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Taking a look at Romans 12, it's a fantastic chapter revealing to us a lot about life. I want to encourage everyone to read through Romans 12 carefully and you'll see instructions about our lives, our perspective, and our actions. Romans 12:1-2 focuses on our lives that we're supposed to give everything to God and be living sacrifices which then brings us to the point where we can be transformed by a continual renew of our minds. We don't live by the patterns, thoughts, expectations of this world any more, We have a new set of rules, the rules of the Kingdom of God. Once we allow this work to start in our lives that when will know God's will. It doesn't say God's calling for your life, but God's will. It goes further than calling, it goes it to everyday will. I'm at the grocery store or at work or school, what is it that God wants for me here and now? That's truly being sensitive to the will of God so that when that still small voice leads us to talk to someone, encourage them, share with them about Jesus, we know it's His will and we obey. Romans 12:3-8 talks about our perspective. Our perspective of ourselves and others and the perspective we should have about the body of Christ. We don't have the same giftings, we don't have the same function. We're not supposed to! It doesn't mean one is better than the other. It means we all need to function like the body doing what God (the head) wants us to do. A great Christian is one who seeks God and obeys God's will for his/her life. It might mean doing things that to the worlds eyes seems small, but we live by a new set of rules where a simple act can bring so much impact because it's done with and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 12:9-20 seals the deal bringing it down to the greatest thing, love. Love is the motivation for our actions. We are commanded to love and I don't think that commandment is talking about a warm giddy feeling, but a lifestyle of actions that are guided and defined by God's love. It's really God's love flowing through us. Because we are living sacrifices and are transformed, we are filled with the Love of God to a point to overflowing and that love overflows to the people around us, the ones we see everyday and the ones we randomly come in contact with. Take some time to read Romans 12 for yourself. God's word is powerful!

posted by Toby Huyssen on 02/04/2014