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Well, it is getting close to that time of leaving for Edinburgh, Scotland to complete long standing educational goals.

The MSc program at New College Divinity School (University of Edinburgh) in Religion and Science is to me a catalyst to deeper understanding of the cosmos. Studying both of these elements concurrently is an amazing opportunity. For too long the separation of the two has caused great division. But are they really that divisive? From a natural view, yes, but from God's perspective, I do not believe so. It seems that lately there has been more information coming out that perpetuates the congruency of the Word of God and the Book of Nature. All created by the God of all eternity. In that respect to learn the deeper tenets of cosmology and how it all fits together in the Creator's "Grand Design" is something that will truly be amazing.

A few years ago, I wrote a song, simply entitled, Psalm 104, the beginning is:

"You send forth your Spirit, create the world anew, and the Glory of the Lord forever endures..."

Soli Deo gloria ~

posted by Bonnie Yvonne Wolfman on 07/31/2014