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Healed By Faith" is our latest single, now burning up the Fan Faves chart on Indieheaven.com. (www.indieheaven.com/fanfaves.php). It also is the 1st song featuring our new lead vocalist and bass player Jason Elkins.

I have to credit Mr. Eric Copeland, from Nashville, for the inspiration for this song. Mr. Copeland is a producer and a brilliant jazz musician. He also writes a great blog for Creative people (www.CreativeSoulOnline.com) He has been a friend to Indieheaven for quite some time, and occasionally pops onto the Indieheaven network with song requests for artists he is working with.

One day, not too long ago, Mr. Copeland posted that he was looking for a specific song dealing with the Bible story of the woman who was healed just by touching the hem of Jesus' garment. There were also several other song scenarios he was looking for, but this one touched me the most. You see, I could put myself in that woman's place, so I knew I could write a song about it straight from the heart!

In December of 2001, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer. As I was being wheeled into surgery for a complete radical mastectomy at age 36, my surgeon told my mom that I probably had only a year to live.

I was a single mom to a sweet little four year old boy at the time, and I knew that my stay here on earth had not yet come to an end. My son, Joshua, had just come through major surgery on his chest to correct a birth defect, and he needed constant care. Due to divorce, his father was no longer in Joshua's life. Although I had the support of my family, especially my wonderful mother, the bulk of caring for Joshua fell to me. And I wouldn't have it any other way! I knew that God had given me Joshua as a gift, and he was mine to raise to know his heavenly Father.

My diagnosis did not scare me at all. Rather, I looked at it almost as an adventure! I have a BS in Medical Technology, and was working as a Clinical Researcher at the time, so the medical world was very comfortable to me. I felt in my heart that God was having me go through this trial so that I could reach out to other women in the same situation and help them. Nobody can understand how surgery, chemo and radiation can affect you unless you have had it yourself! I knew, that I knew, that I knew! that I would be fine. And, in fact, when my surgeon took out my tumor, he was amazed to find out that the tumor was completely encapsulated and had not spread throughout my body as he had expected. Because of the size of the tumor and the fact that I had had it for so long, the doctors recommended that I undergo 6 months of Chemo, followed by 6 weeks of radiation. I knew that I didn't really have to do all that....after all, I had been HEALED! But again, I felt the Lord leading me to experience the whole adventure. So, I followed my doctor's advice.

During all the surgery, chemo and radiation, I only missed 3 days of work. I kept my full time job in Houston, which was a 1.5 hour commute for me, one way. I got up each day at 5am to spend time with Joshua before leaving for work at 7am. I often got home after 6pm. The one and only way I was able to get through each day was because of the saving Grace of Jesus! I did not experience the tiredness and anemia of most cancer patients. I did have the nausea, and I did loose my hair, but neither stopped me. I had a supernatural energy, and often walked the 3 blocks to and from my chemo and radiation appointments on my lunch break.

I was determined to keep life normal for my son during my treatment phase, so that he would not be afraid. Turns out, God already had taken away any fear Josh would have had. Because my son had just had surgery, he was totally comfortable with hospitals, chest tubes, bandages and doctor appointments. I told him that I wanted to have a scar on my chest just like his! We bonded over holding pillows tightly against our chests when we coughed or laughed together, to lessen the pain. Going through this experience together made us so close, and made us realize just how precious life really is. Joshua became a powerful prayer warrior because he saw first hand how God answers prayers. God HEALED his Mommy so she could stay here and take care of him!

Well, when I saw Mr. Copeland's song request, I knew I had the song in me. The story takes place in Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, and Luke 8:43-48. The woman had an illness that the doctors could not heal. However, her faith was so strong that she knew she need only to touch the hem of Jesus' garment as he walked by, and she would be healed. And she was! Her faith in His Grace healed her.

Faith is my strongest spiritual gift. Some may accuse me of just being an eternal optimist, but I believe I am that way because of a basic belief in God's goodness. I have faith that He holds my life in His hands, and that He will work everything out for His Glory. I can't think of better hands to be in! I never doubted that He would heal me. I never once though of death. I worried my mother sick because I would not make out a will during my illness. For me, to do so meant that I would have to seriously consider the fact that I might die due to this cancer. It felt like I would be giving in to doubt! So, I didn't do it, and I didn't take off work, and I didn't sleep in late, and I didn't roll over and die. I kept living the life God gave me day after day, waiting to see what He would do next. And He gave me His mercy and Grace. Today, almost 8 years later, I am still cancer free! And out of the ashes of that fire, I have a new husband, and two wonderful 'step' children that I consider my very own. Beauty from ashes!

I didn't get that record contract with Mr. Copeland's artist, but I got so much more....the honor of giving my testimony of God's goodness and Grace, and the unbelievable joy of being HEALED BY FAITH, HEALED BY GRACE!

posted by Debbie L. Rice (Faith:REFINED) on 06/07/2009

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Faith:REFINED wants to wish you a Happy Valentines Day!

Love is in the air, not only in the hearts of men and women here on earth, but in our Father's heart in Heaven. His love for us shows in so many ways, if we just take the time to look around and notice. He is our provider, our strength, our healer. He gives us the rainbow, the mountains, and the oceans. He gives us the dew on a flower petal, the wind in the mighty oak, the cloud on a hot day. And, He gave us His son, so that we may have eternal life with Him. "For God so loved the world (that's you and me!) that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16). Those little candy hearts at the top of this page are a message from God.....to YOU!

In celebration of this love, we have a new Praise & Worship song to share with you. It's titled "Alleluia", and it's our love song back to God. This song has just been added to the Indieheaven.com Fan Faves chart, so it's at the bottom of the list and needs your help to move up to the top. More than that, we want you to listen to the words and sing along as you express your heart to God. Lets join our voices together and send a musical Valentine's Day gift up to our Father in Heaven. You can find the song here:


under the "Praise & Worship" tab, or under the "View All" tab. Thank you so much for your time, your heart, and your voice! We love you, and hope you have a Blessed Valentine's Day!

Debbie L. Rice & Faith:REFINED

Please feel free to visit us at these websites:

and, you can contact us at:

Next month: The return of the "Question of the Month"!!!

posted by Debbie L. Rice on 02/29/2008

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November...the time of year we stop and give Thanks for all that we have been blessed with. For some, it may be the only time all year they stop and reflect on what they are thankful for. For those of us who call Jesus our Lord and Savior, everyday is Thanksgiving! We have been blessed with a living Savior who loves us, forgives us, and makes us like new! I can't think of anything else I can be more grateful for than Him. Amen!

November is also the time for family, food, and fun. I hope each of you has a wonderful time planned for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our family always gets together and has the traditional turkey, green-bean casserole (my contribution!), potatoes, stuffing and of course...dessert. (Yum!) Not everyone is blessed to have a family they can get together with. I have a single friend who volunteers at a Homeless Shelter each year on Thanksgiving Day so he can help serve dinner to those less fortunate than him. Others may have family too far away, or may be enduring the Holiday alone by choice. Whatever your situation, I hope you do take the time to remember how much you are loved by the King.

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before Him with Thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.
Psalm 95:1-2

Featured Member of the Month

Our newest member is Lead & Acoustic Guitarist, Ray Miller. Raymond lives in Lake Jackson, TX with his wife Bridget and three children: Colby, Ragan, and Dalton. He is a member of Willow Drive Baptist Church where he also plays in the praise band. Ray is a veterinarian and the Medical Director of the veterinary hospital where he is currently working. As a former college baseball player, Ray is very involved in the sports his children play and with three kids someone is always playing something! When he is not on the playing field or strumming his guitar, Ray enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and fishing. You can hear Ray on our latest single, "Walk On" at www.indieheaven.com/artists/debbielrice.

Welcome to the band Ray!!

"By Faith" CD and latest singles available!

You can purchase our 1st CD, "By Faith", and all of our latest singles on our Indieheaven.com website. The songs are available for digital download as singles too.

Our Price: $ 0.99/single
or $8.00/CD

Visit our store at:


Our summer newsletter asked the question, "What was the best summer vacation you ever had?". Our best answer came from Jamisu Hipp with her answer below:

When I was growing up we went on many vacations. We, being my mom, brother, cousins, friends, and myself. In the summer of 1975 my father decided to join in on the family vacation time with much coaxing from my mother. My father owned his own business in the small town we lived in and would not leave it longer than a weekend. This was the summer I was fifteen years old. This year it was just our family, mom, dad, brother and myself. We went to Wimberly Texas and had a great time. I had never heard my dad laugh like that, the people that knew him say I have his laugh. While on a weeks vacation, my dad made a decision to close his business on Sundays from then on. That made the whole trip for me. My father went home to be with Jesus fourteen months later.

Thank you Jamisu for sharing with us! Jamisu received a copy of our latest singles for sending us her answer. With the approach of the Holiday season upon us, this months question is:

What is your Favorite Holiday Recipe?

Anything from the main meal to dessert (YUM!), share with us the reason, the season (Turkey day? Easter?), and the recipe (of course!), and you too can win a copy of our latest singles CD. Don't forget to include your mailing address..we won't post it, promise! Send your replies to:


November is National Adoption Month, and our latest video "They Chose Me" is ready just in time!
This tender ballad about adoption will have you reaching for a Kleenex, and hopefully will make you think about adoption in a whole new way. Inspired by an interview heard on the radio with Christian recording artist Mark Schultz, this heart-wrenching song was written by Debbie L. Rice. Debbie's father was adopted, and Debbie is also the mother of a little girl adopted from China. To view the video, just click on the image above, or go to the following link:


Check our our newest website!

Our Indieheaven.com website:

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Wishing you the best of the Thanksgiving Holidays! We are so Thankful to have you as our friends and supporters. Please drop us a line at dlrice@debbielrice.com , we love to hear from you!

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good. His love endures forever. (Psalm 136:1)

Debbie L. Rice

posted by Debbie L. Rice on 11/24/2007

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Faith:REFINED Summer '07 Newsletter

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Summer!! Faith:REFINED has been taking some time off to write new music, make new contacts, re-organize and refresh. But don't worry, we will be back when the school season starts, with some new material, and maybe some new faces! In the mean time, we have kept busy with several songwriting competitions, church performances and life in general. Your e-mails have greatly encouraged us, and we love hearing from you. Feel free to drop us a note anytime at dlrice@debbielrice.com. You never know, you just may see your message here in our newsletter!

Latest News:

Praise God! We just received the following news:

Congratulations, you have been selected to receive an Honorable Mention in the 11th Annual "Unisong" International Song contest.
This year featured the highest overall quality of songs, lyrics, and writers ever submitted by far, with the most diverse and varied entries from a multitude of countries representing every continent on Earth except Antarctica (and songwriting penguins out there).
The judging therefore was extremely competitive and to be singled out anywhere in the top 15% of all songs submitted was no easy feat.
Your song, "They Chose Me" received an Honorable Mention in the L.U.N.C. H. category, (www.lunchensemble.com) where all net proceeds will go to benefit social programs they sponsor in the areas of hunger, homelessness, substance abuse, & domestic abuse. All songs entered in this special category had to address any of these four main themes or similar variations.
Results are posted on our website at: http://www.unisong.com.

Thank you Lord!
(You can hear this song on our Indieheaven page: www.indieheaven.com/artists/debbielrice)

Prayer Requests

Please keep our wonderful vocalist, Melinda Bedrich, and her family in your prayers. Melinda's mother, Delores Key, recently went to be with Jesus after a long and courageous battle with Cancer. We know as believers that she is dancing with Jesus, but the loss is still hard to take. Mrs. Key was a beautiful lady, and she lead many to the Lord, including her own children. She was a delight to be around, and a source of inspiration and happiness to all who knew her. Our prayers and thoughts are with Melinda during this time.

Featured Member of the Month:

Nick Benevidez, Bass Player Extraordinaire!!

Debbie L. Rice first met Bassist Nick Benavidez when they both served as counselors at Church camp. Nick was then a member of the Youth group, and although Debbie had seen him play bass with the Youth band at their church, this was the first time she had a chance to get to know him. "My son, Joshua, was in Nick's cabin at camp, so I was able to hear all about the fun Nick brought to their group...probably more than he wanted me to know!" Debbie says. Nick began playing bass at the age of 14. He played for the Willow Drive Baptist Youth for 4 years, and has played for various Churches and festivals along the way. He lives in Lake Jackson, and is currently attending college. Visit Nick at his MySpace page and say "Hi!"



You can purchase our 1st CD, "By Faith" at our Indieheaven website. Songs are available for digital download, or you can purchase the actual CD and have it shipped to you, from the following website:

We also have several of our newest singles, Including "They Chose Me" available for digital download. You can purchase these individually at our Indieheaven.com website.


Faith:REFINED is:
(left to right) Nick Benevidez, Melinda Bedrich, Debbie L. Rice, Pamela Bieri, Tommy Meador


Our God is Awesome! I have a story to share with you. I hope you take the time to read this:

Ok, this is going to be long, and I apologize in advance, but I have to explain things so I can show what an awesome God we have!!

This is about our song, "They Chose Me" which was recently at the Number 1 spot on the Indieheaven.com FanFaves chart. Our former guitarist Tommy heard an interview that Mark Schultz did on our local Christian Radio Station KSBJ (more about them later). Mark was discussing his "Bike across America Tour" in support of adoption. Tommy was so impressed with the interview that he called me and told me we needed to write a song about adoption. I have an adopted daughter (Emma, from China) and my father was adopted at birth so I have a heart for the subject too. I asked God for the inspiration, and had the song the very next day.
I've felt from the beginning that this song was not mine. It's meant to get out to a much larger audience than I can give it. So, I've wanted to give this song to Mark Schultz since he was the inspiration for it. But have you ever tried to communicate with a major CCM star?? Not happening!! I've tried all his websites, and the James Foundation (which is sponsoring his Bike Tour) but I've had no response. And that is understandable. I'm basically a 'nobody' in this business, and I understand how the system works, but I felt I had to at least try, right?

Fast Forward:
"They Chose Me" reached Number one on the Indieheaven.com Fan Faves chart fairly quickly thanks in part to this newsletter mail out and the support of all you! (Thanks again!!). Because of our excitement about reaching the top spot, I sent out another brief announcement to this distribution list just to let everyone know we had reached Number 1 and to Thank everyone for their support. I felt prompted to send the announcement to our local Christian Radio Station, KSBJ.
Now, KSBJ is one of the largest Christian Radio Stations in the Nation, often winning the Major Market Station of the Year every year. I decided to send my announcement to the station Music Director, Mr. Jim Beeler. However, I did not have his e-mail address, and I had already searched the website and Google for it with no luck. I tired several variations of Mr. Beeler's name with the KSBJ e-mail address and sent my announcement to all of them. Because I use Constant Contact for my distribution list, I am able to see who opens my e-mails. Praise God, one of the variations was opened by Mr. Beeler within the hour that it was sent! So, I knew he had read it, and I didn't really expect a reply. It was enough just to know that he now knew my name, my song's name, and all about Indieheaven. Maybe he would stop by someday and listen.

That was last month. A few weeks ago, I was listening to KSBJ and heard an announcement that stopped me in my tracks. Jim Beeler and KSBJ Station Manager Tim McDermont were traveling to Ohio to meet with Mark Schultz and take part in his Bike tour! Tim would ride along with Mark, and Jim Beeler would broadcast live from the tour! God told me this was not a coincidence. The one person at KSBJ that I had an email address for was going to be with the one person I really wanted to have my song given to! I immediately sent Mr.Beeler an e-mail explaining the whole situation to him. I included the lyrics and the song as an attachment. Now, in the real world, you would assume that...1st of all he would not open the e-mail because it had an attachment. 2nd, it might be filtered because of the attachment since this was his work address. 3rd, by the time I heard the announcement, they were due to leave in 2 days. Mr. Beeler might not even be coming back to work before he left on the trip, and 4th if he did, he may not take the time to read e-mails from people he didn't even know. BUT. This was a God thing, not the real world! Within the hour I had a reply from Mr. Beeler stating that he would do his best to give the song to Mark! That meant that at the very least he had to burn a CD and print out the lyrics. Praise God again!! I e-mailed him back, thanking him and letting him know I would be praying for him, Tim, their families, and Mark's mission. He replied with his Thanks. So now I had established an e-mail relationship with him. Maybe he would remember me.
A few days went by, and I was able to keep track of their trip through Marks Video blogs of the trip. You can check out the blogs here:
If you go to that site and click on the BLOG tab, then scroll down to the video that says "June 28th, 2007 East Aurora", watch that one. Tim McDermont is the one in the Yellow Jersey (he's the station manager for KSBJ), and you can see Jim Beeler with Mark at the very end of the video. He's the one holding the microphone in the Maroon shirt.
Three days after they got back I could contain my curiosity no longer. I e-mailed Jim Beeler to ask him how it went. He told me he had personally placed the CD in Marks hands. (AMEN!) He said that Mark would probably not have time to listen to it until after the tour ended on the 15th of July. BUT HE HAS IT!!!! Our God is so awesome!
Please, please pray that Mark will find the time to listen to the CD, and that the song will find favor with him, and that he will want to adopt it as his own. He has the ability to reach so many more people with the message of the song than I do. Or perhaps the James Foundation could use it in their promotional material. I don't know HOW it's going to be used, but I just know that it will be used mightily for God. Please keep this in your prayers! I know God would not have brought it this far to just let it fall by the wayside now.
Thanks for taking the time to read this! Love you guys!

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Question of the MONTH:

Last month, we asked :
What is the best gift you have ever received or given for Mother's Day?

I must admit, that the best answer we recieved came from my own dear Mother. Her answer? Her children were the best gift she ever recieved! Awwwww, how could I not put that here? So Pat McCain (Mom), thank you for answering our Question of the Month!

This month's question:
What is the best Summer vacation you have ever had? Tell us where you are from, and the place you visited or the circumstances. Best vacation will win a FREE copy of our latest singles, including the Award winning "They Chose Me", so be sure and include your shipping address. Don't worry, I won't publish THAT information! But I will list the winner and runner's up here in our next newsletter. Send your information to me at dlrice@debbielrice.com


Have a Safe and Wonderful Summer!!!!

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
(Psalm 126.3)

Debbie L. Rice

posted by Debbie L. Rice on 07/25/2007

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Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Motherhood is such a special gift. Becoming a mother allows us to have just a small glimpse of the love that God has for each of us. Whether or not you are a mother, want to become a mother, still have your mother with you, or just know a mother, YOU have been impacted by the love of a mother at some point in your life! Use this month to honor that person, pray for that person, and show the love of Christ to that person, whoever it might be. I love you Mom!

We are well on our way to another summer with only 2 weeks left in the school year here in Texas. And summer means HOT weather! But fortunately, we live right on the Gulf Coast so we can escape the heat at the beach.

Speaking of Heat...Faith:REFINED has been burning up the Fan Faves chart over on the New and Improved Indieheaven.com! If you haven't visited Indieheaven lately, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the changes. There are now 2 radio charts to listen to all your favorites on. The FAN FAVES chart allows all the listeners to vote for their favorites, from 1-5 stars for each song. We have just had our newest single, "They Chose Me" added to this chart. (More on this song down below). By voting for this song daily, you can move it up the chart until it reaches the top. The top songs are selected by the Indieheaven staff to be added to the "Radio chart". This chart is listened to by all the top producers, radio stations, A&R reps, etc., and the songs are listed in CRW magazine. Please help us out by voting for our song every day! Simply go here:
www.indieheaven.com/fanfaves.php and find our song, "They Chose Me". Click on the song title to hear it, and click on the 5th star to give us the highest rating. The results are tabulated at midnight each night, so check back each day to see the song climb up the chart. You can only vote once a day, other votes from that computer address are not counted.

Why Vote? You know, the only reason we feel comfortable even asking you for your support of our songs is because these songs are God's songs, not ours. He gave them to us to share with you. This voting thing is not a popularity contest to see how 'great' we can become. Rather, it's a tool God has given us to allow even more people to hear His work. The more votes we get, the more people will hear the message. THAT'S what it is all about! We are promoting God, and his message to the world, not ourselves. That is something we strive to never forget!

NEWEST SINGLE, "They Chose Me"

Winner: Honorable Mention in the 2007 International Singer/Songwriter Awards given out on March 29th in London. Praise God!!

This ideal for this song came from our former guitarist, Tommy Meador. Tommy heard a radio interview by Mark Schultz about his adoption, and his 'Bike across America' tour in support of adoption. Tommy called me and said we should write a song about adoption. Since I have an adopted daughter (Emma, from China), and my own father was adopted at birth, the subject is close to my heart, too. So, I asked God for inspiration, and this song was born. I like to say that I am the birth mother for this song, but it needs to be adopted by someone else out there to take and love and use as their own. This is a sweet little song with a strong message. Please pray that the message in this song makes its way around the world and impacts people everywhere! You can hear this song exclusively on our Indieheaven page at www.indieheaven.com/artists/debbielrice or click the box below:


We have added some new pictures to our Indieheaven page and our Shoutlife page! These are from the United In Him concert that we held in April. We had a great turnout despite the wind and the cold. We were able to raise $100 each for The American Cancer Society and The Heart Exchange through a volunteer supported raffle, and we had several different churches, vendors, businesses and organizations. You can see the pictures and find out more about this annual event at the following sites:





Featured Member of the Month

Melinda Bedrich is our newest vocalist, and we are so blessed to have her with us! Debbie has known Vocalist Melinda Bedrich since 1st Grade. "We've come in and out of each other's lives several times over the years", says Debbie. "But this time we are following God's plan, instead of our own. He's brought us together again for a reason!". Melinda has always had a heart to sing for the Lord but didn't start singing until about seven years ago. Since then, she has sung all over South Texas. She is also one of the Worship Leaders at Willow Drive Baptist Church in Lake Jackson, and is married with two children.

You can hear Melinda on our newest single, "They Chose Me". Melinda is also a songwriter, so look forward to some wonderful new material to be coming from her soon!


Question of the Month!

Last time, we asked how you planned to spend your time over Spring Break. Our fastest response came from Abby Hall, in Jacksonville, Florida. Abby wrote:

I am spending it right now enjoying being at home and spending precious time with my daughter Alaina. She makes me grateful to be alive and enjoy life to the fullest, both the quiet and the crazy times.

Thank you Abby, for being the first to respond to our last Question of the Month!
This month's Question is:

What is the best gift you have ever received or given for Mother's Day?

Be the first to respond, and you will see YOUR name and comment here in our next month's newsletter!

Send us your response to dlrice@debbielrice.com

You can purchase our CD, "By Faith", and several of our newest singles, including 'They Chose Me" from our Indieheaven page at www.indieheaven.com/artists/debbielrice . You can purchase songs individually for 0.99 cents, or buy the whole CD for $10.00. Indieheaven will ship the CD directly to you. You can also leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you!

Upcoming concerts:

May 5th, One Mission, One Voice Music Festival, Dawson, TX

June 8th, The REFUGE Coffee House, Deer Park, TX

August 25th, United Methodist Church, Houston, TX

Check our website on Indieheaven for concert details.

We love you so much, and we are so grateful for your support!

Isaiah 66:13a "As a Mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you"

Remember to trust in Him to meet all your needs. He loves you, so much more than you know!!

Debbie L. Rice & Faith:REFINED

posted by Debbie L. Rice on 05/11/2007

March Newsletter Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Ahhhh, Spring is in the Air!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to One and All!!

We have been busy here at Faith:REFINED. God has continued to Refine us, molding and changing us to meet His expectations! We have lost some members, and gained some members, but our overall mission and vision has not changed! Our music is about FAITH. Whether it is having faith in a difficult circumstance, overcoming trials and times of His silence with faith, having the faith it takes to begin and grow in a relationship with Christ, or having faith enough to put yourself and your life completely in His hands instead of following the world’s lead, our music aims to inspire believers to lean on the strength of their faith, and encourages the lost to just ‘let go, and let God’ take care of them, by Faith.

Please join me in welcoming our new members!!!

Melinda Bedrich, Vocals
Nick Benavidez, Bass
Randal Cade, Drums

You can check out their bios and see their pictures at any of our websites. Here are just a few you can check out:




We are currently spending time working on new material and getting to know each other. We have a large festival to play in April, and after that, we will start performing more regularly. We have a new single, “They Chose Me” that will be coming out towards the end of March, so watch for that and be prepared to grab a hanky…it’s a tear-jerker!!


Question of the Month:

How are you planning on spending your Spring Break?

E-mail us your answer to dlrice@debbielrice.com and YOU could be featured in the next newsletter and on our Indieheaven.com front page!!

Congratulations to Donna Crim from Lake Jackson, TX who was the first to answer our last question, ‘What is your favorite family Christmas tradition?’ Donna answered, "My favorite tradition is reading the Christmas Story before we open gifts on Christmas day." Thanks Donna!!


I will sing to the Lord all my life.
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
May these thoughts of mine please Him.
I find my joy in the Lord.
(Psalms 104:33-34)


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Stay Blessed!

posted by Debbie L. Rice & Faith:REFINED on 04/02/2007