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Praise to Yeshua our king.
I just like to introduce another song that he has given to me. And it's such clarity to realize that God is the perfect peace that we could ever know. It creates a freedom and special bond with our savior. For He dances over us and in turn - we will have fun in the spirit of Him who brings us laughter and salvation.

posted by Doris on 05/09/2018

My meditation Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

In my meditation and reflection on my Lord and savior - I came to a realization that being with Jesus is like being on a perfect honeymoon every day of my life as he wispers in my ear - telling me that he loves me always with a perfect and everlasting love. What more can I ask for? for this is reliable truth that I can believe in with reciprocated love :)

posted by Doris J. Harrison on 04/22/2018

introducing new song "Just Jesus" Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

We have a possession that transcends all difficulty in this world that can make us become discouraged. I truly have had recent challenges - questioning close relationships in my life that had been closely bonded for so long but then suddenly severed without reason. It can go on and on with so many of life's scenarios right? But there's a fresh hope in Jesus when life doesn't make sense. He is perfect and true - counteracting falsity and confusion. I desire nothing this world has to offer. For Jesus is my complete fulfillment of all I will ever need or desire. Praise to Yahweh! - my Lord and King.

posted by Doris J. Harrison on 04/01/2018

Tribute to my king Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It has always been my inspiration to express to the lord my need and desire to worship and praise him with my whole being.
Whether it be in dance or song. I love to use the blessing and gifts he bestowed upon me and to also be a good steward of it as well. I desire to bring forth appreciation and love to the most high. Understanding the power of music and it's profound affect - I chose to use my voice and song writing for the ministry God established me for.

I want the arrows of praise and worship to come out from me. I want to be the weapon of joy, peace and rest to those who need relief, comfort and most of all salvation. In all of this I realize also that I am ministering to myself. This helps me to grow in the lord - to be the best that I can be in his kingdom. This ministry causes me to know that it doesn't stop at worshiping god just in songs or dancing before him or even in praying. But it goes on into my daily walk, in my attitude, my nature and patience as well as my dedication to him.

I have to live the life I write and sing about. I've never before connected all of this in regards to worshiping God. To me it's a wonderful revelation now. I get joy when I think about and sing about what He has done for me. So, every chance I get to sing songs from zion - I know I am setting creation free.


posted by Doris J. Harrison on 02/25/2018

Our True Valentine (love) Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

There are so many of us that celebrate valentine's day but only a minority of people become intimate with the form of divine love. This agape love is what's meant to be lived unconditionally.

I discovered this real love through the search of a deeper relationship with Jesus and he became my true valentine. So as we celebrate with our special love ones this coming valentine's day - let us not be complacent with our ultimate love who thought the world of us as he hung on that cross, For he rather had died to be with us than to be without us.

posted by Doris Harrison on 02/10/2018