Not just a momentary feeling taking you into God's presence, but it causes you to abide there. Structurally, the writers employ a step-by-step systematic teaching style, and are sure to underpin it with scripture. At times it feels as though the creative potential of the book is thwarted by the entrenched structure, however, we are treated to light humour from time to time, like "those things were so fragile they gave a new meaning to record breaking" when addressing the fallibility of conventional vinyl. A critical segment of the book comes in the second chapter, when the book sheds light on the lofty expectations of a worship minister. Here, the authors again prove to challenge the status quo in this piece as they claim, contrary to common knowledge, that the pastors are not the only Church members who are held to a higher duty of care. God expects high levels of discipline amongst worshippers, most times we talk about what praise and worship can do, but forget about the people offering it; they need to be reputable. One could attribute this to why we don't see as many miracles as took place in Biblical times. They are challenging the reader to treat worship segment of any Church meeting, with the same amount of reverence as one would a sermon. This is a big ask for those of us who grew up being taught otherwise, but the book is positive that it's the right thing to do. Perhaps the most raw and honest moments of this work appear in the third chapter. The authors imply some people purport that leniency on practice/skills undermine the assistance of the Holy Spirit, yet this book tells us that it is imperative for the two to work in tandem. Yet again we see how importantly the authors consider inter-denominational structures to be, regarding one's experience of worship ministry, as they cite that some Churches still think it is canal to still use instruments during service, neglecting how much God appreciates instrumentation. In some ways this links to - some may say contradicts - another point made by the duo, when they assert that excesses need to be curbed during worship. This is where Adeosun and Adu are potentially at their most controversial. The book maintains that many worship ministers don't mind if others are worshipping or not, as long as they are. By indulging in these excesses, the worshiper has overshadowed the true purpose of their ministry. This gears towards a call for more scrutiny when selecting those who should be given the privilege to worship at the altar. This is a consistent theme throughout the entirety of the book, declaring that the life led by a worship minister must be exemplary. This organically leads to the area of spiritual discipline that is examined in the fifth chapter. In a more broad, over-arching sense this tackles aspects of Christian life that stretch beyond worship ministry. We are encouraged to remove focus on ourselves and reinvest that into God - the true subject of worship. Lucifer's rise and fall is used as an appropriate example as to how powerful music can be when both used, and abused. A topic that is perhaps not discussed enough within Christian literary circles, is the Importance of bridging generational gaps in worship ministry. Here, the book shows sensitivity to the evolving nature of methodology in music, and urges us to ensure there isn't a deficit in worship ministry by nurturing those who are somewhat heirs and heiresses. Also, how does one relate to the future generations with an old style? These are pressing questions that ought to be addressed more often, lest worship ministry become a microcosm of the transition of Christendom in some Western societies, where you see generations of youth lost in the ways of the world, because they couldn't relate to those who came before them. Towards the end of this publication therein lies a greater emphasis on Teamwork. The seventh chapter, much like earlier chapters, is clear in highlighting the need for collaboration, not only within the worship team, but within the entire congregation. Worshipping is to be done together, one shouldn't allow the congregation to simply watch you worship God, if anything it should be the other way around! At the heart of worship is selflessness, and our behaviours before, during and immediately after must reflect such sentiments. Finally, the authors settle on the heart of the matter,' Pleasing God'. Until now the book has been largely about taking into account the different functions of a worship minister, how they synthesize to create a godly worship environment for the congregation. The argument here is that God is the audience, and not the people. Sometimes we wait for recognition from audience to judge the power of our worship. This is a befitting conclusion to the book, we are all supposed to be performing on the stage as God sits in the audience, enjoying our worship. Although feedback is good, our aim should always be to please God. 'The Worship Minister' is indicative of the components of true, godly worship and is a must-read for aspiring or current worship ministers, or those interested in gospel music in general. The book is soaked with a wealth of experiences stemming from both authors, it is wholesome, critical, and challenging. May God bless you as you pick up your copy!" Evelyn Jegede, Worship Minister, Possibility Assembly Gospel Ministries London, UK

posted by Martin Adu on 04/27/2017

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I got an email from an in-law yesterday that blew my mind and encouraged me. It was about the music and and a passion of mine my family genealogy. It is great to be relevant in our ministry and make a difference in people's lives. And I love to reach the young people.

Hi Martin

I hope and trust that both you and yours are doing well.

Your nephew has been meaning to email you since before Christmas to tell you a story and to say "Praise God and thank you Uncle Martin". He might actually get around to it before the year is done!

Firstly, before Christmas, the children in Abel's class were asked to research something to do with advent(Christ's coming) in their lesson. So, he found your rendition of "Days of Elijah", on Youtube. The class loved it- boy were you a hit! You were shown on large classroom white-board Abel was so proud. One of his classmates was so impressed that he requested a personal appearance!

Well Martin, it doesn't stop there. This morning Abel and I did a presentation on "Our Heritage" in his classroom. Oh Gosh! Thank God for your website, it was so helpful- If only my printer hadn't failed me we could have done a better presentation...but there ya go, there goes the technophobe.

It was so good that Abel could go back 4 generations on both his father and his mother's side. Anyway, when we got to the part about famous Nigerians, I mentioned Ben Okri, Sade Adu, Benedict Adu (footballer) etc, then, one sweet kid raises his hand and pipes up, "What about Martin Adu? He's famous too". I was taken aback, and Abel grinned. The kids faces light up as the stared at me, many of them wide-eyed. I was stunned for a second or too- which is a long time when your presenting to a class of 30+, along with a few parents plus a few teachers! So then Martin, you have a fan club of 30+ kids aged 9-10 year olds! It was so nice- but funny.

Seriously now, "thank you", and I thank God for your distant, yet significant positive "Adu impact", on Abel. I hope we meet this side of heaven.

"May the Lord continually bless you and shine on you and through you. Amen".

Yours in Christ


posted by Martin Adu, difference, family on 02/06/2015

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A few months ago, I planned one of my trips to the US which is mostly a glorified means of networking with the industry and like minded independent musicians, singers, worship leaders like me. The conference I eventually settled on was planned for June, which meant top dollar for air flights. So I looked for good deals, but ended up with double stop over flights to Nashville. So that was Amsterdam - London - Chicago - Nashville And return Nashville-Miami- London- Amsterdam. That was already 6 flights! Then pastor Fidelis, a friend of mine in Toronto, Canada invites me to carry out a praise and worship workshop and concert for him , and send a ticket with stop overs . Nashville- Washington- Toronto and return Toronto - Atlanta - Nashville. So in total 8 cities, 4 countries, 10 flights in 10 days (between 22 June and 1 July).

I thank God though for the opportunity to go out and be a witness with his gifts to me, for his protection through all potential dangers, going in and out of immigrations of 4 countries, and all the new people I met with was blessed by and could be a blessing to. It's tiring but worth it. Jesus had to die for us and shed blood, what is a bit of flying! We are commanded to go into all the world and preach the good news. I can testify that God has given me the opportunity to.

On the way out, I met a man who sat next to me and apparently was a musician, and after talking, it got personally and I ended up giving marital counselling and advice to (on his request). On the way back, was teaching a lady that was coming to the Netherlands for 5 days and wanted to learn a few words of Dutch. In Toronto, worked with a praise team and as they ministered, had people filming and taking photos as the people saw a renewed team and we praise for an enduring improvement. And what move of the Spirit we had at the Praise night /concert where people even got healed.

posted by Martin Adu on 07/14/2014

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I was at the very popular Dutch Opwekking (revival) conference this past weekend. (Opwekking is the Dutch equivalent of what Hosanna music used to be: the De facto source of music, chorus for the evangelical, charismatic and pentecostal world and more and more 'traditional' churches ) So you could imagine, that it's BIG with thousands of participants.

As one of the artists on a Christian promotion and booking site (, I got a mail looking for people who were interested to be on the Site's stand. Those who buy into this, will get the chance to promote their own music. I signed up for it, just out of curiousity. I have actually never had a stand for my music ministry except for CD, merchandise tables where I get to sing. I made it there on the Saturday and what did I see a rather small table that would take 2 people behind it and materials for 7 different types of artists , Mime, dance, theatre, puppeteers and One singer (me) :-( Help, I'm drowning here! Nevertheless, I requested a space for my materials which was given. The original plan was to have no more than 3 people on stand promoting their materials at any time, with a schedule. It was neglected quite a few times with 5 at times on hand! Aargh!!! I kept at it and got friendly with my other brothers and sisters and enjoyed the fellowship and networking. We could not sell on stand or perform with electronic equipments. Still, used every opportunity to promote the site and introduce my music. Handed out flyers and business cards when necessary. Had a few interesting conversations.Great crowds, But we didn't stand out. Kids seemed to love the sweets that were available on table though :-) Highlights On the Saturday, a gospel choir I was familiar with (the Friendship Gospel Choir) was going to minister at the tent nearby and asked for reinforcements, I took time off the stand and it was a great blessing singing with them and even being asked to do some of the solos which were well appreciated by the audience at the Celebration of 150 years of the abolition of slavery in Surinam (where sadly, the Dutch ran plantations)! A lady worked up to the stand and on chatting with her, discovered that she was actually interested in getting CDs..$$ tee hee. So, I helped her and sold at least 1 CD!

God's surprise present!

Now I remember, one of my fellow artists (de Stille profeet (the quiet prophet)) said, wished, prophesied?) that I would get at least I good appointment/Gig out of all my efforts). So yesterday, I left the stand to the snack tent to get some lunch, and on my way back, heard music coming from the tent of one of the radio stations mobile studios and stopped to watch. Immediately I saaw a group of 3 people from my church and greeted. A man then moved closer to us and strangly asked if the group singing were related to us. We said no. One of the singers came 2nd on the TV talent show ' the voice of Holland' One had been to my church to sing and even give vocal lessons. I then told him that I knew some of the rest as I was a singer as well. Then His eyes lit up. You are a singer? I gave him a flyer and right there, he said that he was from a radio station that was at the ground, that he would like to invite me for an interview at their studio! Wow!

The Interview

I had to wait a for 2 hours after closing our stand and visited the conference hall. Then the interview happened God is awesome! I was able to introduce myself, my music ministry, have 2 songs form my CDs played, Give my salvation testimony and another testimony of God's goodness in my life and even plug the website that brought me there, my personal website and how people can get my music! Wow. GOD is GOOD.

posted by Martin Adu on 05/21/2013

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It´s that season that we all look forward to. Well not for everyone it seems. Some people just can stand the commercialism that goes along with it. Thank God, i got over that long time ago. For me and my family, it´s always been the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Okay, we do set up a Christmas tree and all get to decorate it, send cards to all the neighbours on our street every year. This year, i felt like doing something extra in reaching out: we gave every house a copy of my latest CD and they all graciously received it. Some with great surprise to discover, a singer was on the same street! Some of the kids with wide eyes. A story blessed me. One of the children was sick with high fever. But while she laid down in their sitting room, they played my CD and the next morning she was all up and running. I thank God for making us a blessing. Got a few cards back. Now that is christmas.. Ah the turkey, we decided to do the turkey again this year. Pre-ordered and then I drove down to pick it up from the local supermarket. While looking for a place to park all kinds of dashboard lights flashing, Cd player/radio stopped and my 7 seater stopped moving right in the middle of the parking lot! Had to call the local ANWB. They could only come withing an hour. Long story, the dynamo had packed up! I just got this van second hand 5 days before! merry Christmas :- A busy..ish Christmas period it was, seeing that there were church services on the 23rd,24th and of course the 25th! In addition to the Christmas eve programme, I had an invitation to minister in music at another venue, and when i contacted them about a few weeks before to get a draft of the programme, got told that there was a double booking of me and a choir, so no gig :-( However, I had turned down another concert with the Rainbow Gospel Singers for this programme, and now I was free to be there happily. Their loss unfortunately. So, I set off from Leiderdorp with my wife and daughters to the Haarlem venue at 9pm. We did get there with our navigator alright, but the specific location proved more elusive, so we were turning left and right, hitting blocades. Then I noticed a police van behind us, obviously (to me) following us. then, the flashing indicating please stop. oops. No fear, i´ve done nothing wrong. So, I asked the police woman that walked up to us, hi, is there a problem. She goes to me, we were swerving along the road. She checked the licence. i then told here I was off to a church concert to sing and was trying to find the way. She noted the navigated and realised we were not local. So, over comes her partner policeman and he insisted on doing a sobriety test, blow here please! They believed our story.Now tried to help us get where we were going, and decided, they´ll lead us there. So, we had a POLICE ESCORT to the venue, arriving just 15 minutes before I had to be on stage. What a night! Hope you had a good one.

posted by Martin Adu on 12/28/2012

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... a minister friend of mine told me once many years ago. And it occurs to me that Jesus even dealt with that in another variant but rather tough instance in Matthew 10.13-14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

My family and I were due for our summer holidays and as I do a lot of times, as the independent artist, look first for a suitable church to fellowship and then even possibility to minister in Music. We were coming to Scandinavia where I had no contacts but God. So, I got on the web to search and found a few churches that believe similarly. The first one I approached with a long email and Bio and video samples, did not even care to respond. I waited a few weeks and called. I got the pastor and he expressed a genuine concern that they did not know me et.c but we discussed further and on agreement resent my email to him. Still no response. This put me off a bit. After a while , by now a couple of weeks before we left for Denmark, I searched again and saw yet another church I could identify with and wrote. The pastor responded the next day! (Even though he was on a Sabbatical leave!) But copied his assistant and promised they will contact me. In a short while, she did contact me (though she was on vacation) with words like thanks for choosing to visit us and I like what I heard from your samples. Hold that thought. Will contact the leadership as soon as I and back and get back to you. WOW! That blew me away and excited me.This was where I should go.To cut the story short. We arrived in Copenhagen, made our way to the church on Sunday and what a welcome, what a worship time. It was holiday season so, the church was not as full, but that was nothing. This was the right place. I was originally asked to sing 2 songs and had a challenge choosing. Guess what? I was asked even before the service if it would be no problem to do an extra song! It was a 'party'. We were blessed and the church testified that they enjoyed the ministry, were encouraged. Sold a few CDs into the bargain.Go where you are wanted.

posted by Martin Adu on 08/02/2012

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"The relationship you have with your childhood friends is something that is special and unique. Childhood friendship is innocent, free from cares and it is an unconditional bond that you both develop which is why it is so important and essential. You never forget the first friends you make and the reason is probably the sincerity and love you have for them. You are affectionate and dedicated to their help, thoughts, visions and aims. The memories and moments you spend with them are special, precious and joyful. It is something, which is priceless and incomparable"

Over the weekend in Bristol, England to sing at a concert that went well and even got to sing at a church on the Sunday and that went even better! But there is one thing that gladdened my heart so much and it was my childhood friend Sam. I knew him as a little boy. We lived next door to one another. actually they (with brothers and sisters) came there so frequently to visit their grannies. And they had bicycles and tricycles that we loved to share with them! We grew up, went to different high schools, university and kept in contact. I became a serious Jesus believer and discovered he did too. lost touch, got back again in touch. By now both married, children back in country of birth. I moved again to yet another country and still kept in touch! Now we are talking about 40 years... Isn't that special?

What all this got to do with Bristol? Everything. This same friend discovered that my calling was music and vowed to himself, I had to come over to where he lived to sing. It's taken 6 years but he made it happen:-) Bless him. He not only got me a gig but two! He insisted I stay at his place rather than in an impersonal hotel and it was five star treatment with him and wife and not to talk of the extras of catching up on old times, getting to know his children. One will be off to university just as one of mine too, so note comparing times as well.

Nurture your good childhood friendships. Not only is it healthy as it is a part of your history but it can come in handy.

Thank God for good childhood firends

posted by Martin Adu on 05/12/2012

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Just need to write something. It´s been a while. What can I say. God´s been good. All kinds of experiences in the last few months. The strangest being a TV teenage swap program we took part in. Er.. my 15 year old daughter! Many have asked us how we ended op taking part in it. Well, a company responsible for filming the swaps contacted our teenage choir manager, with a view to having 3 kids from a christian family background. Though we are a gospel choir, we had always been open to all kids. So it wasn´t to be assumed that all the teens came from a Christian home. We informed the group, and a few volunteered but all but one gradually pettered off with an excuse or the other and guess what, that was my daughter!

Then it all started: The emails and telephone calls, all kinds of arrangements. The first visit to the house for the pre-screening. It became obvious that my daughter, follows me into the world of the busy life! some activity or more every day of the week! The teenager to swap with here will have a lot on her hands. Eventually, it took place and My daughter ended up in a city 2 hours away and her counterpart showed up in our house, same age 15 But a mother of and almost 1 year old child!!! No spoilers, but it was quite an experience. The 4 days of filming will be squeezed into 25 minutes of fast paced TV watching sometime in September or October. Was I scared for my child. Actually no, and I encouraged my dear wife so. We´ve invested 15 years of teaching, correcting, praying for, trying our best to live by example, getting them into the book of books - da Bible. It´s time to sit back and see how they cope, and I am proud of her and thank God for the experience. (The teenage swap .. Puberruil is on the dutch national TV, produced by the KRO network)

This weekend I´ll be in London at a programme called Home Coming, it´s quite unique, a sort of an alumni meeting. It´s a meeting to fellowship for loads of us who have moved on in the last 15 odd years to another country like me or even to other churches, but can come together and remember some good foundations and share the love of Christ. I am always of one stroong opinion; no matter what church you end up with, if you do have that relationship with Jesus, we will all meet in the One heaven. Heaven´s got no segments, quarters, boroughs, china towns et.c We´ve got to learn to live with one another! If you´ve got a problem there, then you have some time to start practicing here on Earth!

posted by Martin Adu on 07/22/2011

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"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." – St. Augustine

... oh yes I do. With some programme I seem to have travelled to some 15% of the world. And it just continues. The long train rides, the drives across American freeways, sleeping on the Stenaline ship, crossing the north sea, and aah the airports: going along the dutyfree shops, watching people walking up and down, the brief chat at the checking in counter, all before the flight itself. And what did God do, only to bless me with a job that requires travel, a ministry that may involve travel every now and then and the holiday trips!

The last 2 weeks have been something else: First a ministry trip to a conference in Nashville, a few days at Atlanta, then a stopover on the way back at London for a couple of days for my secular job. 9 days away from my dear family and a few days later it is Paris by train for a one day business trip! Great, met loads of new musical friends,sang at an open mike event, met an old friend, who happens to be a great sound engineer (he helped to record some tracks for a coming album), met my sister´s friend who is expecting her first baby after 9 years of marriage (Glory), visited my Aunt and family in London and paid galleries Laffayete in Paris a visit after 10 years! It was fun and I thank God for his protection through it all, BUT it could be tiring, my body´s feeling the long flights, and train ride and long drives.
Should go to bed now...yawn.

Guess what next month, it´s China with the family on vacation!

posted by Martin Adu on 07/22/2011

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Had an interesting, challenging and at the same time rewarding time of ministry in music yesterday with the Happy Singers teen choir that I direct. Long story as usual. We got invited to a themed service evening at this Dutch reformed church (gereformeerd) in the city of Leiden where I live. Good news was that it was the closest venue to my house that I've ever had :-) The rest is another story. The church is actually beautiful from the inside, but from the outside, well...

Communication was hardgoing with the leadership of the church. We send a list of songs, asked for their lithurgy, but got nothing back. I did get to hear that a song
was left out but the order of singing of those which were left was not communicated.
We got there and the inside of the church will give the famous St. Anna's church in jerusalem a run for it's money in the echo/accoustics stakes! Wow! For instumental music, that was a potential problem, both keyboard and microphones. Then there were no monitor speakers. We had to make do with general speakers from behind the choir.

Previous email by the minister stating that they were not used to 'our' kind of gospel music did not fully sink in until we faced this reality. We did our best to cope with the situation plus 4 out a possible 15 singers not showing up ! But guess what God is still good, if your focus and heart is the right place. Ministry is the people. Reception appeared 'lukewarm' but on asking them to stand and join us in the rousing 'You are good' a la Israel Houghton, they could not stand up quickly enough. The place came alive! At the end the Minister and many of the congregation left with beaming smiles and gave compliments. Still, one dear saint walked up to me and gave 'constructive critic' You choir's name may need to be changed, another, I listen to a lot of Gospel music ; brooklyn tabernacle, Oslo gospel, but I could not match what you were singing to the projected lyrics, another (janitor)we are not used to this kind of music, just metered psalms, and one man actually walked out complaining that such music does not fit what he expects of their church lithugie..However, one said that we transformed their normally sedate church service and people went home with gladness

People are just different!

posted by Martin Adu on 02/24/2011

Come let us adore who? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The other day, I was watching CNN's new and there was the sad story of people stuck at airports and even somebody said I just want to be able to hug my daughter (in the states) for Christmas. I can also imaging loads of people running helter skelter trying to get a present or presents for family and friends or business associates. The film 'Jingle Bells' with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a battle of titans to get a toy for his son! Then you hear , it's going to be a bad Christmas because shopkeepers will make less money due to 'bad' weather ie snow!

None of all that for me. I feel this year a peace in my heart in the midst of it all.
After all it is O come let us adore HIM! The King of kings,the Lord of lords and the Prince of peace. It's all about him, not the santa, not even the family gathering (while nice though) not the parties. Heaven holds it's breath, while God comes to be amongst and become one of us. Glory to the new born king. May you experience his peace at this time. SHALOM

posted by Martin Adu on 12/21/2010

God was listening to us...things happen Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Sometimes as they say, it doesn't rain, but pours! Was in Zagreb, Croatia recently on a business trip and It all started well. I checked in, got my boarding pass and passed through immigrations. Then it all started. The lady at the check-in desk had told me that my gate was D-08 and circled it on the boarding card as usual. Our conversation was all done in nederlands (Dutch) which I speak very well, but somewhere, somehow in the language section of the brain, a miscommunication occured, I thought it was G-08: D (pronounced day) and G (pronounced ghay) got mixed up. I headed for G-08 and just before getting there, even stopped to get some snack to eat and something to drink. On getting to G-08, the display board did not show Zagreb, I checked the boarding pass and it hit me- wrong gate! The only problem was this was in the complete opposite direction to the D gate and the clock was ticking. I half walked, ran and made it there using a trolley to carry my baggage. Phew! Then took off my coat, placed it into my travelling bag, went though security check, tried to board then panic! Where is my boarding pass? Checked in my suit pocket and other pockets. I resigned to asking for a new boarding pass, when ît occured to me to open my travelling bag and check my coat, lo and behold, the pass! Boarded and passed through to the sitting area. Just when I though it was all over, it hit me, where is the drink I bought? It was left in the trolley outside the security area...

Day 2 woes

We went through the conference. On the evening before departure, I was spread out, chilling out, not fully dressed. I had as a matter of habit, put the chain lock on the door. Suddenly, someone tried to come in. I made a sound, and shut the door. A few moments later on re-opening the door, it happened to be a worker trying to checking in someone else into the same room! He appologised. Then the phone started ringing. A receptionist went on about how I should have checked out and I was overstaying? I argued that I was checked in for 2 nights and she like wanted proof. That rilled me. Went down and it happened to have been their mistake She apologised profusely. I returned to my room. The phone went again. This time their PR person apologising. a short while later, a buzz on the door, and it was a waiter with a bottle of 2006 wine with chocolates! They really made an effort. I told him I do not drink, but accepted it to show that all was forgiven. what a night!

Day 3 not again

Was set to leave for the airport at 6.45 am, and went to check out. The lady was confused as whether I paid for the previous day and extended my stay. We agreed, she'll sort it out and send me an email. I need good news please! We got to the airport (with some colleagues) There was a looong queue to the check in counter. Resigned to going through with it, we joined the queue. This colleague of mine and I were chatting and saw that some destinations were being called and people allowed to move elsewhere for a quicker checking. We expressed a wish to have the same for Amsterdam. A few SECONDs after that, we heard Amsterdam called out and we could quickly check in too, then my colleague (a lady) remarked ''God was listening to us'' a happy ending :-)

posted by Martin Adu on 10/16/2010

Time out and time in Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Just came back from vacation with my family of 4 Catherine (wife) and my 2 daughters Jane and Fiona. Have a wonderful time together. Most of the time at least. Moved around 4 cities Tampa, Atlanta, Tallahassee and finally Orlando. At least 3 days in each. 18 hours in total of driving. Extreme heat at first, then just normal summer comfortable hot. Did the CNN towers and Word of Coca Cola (Atlanta) , Universal Studios, Disney Epcot and the Holy Land Experience parks .
Fun and rest. Good for me and for the family. Still, couldn't resist taking time out to see the studio and work on coming music. Watch this space. The Lord has been blessing me with some wonderful songs, ideas for songs and I was glad to find this cool musician/ producer Andre Forbes, who just 'happens' to live in tallahassee where my aunty lives. God has a way of sending ministry help your way if he has put you on a mission. I hardly play and instrument, my voice is my gift and for someone to come your way who can 'feel' you and understand the music playing in your heart and put it down nicely; That is a tremenduos blessing. In 5 hours spread over 2 days, we were able to set the music frame for 4 songs and I am excited about that. That was time in well spent!

posted by Martin Adu on 09/07/2010

Adventures in Israel: DAY 9 Public bar-mitsvah and Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

(For full blog see

The jews have always been looked at with this curious look and some of their culture and tradition have gradually become common knowledge. I do remember watching Bar-Mitsvahs on TV (American) always in a synagogue , mostly by invitation I would guess, but nothing prepared me from our encounter on our free day yesterday the 29th which happens to be the day before the netherlands celebrates the queens day. Well, as we arrived at old city of jerusalem again, just by the Jaffa Gate, we saw a group of people and then the Shofar was blown,this signifies the begining of celebrations,a call. Then it gradually became obvious, this was a joyful procession towards the western wall


Getting there, we saw people in every corner of the plain. There must have been at least 12 different boys celebrating their Bar/Mitzvah with their families . Sisters, friends stayed behind a fence and threw sweets and made some screaming sounds. Sweets were also being shared on trays to anybody. They were all dressed in the necessary attire and wow was it colourful and moving to experience this feast!

We took time to visit the Bookshops around the area too.
In the evening we had a final celebratory gathering to look back on 9 amazing days as we get ready to fly back to the netherlands the next day. We sang, gave public recognition to those who had worked so hard to lead, take care of matters and there were dances wrapped up by the song days of Elijah! This is an unforgettable experience. I´ll recommend a visit to Israel to anyone and everyone. It will bless you and probably change a bit of our attitudes and witness the miracle of an oppressed people try to have and existence and actually blooming and growing.

Note: This ends the reports on the Israel trip. We since arrived yesterday (April 30)back in the Netherlands.

posted by Martin Adu on 05/15/2010

Israel: DAY 8 - Never Forget and healings Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Check : April 29 for stories with pictures and film

You've heard the stories and read about it and interestingly, some even try to deny it ever happened! Yesterday we started by visiting YAD VASHEM, which is the official momorial in Israel to the Holocaust, where 6 million Jews were killed, murdered, gassed during the 2nd world war. You could see a film collage of how life was before the unfortunate event and then the gradually progression of events that led to almost complete annihilation of a particular people, just for being different. I laboured through the winding paths and the hall of names where you looked up and saw in a spiral pictures of people who lost their lives brought it all home. You heard a sniff from practically everyone of our group that came out. By the time we then went into the Hall of remebrance where you saw the names of some on the floor, the eternal flame, now regarded as a holy place, the tap works got turned on. Couldn't hold the tears.


We then moved on to visit the birth place of Jesus where it all begun. This was the wierdest part of our trip for various reasons. First our guide could NOT follow us into Bethlehem. She had to be dropped before, and once we got in, another guide jumped aboard. Coming through the entrance, the reason became clear! Citizens of Israel (read Israel Jews) were not welcome in Bethlehem! Well, we need to rejoice that we at least could see the place. We saw the wall of separation, but then visited the place believed to be where Jesus was born, where a church (of the nativity) now stands. Rebuild by different people, it has the Armenian, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic sides to it. Like our guide said, if you lived in modern day Bethlehem, you'll get to Celebrate Christmas three times! Kid's delight :-) It is an area under the Palestine government, not too much to see but then new buildings and the major attraction being the nativity square where Christmas eve is celbrated in december and the Church.

Final Healing service at Ashdod

Ashdod is the fifth-largest city in Israel, located in the Southern District of the country, on the Mediterranean coast, with a population of 210,000. Ashdod is an important regional industrial centre. The Port of Ashdod is Israel's largest port accounting for 60% of the country's imported goods.(Wikipedia)and has a great beach! We got back quickly to the hotel to change and were on our way to Ashdod. For once this was flad land as we were used to in the Netherlands. No hills or mountains. We saw that it was the market day and man was the place theming with people. Here we had the last of the 3 planned services. First we were treated to a big dinner 3 course meal 210 of us! The service:The pastor Avi prochter said a few things. This was the first time in their history that they held a service outside their church walls, and the hall was full, well some party was going on downstairs :-( Secondly the mayor of ashdod would have been their but for previous engagements and sent his greetings welcoming us to the city and that they would be building resorts and new hotels to host more christians in the future! This was unheard off. Pastor Zijlstra sent a message back acknowledging the gestures. There were lots of Russian Jews and Ethiopian Jew present, all evidences of the Aliyah (return of jews from other countries to their homeland) And the service was powerfull- great music, and I was asked once again to sing a special )by the way I have literally sung a song as solo or led the group in songs every day since we came here, it is a miracle I still have a voice to sing. God has been faithfull and helped me indeed. This time I sang again the song `He is Jehovah´ Contrary to what happens when i sing this in Holland, everyone was on their feet singing along and dancing along.What a sight! Again we gave an offering to be a blessing to the work of the messianic jewish congregation and loads were headed by God. Notable and funny was seeing deaf people who got healed suddenly trying to adjust to the presence of sound again. And an invitation was made for people who will acknowledge Jesus (Yeshua) as their saviour some 15 people came out to do that. This was unheard of in Israel, as people normally do this secretely. We thank God for this breakthrough .

posted by Martin Adu on 05/14/2010

Adventures in Israel: DAY 7- Dedication and Salty Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Sometimes in life you get inspired by other people, and sometimes you are used to inspire others. It is a great thing either way. A brother (fellow pilgrim) drew my attention to the happenings since we started our trip. I was supposed to be in a Bus ONE, but a day before we were told where to be in the preparatory meeting, I was 'shifted' to bus FIVE! On Bus 5, once we arrived in Israel, I entered the Bus and unlike me, rather than sitting in one of the forward seats, ended up in one of the seats at the back. Here comes the crunch, I could have been moved to bus TWO or bus SIX. (Those Buses and the people in them did not make the trip as a result of the Volcano eruption travel disruption). At the back of the Bus, I seemed to have hit it off with all the people surrounding me, said a word that has really encouraged them, helped them discover what God's call or plan for them could be, brought a smile et.c THAT is what I call being used to inspire others and God ordained fate!

Today, we made a trip to MASADA. What about that? This was a place where a terrible thing happened. The last part of Israel standing up to the Roman invaders, after Jerusalem the capital had fallen in 70AD. The end result was that these brave Jews when confronted at the very end with the possibility of being captured and being mercilessly punished by the Romans, decided NEVER! and sadly, killed one another till the last person topped himself! Horribly history but showed how people showed courage and defiance till the very end.Inspiring. Till Today, the Israeli army has the practice of having a swearing in on top of the Masada fortress, and state that Masada will never be taken again and dedicated themselves to the fact to be ready to die literally for their country! Wow. We got there and had to get to the top of this table like mountain via a cable car.

We were led around by our guide to see the palace that Herod built and what the Romans made of it afterwards, creating a luxurious settlement. Then had a very short service here and got on our knees,pledged allegiance and dedicated ourselves to God and God's people - Israel as bible believing Christians. That was something.

The Dead Sea and Scrolls
Fast forward to the last century. Qumran, where Beduin shepherds discovered the earliest bible scrolls ever, the dead sea scrolls. We drove past it on our way and came back to visit it and see how the Essenes sect lived as well and the caves. BUT, we went to this spa at the Dead sea. I have heard of it but now I have seen it. It is true, you float on it and it is SALTY! I put my hands in the water and what did I come up with big lumps of salt crystals. I heard that 33% of the water is salt. I laid me down back and front easy, for someone who is not an Olympic material swimmer :-)We had to wash off the salty water and then had a regular swim in the swimming pool. And then we went back to our hotel.

As we have been doing almost every day, we held a debrief and prayed together after dinner. One more major activity day. This has been momentuous.

posted by Martin Adu on 05/13/2010

DAY SIX: What the camp Davids, Oslo etc could not Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Yesterday (24th Apr)we had another service, this time in the Messianic Jewish congegation at Dugit under Pastor Avi Mizrachi. Won't bore anyone with further details of the fantastic band, the impressive violinist, the healing of literally everyone that came forward for prayer et.c BUT at the begining of the service Pastor Avi, a Jesus believing Jew called up an Arab Pastor, who lead a Jesus believing israel-arab congegation and together made a gift presentation of a shawl to Pastor Jan Zijlstra (Christian from the Netherlands). They opened it up and put it on Pastor Jan. He then came in the middle of the two Jew and Arab and put his arms round them. What a PICTURE!Jew Christian and Arab United in Yeshua Amachia (Jesus the messiah). Wow!What the politians could not achieve, we HAVE in Christ!


TODAY 26/04/2010

This was a day we all looked forward to with various reasons. We had a stategic plan and you must keep those to youself mostly, before you get sabotaged. Will come to that.

We started the day, by heading for the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. This is the place you did not know about, discovered by an English fellow and bought off a Greek that wanted to develop it to something else, but had no water source. It's supposed to be the tomb that Jesus was laid in . Wow. The garden is beautiful and you can sit, pray, meditate. We actually held a communion service there. It is an EMPTY grave, Jesus rose, we believe. And then, Just across the road is Golgotha mountain. Speechless!

We went for Lunch, yea, some Schoarma (Pitta bread, filled with some chicken and vegetables) and some had de Fallafel (always vegetarian) and at this eating place, the manager always tried to address us in Dutch(language of Holland) but really? ends up speaking german to us. Dutch and Deutsch(German) eh.. not the same thing. I finished eating and took a short walk round the corner. On returning back to the cafe, was stopped by this muslim store owner, sitting down and praying with his beads. He saw my T-shirt and asked where it was from, I said the Netherlands, and he read what we had written on the back ISRAEL we love you, then proceeded to say , I believe you are a smart person (well?) But if you love some people , doesn't that me that you do not love the others? I smelt 'trouble' and excused myself that I've got no political agenda. Asked his name . He was Ibrahim, and I could hardly get a word in, he was going on about occupation, and the danger of openly supporting Israel in some areas, and even if we were on a Godly mission, it should be in our hearts only, by this time another man came by. I told him I can always express my love for anybody even my wife, and that I loved Ibrahim too! he smiled and laughed and I just walked away . Phew! What if I had told him, we were planning to go as a group of 250 Christians from the Netherlands to the Jaffa gate in the Jerusalem wall and PROCLAIM our love and support for ISRAEL as most Bible believing christians will and should probably do???? WELL, That is what we DID! We went quietly to the Jaffa gate, made the long climb via the Ramparts to the top lined up in three rows and made proclaimations, sung, Blew Shofars (Jewish Horns), waved Israeli and Dutch flags and released 10 meter high banners from the Top of the wall, DECLARING: Israel we love you, Israel we are praying for you and for the PEACE of Jerusalem. And what amazing scenes of Joy and celebrations! Then , we made this Looong walk on the walls. The wall is solid and broad. Thank God, no accidents of any kind. I can now call myself like my mother did. A JERUSALEM Pilgrim. Glory to God! 2 more days and we'll be home. Keep reading. Shalom !

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Adventures in Israel: DAY FIVE - Rest and Healing Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

We had a rest day today. Had breakfast and lunch at our Kibbutz hotel. Really glad I have an internet connection here. Have been able to make some 177 photes available on a site for family at home to watch. Yesterday, something interesting happened. I always wanted to take a photograph with an Israeli soldier. It sounded like some kind of dare. So at one of the gates, while our lady guide was explaining a few things to the group, I saw one bent over an army truck door and chatting away to some colleagues, so I went over and explained that I really would like to take a photo with him. He first goes to me, well, the problem is if I do this then more people will want to do the same, but he later conceded to allow one with me and no more. Was I glad. Got one of my co pilgrims and the deed was done. Hey, follow your dream :-) .

Service in Tel Aviv Tonight, there will be a healing service in Tel Aviv and we believe that God will do wonderous things again. Looking forward to it

Http:// for more.

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Adventures in Israel: DAY THREE and FOUR - Jordan: Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Big day today. We were at the the Source of the river Jordan (Call the Banyas waterfalls) fresh and after a few places moved on to jerusalem. O Jerusalem. The Western wall, the last remain part of the old Jewish temple. (called sometimes the wailing wall) and the prayers and the orthodox Jews Wow wow and wow. It is awesome to think that Jesus came here quite a few times and taught, drove off money changers and quite a bit of drama leading to his eventual cruxifiction took place here. We visited the Western wall while it was still not filled with too many people, BUT our Jewish brothers mainly were there praying and meditating. Tables for study and books. Shaking their heads back and forth and close to the beginning of the Sabbath started to sing and increased the intensity.

Day Four

It's Saturday. There is something about this Shabatt /Sabbath. It is very serious business here. It is REST for creative activity we learnt. Even Lifts are customised! You have the Shabatt lift that starts and goes to every floor without you having to select the floor you are cgoing to. Got back to my room after our outings and met an unmade bed in the hotel. Called reception and duh.. they nicely explained that it was shabatt! Today , after eating we headed for the Old city of Jerusalem again, got first to the mount of Olives (which is on the Arabic side while Mt. Scopus is on the Jewish side) and visited quite a few places: first stopping to take a group photograph. No mean feat with 200 plus people! Then I saw a panoramic view of the golden city, Breathtaking. It blows your mind. This is the city that is the source of lots of contoversy, is fought over and is a 'holy city' all in one.

We then descended the steep steps into the valley. You could see tombstones of people that wanted to be buried them to be the first to ressurect! We visited as well Bethesda were Jesus healed the man who'd been sick for 38 years, and Gethsemane garden (Jesus prayed and dripped sweat of blood here. We visited the Santa Anna Church and I had the priviledge with Sister Esther Tims and Pastor Zijlstra to lead the 200 plus group in a few songs in this church with amazing accoustics! We then went through the Via Dolarosa and even the traditional place for the last supper with the disciples. Very moving


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Adventures in Israel: DAY TWO - Walking on water Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I will reproduce here in series m

Yawn! about 5.30 am (4.30 am C.E.T in my head) the birds started chirping 3 or 4 different species and never stopped! Talk about a wake up call and the origin of the early bird. We are in the Jordan valley area and really a nature reserve. The flowers and vegetation are a feast for the eyes. Had our first breakfast and started our first journey at 8.30 on the way to Ein Gev, a resort where another group was staying. After a song a short word of welcome from Pastor Zijlstra, we moved out and headed for Capernaum where a few things took place in the bible, involving Jesus, and then moved to visit the mountain of the beatitudes where the famous blessed are the ... words were said to have been spoken by Jesus to the crowd, but the fun was yet to come. After seeing quite a few places, churches and synagogues of old, which were really impressive for the stone work and the peep into history, we moved to see the Sea of Galilee and had our lunch close by. Most of us took the fish dish which featured the 'peter fish' quite nice. We visited Tiberias and actually got on the sea by boat like Jesus would have done! A group of about 250 on 3 big boats . On our boat, something happened that brought a tear to a few faces. The flags of the Netherlands and Israel were raised in that order AND accompanied by the national anthems. That was moving. Then our boats which all started in a staggered manner gradually came together and were placed side by side hooked by ropes. And we had a time of celebration in the middle of the sea of Galilee. I got a shock and a first in my life, being called upon to lead the people in the 3 boats in a song of celebration. Wow! We sung 'He's the Mighty one of Israel' lustily with two guitars backing me and half way through got a boost as one of the Israelis on the Boat brought out a drum and followed us giving solidness to the music . Amazing. Then, Brother Hans shared a word on the storm in your life and how that with Jesus you can overcome. Then we sung again. Only to have a band on the boat called the Hava Nagilla band really get everyone dancing with a couple of songs. This is definitely a high point.

Service on the mount.
Just when I was recovering from the beautiful time we had at Galilee, we had a an early dinner and headed off to a planned service at the Mount Carmel church in Haifa. Well, this was a drive up the same Mount Carmel where the showdown took place between Elijah and the prophets of Baal. We arrived just about when the praise service started and filled the church and wow! what a feast, what a celebration!- the Israeli way. With solid music and dance. The worship leader Karen Davis was just amazing. We all from the Netherlands gave an offering to encourage the work of the church. Then I sang a special and my did the people go along with me. That set the stage nicely and Pastor Zijlstra preached in Dutch, while Brother Hans translated to English and somebody translated to Russian. At the end of his sermon, he invited a few people to be prayed for. They all got healed without exception. What a night! loads experienced healing from God. And people responded to the call to start a relationship with Jesus. At least 10 people came forward. It's almost 1 am, time for bed


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Off to Israel in April... Shalom Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

People always seem to have this must do before I die list, and you cannot
even begin to imagine what is on some people's list. Everyone's got a right to their own fantasies right? America or bust was one for me at a very yong impressionable age. Now I visit between 1 to 4 times a year. There's hardly a day/week that passes without the country of Israel getting a mention in the press.Sadly, the contents are not exactly flattering and for 'gullible' public, israelis must be these monsters and oppressive people, Israel must be some war zone. People equally have their very strong opinions on her as well and that is not my place to start another arguement. My mother has been to israel twice as a pilgrim and I lurved the photographs. This was in the 80's. I have since always had the dream (a la Martin Luther King) to visit this place of historical and more importantly to me spiritual significance. For the bible reading and loving people like me, the fact is that Jews (love em or hate em) are people with a convenant and via them and through Jesus, we become people of a convenant. I'll like to visit my spiritual roots then. I am so excited and looking forward to this. We'll be making this trip with some 350 people from the Netherlands and My senior pastor who's also an evangelist will be holding healing meetings in 3 messianic jewish churches! That will be something as we believe to see Jesus the Jew and the Christ manifest himself in miracles amongs our Jewish brothers and sisters in Tel Aviv, Ashdod and haifa. And of course some tourist visits, the Jaffa Gate, Sea of Galilie, the Jordan river et. c

I should hopefully go in full daily blog mode when I get there. Is Israel on your list of would like to visit? have you already been? What's on your list of must dos?
Shalom my friend.

posted by Martin Adu on 03/31/2010

"Count your blessings... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done" the ol' hymn says. Was with my family at a restaurant on Christmas evening, and I asked my children out of the blues what the high points of the year has been to them. I then started writing them down in point form on the napkin and going round the table we realised how many great things God had done for us. Both got prizes for educational achievement at school for the second year running. Went on quite a few international school trips and returned safely everytime. Scored distinctions in music exams. I
did some personal maths and realised that I been on 12 trips some for my secular job, some for ministry in the UK, the US, Canada and Nigeria for music ministry purposes that meant being on 30 planes! And with all the stories we hear and see, returned safely all through... God is good. Of course, there were the tough times, but I can look back at the blessings and that blows the bad times off into the sea of forgetfulness.

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Being through the storm and made it Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Had arranged fro a full blown gospel choir to minister at my local church with band and all. Promos made for the local TV statiion, loads of flyers and posters. Then came the day and there was a snow storm or unprecedented porportions for the Nederlands where I live. Had to really be in prayer. Went to Church in the Morning through the snow in a slow drive. It stopped briefly and continued by service end. The TV and weather websites told people to stay at home, but we kept on believing. By 2 PM, it had stopped, but driving was not advisable. It however calmed down completely. By 5pm with my family headed for the church in preparation for the Concert. Half of the invited choir called off coming! The choir director had to call on a part of the choir that lived in the nearby county to assist. But God be praised, the people started trickling in, and we had about 200 people show up! And a great time ministering. All across the country, many events (even paid for) were cancelled, BUT we could hold ours and the people that came was glad they did. I can't thank God enough.

posted by Martin adu on 12/22/2009

Encouraging feedback ! great tonic ! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Just came back from our Happy singers teen choir weekend 2 city UK tour. Played at a packed out concert on the 22nd in Basildon, and in an Anglican/episcopal church in Kilburn, London on the 23rd.

Being our first ever trip to minister outside the Netherlands where we are based, I am completely overwhelmed by the great reception we got. The singers loved ever minute and man, was I proud of them all, all the rehearsals .

And this must be among the nicest feedback I've ever got, and I thank God for it

hi Martin

Thank you again for the privilege of watching you perform and be a part of last night.

I would like you to extend my thanks also to the Happy Singers. I was unaware that they were performing as such a big part of the concert and have therefore this morning added them to the band of my hat. I would like you to tell them it was an honour to watch their professionalism and commitment to each other as a group. I have learnt a lot of things during this time, and watching them perform as a choir and see their confidence and ability was a pleasure and an experience I hope to learn much from.

Prayers for all your future endeavours and theirs too

Shelly x

See Photos

posted by Martin Adu on 08/26/2009

Happy singers visit the UK and dreams Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

On the 22nd and 23rd of August 2009 the Happy singers make their first ever visit to sing in the UK and outside the Netherlands' base for that matter. I feel very excited about this. I have been priviledged to be choir director for this bunch of teenagers for close to 9 years now and in that time, we've sang all over the Netherlands, in churches, concerts, and festivals ,won the odd award there and even been on National TV a few times. I give God the glory. Have always dreamt of taken them with me outside the country till the door opened to make this a reality . This is a group under the Salvation Army that started with the desire to make something good out of a bunch of growing kids from various sometime dysfuntional backgrounds and grew over the years.

I was invited to sing at this concert and there were questions about how many were coming, of course I said off hand, just me in my usual solo thinking, God had another plan. On a particular day while on a plane flying back from an engagement in the US, an idea suddenly came in my head to aske the organiser if I could bring a choir, the rest as they say is history. Never give up on a dream.


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Singing in the streets... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Was with the Friendship gospel choir at an open air concert, and sang some of the solos and man what a concert. I hate to use the word show, as that is of course the technical term, but christians have this not well hidden 'agenda' to reach the world for Jesus . Why not? Some one said once, if you don't stand for anything, you gonna fall for anything. I stand for God and for his glory in a world that's going haywire at times. It was beautiful to see the market crowd in Doetinchem, the Netherlands where we sung really enjoying the concert. Two touching incidents to me. A gentleman on an electronic wheelchair. He knew that he could not stand up and dance like the rest of us, bar Jesus saying 'Stand up and walk...' He turned his wheelchair to a dancing machine and twirled it around so beautifully and skillfully. Secondly, There were these little kids who sat raptuously watching, clapping all the way. One of the mums had to go and pickup up her child, who was kick and screaming and just did not want to leave. See photos section

posted by Martin Adu on 04/26/2009

Blest be the tie that binds... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Ok you got it ... our heart in christian love. The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above. That's the way it
felt at CIASummit 2009 , meeting and networking with other artists from several different states in America and that
one Bryan from Australia. He beat me to the title of the person who came farthest :-() It was a great time and I am
glad that I went. It's quite a distance for me, but not for doing what you love. Not to talk of the priviledge of having
people actively involved in the music industry sitting you down in seminar after seminar and Q & A sessions, telling
you what's really going down. I was blessed. Got to hang around with quite a few great guys and the acceptance
and affirmation from peers feels good. It's something for a well meaning friend to acknowledge something good. It is however different, when it comes from people in the same biz, with a different set of eyes, and ears.

The Showcase: That was something. We got to be blessed by different artists; one after the other, with own
instruments, with tracks of varying degrees of talent and skill and even style. Heaven will be wonderful ! I thank
God for the priviledge of beeing able to get a slot to share my gift and very encouragingly, to be well received .

posted by Martin Adu on 04/02/2009

We stand alone but God on our side.. Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

On the way to Nashville. My bags are being packed . I'm ready to go. I hope to come back with an award. When you get nominated for an award and have a few other nominees, It is always tricky to assume. It boils down to the choice of a panel. Here's praying somebody loves my smiling face that launched a thousand ships ! To be nominated is already good, but hey, we need to get to the next level. Good to great. So help me God. I am quite looking forward too to the opportunity to showcase my music in Nashville before fellow artists and distinguished industry people in the audience.. That's life. Give it always your best shot.

Yesterday, I took the praise and worship for an evening service at my church and all the 10 singers to be background vocals just did not show up for one reason or the other ! I just went on regardless with the keyboardist and bass guitarist. It also happened to be one of those nights when we couldn't get a drummer. The pastor even offered to sing along, but we politely declined. What do you know. It went well. Praise to his name. A team is great, but each member of the team must learn the art of being secure to stand on your own with God at the end of the day. The icing on the cake for me, was that I had decided to do a solo/special, which was not originally planned in the service schedule. So I got the track ready with the Sound engineer. Told the senior pastor about the song, which he said he agreed in principle. So before he preached, he asked me to sing the song. It the song made popular by Byron Cage (Gospel artist) called The presence of the Lord is here and my did God show up. The church was turned upside down, the congregation really got into it and you could see my senior pastor all beaming from ear to ear ! Guess what, at the end of the service, he asked for an encore !

posted by Martin Adu on 03/23/2009

The happy singers strike again Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Yesterday Sunday morning was the 1st gig of the Happy singers youth gospel choir. It took place at a Salvation army church in The Hague, in the Netherlands. Many were really, really blessed and were full of praises at the end of the service where we got to minister some 8 songs ! It could have well been a concert.

Yes. Who are the Happy singers. Just a group of kids brought together by our local Salvation Army church,
as a choir, for which I am choir director. Just over 8 years ago, I was approached by the youth leader of our local Salvation army church (in Leiden, Holland) through a dear brother in the praise team of my church. They had
had a bunch of kids from various dysfunctional homes. No dad, no mum , no parent, et. c and tried to make
something of their lives, with after school support, providing things for recreation and a kid's club.And as they aproached
12 and up, these became inadequate. Then someone came up with the idea, let's form a choir ! Sounds like Sister Act 2:-)
They asked the kids for a name, and settled on The happy singers .. Next, music ? They found a old friend of
one of the salvation Army officer's who was a gifted pianist, and also had the flexibility of playing latin music . the 60 + year old gentleman agreed to play (IIlvio Pietersz is his name by the way) but said that he wasn't used to working with kids. They needed a choir director. This is how I came into the picture.

To do or not to do ? I couldn't just take this. I asked for time to think and pray about it. I was then head of the music dept in my church, barely started my itinerant music ministry but eventually agreed under the conditions, that I couldn't raise a choir singing Dutch kidpraise songs. I was a gospel artist and will teah the kids gospel music. They agreed and the rest is as they say history. God's grace is indeed enough for us. I have seen kids grow up in the group to be confident individuals that will sing with the best of them. I even remember, a troublesome boy who had ADHD , that God really calmed down to make him find his place in society and relate better to people. In the last 8 years, some have grown up
and left, and many more join . Averaging about 20 these day. We've been to choir festivals , gospel festivals, all kinds of churches , weddings and someone re^cently wanted us to sing at their funeral ! (We decided against it for the little one's sake) and we have and invitation later this year to even sing at a youth correction center ! And have been a TV a few times here in the Netherlands. God is good and to HIM be all the glory. Even though, I never though about the usual what's in it for me, God has used it to open doors of personal ministry too. I almost always get asked to sing a song on my own as well , and get asked back, not to talk of my CD sales there as well. for more info. or Happy Singers Leiden on

May God help us to take opportunities at the right time. It will work out for our good.

posted by Martin Adu on 03/16/2009

Our children, and bearing the torch Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I was going through the youtube and watched a video where Benny Hinn the evangelist, called his son and daughter up on stage , and the boy Josh was all dressed up like a kid, you see roaming the streets of new York ! Kids. He used to
sing on the stage and had gotten to a phase where he was just doing his own thing. He prayed for his son at a ponit and prophesied on him and prayed for people's children. That brought tears to my eyes. Here's a man of God preaching the gospel , ministering to thousands , big TV ministry, signs and wonders and all the criticisms and flak from the outside world, and yet when it all comes to it , he's just a parent like all of us, who has to deal with his own children.

Children . They would hear you , but do their own thing. We just have to love then, pray for them, and be there for them .
hey, God loved and still loves us despite what we were and did . He loved us first. I Thank God for my daughters who love the Lord . Both teenagers, which many consider the age of troubles, but we are blessed that they still love the Lord and are doing good. Can't take the credit , give God the glory. We however, do our best to be real with them, and live by example and hopefully show the goodness of living for him. This is the challenge we face.

May God help our children , especially in a world that keeps on changing the rules , and lowers the boundaries more and more. Let's stand up and be counted , and may our children carry the torch

posted by Martin Adu on 03/06/2009

Momentum building up...and grace Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

That's the buzz word huh¨Momentum" My jear almost always starts slow, and then you're setting up those gigs and God is bringing divine appointments. Some doors open, and some slam in yer face. ouch ! But thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph eventually as we never give up. That sais, I seem to be having an early start this year and thank God for doors and the concerts that I have been privilöedged to minister at. Glorious. Saturday was a blast. I supported a Gospel music workshop and sang solos with the workshop choir in the evening. The Lord was present and blessed the people. I even got to sell a few CDs despite the fact that I wasn't even singing my own repertoire!

.. the day after high energy, full throated sing, my voice normally would need a break, but I had prasie and worship in the evening of Sunday as well as a song on the communion no the Sunday morning. I had to really pray for a miracle and God once again has let me see his grace in action. The song 'sweet communion' (From my latest album More than Wonderful) was so anointed and really blessed the people. The pastor really got excited about it. And then evening.. a feast , I don't know where the voice came from, but I could still sing and the solo I ministered 'I will run to you' made popular by Alvin Slaughter , was referred to many times in the sermon and while encouraging the people. This is so
encouraging to me as I in these services see myself as in a ministry of helps and my work was done. Quite a few walked up to me after the service saying in Dutch ?bedankt voor het muziek (Thank you for the music) ala ABBA. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing others enjoy what you offer !!!!!

posted by Martin Adu on 03/02/2009

New year ! new beginnings... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I thank God for the past year. A very challenging one for me personally on different fronts.
But like one of my favorite artists of all times Andrae Crouch once wrote, through it all , I've learnt to trust in Jesus,
I've learnt to trust in God. THis will be a year of testimony for me , I declare and for those who want it too, declare it.
You can have what you say. I'm going on for Jesus this year. I forget the things that are behind, and press on to the
mark for the prize of the high calling! I'm available to do his will. This is my resolution. Not voor afew weeks but the whole year and beyond. What are you doing ???

posted by Martin Adu on 01/12/2009

Free at last Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Finally had my EP album released. Had a Launch at my local Jesrusalem , my church, De Levensstroom Gemeente,
Leiderdorp, the Netherlands (Holland) and that really went well . Sang 2 of the songs squeezed between a variety Christmas Praise nite. I had our pastor pray and the congregation join in. That is so encouraging to me. As a singer that's itinerant , sings everywhere where asked for, or the door opens, it's always good to have home, a base, your Jerusalem, from which you can reach the rest of the world. A place was encouragement, correction, and a bit of accountability. A good testing ground for your songs too. I recommend it !!!

That night, I sold some 20 CDs on the spot and the feedback has been good. It will soon be available for sale online..
More tracks from the album More than Wonderful are now available on IH. Listen and let's know what you think.

Meanwhile, have youself a blessed Christmas and a wonderful, successful 2009

posted by Martin Adu on 12/24/2008

EP album about to be released ! Can't wait Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I thanks God I could get this far, to release my next album . It's been a difficult birth process.
I had to do a caesarian here ! This is an intermediate release and I pray it blesses the listeners.
I had different plans, but many hinderances. It's taken a year to get this far, and my last album was
recorded 4 years ago. In church, i just seem to be beseiged with questions like : when is your next album coming
out ? I pray the demand becomes reality and God embarasses me with his goodness. The signs are good
already though with a few friends already ordering 2 copies in advance ! How about you ???

posted by Martin Adu on 12/15/2008

We're number one this month ! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Thanks to all who've been listening to my new single , a duet by the lovely Jaime Thietten and myself .
A remake of the classic More than Wonderful in urban style. The feedback has been encouraging. Just noticed
that the song is number one for this month of December..Glory to God.

posted by Martin Adu on 12/09/2008

Moving up... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Just checked today after emailing like 'crazy' to my 'fans' about my new single that they are indeed listening and they like it.glory to God. Seem to be moving up in Views and plays . Gotta get to da top ! I hope that the full CD due out in a couple of weeks will take off and be a great blessing. I thank God for his gift of voice and may he use it to glorify himself in me and edify the people - my life's mission.

posted by Martin Adu on 12/05/2008

aaah finally .. Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

aaah. Finally succeeded in letting my track lose on an unsuspecting world. Placed a single on my site for download.
Recorded about a year ago. Listened to it a 'million' times. few artists are really pleased with their work but God uses the imperfect to daze the world at times. So, I'll just let Go and let God. I pray it is a blessing. Now to keep on working on the release of the full album

posted by Martin Adu on 12/01/2008

EP Album ready just in time for december release. Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

My latest album is getting close to a December release. This will be a 6 track EP album. A stand out will be the duet which is also the title track sung with the 2007 female vocalist of the year: Jaime Thietten. For good measure a christmas track as well. Watch this space

posted by Martin Adu on 11/23/2008

On tour in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Some opportunities are just too good to miss. In about 11 days I will be in the US as part of a gospel choir on a 2 state tour: Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. It promises to be fun, a lot of work and a great opportunity to minister in song. We should be in quite a few African-American churches in the area. All invited.

13th :- On tour with Friendship gospel choir
Venue: Big Bethel African Church, 220 Auburn Avenue, Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Time : 11am - 1:00pm
14th :- On tour with Friendship gospel choir
Venue: Atlanta Union Mission Time : 7:00pm - 8:30pm
15th :- On tour with Friendship gospel choir
Venue: Mount Carmel Baptist Church, 2755 Campbellton Road S.W., Atlanta, GA 30311 Time : 7:00pm - 9:00pm
17th :- On tour with Friendship gospel choir
Venue: Friendship Missionary Church, 3400 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28216 Time : 7:00pm 9:00pm
18th :- On tour with Friendship gospel choir
Venue: New life Fellowship Center, 1337 Samuel St., Charlotte, NC 28206 Time : 7:00pm - 8:30pm
20th :- On tour with Friendship gospel choir
Venue: Silver mount Baptist Church, 501 W Arrowood Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217 Time : 9:45am -12:00pm

For those who think gospel music is the preserve of a particular 'ethnic' group. This will be an eye opener. The 100 man choir singing black gospel music is 90 % caucassian !!!! and does it sound great Listen here : ttp://

posted by Martin on 03/31/2008

Martin Adu nominated for Momentum Award Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Martin was a blessing at last year's CIA with his 'Amazing Grace' rendition

Praise the Lord!

Let's get him in the finals! Please Vote for Martin Adu in these recommended categories:

Male Vocalist of the Year;
Inspirational Artist of the Year

(And don't forget all the other great artists in the running.)
You have until JAN 31, 2008 to cast votes. So VOTE!!!!!! Vote once a day per computer, like at work and home; or as often as you can. We really need you to vote, and get all your friends to vote as well.
Go to this link to vote:

Special thanks to the person that nominated Martin . Your support of her ministry is greatly appreciated.

posted by Courage Music Productions on 01/16/2008

End of the year Busy Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Ever had that as a singer / musician. It seems that the last quarter of the year just snowballs
with 'gigs', invites to minister. And I get to turn down , yes turn down a few. I really wonder why.
I am grateful though to God, give him glory glory for the opportunity to be a blessing, and the priviledge
of being invited and re-invited. Let's go for the last quarter of this year with renewed vigour and inspirations,
and watch God crown the year with his goodness.. the fatty stuff :-))

posted by Martin Adu on 09/01/2007

Never despise the small things... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I was going to be spending a weekend in Paris, France with my family, and thought, wait a minute,
there is this contact I made through a music website who was wandering what it will take to have me come to their church in France and sing. So, I mailed him about the posibility. he was all excited and I was not prepared for
the reception, I got. I started by singing 3 numbers and there was an encore for more, and I did 3 more eventually.
Now came the surprise from God I'll say. I minister in a lot of churches, big ones 1000+ 500+ (for the Netherlands oK)
Normally will set out a table with my CD merchandise and people mostly walk by, and maybe 2 to 8 copies may be sold on a night. At this French church, The box of 25 CDs I brought was picked up in 5 minutes .. I discovered a few more CDs in my Minivan, and they were rushed. I ended up selling all 34 CDs in that morning service ! This was yesterday.
I am still dazed. Then, came comments like, if your coming to Paris, make our church your first stop please. Can you beat that ? What a mighty God we serve.

posted by Martin Adu on 05/21/2007

Speaking op Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

On the flight from Newark to Amsterdam. A lady sat down
beside me. We exchanged pleasantries and she noticed I was
ready the 'Worship Musician' magazine and was curious what
on earth worship meant. Thanks for asking i thought. I explained
and was able to witness to her about Jesus and God's love to her.

It was great meeting you and I pray the Lord prosper your ministies
in song in Jesus' name. I'm now moving into a busy
easter weekend. We have a service on Good Friday, 2 on Sunday and
one on Monday . so much for an easter holiday. Really, it's a great time
to minister Jesus to a very attentive audience. Have a blessed Easter !

posted by Martinadu on 04/04/2007

Amazing grace how sweet it sounded ! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Not really given to blogging . However, while attening the CIA summit, I got the shocker
of being asked to sing without warning. And amazing grace it was. Well received ..

I have learned that the muisc minister should be ready ,willing and able ..
Thank God for his gift and his grace

Met some fantastic and interesting fellow musicians. God has people everywhere
in this great ministry of independent music. I'm honoured to be part of it

posted by Martinadu on 03/31/2007