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I think one of the greatest ways God encourages me is when I see Him move and touch people's lives because I am faithful to Him in my artistry. Recently, a friend of mine e-mailed me and let me know that one of her students came to a lesson really struggling about her skills and if God could use her. My friend encouraged her to sing a song that has really ministered to her. She began to sing one of my songs, "Here". As she repeated the song, God began to break off her shame and fears about singing. She has a beautiful voice! My friend just wanted me to know how powerfully God is using my songs in peoples' lives.

What a gift to hear back such encouragement. God keep using me. Please open up my heart and write new songs through me. May they bless others and encourage them. May you use them to bring mercy and remind people of how much you love them.


posted by Kate on 02/26/2010

Recap of the Last Few Months... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Hey, Friends,

It's been a crazy but productive summer and fall. I have loved watching our band just grow and get even tighter both musically and spiritually. There is a genuine support and challenge to grow. We've done a ton of different kinds of events, so that's been fun - festivals, concerts, wineries, prisons and shelters.

Probably the highlight was meeting an ex-con who had come to Christ at one of the prisons we sang and shared at. He has a huge heart for families of prisoners. Thanks to the Church - he has a good job and is able to support his family. He's counting down the months before he is able to go back in - not as a convict but as an encourager...

Jeff's still fighting MRSA but is slowly improving. He has a cold on top of it all right now, so definitely down for now. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. We love you guys,


posted by Kate on 10/24/2009

Time with my Daughter, Bethany Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I just returned from camping with my daughter, Bethany, at the OR Coast. Hard to believe a week ago I was in Nashville! It was such a great opportunity to hang with her at the beach and just really "unpack"...I was gone a good portion of her spring break, so I'm sooo glad we had this opportunity.

She has so much life, humor, questions and aspirations...I hope I can be an inspiration to her. I know she is to me...Moreso, I hope Jesus shines through me and touches her in a way that reminds her that she is treasured, loved and enjoyed.

Glad to be home,


posted by Kate White on 04/06/2009

CIA Summit Rocked! Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

It was sooo great to meet so many of you at the CIA Summit this past week. The sessions were amazing as were the showcases! I was able to get a lot of clarity in terms of where I am at as an artist and what some of my next steps will be. I also had a great orientation to Artists In Christian Testimony, Intl. I think they will be an excellent fit for me.

Blessings to all,


posted by Kate on 04/03/2009

This letter from a fan made me cry... Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

The song "Here"

"I'm not sure if this letter will ever really reach Kate White, but I'm hoping that it will and if it does, thank you for your beautiful music. A year and a half ago I lost my dad. I was daddy's little girl and this was a very difficult time for me, and it still is. At the time, both my mom and dad were in the hospital. Not the same hospital...different ones, which meant they couldn't be together. I stayed with my dad 24/7 as that is what both my mom and I wanted. Finally a few days before he passed away, I was able to get my mom moved to be with him. When my dad passed on, I was the one who planned his services. Everything had to be just right. One of the biggest things for me was the music. It couldn't be just "any song", because my dad wasn't just any dad...he was my dad, and it had to be the "perfect song". I wanted a song with a lot of meaning, a song that described how I was feeling and the song "Here" was just that song. I had heard it on a Christian radio station a few days before my dad went to be with the Lord, and knew right away that was the song I wanted. Someone I know had a copy of the CD and let me use it for the service. What a beautiful song it was. I myself do not have a copy of your CD, but someday I hope to be able to get one.

Thank you so much for making what was a very emotional time in my life a very special time. Your music is beautiful."

God Bless,


I just got this a few minutes ago from my myspace account. It made me cry...This sums up sooo well why I do what I do. I am so grateful that God continues to use me. He is so good. To all my other artist friends. Be encouraged. You never know how much your heart and music are making a difference in other peoples' lives...


posted by Kate on 03/23/2009

CA Tour Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

I can't believe I didn't blog here about this yet...I thought I had . CA was amazing - having a chance to join or lead worship teams at 3 different churches was such a joy.

I had a great time at EVFree, Fullerton, Ocean Hills Community in San Juan Capistrano and at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant! You have all received me so graciously and I count it an honor to be a part of each of your worship services! I also had an awesome time in San Diego at the halfway house you read about in my last blog! Because of churches like yours, I am able to go into homes like this and come along side of other community endeavors that help the hurting! Thank you all so much!

It's good to be home now and spend some time with my family...It won't be long before I'm flying out again - next time to Nashville : D

posted by Kate White on 03/21/2009

Penninsula Tour Re-Cap Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Wow...God is sooo faithful. I showed up to the prison (very remote location) and they had pitched it as a secular concert and I had two hours instead of the usual one hour. I shared why I couldn't bring the band but that I was there and that it would work out fine. They told me if I had canceled, it would have been the third one in a row. I was so glad I went...

When the guys filed in, I told them that my songs have a Christian perspective, some were immediately bummed, but I said I wasn't "religious" in approach - I said that bugs me too and I AM one (a Christian) so I can imagine how they might feel...I shared songs about life, love, worship, struggle and told them I wasn't there to "one-up" their story with mine. I can't begin to understand the journey that brought them there and that I / we (my band) honor that.

I shared my own story toward the end of the concert and 10-12 prisoners prayed to receive Christ. Later, the Chaplain told me that 80-90% of the men who came that night have never entered that chapel before. Many were sexual offenders or there for some kind of abuse against women. He was grateful that I came and so was I...

After that, I drove around the top of the Peninsula and down to Silverdale / Bremerton - just across the water from Seattle. Stayed the night and joined Ed Kerr (songwriter for Integrity) as a guest artist with their worship team. They have an amazing church, Newlife, that meets in a high school auditorium. They do 5 services every Sunday and have two other churches that have started up as well.

On Monday, Ed and I spent the day getting to know each other better and doing some co-writing. We met at the Christian Music Summit. He taught in the Songwriting Bootcamp with Paul Baloche and others and did a number of Keyboard workshops during the Summit.

All in all, a great weekend of service, worship and creativity!

posted by Kate on 01/26/2009

The Olympic Penninsula Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Well, I've only done this once, but I'm going to be doing the full "Scenic" Olympic Penninsula loop this weekend. We are scheduled to play in a men's prison near Forks, WA and when I MapQuested it on Wed. I realized it was closer to 5 hours away instead of 3. Gulp...

My guitarist (Glenn) can't usually leave until 2 p.m. on Saturdays and even if we could leave by 1-1:30 there's no way we can get there by 5:30...and I hadn't booked an overnight stay for he and my mandolin player (they usually like to drive back if it's under 3 hrs...) - I also have another gig for Sunday morning and night (just me) near Bremerton, close to where I THOUGHT the gig, yah, I will have a 3 hour drive after the prison show on remote roads.... Somehow I thought it was a women's prison 2 and 1/2 hours away on the East side of the Penninsula. Ahhh...

SO...I'm headed out this morning with my tracks on the i-pod because they don't get many concerts out that way and I don't want to let them down. Pray that I would bring a sense of God's mercy and hope. And next time I'll check the map before I book...

posted by Kate on 01/17/2009

Highlights from 2008 Subscribe To My Blog (RSS)(Click this icon to Subscribe)

Last year was amazing and full of great opportunities...I finished my sophmore CD, Turning Pages with an amazing producer who really challenged me and I'm so grateful; I toured as a solo artist to some new states - Ohio, Massachusetts and Maine and met some amazing, gifted and gracious people; the Kate White Band doubled the number of prisons and shelters we did concerts at from the year before, which keeps us humble and grateful; We also were the headliner for the first time at a festival (a little more pay and a LOT bigger letters on the t-shirt : ) and in November, I had a chance to play a couple gigs with Margaret Becker while she was out on her NW tour!

For me, when I look back, what means the most is the response of people's hearts and the hope that Christ in me can change the heart at a time, one audience or congregation at a time...on prison at a time...

For the King,


posted by Kate on 01/08/2009