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The other day, a miracle happened. I was able to finally meet my sponsor child. We sponsored her for a very long time and she was not adoptable. Through a series of events, she is adopted. A meeting was set up through her mom and myself and we met this past sunday. She is now 19 and we began sponsoring her between the ages of around 6 through 15. It was an answer to prayer. There was so much joy. There had been tears in years prior because I was unable to adopt her when she finally became adoptable and the circumstances surrounding everything were very chaotic. But Gods mercy broke through and sunday we finally had the opportunity to meet for the first time. In her words "she had prayed for 10 years we would meet".
The God coincidence was that the waitress working at the restaurant who waited our table kept staring at us. She finally spoke up and said she thought that my sponsor child and her mom looked familiar. It turned out that they did know who the waitress was as she had been down to the children's home on a mission trip. Now is this God or what?????
So many big and little miracles. What were the odds that the waitress would actually recognize them from a mission trip taken quite a number of years back? How God placed the waitress there at that particular time to wait on our table and recognize them. Is truly
Amazing Grace!!!!! or as Sid Roth says "It's supernatural."!!!!!!

posted by Lisa Fenstermacher on 09/18/2012