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FOR ALL WHO WAIT... Patiently or NOT.

(Edited and reprinted from a response to my friend Nichole & her husband, as they waited... seemingly FOREVER... to bring home their new children they were adopting. This was in Jan. 2008. Both Nichole and we HAVE our children now:)))

Nichole (and all who read this), I feel your pain and frustration! We are facing similar "delays" that seem out of our control. (I'll name them succinctly, but read to the end! God really spoke to me the other day [in 2 ways] and it really helped me-- and will help you, and others facing similar dilemnas.)

-Our homestudy was turned in (from the contract provider who did our interview), but sat on a desk for 3 days until her supervisor came in to read it. (They don't keep regular office hours.) Delay #1. The supervisor kept it much longer than what her worker said she would- her "1-2 day turnaroun" turned into 6 days. Delay #2. When the supervisor turned it into DHS, they read it quickly (48 hours), then emailed me with the disheartening news that "critical questions were overlooked" and that they were trying to reach the original HS provider to come to our house AGAIN to ask these "omitted" questions. Delay #3 (at least another 7-10 days!!). Now, as of yesterday, the homestudy is turned back in and already read by the supervisor again, but she can't reach the DHS person who needs it-- because the DHS person is in OKC today with meetings-- and they said they can't email the homestudy, even! All we're getting is voice mails... Delay #4. These are only the delays in the last three weeks-- not to mention the ones preceding that.

HERE'S OUR HOPE and PEACE in the midst of this! God reminded me about 72 hours ago, as He impressed these thoughts upon my mind and heart:

"Before the foundations of the world were laid, before you or these precious children were conceived in the womb, I ordained and designed the exact day that they would come to live with you. I planned for them to be in your family-- and My family-- all along. They will arrive at the exact moment that I've precisely designed. When you've done all you can do to stand, just STAND... just wait patiently. Any "delays" are all in My perfect plan! You don't have to understand, but only trust and obey. Be STILL and know that I AM God. Keep your mind stayed on ME and I will keep you in perfect peace."

Hang in there, Nichole, and others waiting and wondering --- and fretting sometimes, just like me, just like Nichole. God truly IS in control!!

One more precious way the LORD spoke to us was through a precious 8-yr-old little girl, to whom I teach piano, about two weeks ago. All my piano students, including little Ella, are very excited about the new children, and every week when they come, they expect that they WILL have arrived already! (I wish!!) When I had to tell Ella (once again), "No, they're not here yet. I wish they'd hurry up!" Ella replied so sweetly, "Oh, it seems like a long time wait right now. But after they're here, it will have seemed like nothing... like the time passed very quickly, and you'll all be so happy!"

May it be so for all of us. Love and prayers for you today, Nichole!!! While we wait, Becky

posted by Becky Wright on 10/28/2011

Sheerah: Grieving Sister, Builder of Cities Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I was reading last week in a perhaps not-so-frequented passage of scripture in 1st Chronicles chapter 7, and was literally stopped in my tracks at one particular verse. In the plethora of hard-to-pronounce names of the begotten decendants, an unexpected name in a paradoxical moment of history was revealed.

Describing the lineage of Ephraim, who was one of the twelve sons of Israel (aka Jacob), several sons and grandsons were named. It proceeds to mention two other sons, Ezer and Elead, who were killed by some of the locals in the city of Gath, when Ezer and Elead were trying to steal their cattle. Ouch!! What a shame– not only the great loss of two lives, but a black cloud of a less-than-scrupulous legacy to leave to their grieving families.

In fact, verse 22-23 recounts: "Their father Ephraim mourned for them many days, and his relatives came to comfort him. Then he made love to his wife again, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. He named him Beriah [which means "unlucky"], because there had been misfortune in his family." Every time they called their new baby's name, it would be painful reminder that their family was "unlucky".

Bad stuff. Painful truth. Real life. Descendants of the great "Father Abraham", Isaac and their grandfather Jacob, they probably felt certain of a hope-filled destiny, a proud heritage to uphold and continue. But now tragedy– and shame– hit like a tsunami.

However, the next verse- only one sentence in its entirety- struck me like the early morning ray of sunlight to sleepy eyes. Verse 24 says: "His daughter Sheerah, who built Lower and Upper Beth Horon as well as Uzzen Sheerah." It's as if, "Oh– Ephraim had a daughter, too, and her name was Sheerah (usually daughters or wives weren't even mentioned- much less by their names), and she built several cities." Wow!!

Tragedy has stricken most families, mine included. My sister Elizabeth, born two years after me, was a devoted single mom of five children. Liz was extremely talented, creative, intelligent, and feisty to the core. Tough as a boot- sweet as raw honey, full of faith in God. However, our world came screeching to a halt in June 2004, beginning with a nightmarish phone call from the sheriff.

Elizabeth had taken her five children, Amanda (13), Joseph (11), James (9), Michaela (8), and little Jeneva (aka "Jenny", age 2) fishing at the Illinois River north of town. Our three nephews, Jonathan, Benjamin and Timothy also went along, celebrating the beginning of summer and school vacation. Young James didn't care for fishing, so he amused himself catching crawdads and minnows in knee-deep water nearby. I didn't know until years later that his mom had warned him three times not to get in the water.

When the strong current knocked James off his feet, Elizabeth did what any normal mother would do- she jumped in to save her son, swimming with all her might to reach him. The other seven children ran along the shore, screaming for help. People began to dive in to find Elizabeth, to no avail. Her body was found thirty minutes later, half a mile downstream.

A quivering, tearful James told us later, "Angels got me to shore, but momma didn't make it." Elizabeth had shoved him toward a tree root and he was able to climb out. His brother Joseph watched as his mother "closed her eyes and went under... like she just passed out". They watched their mother save their brother's life, then they watched as her own life ended.

It is likely that Sheerah's brothers, in the bible account, were married and had children– possibly as many or more than my sister had. It is likely that they experienced the same shock and grief and anger and horror and all the other emotions that accompanied my sister's death– her seeming "untimely" passage into eternity. I truly know that she is in Heaven, that she is very much "alive"– just not living where we are– yet. And I do not- we do not- grieve as the world grieves, who have no hope of eternal life– but we STILL grieve, deeply and painfully. A huge cavern exists in our hearts, that will not be filled and healed until we see her again in Heaven. We now gush with joy over Liz's first-born grandbaby, Rachel Elizabeth, born in March 2010. We try to love her like Lizzie would- but nothing can make up for her absence.

The Bible doesn't mention when Sheerah began building cities (whether before or after her brothers were murdered), but I'm venturing to guess that it didn't happen until after. Perhaps to overcome the sting of shame, perhaps to give her grieving sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews something to feel proud about- or even to provide for their families (which was usually the "man's job")... we don't know. Whatever her motivation, though, Sheerah turned her pain into purpose. No doubt she held a deep faith in God, as I do, and she experienced the divine help and guidance that only faith and grace can provide.

Beyond the grief, we can truly find greatness and goodness.

Past the pain, we can find purpose... and providence.

Be encouraged today in your journey. My husband and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary in March. Both abandoned, divorced, and left with a total of six grieving children, it was a momentous day when two single parents blended our families for what we hoped would be a brighter future– and a "happily ever after". We needed to move past our pain... and our shame... (even though choices were made without our permission)... and begin again with hope.

As my sister Liz described us, "God took two lemons and made lemonade."

I pray that you'll let Him do that for you today. Build a city, or at least a good legacy. Elizabeth did– Sheerah did– and I hope I will, too.

posted by Becky Wright on 02/13/2011

“My Haunting Dream: The Orphan Killing” Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"My Haunting Dream: The Orphan Killing"

A true testimony of Becky Wright, Written down on Aug. 2, 2010.

Thirty-two days ago, on June 30th, 2010, I had a very disturbing dream. Its images and sounds are so vivid in my memory that it haunts me even now. I knew when I awoke that I was supposed to write it down-not that I could ever forget the details of it, but so that I could share it with others. However, I am reluctant to speak of it (and have only told two people the details of the dream so far) because it is not a "happy message" or a beautiful thought to contemplate. I'll share at the end what I believe God has shown me to be the meaning of the dream. Perhaps He will show you, too, or help you understand it better than me? I pray so. Amen.

"Extraordinary Choir Rehearsal"

It was our final choir rehearsal before the bigger-than-ever patriotic July 4th service. The music, the voices, the instruments sounded heavenly, and we were all exuberant with anticipation for this Sunday's outreach. We prayed for lost souls to be saved, for God's protection of our military, and for people to be blessed. Our pianist then announced that we were adding another aspect to our "performance": a choreographed field marching routine, like a high school band would do for a half-time show. I couldn't believe it... but we all went to the field to sing and play, perfectly choreographed, in precise formation, to reach the lost. It would be the "best performance ever" from our church choir and worship team, and God would be glorified through it... at least that was our hope and assumption.

"Stepping on Children"

As we left the rehearsal, we had to crawl through a very small and rustic door opening (as if between two floors of a building) to put away our choir notebooks. The pianist and I chatted excitedly until we entered the room to put away our music. The room was filled with children, maybe fifty or more, jam-packed and sitting cross-legged on the floor. They appeared to be Latino, and there was one woman (also Latino/ Hispanic) at the front of the room, speaking to them in their language. There was no aisle to walk between the children; we literally had to step on the children to put away our notebooks on the shelf in the back of the room. The children winced but did not make a sound as we stepped on their legs and hands, as if they were accustomed to such treatment. We wondered why they were there, but still we left without speaking to the children or to their caretaker.

"The Swamp Creatures"

After we exited the building, I found myself alone, and looking at a grotesque sight. Standing on the edge of a swamp, a murky-looking pond, I saw two babies on a nearby shore. Their heads were deformed and their legs were shorter than usual, like an unfortunate combination of birth defects or dwarfism. One was black and one was white, one with hair and one with none. They let out a pitiful and weak cry, having been left to die by their mothers, who were nowhere to be seen. I then noticed a man with a television camera apparently filming a documentary about these pathetic creatures. I could even hear the British accent of the narrator who told the story of these "forgotten children". They did nothing to help the babies, but only told their story for the world to see... like a freak show. A sordid form of entertainment.

"Drowning the Children"

I then heard the splashing of water and turned to see a sight that still makes me shudder and scream inside. It appeared to be my own husband, a good Christian man, throwing children-all sizes and colors-into the water to drown. He put a heavy weight around their arms to hold them down- like an inner-tube made of lead, and plunged them into the water to drown more quickly. I screamed at him to stop, but he methodically continued, seemingly overwhelmed by the task of caring for these orphans who'd been abandoned, and (in his way) attempting to end their suffering. He then picked up a red can and began pouring what appeared to be gasoline into the water, to poison the water and hasten their death! At first, the drowning children looked somewhat disfigured, and were mostly black or Hispanic-looking. But soon the children being "thrown away" began to be Caucasian-looking, blond-haired, with no obvious physical deformities-- much like my own children.

"My Own Son"

Then the most horrific part of the dream occurred, and I cry and rage every time I see it. My husband grabbed our own first-born son, Aaron (age 14) and another boy approximately 4 years old, and wedged the heavy "ring of death" around them both, which held their arms down so they could not escape, and shoved them into the water. I saw the little boy coughing and screaming under the water, and watched my own son Aaron as his eyes simply closed as they began to sink. I jumped into the water and grabbed the boys from underneath, to free them from their yoke of death. As I pulled them to shore, I heard Aaron groaning and knew that he must still be alive, so I began to breathe into the little boy's mouth and give him chest compressions. He started to cough up water and cry, so my attention turned back to my own son. I shook Aaron and cried, "Aaron, are you okay?" Aaron scrambled to his feet and replied, "Yes, just get me away from him," nodding his head toward the man who'd thrown him into the water – the very person whom he'd once trusted with his life.

"Awakened from the Nightmare"

I awoke suddenly from this horrible, unimaginable nightmare, and immediately tears filled my eyes and my heart pounded-with relief, with rage, with compassion, with guilt, with a deep sadness, but also with a sense of urgency --and destiny-- like never before. I wept and prayed intermittently throughout the day, asking God the meaning of the dream, then weeping all the more as He revealed it to me, bit by bit. Here's what I understand, as I continue to pray for even more understanding:

"Spreading the Gospel?"

Before I continue, please don't misunderstand what I'm about to share. I am a professional musician and songwriter, a voice and piano teacher, and former school music teacher who has written and produced hundreds of "shows", both in schools, and church/evangelistic outreaches (utilizing music, etc.). I believe what the scripture says about "playing skillfully upon the instruments", and in presenting the Gospel with excellence, utilizing whatever talent and resources each particular situation requires. In my dream, our choir and music ministry was doing just that-what we truly felt God wanted us to do in presenting a fabulous musical outreach to the community. However, in the hoop-la and busy-ness of all our "service to the LORD", we stumbled upon the children in the obscure, crowded room. We had to stoop to even reach them, entering through an almost "half-door". It wasn't comfortable or convenient. And, like many others before us, we stepped on and right over the children, never inquiring to see how we could help their situation. It was as if we pretended they didn't exist.

"Disposable Children... to Whom?"

In the dream I believe that my husband represented the "every-day Joe Christian". Hank is a father of nine children, and a Child Welfare Supervisor, a former pastor and Navy Chaplain, a faithful church attendee, and an obvious Christian. Yet, seemingly overwhelmed with the task of so many children in need, he saw his murderous acts as "mercy-killings", since (he thought, as many of us do, even unconsciously), "We can't save them all, so why try?" And, like the deformed babies left on the beach to die, we've erroneously come to believe that "disabled" or disfigured children (or adults), particularly with a different skin color and different language, are "disposable" or less valuable than our own children. We would never admit it, and it's certainly not politically (or spiritually) correct to say such a horrid, ego-centric thing.

"Not My Child!"

We stepped over and upon the quiet children with brown skin and a strange language, huddled in a cramped room, as we went on our way doing our "Christian service". They weren't our children, we reasoned. Like the camera man filming a documentary, we watch with a mix of intrigue and sympathy -but react with apathy (by not acting), because we see the task as overwhelming, and therefore not worth the effort. Our very lack of action, however, is the fruit and evidence of what we truly believe, what we treasure -or what we devalue. If GOD, our Heavenly Father, had such an attitude, NO ONE would be saved... no, not one.

But when my OWN SON was in danger, being "disposed of" like garbage, then I sprang into action. Then I saw the urgency and necessity of immediate intervention, to stop this ongoing crime, and save these children. They were each precious in God's sight!! They were ALL called to be His, and to represent every tribe, tongue, and nation around God's throne in Heaven one day, as Revelation 5:9 tells us: "You are worthy... and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation."

"What Now?"

I found my eyes filled with tears a few hours later as I went grocery shopping. I only had $7 to spend, so I counted every penny to choose some things to last for four more days until my next paycheck. Normally, I might have felt a little sorry for myself for my "cash-flow problem", but today I only felt blessed-and guilty. As I walked through the fresh produce, I thought, "Just think how many people this much food would feed in an impoverished village! I'll have more money in four days, but they won't. My children have never gone hungry, but millions of children die of starvation. We have so much... What can I do? What do You want me to do, LORD?" I prayed for clear direction concerning what GOD was leading me to do, and also how/when/where to even share this disturbing dream.

"From Despair to Destiny"

I have no doubt that the LORD sent this dream, as I could and would never have conjured up such a horrid event. (The Word says that God will send dreams, more and more, in the last days.) I would never purposefully kill my own child, let alone another child, even a "stranger's child". But what I truly believe Jesus meant for me to see (and hopefully, those who will read or hear this) is just this: As we value the children of the world, so we will value our own children--- if we can grasp the heart of God in this matter! GOD loves them just as much... and died for their salvation, as well! (John 3:16, Matthew 28:19-20) We must go to the remote and obscure places where they cry for help-and answer the call. Isn't that where Jesus would be? He said He is... and so are we... when we meet their needs, "the least of these", in His name, by the Spirit's power, and with His life-changing love.

"The Promise (and Definition) of True Religion"

In John 14:18, Jesus told us: "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." God came to us... so we should take God to them. Matthew 25: 37-40 gives us this promise: "Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?' "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Romans 12:21 admonishes us to "Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good." I believe that James 1:27 defines and summarizes this high calling: "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

For Christ's Sake, and for all of His children worldwide, Becky Wright Aug. 2, 2010

posted by Becky Wright on 08/02/2010

Tears at Breakfast: Lizzie died 6 yrs. ago today Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I saw a package of seeds (for green beans) laying on the table this morning at breakfast, as I sipped my coffee. All of the sudden, my mind went back several years (maybe 2003?) to a time when my younger sister Elizabeth (Liz or Lizzie) was sick for weeks, and trying-- as a single mom of five young children-- to care for them while being ill. I worked full-time as a music teacher, but when I found out her dilemna, I made a home-made beef stew, snapping some beans from our own little garden, to add to the other vegetables.

I also made no-bake cookies (Liz & her kids' favorite) and took the goodies over to her house-- feeling AWFUL that she'd been so cavelier about her condition-- suffering silently, as she did much of the time-- that I didn't even know she was sick for the first two weeks. (We only lived about 10 miles apart.)

When I arrived and took the food in, Liz said with grateful, teary eyes, "That's the most 'Christian' thing anyone's ever done for me." I felt even WORSE, that apparently no one else had reached out to this single mom, none one seemed to know... But, as her SISTER, I certainly felt badly that I didn't visit her more, spend more time, etc. And, it wasn't home-made lasagna with garlic bread or even chicken fajitas... it was just a one-pot hamburger stew. Just a small step up from sandwiches, I figured. Only with home-grown green beans. :)) Hindsight...

In the middle of this 5-second flash-back sparked by the package of green bean seeds on the table, my eyes darted to the calendar on the wall... JUNE 3rd. I fell apart with sobs like I haven't had in years (well, months...)

Six years ago today Elizabeth dove into a raging river to save the life of her 9-year-old son James, who'd lost his balance in the current as he waded in to catch minnows and crawdads, while his mom and siblings were fishing. Liz was only 35 years old, home-schooled her children, to raise them as Christians, and (ironically) protect them from "the evils of th world", including from things that had happened to her as a little girl--- thus her "over-protective" nature. (She suffered some things that would make it difficult to trust anyone...)

We can't number our days... only GOD does that. No river, no disease, no terrorist or drunk driver. We MUST trust His Sovereignty... what are our choices? Live in fear everyday, or bitterness and resentment and cynicism most of the time? Or will we be comforted in God's presence, and encourage others to trust Him even when it hurts?

Lizzie knew and loved Jesus, and I have NO doubt where she is. Our dad has since joined her, just in September of 2009. She is also with the babies that she miscarried-- 3 more children to add to the five here, who are still on "this side of eternity".

Will I still cry, until Jesus comes??? OF COURSE. But my grief, OUR grief as believers, is not without hope...

Until then, thanks for your prayers. I will grieve, or rejoice, with YOU, too, my brothers and sisters.


P.S: If you haven't heard the song that Lizzie wrote (on my "No Denying" album- listen here at Indie Heaven) called "Where the Lamb WIll Be the Light"-- I invite you to. She wrote it at the age of 19, and we used to sing it together. Prophetic...

posted by Becky Wright on 06/04/2010

Mixed feeling- my kids' new Birth Certificates Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

(Reprinted from blog posted on and on )

I received my (newly adopted) children's new birth certificates today, with mixed emotions. Jeffery is now 10, and little Jaycie just turned 4. (The children came to live with us 15 months ago, a foster-adoption. Kinship for Jeffery [my biological cousin] but no biological relation for his baby half-sister.)

Once again, I felt their pain, their loss-- of the birth family who "should have" loved them and raised them, of the future that they "should have" had with the birth mother who bore them-- in a perfect world. Terribly addicted to drugs and alcohol, however, she could not continue to be their mother, at least not in a parenting role. What a terrible LOSS for (now, my) children. Their extended birth family (most from West Virginia, some from Georgia) did (and does) love them, however, and I am forever grateful for the efforts they DID show to care for my babies-- until they were mine (we live in Oklahoma).

I've made 3 different DVD's for my children's birth families, sent photos, etc., and email and call the one relative (an aunt) who still has a telephone, and internet. (Most of them have neither... which many of us cannot fathom living without.) I see the TREASURES I have in this precious boy and darling little girl, and I grieve for their birth family's great loss... it must tear at their hearts that these babies are so far away, from their hugs, their familiar ways, their kisses and laughter.

All adoption (whether a newborn, from foster care, or an orphanage- or from direct relinquishment by a family you know) involves LOSS-- on the part of many parties. What is GAIN for the new parents (and "gain" for the newly adopted children- who have a future, a hope, security, provisions, LOVE in their new home) is also a loss for the children, and for their birth families.

Believe me, my children are MINE, and before the world was created, God knew that they were MEANT to be MINE. Because He also knew the choices that their birth family would make, the addictions, the neglect, and the abuse that my children would suffer before being "plucked out of the fire" and brought to a safe place... their "forever home", our home--- their home. We are all SO BLESSED to be a family, and to have each other. NO DOUBT... only compassion and empathy for my children's losses, and that of their original family.

I've been working on Life Books for each child-- a work in progress. I'd saved a page for the new birth certificates (which, as I shared, just arrived an hour ago in my mailbox). Before that page, however, are 3-4 other pages about their birth mother, fathers (different for each child), their grandmother, cousins, and aunts that I'm aware of, and with whom most of whom I deliberately still keep contact. This is for my children... they've lost enough, hurt enough, had enough "broken connections"--- I don't want their whole history to "disappear". I just want to give them as much love -- and help for healing and understanding (and forgiving)-- as I can.

May healing come... God help us all. (I know He will, and is!)

ADDED NOTE: Adoption is a beautiful, redemptive portrait of how God adopts US, plucking and rescuing us out of a bad situation, giving us a new identity, wiping away our tears- and being with us for the tears to come... helping us heal, understand, forgive, and appreciate. He gives us a future and a hope. As a biological and now an adoptive mom, I see more and more God's multi-faceted love for us!!!

Blessings to you all. Becky Wright

posted by Becky Wright on 06/03/2010

Why on earth would you vote for me? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hello-- Becky Wright here. I've been contacted a few times from some "industry folk" that I should be "inviting my fans" to VOTE for me for some music awards I'm up for. Now, honestly, I'd rather pluck my eyebrows or clean toilets than "hounding" my fans/friends to spend 5 minutes to jump through a few hoops for me, for which they receive no "tangible return". Know what I mean?

However, I got an email from a young woman this morning, who had attended a recent concert of mine, at a tiny church of only about 30 people in attendance. After the concert, she tearfully confided in me some things about her life (concerning child abuse she'd suffered, adoption, finding Christ), and that she KNEW that she was SUPPOSED to be there that night to hear my songs and my testimony. Her email today said:

"I hope you remember me from [church name]. I was going to send you my "story" of my adoption and what happened after... I think writing it down will even touch my own mind and heart as well, but am excited that someone is interested in "me" as I have never really "belonged" anywhere; and now someone says "I want to hear your story"! Thank you, that made me feel of worth. I will be in touch soon. You take care and God bless you!!!"

A life CHANGED... HOPE restored... a heart beginning to HEAL. THAT'S why I do what I do. God taking my "mess" and making it into a "message" of hope and restoration. Reason enough.

That being said, awards tend to "open doors", like something nice on a resume. People tend to believe you might actually have something to say or share, if thousands of "fans" believe that about you. SO, I'm asking YOU to VOTE in the Agape Fest Awards, by the April 15th deadline (7 days from when I'm writing this!), and would certainly appreciate your consideration. Here's the link to sign up: (Free, of course):

Below is the "Official" press release, FYI. Also, if you live in north Texas or anywhere NEAR there, I would LOVE to meet you at the festival! (FREE for fans.) Let me know! Becky


The 9th Annual King Country Agape Fest, this year to be held in Granbury, Texas, announces its Top 5 Finalists for various awards in music and media. Becky Wright, Oklahoma singer/songwriter and 2008 Agape Fest Female Songwriter of the Year, is among the Finalists for Female Vocalist of the Year, and Female Songwriter. Christian Artists, radio & TV personnel and others are nominated. The public is urged to cast their vote for their favorites, before the April 15th deadline. Go to: to see the list of finalists and sign up to vote (online, and FREE).

The 2010 Agape Fest, sponsored by KNGR King Country Radio, takes place in downtown Granbury, TX, an hour south of Ft. Worth/ Dallas, from Wed.-Sat. June 23rd - 27th. Over 100 Christian/gospel and positive country artists from across the USA & Canada will perform at 10 restaurants and other venues around the city. The festival includes a Talent Competition, Songwriting Competition, Top 5 Awards Show (open to the public), and culminates with the Awards Show on Sat. June 27th. The festival is FREE and open to the public, and a great chance for fans to get to know the artists while they're in Texas. Those wishing to enter the Talent or Songwriting Competition may do so through the website, with fantastic prizes and opportunities (radio airplay, album production, etc.) available for the winners. See for more information. Listen 24/7 to KNGR online at

Becky Wright is a Staff Missionary of Artists in Christian Testimony, International, with home offices in Brentwood, TN. She's recorded five albums, and is currently touring the USA speaking and singing for women's ministry events, and adoption/orphan and crisis pregnancy ministry events. She resides in northeastern Oklahoma with her husband and youngest 4 children (of nine), a Cocker Spaniel and a very old cat.

posted by Becky Wright on 04/08/2010

Give Away a baby for Adoption? Hear this... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I suppose many of us might judge too quickly when we hear about a woman (and a man, often involved in the decision) who would "give up" or "give away" their baby. I've never been there, but I was ALMOST forced into that decision--- but spared by God's grace, and able to (thankfully) keep my precious baby, and go on to have 3 more babies over time. Four fine sons...:)) I also gained 3 step-children, and later adopted two more! (Yes, that's nine!!)

But for a woman who cannot raise her own baby, and give them the support, protection, healthy family environment, and other things that children need, adoption is certainly the LOVING OPTION that gives LIFE to a child, and a good conscience to a woman (and the birth father, if he is involved in this very difficult, and sacrificial, decision).

What a GIFT to give to your BABY-- the gift of LIFE, and the gift of HOPE, and the gift of a FAMILY when a birth mother (and father) lovingly select a "forever family" for their baby. What a heart-wrenching decision, what a sacrifice-- for the BEST for that baby. I can't even imagine...

I know several women (personally) who've made that decision. I also know of one in history (the mother of Moses) who had to give up her son for adoption to keep him from being murdered by a wicked king at the time (Pharoah). Ironically, her son ended up in the hands of Pharoah's own DAUGHTER!!! God certainly works in creative ways! The story does not end there... Read for yourself about Moses' amazing beginnings in Exodus chapters 1 and 2 (Holy Bible). I even recommend the animated Dreamworks movie, "The Prince of Egypt". (The music is outstanding, too!!!)

Speaking of music, I'd love for you to have a FREE song download, inspired by a friend of mine who was "relinquished" by her teenage birth mom, adopted into a Christian family, and who went on to start a world-renowned ministry called (based in Houston). She is helping now to save lives of countless babies as their birth mothers receive help and counseling to either be able to keep and raise their babies, or lovingly place them into adoptive homes-- instead of abortion. "Adoption is a choice that EVERYONE can LIVE with."

Get the new song "Act of Life" at . Click on "Redeem", and (if necessary), put in the redeem code: "life" . I'd LOVE to know what you think of the song. (This is just a simple demo; full production to come soon, as funds are provided!)

For LIFE, for all, Becky Wright

COME SEE ME HERE: Official site. Be a FAN on Facebook. Follw me on Twitter. Subscribe to my YouTube videos.

posted by Becky Wright on 02/06/2010

Success... Says Who? Strange turn of events... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'd like to think I've come full circle over the years in my definition of "success". As a mom, a wife, a Christian, and as a musician and songwriter, I always sense that yearning to be better, to do more, to go deeper, to impact more people. A friend and colleage of mine, Eric Copeland ( ) sends out an excellent newsletter (which sparked my response here) and gave me permission to reprint excerpts of it [near the bottom]. Here's to your true success!

Eric--- once again, THANKS! God's been confirming that to me in many ways lately, and I genuinely appreciate His timeliness and your honest and bold transparency in sharing this truth! I've received 3 messages over the last two weeks (on Facebook, lol) from former music students of mine (before I resigned from full-time music teaching), kids now ages 12-13. Each of them said things along the lines of, "Oh, Miss Wright, we miss you SO much! Do you remember me? You were my music teacher for (varying years). Your MUSIC and bold testimony are the reason I'm serving God today!"

These came unsolicited, from kids that weren't even "friends" on FB yet-- they just found me and wrote to me-- all in a 2-week span. I was blown away.

For over 2 1/2 yrs (after my little sister drowned in 2004), I kept praying for God to get me OUT of that job, let me be home with my kids more (my sister had left behind 5 kids ages 2-13), and of course have the time for the occasional travel involved with my music ministry, recording, etc. I didn't understand why God kept me there for so much longer, then suddenly prompted me in the middle of the year that it was time to leave, miraculously providing the appropriate (and highly qualified and very eager) replacement for my position-- which was unheard of. (And, my superintendent said they'd only let me out of my contract if this happened. I prayed SO hard! The answer was revealed in less than 24 hours!) God creatively and within 24 hours also provided another means of income (doing something I love- teaching private piano & voice lessons) so we wouldn't have to live on the street, either! (I wonder if I could feel successful living in a box... if God told me to, I suppose so!)

Another significant matter had been taken care of in the semester before I left, which helped me understand why I had to be there that long-- to "fight that battle" and win it for the students, for the future of music education, without wiping out all history of religious thought in music (like Bach, Mozart, Handel, etc.) Anyway, I didn't know that would happen in the 2 1/2 yrs. before it happened... but God did. I had to be there... it was my assignment, and my privilege, to be His instrument of truth, to set the right precedent-- "for such a time as this".

I completely agree with your assessment of "success", Eric. Being able to do what you love during the day, and still sleep at night. If I may elaborate, it also means being able to bless and serve other people with joy in that "job assignment" that you love--or even sometimes which you don't love. But being obedient in using your skills and talents, and spreading the LOVE of God within you to everyone around you-- even if you don't want to be there.

I think often of Joseph in prison for crimes he didn't commit, but he remained a BLESSING (and trusted in God- even through much anguish) while he was in that "less than desireable circumstance". God rewarded him eventually, and set him in a place of honor, ruling over all Egypt. Just for Joseph? NO, of course not. To be a further blessing, to help more people, and even to save his own (long-lost) family! WOW!

I'm sure Joseph questioned how "successful" he was, behind bars, torn from his family, a stranger in a foreign land-- many times. But I'm assuming he learned that TRUE SUCCESS-- is being in the CENTER of God's will for your life.

'Nuff said. Matthew 6:33 is one of my favorite scriptures, and has weighed heavily on my heart lately: "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these (other) things will be added unto (supplied for) you."


EXCERPTS FROM The Creative Soul Newsletter, Eric Copeland (Reprinted by permission.)

That inspired me as we all are trying to understand what God has for us in the way of success in our art.

I think it would surprise us all that we are already pretty successful.

I don't think success is having "made it". Look at the richest people ever. When did they make it? One million? Ten million? You don't think each one of those million brought it's own share of problems?

Success in music, as I have found it, is just about consistent, good work. [Becky adds: This would be true in any line of work.]

"I was made to work. If you are equally industrious, you will be equally successful." - Johann Sebastian Bach

So, the chasing of 'success' is actually kind of ludicrous isn't it? Because it comes as a result of our good WORK.

I think a more [accurate] idea would be to love what we DO. And then just - DO.

Ministry is not a popularity contest, and jockeying for position is wrong among Christ's followers. Jesus is the head of the church, and He is to have first place in everything. When you and I die to our need to be noticed, we'll fulfill an even greater need: the need for significance in God's eyes. Exchange self-importance for a life of true significance."

Maybe sometimes we do put success in our own mind ahead of success for the Lord. It's a natural human condition.

But I think if you take a good look, you're already pretty successful just doing what you do.

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." - (Psalm 1:1-3)

posted by Becky Wright on 02/01/2010

Becky Nominated Female Vocalist, Songwriter- VOTE Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Becky Wright is nominated for the 2010 King Country Agape Fest "Female Vocalist of the Year", "Female Songwriter of the Year","Outstanding Achievement", and more. We truly appreciate your VOTE at . Click "Sign Up Here" to vote (via Ballot Bin). This is the first of THREE rounds, so we appreciate you voting again in the coming weeks. (We'll let you know.)

Becky was voted the 2008 "Female Songwriter of the Year", and it has opened many doors of ministry opportunity. Thanks for your help, and partnership in this mission! The King Country Agape Fest (affiliated with KNGR Radio) is in it's 9th year, and will be held in Granbury, Texas from June 23-26th, 2010. All gospel and Christian country artist/performers and fans are welcome. (Artists must register at ; Fans may attend for FREE.)

To VOTE: (Click "sign up here" to vote. Then CHECK your EMAIL for your private ballot.)

posted by Becky Wright on 12/14/2009

36-City Tour-Becky Wright,Susie McEntire,DianaJoy Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hello, everyone! Becky Wright here. I am VERY excited to share some recent news, which will help promote adoption and foster care nationwide, in a forum that's been mostly "untapped". I've just been invited to join and perform in a 36-City Tour with Borders Bookstores across the country, with author Diana Joy, and fellow performer, Susie McEntire Luchsinger (Reba McEntire's sister)! See if we're coming near YOU!

Here are the dates scheduled so far:
(Becky Wright & Susie McEntire perform at select dates; See schedule of Becky's dates at: and Susie's dates at

1 Date Location City, State
2 11/14/09 Borders Boulder, CO
3 11/14/09 Elloit Street Collectives Denver, CO
4 11/20/09 Borders Brentwood, TN
5 11/21/09 Borders Nashville, TN
6 11/27/09 Pentimento Books Clinton, MS
7 11/28/09 Borders Flowood, MS
8 12/4/09 Borders Dillon, CO
9 12/5/09 Borders Lone Tree, CO
10 12/7/09 Borders - Town Center Las Vegas, NV
11 12/11/09 Borders - Kansas City - Northland Kansas City, MO
12 12/12/09 Borders - Overland Park Overland Park, KS
13 12/18/09 Borders - Manhattan - Wall Street New York, NY
14 12/19/09 Glendale - Atlas Park Glendale, NY
15 12/26/09 Borders - San Antonio - Basse San Antonio, TX
16 1/2/10 Borders - Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, OK
17 1/8/10 Borders - Dallas - Lovers Lane Dallas, TX
18 1/9/10 Borders - Plano Plano, TX
19 1/15/10 Borders - Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA
20 1/16/10 Borders - New Orleans New Orleans, LA
21 1/22/10 Borders - Tulsa - East 21st Tulsa, OK
22 1/23/10 Borders - Tulsa - Yale Tulsa, OK
23 1/29/10 Borders - Rapid City Rapid City, SD
24 1/30/10 Waldenbooks - Rapid City Rapid City, SD
25 2/5/10 Borders - Murray Murray, UT
26 2/6/10 Borders - Provo Provo, UT
27 2/12/10 Borders - Omaha - Midtown Omaha, NE
28 2/13/10 Borders Papillion Papillion, NE
29 2/19/10 Border - Houston - Kirby Houston, TX
30 2/20/10 Borders - Houston - Galleria Houston, TX
31 2/26/10 Borders - Washington, DC - L Street Washington, DC
32 2/27/10 Borders - Pentagon City Washington, DC
33 3/5/10 Borders - Pittsburgh - Bethel Parks Pittsburgh, PA
34 3/6/10 Borders - Pittsburgh - North Hills Pittsburgh, PA
35 3/12/10 Borders - Charlotte - North Lake Charlotte, NC
36 3/13/10 Borders - Winston - Salem Salem, NC

posted by Becky Wright on 11/08/2009

Artful Askers Grant-Writing Workshop- WOW! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I just returned from an incredible workshop in Tulsa, called Artful Askers. The guy who teaches it worked at the White House under Clinton and Bush, with Faith-based initiatives. helping funnel "donor money" (the "funders") into the hands of people who are really making a difference in their communities (including Christian or faith-based non-profits). I TRULY believe that my life will change and my ministry will be "funded" to do what I'm called to do, due in part to what God will supply-- now that I know what to do. From the website: "Philanthropy is the 'art' of connecting a cheerful giver and a grateful recipient by an 'artful' ask." NO, I do not get one CENT from telling you about this powerful knowledge-- but I just know that most of you (like me) need funding to continue this work in "music missions". [You have to BE, or BECOME, a non-profit, OR be under another non-profit, like the CIA Alliance here at Indie Heaven.] I HIGHLY an unreservedly recommend that you ATTEND one of these workshops. Go to and see where one is being planned near you. You can tell Bob Vickers that Becky Wright told you... he'll be blessed. (And, as I said, I'm not getting any remuneration or favors from this at all. I just want to share the blessing.) Be blessed!! Becky

posted by Becky Wright on 10/26/2009

URGENT: Sponsor Free CD for Pregnant Women in Need Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

URGENT Need: Sponsor a free CD of life-changing, hope-giving music for a pregnant woman in crisis (of the Methodist Mission Home in San Antonio). Your gift of $20 will give both "No Denying" (gospel album) and the 4-song preview "Heart... of Adoption" CD to a women who really needs it. Donations 100% tax-deductible, to Becky Wright/A.C.T. Intl., a non-profit 501 c(3) ministry. (Becky sings & speaks to these women on Fri. night, Sept. 25th.)

Go to to email Becky with your response. (Gifts of $25 or more will receive a tax-deductible receipt from Becky's ministry headquarters, Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl., in Brentwood, TN.)

posted by Becky Wright on 09/17/2009

Is Adopting a Child a RISK? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Jeffery turned 10 on Monday, just two days shy of our first six months together as an "adoptive family". We were already a "blended family" with seven children, the oldest five grown and out of the house, and only our two "babies" (which we thought would be our last!) left at home. This adoption of 9-year-old Jeffery and 2-year-old baby (half) sister Jaycie came as a surprise... but since Jeffery is my cousin, we knew we couldn't let them go to strangers, nor separate them. So we flew to the little coal-mining town near Charleston, WV and brought them home with us "Okies". (Okay, my husband is a "displaced Texan", and he won't let us forget it!)

Jeffery has gone from failing grades (and a school system that thought it was "hopeless" and that Jeff should be retained... AGAIN), to now making A's and B's, and he DID promote to the 4th grade, after all! Since he's been with us, he's learned to do things that should have happened long ago (as happens with many children who've been abused and/or neglected), like tying his shoes, and even blowing his nose. His self-esteem (which was non-existent before) is slowly building, and he feels LOVED and SAFE. He and Jaycie seem to find great comfort in simple routines that my other children take for granted... like family dinner at the table every night, after school and bedtime snacks every day, church on Sundays, consistent bedtimes, and even household chores and responsibilities that they never had.

Jaycie has brought us SO much joy, as well! Last night, for example, she put on her daddy's shoes, picked up the basket of silk flowers from the coffee table and put them over her left arm, with her baby doll in the right, clomping across the living room! We laughed ourselves to joyful tears, as happens almost daily with her adorable antics and creative personality and imagination. We SO often say, "What did we do to deserve this joy!??" God has blessed us immeasureably!

The waiting period of having these (foster) children in our home before we can finalize is six months. We're still waiting on WV to talk to OK and send all the necessary paperwork so we can go to court and "make this offiicial". In our hearts, it IS official! Both children use their new names with pride, Jaycie having never known her birth (last) name, anyway. I'm making "life books" for both of them, to know where they came from, who has been a part of their lives at various times (birth family, original- and eventually amended- birth certificates, etc.), how they got here, and to help them deal with all the inevitable questions and issues that we're already facing. Why did my birth mom continue using drugs, instead of taking care of me? Didn't she love me enough? Will I ever see her again? Does she think about me? All the counseling and play therapy won't undo all the pain, but we are doing all we can to help our precious children in this process. We pray that God will heal the innermost parts of their hearts and emotions, in ways that we cannot.

Is adoption a risk? You bet . So is marriage, so is having birth children, so is driving your car to the grocery store. Is it worth it? YOU BET. A million times over. I DARE you to consider it. There are 129,000 children in the USA alone who are in foster care AND in need of a permanent, loving "forever home". Could that be your home? Check my website for more information, adoption links, foster care information, GREAT books (which I'm reading and benefiting from myself), and more. http://www.beckywrightsongscom .

Becky Wright is a Singer/Songwriter and Speaker for Adoption & Foster Care events across the USA. Her newest album, "Heart of Adoption" is being recorded in Nashville, and the first two songs are OUT on several hundred radio stations. Hear or download music at:

posted by Becky Wright on 08/29/2009

NEW- Adoption Duet w/11-yr-old! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The brand new ADOPTION song is HERE! "Thank You for Giving Me a Chance" was recorded in Nashville months ago, produced by Robert Jason (Reba McEntire, Oak Ridge Boys, Barry White), and co-written by Jason and Becky Wright. The phenominal voice talents of 11-yr-old Carrigan Bradley and Becky Wright combine on this upbeat duet. Carrigan Bradley, former voice and piano student of Wright, performs nightly at the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson, MO. Here the new song, along with the previous release "Call Me Loved", exclusively at

Both songs, along with a total of 12 songs, are from the upcoming "Heart of Adoption" album. The album, along with Becky Wright's concert tour, benefits adoption, foster care, and pro-life organizations nationwide, with particular emphasis on finding adoptive homes for the 129,000 "legal orphans" in the USA who are in foster care, and awaiting adoption by their "forever family". Becky's tour includes performing and keynote speaking in several states this fall, including Louisville, KY, El Paso, TX, San Antonio, TX, Tucson, AZ, Oklahoma City, OK, and tentative appearances in Washington, D.C., North Carolina, South Dakota, San Diego, Maine, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Contact Becky through her website at: . Scheduling through Lee Porter (Aspiring Mark Agency, Nashville), Email: ( )

posted by Becky Wright on 08/18/2009

Adoption Turned My World Upside Down- I'm so GLAD! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Jeffery's father was my uncle, but he (so sadly-- for all of us) died only four weeks before his only child (little Jeff) was born in 1999. His mother (who was my aunt by marriage), a grieving widow about to give birth to her only child, was distraught with grief, as one can imagine. We didn't know about her drug habit or alcohol abuse... but they both skyrocketed after her husband's death. Without Christ, who has any hope, any comfort?

Nine years later, after not seeing little Jeffery since he was barely walking, I saw my "long-lost cousin" once more, in West Virginia, where he'd been raised, partly by his mother, then in foster families, then with his grandmother who was dying of lung cancer... although we didn't know it when we visted Jeff, and his baby (half) sister, Jaycie, one summer day in 2008. Five months later (after no contact for five months) we received a shocking phone call from West Virginia-- Jeffery and Jaycie's grandmother had died- ONE DAY before HER adoption of the children would have finalized, and now they were available for adoption again. We knew what we had to do...

The children came to live with us exactly 3 months ago TODAY (as I write, on May 26, 2009), and their lives--- and ours--- have changed immeasureably since then! Jeffery came with all D's and F's on his report card in WV, and letter from the school that he would have to repeat 3rd grade this fall. My husband and I were determined that would NOT be allowed to happen. It was exactly 34 days (but who's counting) before we had a night with "no tears" during homework time with Jeffery. (Sometimes I WANTED to cry!!) But now, his report card showed FIVE A's and TWO B's !!! Nothing lower! And he IS going to 4th grade! Jeffery has also learned simple things now (that we take for granted that 9-yr-olds should know), like how to tie his shoes, and even how to blow his nose.... no one had ever taught him. His SHAME is slowly disappearing, and he is enjoying being a little boy-- and not having to "be the parent", find his own food, or "take care of" the adults who should be caring for HIM. You should hear him laugh... priceless!

Jaycie has a mommy and a daddy for the first time, and LOVES playing and laughing!! She also plays the PIANO multiple times a day (a child after my own heart!!!) and SINGS all day long! When she first arrived, she had some "strange" fears about numerous things, which over the last 3 months have VANISHED! She is happy and SO MUCH FUN to be with! These children have brought us SO MUCH JOY, I cannot even describe the depth of it. And to know what they came from... and things I can't even mention here that they've suffered... I am in AWE of God's mercy and providence and BLESING (for US, and for the kids) to bring them into our family!!! SO MUCH like God adopts US, making us a part of HIS family, delivering us from the hellish and hopeless life we formerly lived in... THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

We thought that seven children (his, mine, ours, 5 grown up- 2 still at home) was "quite enough", but God had other plans to BLESS US (and bless the children) that we never imagined. God's ways ARE higher than ours, and His thoughts so much higher (and better) than ours. Ask God today what HE wants for your life... because it's not "yours" anyway. You'll find JOY unspeakable, I promise. Every rose bush has it's thorns, but aren't the roses worth it? Blessings to YOU this year!! Becky Wright

Adoption & Foster Care events are planned all over the USA in the coming months. Stay tuned to the Tour at . Contact for Bookings, Interviews, or Product orders at: [Have you seen the new ABC TV Adoption Commercial for the NW Arkansas Heart Gallery, using Becky's song? Go to to see it now!]

posted by Becky Wright on 05/26/2009

NEW Adoption Album- 1st Song Up- Hear & RATE plz Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Becky Wright, Female Songwriter of the Year ('08 Agape Fest) just returned from Nashville, where she recorded the first two songs of "The Heart of Adoption" CD, which will benefit adoption and crisis pregnancy minisries nationwide. Renowned producer, Robert Jason (Reba McEntire, Disney, Oak Ridge Boys, Coca-cola, other credits) is extremely excited about this life-changing project, and is donating much of his time and talent to the recording.

Hear (and RATE) the first song, "Call Me Loved"!

Go to:
"View Other Charts" - Select "ADULT CONTEMPORARY" in dropdown menu, then "View".
Scroll down to "Call Me Loved" (Becky Wright); Click on song to PLAY, then RATE (hopefully with FIVE stars!)


Download the song at and help raise the funds to complete the album!!

Becky Wright Ministries
A Ministry Dept. of Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl. (A Non-profit 501 c3 Ministry based in Brentwood, TN . )

posted by Becky Wright on 09/11/2008

Saved from TORNADO on Tour!!! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

God has been speaking to me during all the preparations for this music mission trip we're calling the "East Coast & New England Concert Tour", that He was going to "show me His glory" in this trip! In the last--minute provisions/open doors before we left, to things He's done since we left only 72 hrs. ago, He is DOING JUST THAT!!

We left Oklahoma on Thur. morning (June 19th), heading northeast through Missouri. Passing through Springfield with light rain beginning, we began to see cars pulled over on the side of the turnpike-- MANY cars, but we didn't know why. The rain got very hard, wind blowing, and visibility (and driving speeds) reduced drastically. Then the National Weather Service came on the radio with warnings of TORNADOES (already spotted), and large HAIL (golf-ball to BASEBALL size) imminent, warning travelers to get OFF the road. Then SIRENS began sounding, and we were all very scared! My husband (as I was PRAYING constantly) felt compelled to keep going-- even though the warnings told him otherwise. Little did we know (until a few minutes later, 5 miles past that first warning) that since we kept GOING (at the Lord's prompting, we believed), we actually drove OUT of harm's way JUST in time! The radio reported that a TORNADO HIT GROUND at the VERY intersection we drove through exactly FIVE MINUTES after we drove past that very spot! Had we pulled over... (thank You, God!!!)

Ahhhh.... blue skies and sunshine! On to the St. Louis Arch (although I'm afraid of heights) for some incredible views, then on to Evansville, IN at the Internet Cafe, with Days of Noah, David Vornhagen, Jaime Thietten (Indie Heaven 2007 Female Vocalist of the Year), and Becky Wright (yours truly) headlining. A JOINT WORSHIP time with all of us with JESUS (the Holy Spirit) CENTER STAGE! WOW!!

Friday we headed on east, crossing through beautiful Kentucky! (Check out the giant MOTH we saw! Never seen one like it in my LIFE!) Then on to Charleston, WV for two days (where I'm writing from), and the beauty of the mountains, rivers, MANY bridges, architecture and historic monuments (and a few houses I'd love to live in!) just keeps getting better as we travel! Had a GREAT time with the new "family" at Valley Christian Center in Charleston, and God really moved!

TOMORROW... Washington, DC!!! (Staying in Alexandria, VA), then on to Waynesboro, PA for Wed. & Thur. night, with Kerensa Gray, who's organized the Songwriting Workshop I'm teaching at Adventures in Coffee. (Still time to register... ) if you're anywhere near Waynesboro, PA, northern MD or VA... come see us!!

We'll be in Troy, NH on June 27th; Maine on 28th with Margaret Becker, 29th in Portland, ME, OPEN after that as we head south/southwest!!! Email me if you want to host our family [lodging] or host Becky in CONCERT as travel back from Maine to Oklahoma!!

Check out the photos as soon as they're up. (Okay-- we're all in one hotel room, and everyone wants to go to bed... so I'm off for now.) SAFE in GOD'S LOVING HANDS, Becky Wright and family

posted by Becky Wright on 06/22/2008

East Coast & New England Tour - We leave in 38 hrs Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

God is taking us places we never dreamed (spiritually, and geographically)!! My family leaves on Thur. morning (June 19th) for the east coast & New England for a 14-state tour, a little sight-seeing, fellowship with believers around the country (and hopefully, and certainly, touching lives of people who DON'T know Jesus... YET). Check out the entire tour under my "Events" tab. Keep us in your prayers!! Thanks to Kerensa Gray (Waynesboro, PA) and Karen Long (Evansville, IN, where I'll be performing with Jaime Thietten opening!) and a few others for capturing this vision with me to make it happen. The LORD has been working in EVERY step, fulfilling HIS plan that was ordained before the foundations of the world-- causing me to walk in the steps ("good works") that He planned long ago. WOW!!! He does that for each of His children!

Here's a few stops along the way:

Thur. June 19th .... St. Louis area (just stopping over, to find lodging for the night)
Fri. June 20th.... Evansville, IN - The Internet Cafe (Jaime Thietten, others opening; Becky Wright headlining)-Donations
Sun. June 22nd.... Charleston, WV ... Valley Christian Assembly 6 p.m. Dinner, 7:00 CONCERT (Love Offering)
Mon. - Wed..... ??? Washington, D.C./ Virginia, Maryland area (God is still opening doors... even this morning!)
Thur. June 26th... Waynesboro, PA... SONGWRITING Workshop by Becky Wright (LIMITED seating. Register at $20 in advance by June 24th, $25 on June 25th/26th)
Fri. June 27th... Troy, NH ... The Power Station (coffeehouse).... 7 p.m. Concert (Love offering)
Sat. June 28th.... Windham, Maine ....His Gifts & Presence Festival with MARGARET BECKER, Becky Wright, others
4:30 - 9:00 p.m. TICKETS:
Sun. June 29th... Portland, Maine... Clark Memorial United Methodist Church 9:30 a.m. (Love Offering)
Sun. June 29th... (evening service--- OPEN/availalbe; Maine, NH, southern VT, MA, CT, or southeast NY) CONTACT us if you want to host us...
Mon. June 30th... headed south/ southwest toward home (Oklahoma); May stop in Fairdale, WV to stay Mon. night
Tue. July 1st ..... Still headed west.... passing through KY, TN, etc. We'll stop if invited!!! And, if you bring FOOD, haha!
Wed. July 2nd... Same as above....:))
Thur. July 3rd.... Home, sweet home!! And we'll rejoice over God's great work during this "Music Mission Trip"!!!

posted by Becky Wright on 06/17/2008

Imperials & Becky- RADIO Commercial in "New Music" Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The 60-second radio spot announcing The Imperials with Becky Wright concert (on April 13th in Muskogee, OK) is UP now, under "New Music". Listen and tell me what you think!!! God is amazing...

posted by Becky Wright on 04/05/2008

Favorite Imperials song??? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I can think of several... do you remember these?? I was most familiar with The Imperials during the Russ Taff years, and some in the Paul Smith years (but I still followed and loved Russ Taff during his subsequent solo career). I remember the first time I saw The Imperials in concert at the ORU Mabee Center in Tulsa as a teenager, and being SHOCKED that Russ Taff was WHITE!!!! Haha!!! I thought only black people could sing that good, lol!!! No joke! It gave me great hope.... :))

Okay, here's just a few of mine. Tell me yours!!

Praise the Lord (He can work through those who praise Him...)
Ole' Buddah (okay-- certainly not politically correct-- but GREAT truth!)
Sail On (oh, so singable and encouraging!)
Bread Upon the Water (also very encouraging)
One More Song for You
Heed the Call

We Will Stand (okay-- not Imperials, but Russ Taff... STILL love it!)

What songs do you remember, and still love??

OH-- The Imperials NEW music is just as good! Check out "Big God", which plays at their site...

And, if you're near northeastern Oklahoma, come to the Muskogee First Baptist concert on Fri. April 11th, with The Imperials, and yours truly opening!!! Becky Wright

posted by Becky Wright on 03/13/2008

Opening for The Imperials!! I never dreamed THIS! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I went to their concerts as a teenager, and sang along with Russ Taff on "We Will Stand", and on "Praise the Lord", and on "Old Buddah" and MANY other Imperials songs!!! Now, through God's providence and blessing, I will be opening for them on April 11th in Muskogee, Oklahoma! (First Baptist Church) What normally would have taken 6-12 months to plan is coming together in only DAYS! It is TRULY God's blessing and guidance and favor (faith and works, cooperating together-- covered by His grace and Sovereign hand of favor) to make this happen! DON'T MISS this FREE concert! (Love offering received). Thanks also to some of the sponsors that have come on board to help, including The Blessing Chrisitan Bookstore in Muskogee, Able Copy Shop in Tahlequah, KEOK Gospel Gold 1350 am Radio in Tahlequah/ Muskogee/ Ft. Gibson, and others to be named in the coming days.

posted by Becky Wright on 02/29/2008

STAGE Fright-- Question from Fan Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

How do you get up the guts to sing on stage? I have always been told I have a good voice and I took lessons...but I can not get over my stage fright. I love to sing and I keep wondering if God might be calling me to sing. W e just moved.... and are going to a great church with great music, but I cannot get up the nerve to... make the step... I love singing! What should I do? (C.D. in Oklahoma, Feb. 2008)

Hey, Chelsea!! Great to hear from you. I know exactly how you feel, and I used to feel PETRIFIED! I was so worried about what people thought, and what they'd think if I messed up, or if I broke out in hives (which I STILL break out in hives-- frequently-- and it's visible from the back of the room-- no joke!!). I also used to think (and was somewhat wrongly taught-- by ignorant, legalistic people) that doing my "best" was "showing off". It didn't occur to me until later in adulthood, that doing my BEST was what God was WORTHY of, because HE gave HIS best, and because HE IS GOD, and the Creator, Who GAVE me these gifts, and that I was being ungrateful, fearful (which is a sin), prideful (in an ironic self-humiliating way-- for FEAR of being prideful, lol!!)... when I did NOT sing or play my best--- for fear of what MAN thought. HOW I played or sang was not as important as WHY I sang or played that way--- whether it was mediocre (simple, holding back- not meant in a negative way), or excellent (pulling out all the stops, bringing the house down!). MOTIVE was, and is, everything. The most humble offering with a sincere heart is a GREAT treasure to God-- NOT a polished performance filled with self-pride. Know what I mean?

So, it all comes down to, after suffering through my dissertation, to WHY you want to sing. Will you still feel scared, and inadequate?? Frequently. Just pray, as I usually do, that you will be "emptied of yourself" and "filled with the Holy Spirit", that HE would glorify HIMSELF through your singing, testimony, crying, falling apart, hyperventilating (well, I hope not...) or WHATEVER happens. And DON'T WORRY about what people think!!! Guard your HEART, and therefore your MOTIVES, step out in FAITH and OBEDIENCE, and only fear GOD! Only seek HIS approval-- an audience of ONE, so to speak!!! If you please Him, HE will use you mightily. Hope this helps.

posted by Becky Wright on 02/27/2008

COUNTRY Artist-- Becky Wright?? (Momentum Awards) Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

COUNTRY Artist of the Year- Becky Wright?? (Momentum Awards)

So often, God¡¦s plan is quite different from our own. (Big shock! ƒº) In the final preparation days before recording my last album, I prayerfully sought the LORD¡¦s will for exactly which, and what type (genre) of songs HE wanted on this album. Forget the ¡§rules¡¨ (of genre, image, etc.) and sing ¡V and write¡Xwhat GOD wanted me to record. In the end, God sent the song ¡§Billy¡¦s Train¡¨ (a folky-country, Alison Krauss/ early Dolly Parton style ballad, story song). The refrain came COMPLETE in a dream only days before my final song selection, every word, music, harmony, guitars (which I don¡¦t even play)¡K and a train whistle (which didn¡¦t make it into album production!).

Only God knew that ¡§Billy¡¦s Train¡¨ would be my second release to radio, and climb to #27 (as of Dec. 2007, Power Source Magazine, Top 100 Christian Country Songs). Only God knew that since the album (¡§No Denying¡¨) release in June 2006, I¡¦ve been thrust into several mainstream (aka ¡§secular¡¨) musical settings, opening for major country stars like Bryan White (¡§Rebecca Lynn¡¨, ¡§I¡¦m Not Supposed to Love You Anymore¡¨, ¡§Something to Talk About¡¨), Jamey Johnson (The Dollar, Honky tonk Bedonkadonk [writer], Give It Away- CMA Song of the Year), and Nashville Star¡¦s Jason Meadows (18 Video Tapes, 100% Cowboy).

Only God knew that ¡§Billy¡¦s Train¡¨, this story of a father passing on his bible¡Xand his faith in God¡Xto his son, would bring so many testimonies of both comfort¡K and conviction, turning people¡¦s thoughts toward eternal matters. (It is currently playing on several hundred stations worldwide, Christian country, southern gospel, and mainstream country.)

On KBCU¡¦s ¡§Rockin¡¦ Ron¡¦s Songs of 2007 Countdown, aired live on Dec. 31st, a listener in the chat room called ¡§Billy¡¦s Train¡¨ the ¡§Song of 2008¡¨.

Country artist? Not my plan¡K but GOD¡¦S plan. Inspirational and contemporary artist? Yes, and all that, too! His ways are higher than ours, and strangely wonderful (albeit perplexing at times). I choose, by His grace, to EMBRACE His plan. I don¡¦t need another trophy. But awards open doors--- and that, we ALL need! LORD, expand my borders of influence for YOUR name and YOUR fame!!! For YOU alone are worthy!

I would be honored and humbly grateful for your voting consideration for ¡§COUNTRY Artist of the Year¡¨. Becky Wright

Vote by Jan. 31st at:

posted by Becky Wright on 01/06/2008

Becky Nominated w/Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Oklahoman Becky Wright Nominated With Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Dottie Rambo, For Music Awards

KNGR King Country Radio (Daingerfield, TX) Announces Nominees for 2008 FAN APPRECIATION AWARDS, including 2006 'Duo of the Year' Winner, Becky Wright

Becky Wright, inspirational singer/songwriter from northeast Oklahoma, is named among such gospel and country music icons as Dottie Rambo, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Susie Luchsinger, Ricky Skaggs, Martina McBride, and others for several music awards. The public is urged to cast their votes for this first round BEFORE Jan. 18th, by going to and following the link to VOTE (free). Voters may return for the Semi-final Voting Round after Jan. 18th to vote for the Top 5 in each category. The winners will be announced at the 8th Annual Agape Fest Fan Appreciation Awards Show, to be held Sat. May 31st in Jefferson, TX.

The Agape Fest, which originally began in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area several years ago before moving to east Texas, will host over 100 Christian Country, Gospel, Contemporary, Inspirational, and Positive Country artists for four days of live performances around the historic city of Jefferson, TX ( Artist workshops, a talent competition, and family-friendly day and nightly entertainment will highlight the week. Artists who wish to participate in the festival and/or talent competition, and interested fans, may visit for more information. Vendors may call KNGR Radio ( ) at (903) 645-4325 for pricing & booth availability.

FREE to the public, the festival is expected to draw in excess of 10,000 visitors and gospel and country music fans from May 28th-June 1st, 2008. The event culminates in the Awards Show on Saturday, which will be later broadcast on television. The vision of the King Country Agape Fest is "to spread the AGAPE (unconditional) love of Jesus around the world, and to support the artists in gospel and country music who share in that mission."

Becky Wright won "Duo of the Year" with Tommy Brandt in 2006 (for "Child of My Heart"), and was a Top 5 Finalist for the Female Horizon Award in 2006 & 2007. She would appreciate your consideration for the following categories in which she has been nominated for 2008:

Female Vocalist of the Year
Female Horizon Award
Female Songwriter of the Year
Favorite Christian Country Song: "Billy's Train"
Award of Outstanding Achievement

Wright is most noted for her adoption song, "Child of My Heart", and performs around the country at various public and private adoption events. In November (National Adoption Month), she performed for the State of Oklahoma, Hope Ministries, and Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), Texas. February 9th, 2008, Wright will perform for the Premiere of the NW Arkansas Adoption Coalition near Fayetteville, AR, and in September for the annual conference of in Charlotte, NC.

Wright's current single, "Billy's Train", has catapulted up music charts, landing at #27 in the December issue of Power Source Magazine (Top 100 Christian Country Songs), and receiving rave reviews from radio D.J's, fans, and Christian Music Weekly. It is the second release from her 2006 CD, "No Denying", produced by Grammy & Dove Award-winning Dave Moody, owner of Lamon Records in Charlotte, NC. Becky is a Staff Missionary of Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl, a non-profit organization based in Nashville, TN. She is also a member of Indie, the premier online site for independent Christian music artists.

Wright's 2008 Concert Tour includes churches, festivals, coffeehouses, and more, and is expanding through the Midwest USA, New England, and Canada. Scheduling information is available through the official website, . [High resolution photo link: ]

posted by Becky Wright on 12/29/2007

FREE Gifts for Christmas! (More Meaningful?) Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey, ya'll!! If you're like me (with our 8 kids now!), Christmas budgets can be a stresser. If you own a computer (and printer), which you probably do or you wouldn't be reading this, here's some GREAT ideas for TRULY meaningful gifts-- at Christmas or otherwise. Schedules are hectic, budgets are tight. Dust bunnies build as bills pile up... here is a little relief. These gifts are all FREE (except the cost of paper & ink on your printer... or they could be done by HAND with crayons, paint, markers, stickers, etc.)

--Gift Certificate for 1 Free Kitchen Sweeping Job with a Joyful Attitude! (Or mopping, washing dishes-- even the "big ones" that mom or dad usually have to do)
--Gift Certificate for House Dusting with a Happy Face! (or vacuuming, any chore that needs done)
--Gift Certificate (from an ADULT, or a teenager who is mature enough) for 2-4-Hour Babysitting for a "Couples Night Out"
--Gift Certificate for KIDS COOK DINNER night (You may or may NOT let them plan the menu alone!)
--Gift Certificate for (oh-- my dad LOVED this one) a FOOT WASHING, lotion massage, etc. (Okay-- he usually had to pay me 25 cents... but with inflation who knows HOW much that could be!? And I only did it when I was LITTLE-- you have to love your daddy/mommy VERY much to do this! SPOUSES could offer THIS gift, too!!! :))
--Gift Certificate for "Mom's Day Off", "Dad's Day Off", or "Kevin's Day Off" (or Night Off), where the gift-giver does the normal tasks/chores of the receipient for that day, and they can have FREE TIME. (Siblings, parents, children can all do this.)
--Gift Certificate for "Work for Grandma/Grandpa for 1 Hr." (or however long is appropriate)
--"Free Dog Bath" (or Dog/Cat Sitting, Walking, etc.)
--Free Leaf Raking, Lawn Mowing, Garage cleaning, porch/patio/sidewalk Sweeping, Snow Shoveling, etc.
--Free Book Reading (Read a book OUT LOUD, especially for older neighbor or relative)-- add hot chocolate, coffee, or tea & cookies to your special time! Any child of reading age could do this.
--FREE CHRISTMAS Sing-Along Concert (Needs no "certificate"-- just coordinate with your local nursing home, hospital, hospice center, women's shelter, jail/prison, school, kids club, etc.)

Certainly, it is easier and quicker to buy something at the Stuff-Mart (have you seen Madame Blueberry and Veggietales? Very convicting!), but the gift of OURSELVES, our GIFTS, our TALENT-- our LOVE and TIME-- is most precious. It costs NOTHING (that money can measure)-- but it means EVERYTHING.

Have a Christ-filled Christmas!!! Becky Wright

posted by Becky Wright on 12/07/2007

Write About Jesus confernence- WOW (a MUST-do!) Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I just returned from St. Charles, Missouri (near St. Louis) for my first Write About Jesus Workshop. A 3-day conference where 300 Christian songwriters meet with, learn from WRITE WITH, perform before (well-- the alumni get to perform) some of the TOP and most FAMOUS names in Christian music. Writers of "Will You Be the One", "Once Upon a Cross", and writers for AVALON, Sandi Patty, Point of Grace, Barlow Girl, MANY others you would know. GREAT CLASSES, GREAT, close-up one-on-one times of REALLY getting to know these folks for the "normal" folks that they are, of course!

As great as it was (and I'm definitely hooked for life, and will go back EVERY year, LORD willing), the GREATEST moments were the CORPORATE WORSHIP TIMES. Sounds like my favorite part of the CIA Summit, too!!! :))

posted by Becky Wright on 10/23/2007

ADOPTION Song comforts Russion orphan girl Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

God is amazing. (I could just stop at that!) I ljust earned this week that my adoption song, "Child of My Heart", has been used numerous times already by , a non-profit agency in Illinois, (with conferences nationwide) at their various adoption-related conferences, etc. I got a testimony this morning from an adoption worker (with ATTACH) who has played the song numerous times for a precious little girl. She wrote: "One girl (whose birth mom was murdered in Russia) was really touched as she feels her birth mom went to heaven and arranged the adoption. Bless her and you."

I also received a PHONE CALL from country star, Wayne Warner (adoptive dad) this week, because he heard "Child of My Heart" and WROTE me this message: "I admire your work. Please add me as a friend." WOW!! Wayne wrote and produced "God Bless the Children" in 2005, using an all-star country cast to record the song and the video, to increase adoption awareness. (God bless YOU, Wayne! Can't wait to work with you!)

STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN, Todd Agnew, Sandy Patti, Geoff Moore, and Becky Wright. What do these artists have in common? They're all on a 10-song adoption CD called "The Spirit of Adoption" (released 9/06, Streator, IL). Get your copy at . (God's doing!)

The Dept. of Human Services in Oklahoma, as well as numerous private adoption agencies, and NOW the Arkansas Adoption Coalition, are also using the song, and scheduling me for events around these states.

GOD'S WAYS ARE HIGHER THAN OUR WAYS, and His THOUGHTS HIGHER than our thoughts! I never would have dreamed... And NOW, many people who do NOT know GOD, are hearing about Him through an adoption song. This was NOT MY PLAN-- but HIS!! To God be the glory! Becky

P.S: "Child of My Heart" (in it's entirety!) can now be heard on the Indie Heaven Fan Faves Chart here:

posted by Becky Wright on 09/27/2007

#2 Most Adds on Christian Music Weekly... so?? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I just learned that my new single, "Billy's Train" (the most 'country'/folky song on my 2006 album, No Denying) had the #2 Most Adds (to various reporting radio stations) on Aug. 29th's Christian Music Weekly Chart. I was thrilled! A dj from Tulsa (KCFO, am 970, Christian music) called me AND emailed me to give me the news. He REVIEWED the song three weeks ago in the CMW, and many more dj's picked it up after his (nice) review!

I AM grateful, truly. However, I've learned not to get TOO excited. Being on an Indie Heaven chart is ALSO very exciting, but NO chart (or lack of it) defines our success as Christian indies. Frankly, I've not received ONE booking from a chart position, and possibly only 2 sales-- just because someone saw me on a chart-- or ACTUALLY, because they heard the song on a RADIO station. Even radio play does NOT guarantee SALES or get you BOOKINGS. They DO help, though, but ONLY if they're coupled with WORK on my part/your part to MAKE the calls, MAKE the connections, and get the bookings the old-fashioned way.

Charts (and even radio play) are like compliments-- they make you feel good, but they don't put roast beef (or bologna, lol!) on the table. Like Keith says, 'Keep up the faith-work.' Becky

posted by Becky Wright on 09/04/2007

Tired- just want to be "normal"-- you?? Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I'm sure most of you feel this way, or similar-- maybe you're not a wife OR a mom-- or perhaps your a husband and/or dad. Lately, so much has been going on with my family, finances, school starting back (for kids), gaining a new child (guardianship of my niece, oldest daughter of my sister who died three years ago)-- you know-- REAL family stuff. My son was injured in the Army, and is coming home in two weeks-- for good! Helping him find a house... real family issues. It helps put EVERYTHING in perspective. At moments, I couldn't care LESS when my next "gig" is, or where, or opening for whom, lol!! In moments like that, it doesn't seem to matter that there are boxes of CD's (for sale) stacked in the bedroom upstairs. I don't want to check my email, because then there's just more WORK to do!

Lately, I want to just clean my house, do methodical things that don't require much thought, or emotional input, or stress (like concerts, bookings, corresponding with people), but simple things that produce a feeling of accomplishment-- with an immediate return. For example: Dust the china buffet and the dishes on it, and it's DONE in 20 minutes and you feel better! Sweep and mop the kitchen, clean three bathrooms. Quick turn-around, no financial gamble, no WAITING on people's answers or rejections, or worrying about sales or if the travel expenses will even be covered. Spend 10 minutes at the piano teaching and listening to my 9-yr-old play. Sheer ENJOYMENT of music, with NO STRINGS, no PRESSURE to "perform", dress up, play any "roles", or stand on any pedastals that "fans" put you on. No facades, no masks. Just SERVING my family out of love, and LOVING IT!!!

Okay, I'm tired. I'm GLAD that I don't have gigs scheduled for October. The most IMPORTANT "gig", assignment from the LORD, is our FAMILIES (humanly speaking). Right below our personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. LORD, let my priorities be in order-- and pleasing to YOU! THIS is my FIRST assignment! Everything else can wait....

Your thoughts? Love to hear... Becky

posted by Becky Wright (bwsongs) on 08/10/2007

48 Hrs. Left- PLEASE VOTE! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Tuesday May 15th is the deadline to vote for the 2007 Agape Fest Awards. I would VERY much appreciate your vote at . I (Becky Wright) am in the Top 5 Finalists for "Female Horizon Award", and it would open a lot of ministry doors if I were to win. Thank you SO MUCH for your help! My success is YOUR success, and the LORD'S-- and for His GLORY!! So THANK YOU for your partnership in spreading the gospel through music and testimony in this manner. He sees, He knows, even if no one else does. For His glory, Becky

P.S: I've been invited to PERFORM at the Agape Fest Awards Show (by invitation only), Sat. June 2nd, in Hughes Springs, TX, at the downtown Amphitheatre! I will be performing the adoption duet, "Child of My Heart", with Tommy Brandt, who is a Top 5 Finalist in several award categories. Dozens of artists will be performing around town for the 3-day festival. Ya'll come to northeast Texas and join us!! (Free for the public.)

Fellow Indie Heaven artist, Shelly Wilson, will be showcasing at various venues, too!!! It's SUCH a BLAST, it's become an annual family get-away for us. Come join the fun.... Love, Becky

posted by Becky Wright on 05/13/2007

Chick Chat Radio Feature/ Mamapalooza- FINAL VOTE Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

"There are many ways to become a mother... by blood, or by heart. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by surprise-- but ALWAYS by God's blessing and providence! "(Becky Wright)

Becky and her adoption song, "Child of My Heart" was the feature of a MAMAPALOOZA Radio Feature on Monday May 7th, which aired live on the nationally syndicated "Chick Chat Radio", who've been featured on the Fox News Channel. What was Becky doing at age nine in a Tulsa shopping mall? How did she marry "Mr. Right"? All these questions and much more interesting trivia are included! Listen to or download the podcast at .

Hope Ministries "Adoption & Foster Parenting Symposium" will be held Sunday May 20th at CrossPointe Church in Norman, OK. The conference is from 3:00-8:00 p.m., and includes DINNER and child care - ALL FREE to the public. PRE-REGISTER by calling (405) 329-0823. BECKY WRIGHT, contemporary Christian recording artist, will give a 30-minute CONCERT, featuring her award-winning adoption song, at 5:30 to Conference attendees.

VOTE FOR BECKY: Becky Wright is a Top 5 Finalist for the "Female Horizon Award" of the Texas-based Agape Fest Fan Appreciation Awards, held in Daingerfield/Hughes Springs, Texas every June. FANS may VOTE for her BEFORE May 15th at . She and Tommy Brandt, who won the "Duo of the Year" title in 2006 with "Child of My Heart", have been invited to PERFORM at the Agape Fest Awards Show, which will be held June 2nd. This year's festival will feature a "Country Night" on June 1st, with Stella Parton headlining. Becky and Tommy are also both "celebrity judges" for the Gospel Talent Contest of the Agape Fest, held on May 31st. Dozens of Christian Country and Gospel artists will be performing at various venues during the Agape Fest, which is FREE and open to the public. More info is available at , or at .

Riverside Country in New Brunswick, CANADA, featured Becky in an interview which poignantly speaks to Christians, Christian artists, or ministers in particular. Frustrated with where you are? Grieving with heartache? Does God see, hear, or care? Be encouraged as you listen (approx. 10 min.) at: (April 7th issue)

OK Mozart, the renowned international music festival held annually in Bartlesville, OK (just north of Tulsa), welcomes BECKY WRIGHT to the Bartlesville Community Center, Community Hall stage on Sunday June 10th. Says festival coordinator, Tina Autry, "We are very excited to welcome an artist of Becky Wright's caliber to our festival. She is a perfect fit for the 'spiritual emphasis' of our Sunday Showcase Events." The concert is from 2:00-3:00 p.m., and tickets are $5, and available by calling (918) 336-9800, or online at

2007 Tour Dates span cities across Oklahoma including Ft. Gibson, Frederick, Tulsa, Broken Bow, Norman, Midwest City, and Bartlesville; Texas cities of Paris, Dallas, San Antonio, Daingerfield, and Houston, and Kansas City, MO. Becky travels to churches, festivals, retreats, schools, and conferences offering concerts, motivational speaking, and teaching (songwriting workshops, bible/testimony, talent judging, adoption, etc.) Contact her at (918) 456-2703 with booking or product inquiries, or via . Wright Ministries is a Non-profit Ministry Dept.of Artists in Christian Testimony International, Nashville, TN. (EPK) and for ALL ONLINE CD sales!!

posted by Becky- How do you become a mother? on 05/09/2007

Abandoned? Frustrated? Heartbroken? Listen to THIS Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Fellow artists (or otherwise 'artistic ministers')-- are you frustrated with where you are? Wondering why God hasn't let you do ________ or go _________ or reach _______ number of people? I face (we ALL face) the same frustrations and questions!

Has your HEART been broken, and grief overtaken you? Have you been CRUSHED by unexpected heartache and horror? Where is God? Does He see? Does He CARE!? We ALL face this! (The enemy wants us to think we're ALONE in our pain, which is his deceptive lie!)

I want my OWN pain and grief to be used for HIS glory, and therefore want you to HEAR this interview that I did last month with , a Christian radio show produced in New Brunswick, Canada, by Producer and show host, Jason Farris. God certainly directed him which part of the (edited) telephone conversation I had with him, to bring this succinct message of our loving God to YOU today-- and to ME!! God is SO FAITHFUL and AMAZING and LOVING to do that! I pray it encourages you!!

Here it is for High-speed listeners:
Here it is for Dial-up listeners:

"No pain is wasted when it's in the Master's hands." HELP ME SPREAD the Word-- HIS WORD and His hope!! I need your VOTE by May 15th for the Female Horizon Award!! THANK YOU!!! May He be FOREVER GLORIFIED!!! His servant, your sister, Becky Wright

posted by Becky Wright on 04/26/2007