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This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving that my Grandpa didn't lead grace. Grandpa joined the angels on July 2nd of this year, just days shy of his 89th birthday. He was such an amazing man and he left a legacy that is truly awe-inspiring. My song, "Grandpa", attempts to describe the man he was while he was on this earth, but no song can adequately describe the spirit he possessed and the blessing he was to so many.

So, this Thanksgiving was different. The family came together, the kitchen was bustling and we all were truly grateful. It was a bittersweet gratitude, but Grandpa would have wanted us to give thanks to God, no matter what.....and this we did.

What follows is the prayer I lead as we held hands and gave thanks to our maker and all of our loved ones that have gone before us....

"Thank you Lord for everyone in this room and for all of our loved ones still with us and those that have returned home to you. Thank you for the gift of today and the promise of tomorrow, no matter what it may bring.

Grandpa John showed us each and everyday what real faith is. May we continue in his footsteps to:

love completely
laugh often..sometimes 'til we cry
to put you before ourselves
to praise your name, and
when it seems life is just too much to bear, to manage to keep going because each day is a gift

In your name we pray and give thanks, Amen."

Thanksgiving, 2009
Alexandra Celano

posted by Alexandra Celano on 11/27/2009

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I've always told people that the number one spiritual influence in my life is my Grandpa. From my earliest memory, Grandpa has led the family in grace, can talk for hours about scripture and always seems to tie a conversation back to God's teachings. When he was a young man, he seriously considered becoming a priest and although he met my grandmother which dashed any plans of the priesthood, he's always had an extra-special quality about him......some say a "holiness" that seems reserved for angels and saints.

Grandpa turns 89 this summer and I have been blessed to know and love him for almost 39 years. Through his example, I have witnessed what it means to love God completely and unselfishly and for this, I am forever grateful. Grandpa walks the walk and talks the talk. He has seen his share of miracles and blessings and he has lived through terrible tragedy. But despite it all, his faith in Jesus grows stronger with each passing day. He is a testament to God's light and he is my inspiration and the subject of my song, "Grandpa".

Thank you, Grandpa, for teaching me so much about God, inspiring me to be a better person and for being such a wonderful role-model.

Love, Alex

posted by AC on 05/24/2009